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 protest in ny city

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Posted on 08-09-05 6:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey friends There would be a protest really in the NY city on Sept 16th. Please join us and let?s show our support to our Nepali brothers and sisters who are protesting unelected leader?s undemocratic actions. It is expected that king would be UN giving a hypocritical speech.
The postings in this thread span 15 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 08-22-05 2:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepali janta bheda hun. 15 years after fighting for democracy in the streets of kathmandu. The crowd is back in the streets asking for the same thing. The politicians back then used to promise them democracy, the bhedas got a big DO YA KWASHI on their face. Now the Politicians are promising "democratic republic". I bet 90% of the crowd doesn't even know what that means.
Posted on 08-22-05 2:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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News headline the day after the protest...... 3BLIND MICE LEAD THE PROTEST AGAINST THE MONARCH OF NEPAL when asked what the protest was for ? ALL THREE SCREAM --..LIBERTY, FREEDOM, AND DEMOQWASHII when asked how you are going to obtain it ? ALL THREE GO UM...OH....UM....DUH !!!!!! ha ha ha ho ho ho he heh he
Posted on 08-22-05 2:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The above pics is of masses, YES. But are they all there FOR the democratic republic set up? How many of them are there for the sake of it and how many of them are there just because they want to see what the corrupt moraless politician have to say. Not to mention how many of them are party workers. We know we all have fere time in Nepal with allt he chakka jams. So let's pill the banana skin and just talk about banana. Having said that, I am all for the civic society to stand up for their rights. But as long as the civic society does not stand up and throw away those corrupt moral less politicans - even if we achieve democracy - it would like "asmaan se gira aur khanjaar pe gira" ho ki yestai ke ho. And when one talk about abuse, could people please do not forget the inhuman henious act of barberism by the terrorits? At least as a decency and respect for the fellow nepalese. Apparently the political parties are inept to demephitize themselves - maybe the civic society would do the job. Pahila Janta ko pratinidhityo garne party/leader safa garau and then we can take head against maoist and king. Natra - chatpate khandai chartikal herau basau. Of course photo khichau photo ;) IndisGuise:)
Posted on 08-22-05 2:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Anti monarqi and Nepe - I agree with Saroj and IG with their observation about the mass seen in those pictures. You and me can not guess/judge from the USA that whether they are real republican supporter? This is Gaijatra time in Nepal and people enjoy watching Gaijatra around Hanuman Dhoka peripherry. They might have gathered there to watcn the gaijatra of corrupt polititians. I am sure gaijatra of NY in September will probably draw similar crowds to see how the representatives of those corrupt leaders are doing in the NYC? By the way, will there be Sujata or Murariraj attending this time as well?
Posted on 08-22-05 2:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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We know we all have free time in Nepal with allt he chakka jams** Pahila Janta ko pratinidhityo garne party/leader safa garau and then we can take head ON against maoist and king.** Please ignore tanna typos haru. :) Back to the original topic. What are the specific POA for the protest? Tya bhet ghat garera feri momo sekuwa khandai nach gaan pani cha ki sajha ?;) hehehe. Aiight that was a joke. Aba besi serious hune hoina. Bhanya matrai. But it would be nice if we could hear it out what kind of POA is in process. Malai chai inviting Gyane for some brainstroming and question answer session in NY by the nepalese diasporas ramro hola jasto lagyo. That would be a better way to hit him with hard question, and see what he has to say. ho ki ke ho khai. Janne sunne haru ko marji. IndisGuise:)
Posted on 08-22-05 2:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepe - You are so much concerned about RNA's human rights record by giving examples of couple of news clips which are niether investigated nor verified, where as you are silent on Maoists attrocities due to which many ordinary people of Nepal are suffering every day. Are you advocating Maoists kind of republicanism?
Posted on 08-22-05 3:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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मकरेहरु हिरो हुन थालेपछि आफ्नो त पारा तातिहाल्छ तर अहिले चैं बढि छुचो हुन मन लागेन। समयले आँफै झाडु लगाउनेछ यस्ता उग्रदक्षिणपन्थीहरुलाई। हेर्दैजाम नेपाली दाजुभाई दिदीबहिनीहरु - बल्ल मेसो आउँदैछ। :)
Posted on 08-22-05 3:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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PSC I don?t know who would be attending the rally. I am like other protestor. I am not organizer. Yes it is hard to see make up seeing pic from the here and same goes with NTV. It is hard to believe it.
Posted on 08-22-05 5:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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PSC, What is your interest ? Are you particularly interested to learn about Nepe or are you actually trying to understand the republican argument that it is a democratic republic framework that provides a REALISTIC possibility to bring the Maoists to democracy and thus establish a lasting peace and that the Monarchy is doing the opposite and is prolonging this violent war for years to come ? Let me know which one. Then only I will be able to help you.
Posted on 08-22-05 6:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepe - I am neither interested to know about you nor any explanation about republicanism. I am just curious to know why you are so much miser to write against Maoists attrocities whereas you are always in the forefront to mention even a nonsignificant incident of national army. If you talk about democracy then your views should represent the majority of Nepalese people back home who are suffering from Maoists problem. You should not become spokeperson of handful of corrupt leaders whose credibility have been lost due to: 1) their inability to hold general election when they were in power, 2) thier involvement in corruption, 3) their duel role in addressing Maoists problem, 4) their shaky stand on future of monarchy 5) their hesitancy to participate in upcoming election, and 6) their inability to mobilize the mass. Merely protesting the King, RNA and other security forces is not a means and ways to solve nation's problem. If you do not believ on Maoists kind of republicanism then that is fine, but in that case you should be able to tell what is the best way to solve this problem? If you belive that, by sidelining RNA and King, Maoists can be brought in to mainstream then you are probably too much optimistic. They have waged the war since last 10 years and they have started this when the government was run by a party which was enjoying majority in the parliament. Maoists are too much clever, if you minus the security forces (while not forcing Maoists rebels to disarm) then they will kick your political leaders easily and introduce communist form of republicanism. May be instead of getting your wise ideas, I tried to write more. Bottomline is that republicanism is not a priority of ordinary people back home (may be it is yours' and anti-monarqi"s priority in the USA as you don't have to suffer anything from Maoists problem here in USA), Maoists problem is the main problem and all efforts must be concentrated to solve this problem. To achieve this all must unite, and all elements of national power must be utilized in concentrated manner. If your efforts in 16 Sep should focused on these lines, then only we can believe that you are fighting for ordinary Nepalese people, otherwise you are just fighting for the cause of .....
Posted on 08-22-05 7:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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PSC wrote: >Nepe . . . why you are so much miser to write against Maoists attrocities PSC bandhu, you made me skeptic about you. Can you read at all ? I mean if you can and if you have read me, you wouldn't be writing what you just wrote. So before going further, I would like to ask you, why are you writing this nonsense about me ? I need to know that I am talking with a sensible man before I continue further. Nevertheless, I will say this much- The reality of today is this- you have two choices, (1) sacrifice the monarchy and bring the Maoist to the democratic framework, or (2) save the monarchy and go for a prolonged war. You can't have both. That's the reality. It does not take a rocket scientist to know this, even a 10 years old child can tell this. You said Republicanism is not the priority to the ordinary people. Since you are saying ORDINARY people, I will take it for the sake of argument. And here is my argument. If Republicanism is not a priority to these "ordinary" people, then neither "Monarchy" is to them. Can you say that Monarchy is a priority to these "ordinary" people ? No, right ? Then why the hell are the royalists insisting in the name of these very ordinary people that Monarchy should be the priority ????? People's priority is to solve the Maoist problem and if the price for that is the sacrifice of the monarchy, people are ready. That's the reason behind this unprecedented enthusiasm and support for the republicanism. Republicanism may be luxury for some (like Nepe), but for "ordinary" people, it has become a need. The common meeting of luxury of the intellectuals and the need of the common man is what has made republicanism get this much height in such a short time. Sacrifice the monarchy to establish a lasting peace Save the monarchy to prolong the war There is no bigger joke than royalists claiming to prioritize the solving of the Maoist problem. Nepe
Posted on 08-22-05 8:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Giving up monarchy system is not sacrifice. It is just correcting mistake of the part or catching up with 21st century. So I don?t see the point people getting upset if monarchy system is gone. We are just trying to replace that system which is the most popular around the world. In that system royalist or monarchist would have chance to send their person as head of state. So if the monarchist who think your man is best to lead country have him take part in election and if he wins election he could run country 4 years and in 4 years if he do better jobs who knows he might get more time to serve.
Posted on 08-22-05 9:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Anti_Monarqi, Let me counter your so called "21st century remedy" to the ailing situation of Nepal by give you an insight on the age old panacea to development and progress. SHUT THE F@#& UP AND WORK! Shame on you all who will be showing up at the door of UN. You guys live a life of ease and comfort in a foreign land, and trying to decide things for the people who are still struggling to make ends meet every single day. I am sure you have heard this told to you guys a lot, but I dont think its registering in your heads so let me say it again. If you "care and worry" about the situation in Nepal so much go back today and work there. Fight your wars against the system in Nepal. Stop us from our bigoted remarks on how democracy and freedom is what Nepal needs. Theres enough freedom in Nepal if you are willing to work hard and around the political scenarios. King is not the biggest problem in Nepal. Open your eyes, may be the people who are tearing down the industries in Nepal are at fault. If you really want to protest for the good of Nepal protest against the Maoists. The dumb morons think that they can bring down the rich by burning their industries, don't they know that the industries are insured and the rich lose nothing. Its the poor who depend on the industries for the daily earning lose in this kind of battle. Get your priority right! Anyone can protest in the way you guys are so tempted to. Heres a finger for you as a token of my protest. You can guess which finger it is!
Posted on 08-22-05 10:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You have to give it to this Nepe character.... he/she is the master of answering questions with questions, evading weaknesses in his/her arguments with more rhetoric and spitting out the republic idea like he/she is Plato's direct descendent. Well done Nepe, the one thing you've proven beyond a doubt is this - you have spirit but more importantly, you have sufficient time on your hands to goof around on this website. This sir/madam, is a real luxury - to preach your ideology from the comfort of your dwelling (while the real jeapordy is nowhere close), to aspire to politics (in an "advisory" role) while denying political ambition... you could easily rival any sleezball politician anywhere in the world. And this is a big compliment from me to you. But there is something in your writing, the way you have written in this string (for example), your choice of verbiage, your expression, the way you manipulate the conversation, the sterile yet threatening tone of your language, the patience you exhibit in waiting for your literary adversary to "slip" - perhaps all these tell-tale signs that your agenda is far less benevolent than the democratic republic you propose - the agenda is YOU. Right at the onset of this thread, you kick off with the "it's me and MY kind against them and their kind" attitude. Then, it's just a good old joy ride on one tangent after another, each glorifying YOU and YOUR line of thinking. Obviously, I MUST be stupid because YOU are the Jedi of the Republic force on the internet. Your brethren do the fighting and the younger students you instigate bleed on the streets of Nepal but it is YOU who is the protagonist in YOUR story. The only weak argument ?? Nepe uses as a tool of self-aggrandization is of course, the good old numbers game. Again, tried and true like a real sleeze-ball politician in waiting. The basis of Nepe's argument is that the people in the pictures above were attracted to the civic society meeting because the civic society leaders advocate a republic and since Nepe also agrees, there can be absolutely no explanation for the crowd other than their uneqivocal support for a republic. The next thing you know, Nepe will be spitting out headcount numbers and doing a ratio analysis between these numbers and numbers that came out in support of other past political rallies in Nepal. Of course, Nepe has access to data that no one else in the world has. Either this, or Nepe's ability to estimate numbers is immaculate!!! Regardless, the results will read ??the only way to peace in Nepal is to ensure a republican set-up.?? Sure ?? In all honesty, Nepe has some good points too. His/her idea that it is not in the best interest of the king to eradicate the Maoist problem is actually a very intelligent analysis. But coming from Nepe, even this seemingly rational postulation sounds like another propaganda piece on the utility of a republic. Nepe proposes the problem, the medicine, the cure and the poison, all summed up in his/her utterly simplistic yet deceptive argument - the people want a republic, after we have a republic the Maoists will come into the mainfold and we'll all live happily ever after. Right. ?? I do not see Nepe as some invincible, all knowing, "sher," preparing to do battle the King's Army. I do see one man/woman with enough ambition and manipulative qualities to temporarily fool a herd of sheep. I see a meek, feeble individual, oppressed by the shadow of his/her personal deficiencies, lashing out at the world around with all the venom and vice he/she can muster on a page in cyber space. I see a kid who was picked on all throughout high school, a reject who no one ever listened to, a "Jeremy" in Pearl Jam's words, a Dylan Klebold from the tragedy of Littleton, a crying, whining, kid who didn't quite make it past adolescence. Then again, I could be wrong and maybe Nepe is a future Nelson Mandela in hiding. Then again, maybe he's just another Pol Pot lurking behind the curtain of a Maoist democratic republic. Whatever the case may be, Nepe and all his/her ranting raving does not have Nepal or the Nepali people or a democratic republic as the center of focus - that spot is reserved for Nepe and Nepe alone. This is Nepe's moment to shine in front of all Sajha participants, Nepe's revenge on Gyanendra and his aides for Nepe's humiliation and suffering. It's all about Nepe and his quest and Nepe's past and most important of all, Nepe's future :-) Tell you what Nepe, if you are so sincere in your fight for democracy in Nepal, answer the following questions (yes/no) without playing musical chairs: 1. Do you consider yourself as an associate of CPN-M? 2. Do you acknowledge the crimes against humanity committed by the CPN-M organization? 3. Are you an active member of the CPN-M organization? 4. Do you have political ambition (advisor, minister, Ambassador :-)? 5. Do you acknowledge the magnitude of the loss in life that will occur if the Maoist party is allowed to come into power in Nepal? 6. Are you willing to travel to Nepal and fight for your republican setup? And with these simple questions (the one word answers to which you will never provide), I give you back your imaginary pedestal on this website. Why don't you go and start another string yourself as "The Great Nepe" and then use 3 or 4 other names to carry on a monologue? Maybe that will make you feel better. Or, why don't you take one or two points from what is written above and then go off on another tangent just so you can prove to your "admirers" how intellectually superior you are to the rest of the Nepali race? Better still, just write back another set of questions ?V that will definitely make me look like an idiot ?? We patiently await your return to Nepal, Nepe. We as a country would be honored to have an individual with your caliber in our midst, to lead and serve the people of Nepal, to forward the Maoist cause and to ensure that the remnants of the Monarchy and then the political parties are wiped out once and for all. So, at the end of all this, it is YOU Nepe, the self-centered, individual to whom I have dedicated the past 30 minutes of my otherwise inconsequential existence. Oh please do write back. We love reading your wild digressions and marvel in your helplessness to overcome your own image problem. There is truly no one who I've read on this site with an ego as big as yours. My aim is to inflate your ego some more. So please, if nothing, just one sentence would do me a great honor Nepe hajur!
Posted on 08-22-05 11:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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:) (नेपथ्यमा: - खै चिया देऊ त माइल्दाइ! - तपाईँ राजाबादी कि गणतन्त्रबादी? - पहिला चिया खाम् अनि भन्दै गरम्ला नि। - (गिलास टिप्दै।)गणतन्त्रबादीलाई मात्रै दिनी ग-या छ।) Anti_G & all, Enjoying it!
Posted on 08-22-05 11:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Auntie_G, Let me make an attempt to answer your questions: 1. Do you consider yourself as an associate of CPN-M? All supporters of G are associates of CPN-M because they are indirectly assisting Maoists' cause of creating instability and chaos in Nepal. 2. Do you acknowledge the crimes against humanity committed by the CPN-M organization? G's forces crimes against humanity are even more obvious as they are recorded by impartial international observers and agencies. 3. Are you an active member of the CPN-M organization? K and CP can answer this question better. Whatever they do helps CPN-M. 4. Do you have political ambition (advisor, minister, Ambassador :-)? Is becoming a voter of a republic not ambition enough? 5. Do you acknowledge the magnitude of the loss in life that will occur if the Maoist party is allowed to come into power in Nepal? Why speculate? Can't you see the loss of life and liberty created by an active monarchy? 6. Are you willing to travel to Nepal and fight for your republican setup? There are thousands of Nepes all over Nepal. G is creating thousands more everyday with his atrocities. It will be good if questioners paused before posting anything that can end up helping regressive forces in Nepal.
Posted on 08-23-05 4:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shaiva, the questions weren't meant for you but thank you for demonstrating your ability to copy and paste. Most impressive. Further, thank you for doing exactly what anyone in your position would do - throw questions back at questions because in reality, you really don't have anything new or worthwhile to say. I was expecting this from Nepe (as I had written above), but I guess you're right, Gyanendra is creating more Nepe's every day - you for example :-) But be advised, for every new Nepe, there is at least one new Gyane as well. The explosion in republic fanatics is not the one-way street you portray. Radicialism tends to balance itself out over the long run. I could give a rat's ass about Gyanendra as much I give a rat's ass about any other politician or Maoist. To me, one is more worthless than the other. So, I post something on-line because I'm fed up with the shameless self-aggrandizement of one individual and his fawning minions and somehow I'm helping Gyanendra? I see. Which school of profound logic/thought did you attend? If you want to tango, you're going to have to do better than 6 questions in response to 6 questions (that weren't even directed at you to begin with). You support a republican set-up, that's fine. Do it on your own, not by riding on the coat tails of a someone else. One last point - there's a difference between pure speculation and historial extrapolation. Use you head and don't get so protective about your dear Nepe. Naturally, I am unable to find any other postings from Shaiva on this site. Maybe I don't know how to use this site well. Maybe Shaiva is "new" to this site also... the kind of "new" user that pops up every time Nepe can't defend himself on his own ;-)
Posted on 08-23-05 5:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well VincentBodega For your info I work. Not one of those who get paid doing nothing. And my view the same, everyone has to work to be paid. But you are the one who think some don?t have to work to get paid. Again you dun have to be Maos to demand for republican state. When French people got rid of French king and establish republican democracy they were not MAOs. .Republican is concept much much older then Mao concept.
Posted on 08-23-05 6:11 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Anti you are right that not all Republicans are Maoist. But unfortunately the republican tag line is taken for now and the perception is overbearingly in favor of "Maoist=Republican demand." This is something that will have to change over time. It is an unfortunate consequence of the shotsighted nature of the political parites during the 1990 aandolan. It is even more unfortunate that because of this, instead of being seen as an alternative, the republican demand is perceived suspiciously by many as being an admission that the Maoist tyranny is justified - that terrorizing the populace into submission is ok, as long as everyone equally enjoys the benefits of a republican setup down the road. But, given your own writing, I would like you to consider the following - if all republicans are not maoists, are all constitutional monarchists, right-wing fanatics?
Posted on 08-23-05 6:52 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Anti_G, I read your posting with an awe. You hit the nail right on the head of Master nepe. I am awaiting his reply breathlessly. Let's see what kind of couplets he will come up with to bolster his 'Aafai Boksi Aafai Jhakri "argument." In his next posting he will prove you right one more time.

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