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 Sajha Poll: March 2013 Writers Appreciation Month Vote for a story!
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Posted on 04-01-13 6:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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March 2013 Writers Appreciation Month Vote for a story!
Total Votes: 132
Instruction: Please click on your choice and scroll down to press the button that says "Click to Vote"

The voting period for this poll is over!
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Posted on 04-06-13 6:43 PM     [Snapshot: 1744]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks to all the writers for participating in the March Appreciation month. Your presence in sajha makes it what it is today and allows many other Nepalese to spend their free time in sajha.

Last month, over 100,000 unique visitors visited the site and viewed a total of 1.7 million pages and on average each visitor spent over 5 minutes in sajha everytime they visited, with some visitors returning to the site multiple times. Over 33,000 visitors returned to the site over 200 times! Thank you everyone for being part of sajha - helping out each other in times of hardship and for keeping other Nepalis informed of events and activities related to Nepal and Nepalis.

I am very encouraged to see a good turn out in the voting process. Some of the stories are neck to neck in the number of votes and it is very exciting times for all involved. It is also a good time to bring up some voting anomalities that have been detected as far as questionable multiple votings by same individual. When I checked this morning, out of 119 votes there were 89 unique IP's and there were 98 unique cookies (each cookie defines one unique browser in most cases).

The good news is that it is not bad as it could have been! But, due to this anomality, the final vote count will not be the same as the numbers represent. The votings in which the IP and/or cookies match up will be sorted out carefully by looking at the time votes were cast. If same IP and/or cookie were used to cast multiple votes withing 5 minutes time frame then those votes maybe disqualified. Also, if same IP and cookie voted multiple times, they may be disqualified. It would have been ideal if the votes could have been taken at face value but at this point, I feel that fairness is what counts at the end and it is not fair to count 5 votes from same computer for the same story. As much as it would have been ideal to have the final vote represent the final decision, for sake of fairness, sajha decision regarding the validity of votes will be final!

Although this appreciation was meant to be an encouragement to writers, I am hoping that any voting anomality or the final decision will not be discouraging to anyone. Once again, special thanks to all the writers for sharing your personal works with the sajha visitors at large, and thanks also to all the members who have appreciated the opportunity of casting their votes fairly to select their favorite stories.

Voting will end at midnight tomorrow. Spring is here, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Best wishes!

Posted on 04-06-13 8:21 PM     [Snapshot: 1799]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Wo muskan pasa taremam.....ma ta hasda hasdai marchu ki k ho.....have a great weekend sandai
Posted on 04-08-13 2:55 PM     [Snapshot: 2232]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Reposting it here because its only relevant.

To all the people going gung-ho about the voting :

This isn't a story. This is a parody of 1990s Bollywood movies that I and a few other of my friends grew up watching. It should not be compared to any other piece of literature in sajha - it isn't a literary piece of begin with. On behalf of my friends who helped me plan this story and write it, I apologize for the fiasco we caused. Our intentions were only to add a little bit of humor to the story writing competition. 

We were never in it for the competition, hence we can't win. If you can, take this with a pinch of salt, forget the competitive behavior, and appreciate the humor, if any. All the pieces in the competition except ours are excellent and deserve accolades.We would like to request San to remove our name and decide the winner fairly. 

Its fun to troll...until people take it too seriously. Again, our apologies for everything. If we could make even a few people laugh, we will consider ourselves successful. If we didn't, you won't see our faces, let alone writings, ever again.

All in Jest.

Competition khatam hoi gayel. 
Posted on 04-08-13 7:58 PM     [Snapshot: 2338]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सान दाई,
तिमी त साह्रै बेइमनी पो रहेछौ त। एउटा युजर ले एउटा मात्र भोट हाल्न पाउने भने पछि कुरै सकियो नि। यो IP अनी Cookies सँग के मतलब र ? घरमा बुढी र म एउटै कम्प्युटर चलाउछौ, बुढी साझा को युजर म अर्को युजर | अब? 
पुरस्कार दिन हिच्कीचाएका त होइनौ नी ? की नाता बाद् कृपा बाद् ?
- जंगली मानब 

Posted on 04-08-13 9:15 PM     [Snapshot: 2364]     Reply [Subscribe]
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जंगली मानव,
तिमीले साझामा आफुलाई चित्त नबुझेको कुरा लेखेको मा खुसि लागेको छ| जुन सुकै कुरा पनि आखिरमा सबैले आ आफ्नो सोच सक्ति र बुद्धिले भ्याएसम्म बुझ्ने कुरामा कुनै दोधार नहोला र यसै गरि तिम्ले पनि आफ्नो अनुभूति अनुसार आफ्नो टिप्पणी लेख्यौ| आखिर साझा भनेको नै येस्तै चित्त नबुझेको कुरा लेख्ने थलो हो र तिम्रो कुरा केहि आपत्तिजनक लागेको छैन| शायेद बेइमानी भनेको चाही आफ्नै अनुभूतिहरु संगालेर लेखेको होलाऊ, त्येस्मा पनि केहि आपत्ति छैन|
अब कुरा गरूँ, एउटा युजर ले यौटा भोट हाल्ने बिशयेमा| IP अनि cookie संग के मतलब भन्ने बिशयेमा| येस्पाली को भोटिंग मा एउटा एस्तो युजर पनि थियो जोसको युजरनेम एस प्रकार को थियो 



एस्तो युजरनेम बाट त्येही IP र cookies प्रयोग गरि येउतैमा भोट गरेको देखिए पछि तिमीले बुद्धि प्रयोग गरेको जस्तै शायेद यिनीहरु लोग्ने, स्वास्नी, बाल बच्चा, बाजे बजै, नाति, पनाति होला भन्ने  त लागेको थियो तर एस कुरामा कुनै शंका नहोला कि यी भोटहरु समर्थनयोग्य मुनासिब होइन| यी अनि येस्तै अरु एक दुइवोटा भोटहरुले गर्दा मैले माथिको टिप्पणी गरेको थिए|
निस्पक्ष्य निर्णयमा पुग्नको निम्ति एस्तो प्रत्येक्ष्ये भोटहरुको गणना नगरे बेश होला जस्तो लागेको थियो| 
अब कुरा आयो पुरस्कार दिने हिचकिचाहत् र नाता बाद, कृपा बाद| 
एक जनाले नपाए अर्कोले त पाईनै हाल्छ त्येसैले दिने हिचकिचाहत् को कुरै भएन| अनि त्येस्तै नाताबाद, कृपाबाद गरेर कसैलाई आफ्नो पैसा दिनु पर्ने भए सिधै दिए भैहाल्थ्यो नि येत्रो नाटक गर्नुपर्ने केहि जरुरि थिएन|
जे होश, मेरो reply पढेपछि तिमीले सबै कुरा राम्ररि बुझ्ने नै छौ, र आखिरमा voting anomalities हेरे पछि निष्कर्षमा पनि पुगी सकेकै थिएँ, जुन निस्कर्ष तिमीलाई पनि चित्त बुझ्ने नै हुनेछ|

Posted on 04-09-13 9:03 PM     [Snapshot: 2544]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सान दाई,
सायद मलाई चित्त नबुझेका कुरा केहि नरम शब्दमा पनि ब्यक्त हुन सक्थे होलान, सबैको आ आफ्नै शैली हुन्छ भन्ने कुरामा दुइमत नहोला | आफ्ना कुरा राख्ने क्रम मा 'बेइमानी' शब्द आएको हो, यसमा कुनै "Hard Feelings" छैन | तिमीले भने झैँ मान्छे ले आफ्नो बुद्दि र बिबेकले कुनै कुराको 'Analysis' गर्छ भन्ने कुरामा म पूर्ण रुपमा सहमत छु, साथसाथै कसैको क्षमाता लाई 'Under Estimate' गर्नु हुन्दैन भन्ने कुरा थप्न चाहन्छु |     
Voting Anomalities को उदारण को लागि धन्यबाद, Voting निस्पक्ष्य हुनु पर्छ, यो कुरा हामी सबैले मान्नु पर्छ, म पनि मान्छु| तिमीले दिएको उदारणका युजरको साटो राम, सीता, गीता, हरी..भएको भए तिमीलाई कठिन पो हुन्थ्यो कि ?  यो cometition को दौरान मा आफुले बनाएका नियम परिबर्तन गर्दै गयेउ जुन कुरा मलाई चित्त बुझेन र मेरो अभिव्यक्ति आएको हो | यसलाई अन्यथा नलेउ है | तिमीले भने झैँ आफुलाई चित्त नबुझेको कुरा राख्ने थलो हो साझा, नत्र सान दाई ले शुरु गरेको काम मा प्रश्न चिनह खडा गर्दा सायद मेरो युजर आ डि बन्द भै सक्थ्यो होला ! 
- जंगली मानब
Last edited: 09-Apr-13 09:17 PM


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