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 देशको भन्दा छोराको चिन्ता झल्लु लाई। अनि यत्रो हुन्छ।
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Posted on 05-23-11 11:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 अम्रिका बाट नेपाल घुम्न गाका प्रोफेसरहरुको टोली लाई बालुवाटार बोलार, लौन मेरो छोरो लाई अम्रिका लैदिन परो भनेर हार गुहार गरेछन। छोरो ले अम्रिका यत्रै जान्न भन्देछ, प्रोफेसरहरुको अगाडि अनि बाउ छोरा झगडा गरेछन्। बेइजेती हरु। 

Posted on 05-24-11 1:51 AM     [Snapshot: 173]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Even though I am not a fan of Jhallu, I think this article is rubbish. Jhallu's son was in Ithaca, and was in general a bright man. I am sure he can get into a good grad program, at least the one like University of Wyoming's.

Jhallu is also a bright man. I doubt he said anything about admitting his son into Wyoming. May be he joked about it.

I don't like Jhallu, but I don't like people who lie. And this blogger probably lied big time. 
Posted on 05-24-11 2:26 AM     [Snapshot: 208]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 guruji! yo ta bullshit article ho,,its not a news report. U can access it from the tone of the article. 
Hoina, if u hate someone find stronger grounds to demenour his status. Jhallu ko kamjori haru k k cha cha yesto kura lai thulo banaunu bhanda ta tyo doorbin wala pic lai feri post gareko bhaye hunthyo ni ,,we all would realize it again how stupid he is.

Tara,now is not the time to call someone stupid, not a time to analyze the weakness of the people; its time to work on the constitution. 
Nepalese association of texas ko ta aaphno naya constitution cha. whole country nepal ko constitution chaina. come on whats up with that?

its serios! hami le pani kehi input dinu parcha. eventually it will be heard. tara yesto bullshit kura lai issue banayera k aaucha ra yaar?
Last edited: 24-May-11 02:27 AM

Posted on 05-24-11 3:14 AM     [Snapshot: 240]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I donot know the reality of that blog...but what i know is that It is a reality.. jallu asked professors for admission help.... now he is admitted... I know the professor...he was once kicked out from same univeristy and New Mexico Tech previously also...
Posted on 05-24-11 3:17 AM     [Snapshot: 244]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you guys will see the proof in coming year... if u say it is fake, why he is only in wyoming not other school? That guy donot have engineering background, also not a good academic background but will be in school of engineering...
Posted on 05-24-11 10:42 AM     [Snapshot: 651]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 If you think this news is correct why not you tell me

(1) the name of the professor (what are you afraid of?)
(2) The date he travelled to Nepal and
(3) the day Jhallu's son graduated from his school in US and returned home.

Jhallu's son was a bright student in highschool. He went to a good college in the states. What makes you think he wouldn't get into some lousy grad school?

Posted on 05-24-11 12:55 PM     [Snapshot: 853]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think it is not a better place for argument...and sajha is a public forum where all private issues cannot be discussed...
I know the professor as he also teaches me... and it is not that good to fight for that reason..
I would suggest you to go New Mexico Tech to find his (jhallu's son's) behave/problem last time and then find out on what date he returned back... I am not his personal advisor to work on that thing...
you may know him in high school as good student and he may be ur best friend... but he was one of the worst student in master's program in Wyoming and New Mexico Tech (he came to Wyoming first and then Transfered himself to NMT) and till the date i know is that he has not finished  Master's degree and left the school in middle..
if you wish more information, i would better suggest you to contact, school of engineering, Wyoming University...
Posted on 05-24-11 2:06 PM     [Snapshot: 977]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not a friend of Jhallu's son. I knew Jhallu's wife, who , unlike Jhallu, seems like a nice, hardworking individual.

As for Jhallu's son, you have thrown enough mud already in this forum. Don't be shy, now.

First of all, I don't believe it is hard to get into a program like New Mexico Tech. Second, it is unlikely that a professor deemed unfit for New Mexico Tech would be fit for a program like UWyoming. Third, I think Jhallu's son went to Ithaca, which happens to be a good college. So your stories have many holes.

Sajha is the right place to demand answer. It is not only a place where people come and shit. My belief is that you are just shitting here and now are afraid to provide answer.

Again, Jhallu is someone I really don't like. But I demand that people be responsible when throwing accusations against others and be ready to back up. Otherwise, you are just another Jhallu, trying to fool others.

Posted on 05-24-11 2:13 PM     [Snapshot: 988]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ithica??? University of ithica as shown in beer pong??? Myannn i Want to go there
Posted on 05-24-11 2:25 PM     [Snapshot: 1007]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 yo rampure pakhe haru lai rampur ma politics garera pugena bhanya? america aayera pani blog kholi kholi j man laagyo tei lekhya chha. khurukkana mato khanera basnu ni
Posted on 05-24-11 6:58 PM     [Snapshot: 1271]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think it is one thing to speculate and another thing to present something as fact. Jhallu's son never went to Wyoming and is totally false whoever told you that. Yes, he did go to Ithica Univeristy (not unitersity of Ithica) and got his bachelor's in Physics and transferred to NMT. As pire pointed out there are several holes in your story and you are presenting as fact things that are just gossips. In any case, this is their personal life if they had a fight or anything. Its their personal matter and no one elses business, not in the least yours.

Posted on 05-24-11 7:48 PM     [Snapshot: 1319]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Desh ko bhanda chhorako chinta re? Do you actually expect a person of any profession to love his job or his work area more than his own son???
Posted on 05-24-11 8:50 PM     [Snapshot: 1344]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 he was a  dumb student.. he try to be in engineering from physics and that was the problem....before NMT, he opted for Wyoming...but was kicked out and went to NMT..and in NMT he was kicked out of his lack of passion to work/study...... he is heading to Wyoming now again by abusing power of his father (there are delegates of Wyoming in Nepal to start some research work and he used that time) .. I mean he got funded program in Civil Engineering and his reasearch is based on Nepal ...

we will surely know when he will come here and start his study soon...

Posted on 05-24-11 9:48 PM     [Snapshot: 1430]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Looks like Moss has more info than Pire but Pire still wins as he has always been even though he is just shooting in dark. It is just because he thinks so and we have to agree 
Last edited: 25-May-11 12:49 AM

Posted on 05-25-11 12:54 AM     [Snapshot: 1560]     Reply [Subscribe]
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उक्त ब्लगमा लेखेको कुरोको सत्यताको बारेमा त्यसको लेखकलाई सोधे हुन्छ।

हाम्रा प्रधान्मन्त्रीको छोराको ब्यक्तिगत कुरो तिर पनि मलाइ चासो हैन। प्रधान्मन्त्री चै देशकै भा'हुना ले उनले गर्न क्रियाकलाप प्रति चासो लागेको हो। 

अहिलेको देश्को सम्बेदनशिल राजनितिक तरलतामा ध्यान पुर्बक समस्या समाधान्मा लाग्नु पर्नेमा, कुनै एउटा बिश्वबिध्यालयाका प्रोफेसरहरु नेपाल आउँदा मजाले भेट्ने-कती सस्तो हो हाम्रा पि एम को समय। 

देशको पी एम ले छोरा लाई पढ्न मिलाइदेउ भनेर हार गुहार गर्ने?- तत्तो स्तरको काम्। देश्को बेइजेत्। 

फेरि छोरा लाई जानै मन छैन् रे (ब्लग अनुसार्, हुर्की सकेको/पडेको छोरा लाई जसरी पनि अमेरिका जा भन्ने झल्लु ले नेपालमा पढाइको स्तर अनी रोजगारीको अवसर श्रीजना गर्न के सोच्थे। त्यो पनि तिनै प्रोफेसरहरुको अगाडि बाउ छोरा झगडा गर्ने, अर्को बेइजेत्। पहिले बाउ छोरा सल्लाह गरेर कुरो गर्नु पर्छ नि। 

Posted on 05-25-11 10:03 AM     [Snapshot: 1725]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 To people like Guruji or Moss:

I think the liar here is people like you. Nobody believes 'bau chhora bideshiko agadi jhagada garera desko beijat gare' type story. Jhallu is Jhallu, but he might not be that stupid.

Look, I used to study with a few children of our leaders myself, and believe me, I used to hate them, because they all behave as if they are some privileged men. So, if you studied with Jhallu's son, if you hated him, it is understandable. But to say that 

(1) PM Khanal shouldn't have met professors of Wyoming.
[If these professors are known to his son, I don't see any harm in meeting them. I have met a senator because he was the father of a girl visiting Nepal and who stayed at our house. I know some Nepali who are often invited to John Kerry's house because his daughter had Nepal connection.]
(2) bau chhorale bideshiko agadi jhagada garera nepalko beijat gare
[Unless you prove it, this is a bullshit]
(3)Physics majors can't study engineering.
[They can. Actually, physics major in US can study many subjects in their grad program, and they are particularly prized in engineering, economics and other subjects because physics training in US often involves rigorous math and programming training. Ditto is Chemistry in many top programs.]
(4) A professor not good enough for New Mexico Tech gets into Wyoming engineering program.
[This has to be bullshit. Wyoming is a way better program than NMT. Getting a professoriat in Wyoming is way way harder than getting that in NMT in almost every discipline.]

and so on.

In any case, we have many bad leaders, and many of them have really bad sons. May be Nirbhik is one of them. But we have to provide concrete evidence of that.

We all know that admissions in many low tier graduate programs(like New Mexico Tech) is fairly easy. We are not talking about MIT here. They need foreign students in those program. So, let's be reasonable here. Also, if Jhallu's son comes to Wyoming, it may be due to many reasons. 

I am also not against our leaders sending their children to good foreign universities for grad schools/college. Look, they need good advice from their home. They are not going to give up their power easily,and a well educated son can tell his father how to run the country in a better way. In fact, our country may get better service from the father if the son is abroad working hard, and understanding how developed countries operate.

I don't like many leaders of Nepal and Jhallu is one of them. 

But I don't like people who lie and take benefit of others. I also don't like people who spread rumor.

And third, yes, I agree with someone's observation of Rampur graduates. I have met many of them. None of them ever talked about their country. Sadly, many of them are Maoists supporters, eventhough they know it very well that Maoism is a failed philosophy. They live in USA, and they should know it. But they have mastered art of lying so much that they lie to themselves.

Posted on 05-25-11 10:32 PM     [Snapshot: 1961]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pire, whoever you are..
you are trying to be too smart.. no one ever said so many things here but you just make them by urself.... no one said anything about 1) subject and its toughness here in USA,
2) about PM should or should not meet proferssor,
3) about the school and their system here..
4) and no one said that you cannot switch the stream here...
the point of discussion was Jhalu abused his power to help his son get admission... but you are making them (you may know ur purpose)....you just try to be smart and belittle other... you better understand that I am neither a maoist and nor from Rampur Campus... I am totally out of politics when I was in nepal and same here too
Here I was in Wyoming once for post graduate and now in one of the best engineering school in USA  ( in west coast )... I know what it takes to be here and what is the way to study here...i think most of us came here by hard way and doing well here...we just donot want  someone who just come here by abusing political power and ruin the class of Nepalese student here.....
...there is no point to discuss on other persnoal matters....

You may be his supporter or not, but you really seem to be one of his political crades....  and donot try to give your crappy lecture on school, professor and other... all here know what is school system, which is good/bad....

Posted on 05-25-11 11:13 PM     [Snapshot: 2004]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You  go to one of the best engineering school (sic) after postgraduate in Wyoming?

How much lies can you throw here?

Given how you think (i.e. Jhallu abused power and got his son into a graduate school--so, Jhallu can do that?), no wonder you are so confused and angry.

I didn't make up anything. Read blog posted at the first comment here, and read all the subsequent comments here.

[My hunch is you are one of NMT students, still struggling to graduate. The lower ranked you are, the more jealous you tend to be of others.]

Last edited: 25-May-11 11:13 PM


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