Posted by: bhetghat January 12, 2017
Nepalese living outside - Stop complaining about Nepal, idiots!
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What else can you do than? People decide to return hoping they can make a change and then after feeling worthless without knowing someone in higher positions or knowing that wihout feeding corrupted police and criminals you can't do anything in a straight formal way. So finally, you can either go into deep depression or return. One can only act positive and stay motivated for so long after seeing and experiencing one of the best systems and policies on earth. So, either you give up, keep fighting the fight you wont win or either catch the same bus and start accepting what it is. So what do you do is complain about things you can't change and that is why you have to accept offshore as your home. Every individual with this scenarios have obvious reason to complain. You think people in abroad haven't invested in projects in Nepal for its development? When you go back to village you are from and return there after staying in city for 10 years, I am pretty sure you act more than a tourist with a brand tag hanging from your sunglasses. And I think , its pretty normal to return to Nepal with similar impression since you have missed out on so many changes everything looks and feels new.
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