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 Lau Jyan Banaunu Paryo
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Posted on 03-13-11 4:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Sajha ko dai didi haru lai mero pranam. 
Haina ho ma ta sarai dublo bhaye, j garda pani jyan na lagne bhayo. esso moto hune(weight gain pill) linay bichaar ma chu ma ta. Aaadhaarniya daju bhai didi bahini haru le kunai prayog garnu bhako cha/thiyo bhane bhannu paryo. Jati khaye pani jyan nalagne bhayo.Pills only no powder hai baimans

Posted on 03-13-11 4:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 wheeech isss the best pill ? tell mee ok
thank you
Posted on 03-13-11 6:40 PM     [Snapshot: 106]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 i think it's better to use mass gainer and do regular workout at the same time, you can get mass gainer in GNC and also u can tell them ur condition and they will be able to help u with correct stuff. Best of luck on gaining muscle mass.
Posted on 03-13-11 10:35 PM     [Snapshot: 229]     Reply [Subscribe]
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jyapu bhai, this is the best way to gain some jyaan. pahila running gara - din ko 1-2 miles. do it at least 3-4 times a week. usually in the  morning, or in the evening right before dinner, when your blood glucose level is low. ani running maatra garne hoina.. khaane pani tannai. usually protein khau - beans, meat, etc. regularly bhat nakhau, khaanai pare once every week maatra. carbohydrate ko laagi bread, tortilla, pasta khau. so, back to running. about 3 weeks jati running garepachhi daudina banda gara. and both carb ra protein food tanna khau. jyaan majale laagchha. in case you are wondering how the hell this is going to work, here's how: the idea is to make your brain and body think that you are going crazy by running when your glucose level is so low. so, the brain will program your body in such a way that whatever you eat, only the required amount of carb is converted to glucose and rest is stored as fat. almost all of the protein will be stored as muscle fibers. bistara fat laagchha bhudi ma, then maasu laagchha chaatima ra paakhurama. ani gaalama pani. jaba timlai jyaan lagauna pugchha, switch to fitness programs like aerobics, p90x, etc.
but you need patience. aaja ko bholi nai jyaan laagdaina... 3-4 weeks ta minimum laagchha nai. but sure kaam garchha. come back to sajha and report to us the results!
eta: ani drink a LOT of water. no juice, plain water. or milk. din ko at least 1 gallon paani piune baani gara. water flushes out toxic stuff out of your body, that might have potentially hindered your jyaan development.
Last edited: 13-Mar-11 10:35 PM
Last edited: 13-Mar-11 10:37 PM

Posted on 03-13-11 10:38 PM     [Snapshot: 229]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 @Kancho Jyapu: When you think that you want to gain some weight, you need to figure out whether you are really underweight or not. First of all figure out your height and weight and compare with this Ideal Weight and Height Chart You might be just whining about your weight just because people (especially mom and Dad) say "Keto Kailai Motauna Sakena". I used to think like that before. When I figured out that my weight was Ideal to my height I don't care about gaining weight anymore. The main thing is you need to stay healthy. Eat good and Stay Healthy!! 
Posted on 03-14-11 10:47 AM     [Snapshot: 430]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bro how long u been in US? If not long then wait. Cuz 5-6 barsa pachi Mcdonalds le tetikkai moto banayi dincha.
Posted on 03-14-11 11:58 AM     [Snapshot: 492]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Walkahead, McDonald le bhudi ta badhauchha, pakhura chai utrai hunchha.

Bhikhariko idea chai interesting lagyo, tara not sure if that's the best approach. First, cutting off any aerobic exercise (like running) after 3 weeks is a bad idea, when health is concerned. Secnod, the weight gain, if any, will be temporary. Body has its way of regulating these things; if you tricked it for few weeks, it will get you back when it realizes you are no longer running.

Jyapubhai, no matter what they say, best way is eat a lot (3 hrs gap) and do compound exercise like squats
Posted on 03-14-11 11:59 AM     [Snapshot: 492]     Reply [Subscribe]
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One more thing about the weight gain powders. Make sure the cholesterol content is low, they will sky rocket your levels.
Posted on 03-14-11 1:14 PM     [Snapshot: 542]     Reply [Subscribe]
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tyasaile ta halka jyaan laagepachhi start exercising bhanya ni bro. khoi kuro bujhya?

Posted on 03-14-11 1:25 PM     [Snapshot: 559]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bujhyo bro bujhyo..balla bujhyo.
Posted on 03-14-11 1:29 PM     [Snapshot: 560]     Reply [Subscribe]
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chha chhaka chhatis haat ma lagyo ghiu, did ka din chholchaas ani BHUTRA LAAGCHHA JIU....
LOL was a popular saying among friends in school back home......
I think people have good ideas for you bro...good luck....

Posted on 03-14-11 2:24 PM     [Snapshot: 604]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 @Jhilke Kancho. thanx man. i'll try seeing them

@Bhikari dai/bhai/sathi
tapai ko sujav ko lagi ma hridaya dekhi samman garchu. tara problem k cha bhanda ma sanga tyeti time nai chaina. Biahana class janu parcha, beluka kaam sutne garnu parcha.. Bhat nakhau bhannu huncha, Nepali ho, j bhaye pani bhat chahincha malai ta.. ma ta bhatey po.. khai jyan laaune kura garo hola jasto cha

@ Grenade, ma underweight nai ho jasto lagyo tyo chart herda

@ walkhead , 4 years huna lagyo kei chaina progress

@ stiffler. thank you for suggestion. I don't want poweder, do you know pills ? recommend plz

@terobaje : baje lai k bhanam. 

Posted on 03-14-11 3:01 PM     [Snapshot: 643]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 14-Mar-11 03:01 PM

Posted on 03-14-11 3:15 PM     [Snapshot: 648]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Jyapu bro, just be happy that you are not one of those zillion fatasses here in the US. A day will come when you will gain significant weight no matter what if you continue to live in this awful fat country ( its awesome in every other sense though:p). Doing daily dedicated exercise is just gonna help you lose more weight which will be counterproductive. My advice is eat out every single day in one or the other fast food chains but do a daily ab crunch so as not gain that excess belly. Good luck.

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