Posted by: dhaule_keto February 4, 2009
Transfer 2 chicago
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@ Winter Chicago is like North Pole or Antarctica.

@ Summer Chicago is said to be Heaven.

Living: Very Expensive.......Living in suburbs cost at least 800 dollar per 1 Bed Room Apt.(w/o utilities).
If you are student sharing apartment with 3-4 others only make sense.

College Tution: Even good Community College has tuition fees comparable to universities in other state.

Public Transportation: Very Good ....

Lots of Nepalese-
Lots of Nepalese family settled permanently.
Few Nepalese Restaurants.

Lots of Fortune 500 companies and lots of corporate companies in the area.
So during good economic times(not now) with good degree, lots of jobs.

Can someone tell me if chicago is such a place...or is there any other places that's exotic and lively, and has nepalipan too???
->Answer is DFW Texas(Irving, Dallas and surroundings)

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