TPS Approved or pending?
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TPS application received on- Nov 21
Notice of Action- Nov 23
Biometric notice- Dec 04

Case is still pending now. Please share how many have their case approved or pending? Since May is getting closer I am getting stressed about the long time its taking. When I applied TPS for the first time in 2015, I received EAD with in two weeks and TPS was approved in a month.
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Mine was approved within 2 months of applying.It takes a while to get the status updated on uscis's website. Don't worry about it.
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@Daisynepali, did you submit a separate letter requesting for AP? Do you mind sharing the reason you presented for travel. If it is for ailing relative, does the doctor reports of the sick relative needs to be submitted as well? I am aware they ask for those reports if AP needs to be expedited but not sure in regular processing.

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What is the address to send for AP? Or the address is same for both TPS and TPS AP?
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I applied for TPS/AP same day November 10th . Got my TPS first week of February and TP first week of march. Now I'm trying to decide of making a trip to nepal or not!
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My application was received on November 2nd and biometrics was done on Nov 28. I got RFE on February 28, 2017. I submitted the supporting documents for RFE on March 11. I have not heard anything from USCIS after that.
Are we supposed to receive confirmation mails saying they have received the supporting documents?
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Once they receive satisfactory RFE, you will not receive any mail unless it has to do with the correct payment. This time around it is taking awfully long time, btw I have not received anything so far. Still waiting for approval.

Cheers ...
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Please find the approved case below. Approximate approval time was 5 months.

11/03- TPS USCIS Re-registration, EAD application received
11/08- Fingerprint fee accepted
11/23- No Biometrics needed. USCIS later sent a letter that they will use the previous Biometrics data.
03/28- TPS Re-registration I-821 Approved
03/28- TPS EAD, I-765 approved.
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Thank you @ Bikram_Grurung for providing that info, it puts us on ease. I received receipt for
TPS, AP and EAD on the last week of December. Like yours no new Bio metrics needed, so i will be counting 5 months from that day, give and take of-course.

Thanks, Cheers ...
Boston Basi
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Just wanted to ask, if EAD is approved for re registration then what is the expiration date for it?

Thanks in advance.
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@Boston Basi June 24, 2018.
Boston Basi
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@Bikram_Gurung Thank You.
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My unique situation:

I-140 filed: August 2015
TPS filed: December, 2015 (TPS without EAD)
Between 2015 august -2017 Feb: I-140 and I-485 approved
TPS re-registration - not filed
TPS (NOT re-registration) approved March, 2017

tl;dr; - Your concurrent applications at USCIS may delay your TPS processing

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@ - How long did it take to get your I140 approved? Mine is taking awfully long, more than six months.
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Based on Trackitt, 6 months is long...but not unusual. I know few more nepali friends who applied together with me and also waited over a year. Below is my I-140 related history (some dates are approximate)

I hope your case will be approved today. Good luck!

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@-, looking at your info, it took more than a year to get your I140 approved. Wondering if it is an error on date part?
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This info regarding TPS approval timeframes, with all biometrics used from previous application.

Case Received for TPS (I-821) December 6, 2016, Case approved April 12, 2017
Case received for EAD, December 12, 2016. Case approved April 12, 2017.
Case received for Travel document (I-131), December 6th, 2016. Case pending at local office.

I have not received anything yet in the mail since two applications were approved only yesterday. I applied on November 2nd, 2016, however I had to resubmit all application with correct fee on November 28th 2016.
Hopefully this will be informative to all my brothers and sisters, who are also waiting anxiously with patience.

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I wish to share my TPS renewal approval timeline. I hope that it helps those who are anxiously waiting for their application approval.

I-821 and I-765 - Received on Nov 25, 2016
I-821 and I-765 - Approved on Apr 14, 2017

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I-821 and I-765 - Received on Dec 16, 2016
I-821 and I-765 - Approved on May 1, 2017
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TPS, AP and EAD application received date- 28th dec,2016
Approval for AP- 15th March, 2017
Approval for AP and EAD- 8th May, 2017
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Filed nov 2016.
Both approved 9th may 2017.
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