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 Anju Panta, CK Raut and We Conservatives

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Posted on 09-16-14 1:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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  • When Anju Pant says she cannot sing hindu bhajan we oppose her.
  • When CK Raut says Madheshi people are being treated like lower class people in Nepal then we oppose him.
  • When Paramanda Jha takes oath in Hindi we oppose him.
  • When some madheshi leader wears dhoti in parliament we make fun of him.
  • When some tribal from mountain region uses cow for food we oppose him.
  • When some leaders propose to change the flag or national animal we oppose them.   
What does this mean?

It means we are still suffered from King Mahindra’s so called Panchayati Nationalism fever. Wake up people, this is 21st century’s, ‘Federal’, ‘Democratic ‘, ‘Secular’, ‘Republic’ of Nepal not anymore ‘Panchayati Kingdom’.  


Last edited: 16-Sep-14 01:54 PM

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 09-18-14 2:54 AM     [Snapshot: 1229]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just coming back to Anju panta, she has right to not sing a song. But nobody has right to make fun of other's culture and religion.She acted as if saying hindu gods name is like committing a sin. Treated hindu as untouchable and something very bad. Remember, when Kumari came to US and lost her status, some of the americans were hurt and angry and rightly so. In a way we Nepalese, insulted US by treating them as something inferior. Anju did the same thing.

Another mistake by Anju was she completely Christianized a bhajan by changing the words. I am sure if somebody is singing Christian song, we cannot change the words and make it sound like hindu because basic sole of the song will be lost.

However, I do believe, this anju panta episode has been blown out of proportion.
Posted on 09-18-14 12:48 PM     [Snapshot: 1411]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Some of my dear Sajha friends asked questions related to history of Nepal and the flag so I am trying to answer their questions. 

Let’s talk about the word ‘Nepal’. Before ‘Unification’ the world Nepal used to mean Kathmandu valley. Specially Kantipur,Kritipur,Patan and Bhadgaun mostly occupied by Newar people .The world ‘Nepal’ does not represent the entire land from Mechi to Mahakali and Himal to Madhesh. Rulers from Gorkha attacked and invaded the valley as well as other parts including Terai and Himal. They moved capital from Gorkha to Nepa because it was plain, beautiful and developed.  And after sometimes, people started calling whole country was as Nepal. So what to do with the word ‘Nepal’ for the people of Jhapa and Mugu, Taplejung and Janakpur ? What’s the problem if the name becomes ‘XYZ’?  (BTW I personally like the word ‘Nepal’.)

Now let’s talk about the Flag. Triangular flag represents ‘Dwajaa’ used in Hindu religion. If you have seen the pictures of Ramayan and Mahabharat you may be seen those kind of flags used there. You may have seen the triangular metal flag with sun and moon with human face on Hindu temples. Yes, what I am trying to say is the origin of this flag is from Hinduism. It has long history and unique in the world…I agree on that. But what’s the problem if some people want to discuss about it?  We should be able to explain the fact to them. (BTW I personally like this flag.)

Posted on 09-18-14 1:01 PM     [Snapshot: 1413]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I didn't know flag have something to do with hinduism. When we read Rato ra chandra surya in our school, ... i never thought there is anything that meant it was for hindu.

But by the way, I don't think our flag is very scientific. Once I went to a conference, where there were flags from different countries. All the flags were fluttering, however, our flag hardly waved. I believe we should change it to rectangular.
Posted on 09-18-14 1:11 PM     [Snapshot: 1426]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ठमेलमा १०० मा किन्या एक सरो पुलिस्टरको झन्डा पर्यो होला.
मेरो स्कुल मा राखेको झन्डा चै मज्जा ले फ़र्फ़राउथ्यो
Posted on 09-18-14 1:26 PM     [Snapshot: 1441]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you want to know more about our flag go to google and search as 'hindu dhwaj'...Good luck !
Posted on 09-18-14 1:34 PM     [Snapshot: 1454]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok..Now about the cow...

Do u still want to do that ?

Posted on 09-18-14 2:01 PM     [Snapshot: 1480]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Then whats wrong with that. We have been hindu nation from establishment and just because now some other religion pop ups means we should change our flag.
And that gau mutra i will definitely do that when i go back to nepal.
Posted on 09-18-14 2:16 PM     [Snapshot: 1496]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My dear radical Hindu conservative friends, let’s talk something more about liberal issues.

Social Issues:

  • Do you support gay marriage?
  • Do you support abortion?
  • What about prostitution?
  • Do think marijuana should be legalized?

Political Issues:

  • Should NRN get dual citizenship ?
  • Do you think Nepal/India border should not be open?
  • Do you think Nepal should restrict Indian people to work inside Nepal?
  • Do you think Nepal should not allow to people to work on foreign labor?
Constitutional Issue 
  • Secular or Hindu ?
  • Republic or Kingdom ?
  • Federal or Centralized ?

Posted on 09-19-14 3:39 AM     [Snapshot: 1652]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do you support gay marriage?

No. But I dont mind they fxck each other. Its their life but why shove it down our throat.Marriage is between man and women. Full stop.

Do you support abortion?


What about prostitution?

yes , its should be perfectly legal for person above 18 years( whatever age they can make decision for themselves) and should be taxed like NZ . It shouldn't be forced and the person should make decision for themselves not under any kind of influence

Do think marijuana should be legalized?

Yes. I have never smoked but I hear Alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana.

Political Issues:

Should NRN get dual citizenship ?

No . Why , what for? There is a provision in Nepalese citizenship ACT that if you renounce foreign citizenship you can get Nepalese citizenship back.

Just say you want dual citizenship due to financial reasons and I may change my mind but dont say you love your mother land and blah blah blah.Its Buxxx shxx.

Do you think Nepal/India border should not be open?

its should be controlled and keep it open. .Do you know how many Nepalese work in India? Where are we going to get jobs for them in Nepal? Have you ever thought about it. The one you worried already have Nepalease citizenship.so closing border dont help anyway.

Do you think Nepal should restrict Indian people to work inside Nepal?

see above.
Do you think Nepal should not allow to people to work on foreign labor?

not for now. we should encourage them to work in Nepal and create jobs in Nepal. It will naturally happen overtime.

Constitutional Issue
Secular or Hindu ?


Republic or Kingdom ?

Kingdom, at least for another 25 years. Ahiel badar ko haat ma nariwol jasto bhayo. Become republic one 90% of population is educated.

Federal or Centralized ?

Centralized ..every states will have parliament, MP's , Police, and other public service office . So where will the revenue come from to pay for these?Even the rich country like Australia Debates about this and they still cannot justify unnecessary cost and red tapes across the states.

Posted on 09-19-14 10:03 AM     [Snapshot: 1743]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My friend vname: By seeing your answer I guess you are more liberal on social issues but conservative in terms of religion...I guess you like kingdom not because you like monarchy but you don't like current political leaders.
Posted on 09-19-14 12:03 PM     [Snapshot: 1770]     Reply [Subscribe]
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In the end everything boils down to personal freedom. If being Nepali, i want to speak Nepali or Hindi or Maithili or Newar or English or any sign language that should be my freedom. However, there is no guarantee that the listener will understand you. Same thing applies to food you eat or clothes you wear.
Regarding people from Madhes: There are very narrow minded people who have tiny view point of the world we live in and they will remain the same until we teach them the values of personal freedom. This is a herculean task however not impossible. As the generation changes this mind set is changing too. I remember my childhood days when madhesi people were treated badly (verbally abused) and even in kathmandu(which is not my native place) i was surprised to see the racists. But this is changing, I have at least 5 friends who married people from madhesh or were madhesi themselves who married the so called pahade. Nowadays, things are changing and so are the people and their lifestyle. This does not indicate that things for madhesi people or tribal people have completely improved but this is one of the change which indicate our racial or social or another bias is slowly fading away.
Whenever i meet any person, i love to speak in a language he prefers (provided i know his language). Axiomatically, i prefer speaking hindi to people from India or surrounding area who speak that language. When i do this, there are some people who argue with me or suggest me or feel bad for me. But when i speak english the response is mostly on positive side. Why is this? (I suggest this type of people should change themselves, if they think they are cosmopolitan / liberal. ). At the end of the day, the same people are telling me there is hegemony of Nepali or Hindi or Newari or English. Isn't it just a language ?
I am just utterly surprised what people achieve personally when insulting others on such a trivial matter when deep down his ambition or fulfillment does not necessitate this type of behavior.

Just look around and if you are old enough you will discover very new pattern and a beautiful canvass emerging in Nepal which will truly be a 'rangibiragi fulbari'. There are young people who do not consider race, religion, ethnicity etc when making friends or love so please do not try to fill their mind with this idea that we are different and if we are different we should wear, eat, speak and live different.
You got the idea, IT_guy. Don't label people, people are different but at sometime being different we are same (wave particle duality lol). We just show our nature.
Posted on 09-19-14 12:23 PM     [Snapshot: 1791]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Social Issues:

Do you support gay marriage? NO : but I dont have problem unless they come openly wearing clown like dress kissing in public. Stay in limit.
Do you support abortion? No, unless there is medical reason and rape case.
What about prostitution? Should be legalised with proper care
Do think marijuana should be legalized? No, its a bad habit

Political Issues:

Should NRN get dual citizenship ? Yes, we need some foreign money for nation
Do you think Nepal/India border should not be open? No, it should be open but need more border security. There are so many open places where you can walk openly
Do you think Nepal should restrict Indian people to work inside Nepal? No, its too late
Do you think Nepal should not allow to people to work on foreign labor? Yes we need some skill labor too

Constitutional Issue
Secular or Hindu ? Hindu with recognition of all religion
Republic or Kingdom ? Kingdom, Republic sucks in nation like our
Federal or Centralized ? Centralized , dude our nation is too small to be divided just to be govern by different government. If we gave proper roadways we can travel east to west in 24 hr !! Ehy do we need different prades like india!!

I want developed nation with my all culture and religion.
Posted on 09-19-14 12:33 PM     [Snapshot: 1789]     Reply [Subscribe]
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A Medeshi person always feels embarrassed while walking on the streets of Kathmandu. He always gets different treatment even from a ‘Khalashi’ and watchman. They have difficultly to rent a room, to participant in sports and other activities in Kathmandu. Don’t you think there is a problem?

Some people still say vertical states should be created including Himal, Pahad and Terai. It sounds good while hearing but which is not the purpose of federalism in Nepal.  Why federalism is needed here? Go to the root cause. Why there was Madhesh revolution? Why tribal people are asking their identity? If we make states like five development region, it does not fulfil the necessity of federalism…that’s just like putting medicine on navel when a person is suffering from headache.  

Okay, now Hinduism…We all agrees that almost eighty present of the people in Nepal are Hindus. And some people argue that it should be Hindu country because of that. But I ask them what the problem is if it’s not Hindu country. Aren’t you getting right to go to temple? Aren’t you getting freedom to organize religious ceremony at home? Then why do you want to write Hindu country in the constitution? Just to dominate those minorities?

Hindu Monarchy is no more exists in Nepal and will never back. Be hundred percent sure about that. But Federalism can be there or not. It’s up to Nepalese people. 

Posted on 09-19-14 12:57 PM     [Snapshot: 1822]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ओहो कस्तो रमाइलो रैछ यहाँ त, it guy प्रश्न सोध्ने अरु सबै खुरु खुरु 'एस sir भन्दै उत्तर दिने ' अनि फेरि it guy ले स्कोरिंग गर्ने | येसरी राज्य बनाउदा मधेसी , जनजातिको समस्याको सम्भोदन हुन्छन उसरी गर्दा हुदैन भनेर कसले भन्यो तिमीलाई ?, मधेशको छुट्टै राज्य बनाउने माग भनेको देश टुक्र्याउने background हो भनेर मैले भने तेस्को उत्तर के हुन्छ नि ? उत्तर दक्षिण बनाएपनि मधेसीको बाहुल्यता हुन्छ राज्य संसदमा अनि आर्थिक रुपमापनि intra -state interlinkage र interdependence को कति महत्वो हुन्छ भन्ने कुरा विचार गर्न पर्दैन ?? देशलाई बलियो बनाउने कुरो गर्नु छैन बिग्रह ल्याउने कुरामात्र गर्छ बा....|
Posted on 09-19-14 1:20 PM     [Snapshot: 1850]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नोर्थ कोरिया र साउथ कोरिया भनेझैं नोर्थ नेपाल र साउथ नेपाल हुनेभयो
Posted on 09-19-14 2:01 PM     [Snapshot: 1873]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My friends BokaMan & NepaliLaure: 

I never say there should '1 Madhesh - 1 Pradesh'.

There may be multiple pradesh in madhesh itself. 
1. One may be from east from chitawan to saptari
2. Another from west from chitawan to Kailali
....Something like that....which may be different too. 

At the same time, some  parts of districts like chitawan, sunsari,  morang, jhapa can be combined to pahadi states as there are more pahadi people. 

I don't think this will break down the country..  

JUST BE POSITIVE myfriends !

Last edited: 19-Sep-14 02:03 PM

Posted on 09-19-14 2:54 PM     [Snapshot: 1896]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It guy our view will never match now. You are half American and I am still nepali thinking old school dude. So no more discussion on this topic. As i said in other post , nepal needs wide thinking pros like you. You better go back and modernize Nepal.
Posted on 09-19-14 8:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1965]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you my friend facebook !
Posted on 09-20-14 12:43 AM     [Snapshot: 2026]     Reply [Subscribe]
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IT guy,

why do you think "If we make states like five development region, it does not fulfil the necessity of federalism…that’s just like putting medicine on navel when a person is suffering from headache"

why do you think Nepal needs federalism instead of de-centralization? and Fedralism will solve all the existing problems we have
Posted on 10-10-14 12:47 PM     [Snapshot: 2972]     Reply [Subscribe]
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CK Raut ko barema k bhannu. HIghly educated and intelligent bahyera pani buddhi chai kina taysto gu khana gako. Yedi madhesi ko lagi kei garnu nai thyo bhane he should have spent resources for problems of madhesi in madhes at first. Child marriage, dowry, killing in the name of dowry, insecurity, easily available arms, marijuana and recreational crops harvesting etc etc. Where is his voice about those? Where is his fight for right of madheshi backward community in madhesh? Chuikka boldaina tyo barema.

He wants to fulfill his agenda by spreading hate. " The khutta tanne prabirdhi " you see.
His fight is against Nepali government despite that nepali government doesn't primarily support any ethnicity. He just doesn;t want a separate state but separate country but has no realization that something like this will cost lives.

Does nepali constitution prevents madhesi people form going to school, univ? running for an election? applying for jobs?

About racism against madheshi , that's foolishness in people to stereotype someone.
Ethnic specific pradesh banauna hunna ra banauna dinu pani hunna thats coming from experts in politics who've seen things.


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