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 king mahendra

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Posted on 10-20-08 9:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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अचानक मेरो मन म कुराहरु खेल्न थाल्यो कि को हो राष्ट्रबादी ? नेपाली कांग्रेस? या एमाले ? या माओवादी या नेपालका स्वर्गिय राजा महेन्द्र? जस्ले एउटा एस्तो गीत रच्यो जुन गीत सबैको लागि कर्ण प्रिया बन्यो सुन्नुस् अनी सम्झिनुस कि राजा महेन्द्र ले कती चिन्तन मनन गरेर यो गीत राख्नु भको रहेछ

गीत भनेको अन्तरत्मा को कथा हो बेदना हो जुन तेतिकै उब्जिदैन। आज सबैले बुझ्नु परेको छ देशको अवस्था अनी खाली कुरा र भाषणले मात्रै केही हुँदैन। जब सम्म अन्तरत्मा ले कुनै गीत लेख्दैन तबसम्म मानिसको हृदयमा के छ भन्ने कुर पूर्णरूप ले प्रतिविम्बित हुँदैन


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The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-22-08 12:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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King was doing such great things as listed by Eagle5. Panchayat system was so great. The people were free,  safe and prosperous. Why the hell Nepali people start the andolan for democracy (multiple times, against king's rule)? They must be really crazy... What do you think? Open question to everyone welcome to answer but no need to curse...
Posted on 10-22-08 12:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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another best song of the love and patriotism where she described all the natural beauties found only in nepal.


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Posted on 10-22-08 1:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-22-08 1:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Awatar Dude.. it was all because of India, we are facing this all this crap.
Because of people like you are suffering and our country is suffering..

and Gorkhethito08 please chagne your name, you are a disgrace to nepali  and gorkhali.

United we stand Divided we fall.. that is what India wants ...

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Posted on 10-22-08 1:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chor.. nice logic there what Nepali people want is also controlled by our neighboring country india? This is funny... Blame dhoti for everything btw lot of Nepali work for dhoti in US too.....  btw I am patriotic and love those songs but not so much fan of the royal family and royalists...
Last edited: 22-Oct-08 02:21 PM

Posted on 10-22-08 2:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Awatar and friends...
Well the song was written by a king who is dead.. the royals are gone.. they are history.. just enjoy the song if you like it, if not dont' listen...
Why say bad things about people who have left and passed away.. will it do any good..???
When someone dies.. no matter how bad he/she was??
We say R.I.P = Rest in Peace.

Being a Nepali, land of buddha.. we have to learn to forgive and forget..

We can never deny the history of nepal.. The Shah Dynasty of Gorkha united Nepal.. I am not saying all the kings after that were good or bad.. who am I to judge. what have I ever done for Nepal??? nothing.. what have you done for nepal???

If there was no gorkhali king we wouldn't have present day nepal and hence no Nepali's and hence no fighting over pahadis and madhisey's... we would be a part of india or whatever..who knows???

But focus for the future.. how are we going to be any better if we keep blaming other's for our misfortune or will we be better if we stand hand in hand and have a comradeire between all the ethnic people of nepal..

We would be better if there were no corrupt leaders in Nepal..
We would be better if we so called educated people with degrees could go to nepal and practice our skills
We would be better if we didn't fight eachother for supremecy
We would be better if we didn't call other's with names
We would be better if everybody had a chance to fight for a job vancancy
We would be better if there was no NataBad Kripbad in Nepal
(the above applies to all  caste and surnames.. no one is an exception, or else prove me wrong)

I think most of us would go to nepal and serve even for less pay, if there was a gurantee we could apply for a job and if qualified get a job.
We have to change the habit of people.
About getting job's: Most get jobs because they know someone and not because they are more qualified than the other. That is the reason we stay in america and we are so bitter with ourselves..
I have quite a few friends who went back to nepal only to come back, cause they didnt' get a job..
I have quite a few friends who went to nepal, got a job and hence came back.. they were the privilaged once,

If there was a choice between america and nepal.. I gotta say 80% would go back to nepal and serve rather than stay here and work.. I know some of you will disagree.. the money is better here, true it is better but when is it going to be enough?? when are you going to say I have enough money?? never.. greed is the root of all evil..

If we are people from Nepal than.. this is what buddha said.. give to other people so you can give some more..
when you die you won't take anything with you so give to the less fortuante one, you will feel better.. in buddhism it is called dhamma.. help the other in need even if the other person is your enemy.. I can go on and on..

But some of you claim to be Buddhist and say "that is why we dont' join the army" and come and slam other people who join the army.. I dont' think buddha taught you to hate other's either...

Everybody see's flaws in other's, everyone thinks they are right and others are wrong.. ( I am doing the same thing) that is basic human nature.. but we can go beyond that, that is also human nature..

Let's live in peace and bring back the old day's when over 100 countries voted Nepal as Land of Peace.

Did you know?? India wasn't one of them !!!!!
Think about it before you go on praising our cousin's south of the Border!!!

Jai Nepal

Posted on 10-22-08 9:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If Mahendra was Rastrabadi, What u called to Gyanendra? He Have some songs too and he tried to followed his father's rule.

Posted on 10-22-08 9:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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no matter whatever you guys say King mahendra was great and a patriotic king.You guys who don't support him are bullshits in the sense that you do not admit thetruth.

Posted on 10-22-08 9:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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no matter whatever you guys say King mahendra was great and a patriotic king

MF mandalay!!!

Posted on 10-22-08 9:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ye bhai, timilai bhukna baahek k aaucha ha???King mahendra le  j gare thik gare natra congress le des uuhile bechisaktho!!
Posted on 10-22-08 10:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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To all who loves to be called non-mandalle

 If mandalle like bhnnus, chor and eagle5 are presenting the facts, why do not you non mandalle presents similar facts about non-mandalle or democratic/republic leaders. I really would love to  what your non mandale leaders did so patriotic which you could be proud of. Just yelling mandlle to someone does not hide the idiot inside you.

Posted on 10-22-08 11:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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One example of Royals sucking the poorest people's money!!


 बिजुली महसुल तिर्न ८ करोड: पर्ूवराजपरिवारलाई म्याद

विकास थापा

काठमाडौं, कार्तिक ६ - विद्युत् प्रँधिकरणले पर्ूवराजा ज्ञानेन्द्र र परिवारले बिजुली बक्यौता १५ दिनभित्र नतिरे उनका विभिन्न दरबार र निवासका लाइन काट्ने भएको

छ । पर्ूवराजा, राजपरिवारका सदस्यहरूको दरबार, बंगला र निवासका नाममा प्राधिकरणको विद्युत् महसुल बक्यौता ७ करोड ७७ लाख रुपैया“ छ । यो रकममा १ करोड २५ लाख रुपैया“ जरिवाना छ ।

स्रँेतका अनुसार विद्युत् लाइन काट्ने निर्ण्र्ााकार्यान्वयनका लागि वितरण तथा ग्राहक सेवाअर्न्तर्गतका विभिन्न वितरण केन्द्र र निकायहरूलाई निर्देशन दिइएको छ ।

प्रँधिकरणका कार्यकारी निर्देशक अर्जुनकुमार कार्कीले यही कात्तिक १ गते दरबारको बक्यौता उठाउन र प्राप्त नभए लाइन काट्ने निर्ण्र्ाागरेका हुन् । जनआन्दोलन २०६२/६३ पछि प्रँधिकरणलाई दरबारको बक्यौता उठाउन दबाब परेको थियो ।

त्यतिखेर उसले 'तत्कालीन सात राजनीतिक दलको सहमति भएमा मात्र लाइन काट्ने' जनाउ“दै आएको थियो । गत जेठ १५ गते गणतन्त्र घोषणा हुनुअघि प्रँधिकरणले बक्यौता उठाउनका लागि पत्राचार गर्दै आएको थियो । प्रँधिकरणको पत्रलाई दरबारले वास्ता गरेको थिएन ।

कार्कीको दर्ुइबु“दे निर्ण्र्ााा '१५ दिनभित्र सूचना जारी गरी असुलउपर गर्ने र रकम प्राप्त नभएमा लाइन काट्ने' र 'पन्धै्र दिनभित्र दरबारमा रहेका जेनेरेटर फिर्ता गर्ने' उल्लेख छ । प्रँधिकरणले बिजुली आपर्ूर्ति बन्द भएका बखत नियमित विकल्पस्वरूप दरबारहरूमा डिजेलबाट सञ्चालन हुने जेनेरेटरको व्यवस्था गरेको थियो । प्रँधिकरणले दरबारहरूमा चौबीसै घन्टा बिजुली आपर्ूर्ति गर्दै आएको छ । ठूला 'ग्राहक' अर्न्तर्गत पर्ने दरबारको लाइन काट्ने निर्ण्र्ाागरेको पहिलोपटक हो । ज्ञानेन्द्र र उनका परिवारका नाममा २२ दरबार छन् । राष्ट्रियकरण नभएका दरबारको हकमा सरकारबाट असुल गर्ने योजना छ ।

प्रँधिकरणले पर्र्ूवर्अधिराज- कुमारीहरू शोभा, दिलासा, शीताष्मा, हेलेन, भारती, पूजा, ज्योत्स्नादेवी बस्नेत, पर्ूवजिजुमुमार् इश्वरी राज्यलक्ष्मीलाई छिट्टै महसुल तिर्न पत्राचार गर्न लागेको छ ।

अधिराजकुमारीबाहेक दरबारअर्न्तर्गतका पुरानो जा“चबुझ केन्द्र, खर्च विभाग, हनुमानढोका हेरचार अड्डा, नागार्जुन शाही वन, कम्पट्रोलर विभाग, पर्ूवनागार्जुन दरबार, छाउनी बंगला, निर्मल निवास, नारायणहिटी खर्च अड्डा, हिमागृह पोखरा, पोखराकै रत्न मन्दिर, भरतपुरको दियालो बंगला, रानी दरबार हेटौंडालाई पनि पैसा नतिरे लाइन काट्ने चेतावनी दिने भएको छ । गणतन्त्र घोषणा हुनुअघिसम्म दरबारको विद्युत् महसुल सबै अर्थ मन्त्रालय अर्न्तर्गतको कोसीतोषाखानाले तिर्दै आएको थियो ।

Posted on: 2008-10-22 19:53:27


Posted on 10-23-08 4:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Fans of mahendra should probably read this essay to get a view of why he did what he did


Also, critics of later rulers need to explain this data -


Posted on 10-23-08 5:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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naivelystupid dude hope u know what is contributing to the rise of GDP in the later years, well if you are proud of the money u earn by serving other countries then i have nothing to say. 

Posted on 10-23-08 8:13 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Naively stupid!

First you need to learn the implication of GDP. GDP does not reflect actual economical development, in fact developed countries has stopped using it as an indicator. They use GNP instead. World bank has developed separate criteria for the developing countries because of this reason. FYI, GDP  was developed after world war by western countries to measure their productivity. Do understand that. It has become redundant indicator. GDP does not consider factors like natural disasters, crime, environmental degradation, wars and ethnic tensions and importantly ECONOMIC DISPARITY. As a matter of fact, if there are more accidents and more people go to hospital, GDP tend to increase because GDP is the value of “total good and serviced produced in a given year”.  - like alnepali said, remittance has contributed in a great deal but what you should understand is how our trade deficit stands. Our trade deficit with India is way to high. At the same time our national debt has gone way to high, and inflation rate as well in a last 10 years has gone way to high.

Let me put some facts here,

1.      During 2046 our national debt was around- 23 arab and within a 10 year time around it went to around 140 arab, with out significant development.

2.      Himal Cement was privatized owing to political conflict and people lost their jobs. Thanks to this it became easy for Indian Brand to capture market.

3.      Bhrikut paper mills privatized, after that, price went up for school copy and poor people are the one who suffered the most.

4.      Bansbari Chala Jutta privatized- production stopped, again poor people are made to suffer.

5.      Sajha Santhan –closed-who suffered the most? Not those who ride in car.

6.      Trolly Bus –collapsed,

7.      Krsishi Samangri Sansthan got privatized- poor farmer suffered a lot and price of one bag of urea went beyond their reach.

What is the price of “dal chamal” now and what it was back then? How about your purchasing capacity?? Has it increased?? –ask yourself. These are the fundamentals of economy. Not to mention, how much (value)infrastructures were destroyed, now country is paying PLA for nothing, add all these to your national debt as well. What does “high national debt” do? If you do not know, it helps price hike and inflation.

I am not fan of any “ism” or “ist” but I like to read facts and I favor the facts. Nor I believe King Mahendra was 100% correct, he did sell climbing right or part of Mount Everest to china, but I guess under those circumstances to protect our sovereignty (against Nehru doctrine) would have been a priority, again I am defending him, but I do not see any other reason why he would such thing? About royalists not paying any bills, well government should take action against them if they are not.



Posted on 10-23-08 8:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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IS GDP everything?   What about the prices on human life?  How many people have been killed after 2046?

Posted on 10-23-08 9:20 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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no quiero, you are absolutely right, GDP is just one indicator and not everything as wrote a pst para above about GDP, it has become redundant indicator. It is easy for people to understand that is why statistician use it to fool some people.
Posted on 10-23-08 9:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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see this thread bro, 1$=80, if we keep feeding jumbo CA and PLA what will happen.

Posted on 10-28-08 5:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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महेन्द्र भन्दा त हिमानी नै राम्री
Posted on 10-28-08 7:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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गोर्खे ब्रो छीऊ न तुप्पो को कुरा गर्यौ नि ??? खोइ बुज्न नै गाह्रो भयो ??

नेपाली लिपी मा पहिलो प्रयस्ह है ||

कसैलाई राम्रै लेख्न आउछ भने एसो सिकौनु पर्‍यो है |||


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