How does language interpreter job work?
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Hello there,

Nepali translator job ramro huncha vanne sunethe. I know it pays well per hour but weekly 40 hrs huncha ki less than that? Please shed some light who have worked as a interpreter or know someone who works as one.

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if you have other full time job and looking at it as a side income, thats fine. instead if you will be depending on it to pay your bills, my friend, its time to look at the mirror for a long time and try to figure out what went wrong in your life, that you ended up in this place.
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NepaliSaila I do not think something wrong has to go wrong in life in order to do this job. There are students looking for side jobs, stay home parents looking for work from home. Please keep your rude comments to yourself.
santa lil helper
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depend on which language. u can either be a translator for a big firm where board members really don't care to learn the other language....big money there..since u'll be working pretty much 24/7. or you can be a small time translator and get paid by service or hours.

if you're thinking about being a nepali translator...good many nepali you know that doesn't speak english or someone that can help them for free.
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