Posted by: Kiddo August 21, 2012
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Much of it has stemmed from timing issues. I haven't been to one Nepali show where it was started on time. This is a catch-22 situation; organizers won't start until a good number of viewers come-viewers won't go knowing organizers will be late.

To fix this, all the organizers collectively should make a pact to start each and every show on time; hey you already sold your tickets, why do you worry if you have enough viewers to watch it or not? Once viewers start missing the show for being late, they will make it a point to attend it on time next time. It is easier said than done as some of the performers don't like to sing in front of an empty seats, but we have to take the pill if we want to fix the issue once and for all.

Also, I am glad these kind of ineptness are coming forth.
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