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 Bahun Phataha jaat

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Posted on 04-24-05 2:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bahun THULO jaat bhanne title dekda malai ek dum ris uthyo... I even did not enter the site...however kasle bhanchha Bahun Thulo jaat bhanera except themselves? ... How can one proves that Bahun as THULO jaat? Bahun jasle free ma paayo bhane alkatra pani khanchha, ani 1 mana chook pani khanchha.. tyati matra ho ra?? Udne ma jahaj ra char khutte ma khat nakhane pani bahun nai ho. Puja garne, aruko shraddha garne nihu ma sojha sajha lai thagne, arubela chokho bhanne tara JHOL paye pachhi jati pani tanne. Nepal Khane Pani ko tanker jasto. Aru le chhoyako pani pani khanna bhanne tara ranga ko sukuti luki luki chusne tyo pani free ma!!!!!!!!! Biralo le chate ko dudh ra Kukur le chhoyako bhat khane tara manis le chhoyako khanna bhanne... tyo bhanda BUDDHU ko hola? Desh bigarne pani sabai bahun nai hun... Girija dekhi Ma. Ku Ne. (if u dont know Madahv Kumar Nepal), ani ahile ko Tulasi Giri... yeti matra bhaye ta hunthyo ni .... CHIranjivi KUmar WAgle (please make short form haa haaaaaaaa haaaaaa) 1 no Bhrastchari. Arko kura.. herda pani kaha ramra hunchhan ra Bahun? Jhusai jhus...... Dhoti jasta, ghiralula jasto they look so cunnig........and behave as if they knew evrything. Desh bigarne nai tini haru hun, Aafni chhhori beti dhoka thunera rakhne ani aru mathi aakha gadne!!!!!!... Anyway.... this is not for the great Bahuns...but for conservative ones.... Mind U, i also have many Bahun frens, moreover, I also belong to Bahun jati somehow.....One thing if we have to develop country this JAAT PAAT ko kura should be off connected. Hey........ I know so many angry faces........... cmmmmmnn....if ur Bahun and felt humilitated by this message u still beilve in Jaat paat..... u live in ancient age.....Hey bro.... wake up....do other people have green blood? Take it easy Bish
The postings in this thread span 5 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 07-03-05 1:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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congratulations everyone you all have just proven that just being able to write in english,being computer literate ( being able to go online and post fourms) just doesnt mean one has the common sense to know what is going on all people in this thread with genocidal and tendencies have demonstrated why nepal is still the 6th poorest country in the world. Instead of blaming others for our misery,we should try to better our lot.Be constructive people.However,if you want to create another Rwanda/Bhutan/Burma,fine - go ahead. Serously,this thread just gets me depressed (not because of words against bahuns,newars or anyone) but just because i wonder whether you guys ever think before typing anything.
Posted on 07-03-05 5:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear usasiali I don't know who are you Male or female.Bahun ya kami but also i want to give great salam in my inner cor of heart.What a Superior think you have .Yes man will be Superior like you whose thinking is as like this.It is not necessary who is best & who is greatest most important thing is what is you & what you are thinking.If all Nepalese brother think as like you there are nodought Nepal will be great country one day.I want to give great Salam to your parent also who born the child like con.
Posted on 07-03-05 5:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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cont-who born the child like .Nepal also be great full to be with your mother( again salam to her)don't stop to write here.Your thinking is a chapter for the man like prem dai & Jiwan yatri.Sham on the people like this .may be their mother also be shame to read this.These people didn't have soul may be they crying on me to read this but i didn't mind because jasle arulai thukcha tesko chita pahile uskai mukha ma parcha.and lastly i want to ask Sajha editor what is the YOU dontUSE FOUL Language .I read many foul language in this cautary many time web master please stop to show this type of massage otherwise all Nepali have to Say shame Sajha .come although this is very good web side for Nepali hkstha
Posted on 07-03-05 10:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dada Giri writes: काठमाण्डौमा भेऽर पनि धेरै प्रगति गर्न सक्या जस्तो लाग्दैन मलाई तपाईँहरुले। पुर्खाले बनाऽको मन्दिरहरु भत्काउँदै , नजिकै आधुनिक घर बनाएर त्यो दृष्य बिगार्दै गर्या जस्तो लाग्छ। अनि बेपारमा माडेहरु काँ बाट आएर जितिदियो। तपाईँहरु म म, पुष्टकारी मात्रै बेचेर बस्ने। के हो यस्तो? ************* But guruji, If it was not for native folks of valley and thier culture, your kind of people won't have anything to show to the world. Your folks' crooked politics can not really fly as a culture and does not bring a dime as a revenue from tourism;) Yes, I said it- your kinds do not have any culture nor tradition on anything, except in crookedness.;) Isn't letting waves of "maade" folks run business without citizenship in the valley directly proportional to how much they stash the cash on the bottomless coffer of your kind of folks who have practically dominating presence in the adminitration and government ;) If you only could do a rough survey, your folks running a "ma ma" pasal out numbers the one ran by valley's natives afterall isn't your kind not supposed to eat buff meat but when it is wraped by wanton, it is all good kinda deal? ;)
Posted on 07-03-05 10:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey hkstha...... I did not get ur reply.....have u got my mail????????? M still in Ktm....lets do BHETGHAT.... Amazing
Posted on 07-03-05 11:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Debates should be logical and open minded, final objective should be to bring about a positive change, not disharmony and mistrust. Let?s talk about caste When will ?others? qualify to be ?one of us?? Even as we painstakingly wrest back the right to debate openly, caste remains a strangely under-articulated topic in political discourse today. Many enlightened Nepalis abhor the caste system, though few have broken caste taboos in their personal lives. Still, activists have long organised ?joint feasts? to allow people from ?high? and ?low? castes to defy segregation. The Dalits? rights movement is gaining pace despite elite resistance. Thousands of Nepalis across the country have even discarded their surnames to shrug off their caste identities. (Hence the proliferation of Nepalis with such surnames as ?Sorrowful? or ?Inspiration?). In the 1990 to 2002 period, the political parties had all been captured by Bahun men?who unfortunately blocked reforms on women?s, Dalits? and Janajatis? rights. Studies were showing Panchayat-era caste profiles to be comparatively more diverse. Even now, the political parties remain the bastions of Bahun men. Then came the king?s October 2002 takeover. Dramatically, the Chettri caste that had monopolised power before 1990 returned. The heads of all the cabinets under King Gyanendra?s rule have been Chettris: Chand (a Thakuri sub-caste), Thapa, Deuba and Shah (also Thakuri). A recent cover story in Nepal magazine further reveals how narrow the absolute monarchists? caste base is. It lists the king?s closest friends and advisers. These include: Prabhu Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana, a childhood friend who accompanied the king to Indonesia and China. His nephew Prabhakar Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana heads the Soaltee Group and is also close to the king. Another trusted friend is Birendra Shah, better known by his nickname ?Lava Raja.? He was in Pokhara with then-Prince Gyanendra during the 2001 royal massacre. Sharad Chandra Shah is Lava Raja?s nephew. He heads the Information Technology Commission but his informal powers are extensive. Another adviser, DB Rana, used to work in the Soaltee Group. Mahendra Kumar Singh, married to King Tribhuban?s daughter from out of wedlock, sustained a bullet wound at the 2001 royal massacre. Ravi Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana and Queen Komal?s brother Suraj Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana are also advisers to the king. Similarly close is Shanta Kumar Malla, former army chief, oversaw a five-person military inquisition into the 2001 royal massacre. Among other advisers are Sachit Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana, Bharat Keshar Simha and Kesharjung Rayamajhi. That?s 11 Chettri men, all but one a Thakuri. It is sometimes tempting to reduce the struggle between absolute monarchists and democrats to a struggle between Chettris and Bahuns. This would be a facile conclusion, of course. Yet the non-political sectors that embody the present democratic movement?the media, the legal profession?are also overwhelmingly composed of Bahun men. And herein lies a lingering weakness in today?s democratic movement. Be they political parties, community or business organisations, NGOs or INGOs, or even families, the vast majority of democratic institutions remain markedly segregated?not by intention, maybe but by omission. There are apparently no ?others? who qualify to be ?one of us.? Or it is not worth the effort to reach out beyond our comfortable circles. There is of course a difference in the ethics of absolute monarchists and democrats: the democrats? ideals oblige them to be inclusive. And they do sincerely intend to be so but first, they just need to restore democracy. Yet, which comes first? democratic values or democratic polity? This is a question that many Nepalis?particularly non-Chettri-Bahuns?are now asking. Absolute monarchists would say that democratic values must come first and actual democracy can follow. Democrats would say the opposite. But the ground realities of Nepal are better reflected in the view of Anil Bhattarai of Nepal South Asia Centre: ?You cannot bring democracy first, then reduce poverty, then have awareness-building campaigns, then bring about social change. It all happens simultaneously. Look at what is happening. That is our reality.? So, democrats: while overthrowing Nepal?s political anachronisms, let?s also overthrow our own lingering contradictions, shall we? Let?s start by talking about caste. M. Thapa's article from Nepali Times
Posted on 07-04-05 11:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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In Nepal, Caste system origin of Bahuns or contribution of Bahuns. Bahuns made chhettri lower caste and Bahuns announced them superior than chhetri. Bahuns distributed caste (1) Damai (2) Sarki (3) Dum (4) Kashai (5) Sunuwar etc Caste system is one of the problems of social problems in Nepal. According to rule of Bahun: Bahun must not eat meat. Bahun must not drink alcohol. Bahun must not do prostitution. Bahun must not lie. Bahun must not do bad things. Bahun must not talk vulgar. Bahun must be clean and good. Do you think that Bahun follow these rule?
Posted on 07-05-05 7:50 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Who is a Brahman? 383. Cut off the stream of craving. Strive hard and renounce the sense pleasures, O Brahman. When you comprehend the secret of the destruction of all composite things, O Brahman, you will know the Uncreated (nirvana). 384. When the Brahman has reached the farther shore of the two states (of tranquillity and insight), then all the fetters of that knowing one disappear. 385. He for whom there exist neither the farther (the external six senses), nor the hither (the internal six senses), nor both of these, and who is devoid of fear and free from fetters him I call a Brahman. 386. He who is contemplative, lives without passions, is steadfast and has performed his duties, who is free from sensuous influxes and has attained the highest goal -- him I call a Brahman. 387. The sun shines by day, the moon by night; the warrior is resplendent in armor and the Brahman radiant in meditation. But Buddha, the Awakened One, illumines both day and night by the splendor of his wisdom. 388. Because a man has discarded all evil, he is called a Brahman; because of his balanced conduct, he is called a monk (samana); because he has rid himself of all impurities, he is called a recluse (pabbajita). Note -- The impurities are ten in number: greed, hate, delusion, conceit, speculative views, doubt, mental torpor, restlessness, shamelessness, and lack of moral scruples. 389. One should not strike a Brahman; neither should a Brahman give way to anger against him who strikes. Woe to him who slays a Brahman; but greater woe to the Brahman who vents his wrath (on the aggressor). 390. It is no small advantage to a Brahman to restrain the mind from clinging to pleasurable things. In proportion to the degree that he abstains from wishing to injure others, to that degree will suffering cease. 391. He who has not committed unwholesome deeds through body, speech, or mind, and who is restrained in these three avenues -- him I call a Brahman. 392. Even as the (orthodox) Brahman bows down to the sacrificial fire, so one should make obeisance to him who understands the Dhamma as proclaimed by the Fully Enlightened One. 393. Not by matted hair, by lineage, nor by birth (caste) does one become a Brahman. But the one in whom there abide truth and righteousness, he is pure; he is a Brahman. 394. O fool, what is the use of matted hair, and to what avail is raiment made of antelope skin? (1) Outwardly you cleanse yourself, but within you is a jungle of passions.
Posted on 07-05-05 7:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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396. I do not call him a Brahman merely because he is born in the caste of the noble ones, or of a Brahman mother. If he is a possessor (of passions), he becomes known by the appellation bhovadi. But one who is free from possessions (craving) and from worldly attachments -- him I call a Brahman. Note -- Bhovadi is a familiar form of address used by the Brahmans during the time of Buddha for equals and for inferiors. When the haughty Brahmans and Jains came to discuss metaphysical problems with the Buddha, they often addressed him simply, "Bho, Gotama!" Therefore, the Buddhists used to designate the Brahmans by this appellation which involves a certain amount of contempt. Bhovadin literally means one who uses the term "bho!" 397. He who has cut off all impediments and does not tremble with fears, who has passed beyond attachments and is free from shackles -- him I call a Brahman. 398. He is enlightened who has cut the strap (of ill will) and the thong (of craving), who has broken the chain (of heretical views) with its appurtenances (latent tendencies), and has removed the crossbar (of ignorance) -- him I call a Brahman. 399. He who with forgiveness bears up under reproach, abuse and punishment, and who looks upon patience as his army and strength as his force -- him I call a Brahman. 400. He who is free from anger, who vigilantly performs his religious practices, who is virtuous, pure, self-restrained, and bears his physical body for the last time -- him I call a Brahman. 401. He who, like water on a lotus leaf, or a mustard seed on the point of an awl, does not cling to sensuous pleasures him I call a Brahman. 402. He who while in this world realizes the end of his suffering, who has laid aside the burden (of his skandhas) and is free from attachments -- him I call a Brahman. 403. He whose wisdom is deep, who is expert in knowledge and in discerning the right from the wrong path; he who has realized the supreme goal -- him I call a Brahman. 404. He who does not associate closely either with householders (laymen) or with the homeless (mendicants), who does not frequent houses and who is content with few wants -- him I call a Brahman. 405. He who has laid aside the cudgel that injures any creature whether moving or still, who neither slays nor causes to be slain -- him I call a Brahman. 406. He who is tolerant amongst the intolerant, who is calm amongst the violent, and who is unattached amongst those who are attached -- him I call a Brahman. 407. The one from whom lust and hatred, pride and hypocrisy have fallen away, like a mustard seed from the point of an awl -- him I call a Brahman. 408. He who speaks gentle, instructive and truthful words, whose utterances offend no one -- him I call a Brahman. 409. He who takes no object in this world that is not given to him, be it short or long, small or great, fair or ugly -- him I call a Brahman. 410. He who has no desires regarding this world or the next, who is free of longings and without fetters -- him I call a Brahman. 411. He who is free from craving and free from doubt through the realization of truth, and who has reached the depth of the deathless state (nirvana) -- him I call a Brahman. 412. He who has transcended the bonds of both merit and demerit, who is sorrowless, free from passions, and pure him I call a Brahman. 413. He who like the moon, is stainless, pure, serene and unruffled, in whom desire for existence is extinguished -- him I call a Brahman. 414. He who has traversed this miry path of samsara, difficult to pass; who has rid himself of delusion, crossed over and reached the other shore; who is absorbed in contemplation, free from craving and doubts, not grasping, and inwardly calm -- him I call a Brahman. 415. He who in this world has relinquished all sensuous pleasures, wanders homeless (for the welfare of the many), and has destroyed all desire (kama) for existence -- him I call a Brahman. 416. He who in this world has extinguished all craving, wanders homeless, and has destroyed all thirst (tanha) for existence --him I call a Brahman. 417. He who has abandoned all human ties and transcended even the celestial ties; who is truly free from all attachments -- him I call a Brahman. 418. He who has put aside what gives pleasure as well as what gives pain, who is passionless and free from the causal seeds of existence (nirupadhi), the hero who has conquered all the worlds -- him I call a Brahman. 419. He who has all knowledge concerning the death and rebirth of all beings, is unattached, who is content in himself (sugata), and enlightened (buddha) -- him I call a Brahman. 420. He whose path is unknown to devas, gandharvas and men, who has nullified all sensuous influxes and is a Holy One (arahant) -- him I call a Brahman. 421. He who has no longing for what is ahead, behind, or in the middle, who possesses nothing and is attached to nothing -- him I call a Brahman. 422. He who is fearless (as a bull), distinguished and heroic, a great sage, a conqueror; who is entirely free from craving and who has washed off all impurities, an Enlightened One -- him I call a Brahman. 423. He who knows his former abodes (his lives), who perceives (through spiritual insight) both heaven and hell, who has reached the end of all births, who has perfected himself in wisdom; such a sage who has accomplished all that ought to be accomplished (on the sublime path) -- him I call a Brahman. THUS ENDS THE DHAMMAPADA
Posted on 07-05-05 11:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Nepalese, weakup! We need to talk about opportunities, freedom, peace, education and muchmore, but not cast......... According to youstandup, and friends, bahun doesn't do as you typed, they want to live and enjoy same like others. We want to drink alcohol, eat meat, study English instead of only shaskrit, want to kill girija, makune, baburam, prachanda, and all corrupted chore haru who make our country poorest. poverty is cause a problem, not cast system. There were revolution to change system, after(2046) we get at least freedom for religion, talk, and press....... now it is gone........ We have to educate our new generation to move forward not backward of cast system. I went India, I saw a bahun diswash an indian restaurant, I saw newar do darwana, and the same way all kinda cast do something lowleve job for eat. I went Korea, I saw a gurung lost his hand working at factory, I cried, I hate corrupted and politicians no mater what cast they are, think about bleeding there Nepalese blood in foreign countries anybody wouldn't stop crying, nomatter what cast we are. we all Nepalese all ethnic group or cast stand up for the common problems, as birth I am bahun, but I don't see any different bahun, gurung, newar, kami, but I see the huge different and disintegrated resentment among us because of unstable politic. we need to fight to get ride of from bad politic, fight against rajpariwar, girija tantra(curroption), makune(laying and cheating public), baburam, and parchanda( invite terrorism in Nepal), they are the one who brought the issue to disturb the social structure and invent the violence talking or using lower cast people. listen, why don't they come to road with you to fight for right instead of using you. we all kind of jata jati haru need to come to fight against bad thing . we need to create democratic contry, so we all have freedom to talk against discrimination on cast, job, education and other opportunities. we need to respect human once he gets birth. So, let's standup against present criminal people who are in power and kill thousand of Nepalese including all jata (bahun, chattri, magar, gur, newar, sherpa, tharu, kami dami and all). it is true majority people in nepal are bahun, and chattari, everywhere you see bahun and chattari are involved there are other cast involved as well for bad and good. in revolution, higher # of deaths were bahun as well as higher # of poor, higher # of people in nepal are bahun, sadak chap are bahun, same as higher # of criminals are bahun. It is happen because of majority. But we don't talk the issue about dividing Nepalese because of cast. we need to standup for rights, humanrights. if you talk cast rights, nothing we will get rather than we lose. Let's talk about rights, peace, democracy, regulating law, and development of country. If Nepal develop, magar is develop, bahun is develop, gurung, newar, kami all are develop. we are rich nepalese, not rich in cast. We now are poor, we are poor people in world, so we have problem everywhere, so we see problem in cast, race, man. female, and much more............. Thank you for understanding my view. It is my offended, can't stop saying anything this topic.
Posted on 07-05-05 11:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i agree with gallant ... too many sick minded guys around here
Posted on 07-05-05 2:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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‍के हो साथी हो सधै उहि टपिक मा हजुर बुबा हरु लडथे १८ औ सदाबदी मा यो बिषय लाई लिएर सकिनछ भने कृपया यो बिषय लाई नच'काउन बिनती छ।।।।।
Posted on 07-05-05 2:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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यहि हो साझा बसाइमा जि काम पाएनौ बुहारि .........देउ भनेको
Posted on 07-05-05 9:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sunil Bhattarai, the first Bahun, scaled mount everest this week. Bravo. I appreciate this fellow bahun. Not all bahun are fataha... there are fatahas in every caste or race.... what we should notice is the good elements everywhere. chetana Bhaya... Hulak bro
Posted on 07-06-05 9:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sala Bahun think them selves Tulo ? great, Sudha ? clear and Uchha ? Superior. I am chhettri and I am always proud to be chhettri. F-u-ck Bahun the most moral-less people of south Asia. Bahun is a creator of caste systems and racism in Nepal. These people did not contribute anything to build Nepal, nor help to develop Nepal. These Bahun are destroying our country and democracy. Be aware of Bahuns jaat. NEVER EVER TRUST BAHUNS.
Posted on 07-07-05 7:34 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am amazed to see that in the 21st century, when our country is burning with terrorism, people still have time to be divided into groups and curse each other. That has always been and will always be the weakness of our country. The caste system which is nothing but barely attempt of the people who claimed to be bahuns and chettirs to dominate the poor. If tomorrow, you take a blood test or any other test, will there be any difference between the people that are of different caste? You are proud to be a bahun, a chettri, a newar, rai, limbu, magar and every other caste, but isnt the person sitting next to you as proud of their own caste. What exactly is the caste system? -- It is a barrier that has been seperating the Nepalis and keeping them form uniting and looking at each other with a non-discriminating eye. It had done nothing but resulted in bitterness and fights. So when the time comes for all of us to be united, why are we still clinging to this tabboo that should have been gotten rid of well before time?
Posted on 07-07-05 9:12 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Another crappy thread!
Posted on 07-07-05 6:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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bahuns are cool
Posted on 07-10-05 9:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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To all: mother-f-uc-kers and bit-ches Nepalese race Bahun is the best and superior race. We are Politician leaders. We control government of Nepal and rest of these Nepalese f-ck-kers We make Rule, Regulation and Law as well as constitution of Nepal We originated caste systems which is the great system of south Asia. We do not give a dammn shiit all of you.... Jai Bahun Jai Pandit jai Om na ma
Posted on 07-10-05 9:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I just want to say these words to all those MFs who think thier cast is superior to others: As an educated people, you all should be ashamed to behave in such a shameful manner. Go and ponder over what you said. I am proud to be Rai and firmly believe that everyone is equal !!!

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