SAN dai sita refund kasari magni hola
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SAJHA classified ma add haleko room cha bhanera, 30 din bhanda badi bho. Kunai response ayena. Post garni bela 30 din ma response naaye refund magna paincha bhanthyo. Khoi aile kata bata kasari magni katai china ta ...SAN dai ki aru kasai lai idea bhaye diye hunthyo kyare
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same here. Did paid classified but never got a single response. Looks like Saan Pradhan is just putting that clause
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Folks the most effective way would be to reply to the notification email you received when posting your listing. Alternatively you can email
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Giffadi manche yo SAN dai
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In order to clear up any misunderstandings or incorrect information floating around, I want to inform everyone that the refund policy that has been in effect has been fulfilled more than 100%

Last year in 2017, there were 54 refunds that were made.

Although, the policy is clear that a refund will be given if there is no response, some people have requested refund because they were not able to find a match even if there was/were response(s), and even most of these requests have been refunded as a courtesy, while few were reposted.

The simple rule of the thumb has always been courtesy. There has been one or two cases where a person communicated that this is a scam and to refund the money asap or they would file a lawsuit. There is really no need to believe that this service is solely here to make money. This has been a free service for past 15 years before a fee was added to make the postings more accountable - which it has become lately due to the fee. There is really no need for such negativity and aggression - your $ will be refunded to you. It may not happen in 24 hours but you will get your money back.

A person can get a response via a phone call and there is no way to check that but as long as there is no response via the site, your request will not be questioned.

This is a perfect moment for anyone to show/prove if anyone got their valid request for refund turned down, and there will not be any unless someone's email got missed, which I hope has not happened!
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Ye keta keti ho, refund dinchu bhanekai cha post garda, kina yeti kichalo gareko san dai lai..khali euta page hunu paryo information ko lagi sajha ma, refund magna k garnu parcha bhaera ..thats it.
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teroobaau mero baau macha marna gayo
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I agree San Dai, refund dine bhanekai chha ta pheri yo discussion forum k ko lyang lyang ho?
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Are you guys paying money in sajha for classifieds ? 🤔
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