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 Shristi Shrestha doesn't seem to be proud of Nepal

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Posted on 07-28-12 8:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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For an aspiring miss world, she has been getting a lot of support from Nepalis all over the world. Her recent interview in Singapore was not so aspiring specially her inability to assert that her mom and dad are from Nepal. How can she say it's complicated when the guy asks where her mom dad are from??

She acts like she was raised in London when she was 15 when she moved to London in 2003. She has only lived in england for 9 years.

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 07-30-12 8:41 AM     [Snapshot: 3910]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First of all Nepal is a country with single citizineship. If shristi has a citizenship from UK, how could she possibly run for miss Nepal. Did she know that when they have to sign the citizinship in uk that she had to lose her citizin in nepal? The fact is that she lied to the government of Nepal and too the public. Also she had to get visa approval
Posted on 07-30-12 8:44 AM     [Snapshot: 3917]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Continued... Visa approval just to arrive back to Nepal in her UK passport. Since now she is travelling around the globe for her miss world or whatever contest, which passport is she carrying? I'm guessing it has to be the uk passport.
Posted on 07-30-12 9:42 AM     [Snapshot: 3973]     Reply [Subscribe]
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पार्डन माई ईग्नोरेन्स बट हू द फक ईज माल-बीका ?? याण्ड ह्वाइल आई याम याट इट, ह्वाट काईण्ड अफ नेम ईज द्याट ?? जो मालले जे भने पनी सृष्टी श्रेष्ठ इज अ  ट्रेटर, शी ईज जस्ट युजीङ नेपालस् नेम बीकज हर अनग्रेटफूल कन्ट अलोन वाज्नट गूड ईनफ टू गेट हर ह्वेर शी इज टूडे। हर टाईटल याण्ड हर नेपाली भीजा सूड बी कन्फसकेटेड ए.एस.ए.पी !

जय देश,जय नरेश !

Posted on 07-30-12 10:01 AM     [Snapshot: 4073]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Another mis construed sense of Patriotism.  If you have to complain go complain to the pagentry organizers.  They are the ones who picked her.  She is just competing just like anyone else.  If the pagentry picked a person according to their mold don't blame the girl.  Nepali Bheda haru are just a lil too quick to jump the fence.  lol !!

Posted on 07-30-12 10:08 AM     [Snapshot: 4088]     Reply [Subscribe]
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28th amendment
haha that was my exact feelings after reading that message from माल बिका

Where the f0k does माल बिका get the story about the caste system?? There is no reference to caste system in Miss London-Nepal's interview. Does माल बिका  think just because she tries to sugar coat the truth, people are not going to see the truth that Shristi tried to undermine her birthplace?

Ok Miss माल बिका  if you really want to try to be her spokesperson why don't you answer What is so complicated about answering Is your mom and dad from Nepal?

It's a NO NO for a Miss Nepal to brush off questions on her Nepali heritage.

She is young so we can try to forgive her if she comes out in public with an apology. Otherwise phukettt.

Posted on 07-30-12 10:14 AM     [Snapshot: 4127]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ट्वाईलेट ब्रोः हामी भेडा भए भेडा तर दीउँसै आखाँ नदेख्ने पनि उल्लू हून्छ थाहा होला नि !!
Posted on 07-30-12 10:17 AM     [Snapshot: 4132]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oi bathroomcoffe, this sajha place is for discussion. If you don't like it then you can bheda your geda and get the bell out of this thread.
Posted on 07-30-12 10:17 AM     [Snapshot: 4128]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bathroomcoffee haha did you even see the video? Do you even know what the topic of discussion is?
Nobody is blaming the pagentry or her for being selected.

If someone asks you if your parents are from Nepal, you don't say it's complicated. That's what it's about.

Posted on 07-30-12 10:31 AM     [Snapshot: 4196]     Reply [Subscribe]
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यो मुजी बाथरुमकफी [Disallowed String for - inappropriate] अरुलाई भेडा भन्दै आफु चै कत्ति न बाठो भंथाँदो हो. पिपल कम तु साझा तु डिस्कस दिफ्रेंट थिन्ग्स इफ यु ह्याभ अ प्रब्लेम गेट द फक आउट अफ हेर

Posted on 07-30-12 10:46 AM     [Snapshot: 4250]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 "द फक आउट अफ हेर ", दीस पर्टीकूलर फ्रेज अल्वेज मेक्स मी रेमेनेश ॅअबाउट दोज गोल्डेन साझा डेज  !! यानीवे डू आई नो यू बोका ब्रो??
Posted on 07-30-12 11:01 AM     [Snapshot: 4270]     Reply [Subscribe]
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28th आइ लाइक्द योर माल-बीका कमेन्ट यु आर वन फानी गाइ . व्हेर आर यु आट?

Posted on 07-30-12 11:04 AM     [Snapshot: 4285]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am curious what caste her father is from so that she called him mongolian when asked if he was Nepali? If her father is tibetan then what she said about complicated might be true.

Posted on 07-30-12 11:25 AM     [Snapshot: 4337]     Reply [Subscribe]
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आम याट द टप, शन !!
Posted on 07-30-12 11:37 AM     [Snapshot: 4351]     Reply [Subscribe]
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what the puk, kulo ra kuro jata bagaye ni huncha, manche le jatta bagayo uttai uttai bagcha.

Posted on 07-30-12 7:27 PM     [Snapshot: 4693]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Q. Who drinks coffee in bathroom?
A. Bathroomcoffee.
Posted on 07-30-12 8:35 PM     [Snapshot: 4731]     Reply [Subscribe]
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प्रचण्ड र बाबुराम raw को agent भनेर raw को  भू.पु. प्रमुखले नै अन्तरबार्ता दिइ सके | छापामा  sitaula र गच्छेदारहरु त भारतीय  सरकारबाट पारिश्रमिक पाउने सुचीमा नै छन् भनेर भन्छ, उता k.p. oli जी फेरी आफ्नो सौदा गराऊन  मोल  मोलाई  गराऊन दिल्ली पुग्नु भाको छ रे 
यता तिनैका सिस्यहरूले  बिदेशी नाम भएको school हटाउनु पर्यो भनेर नानीहरु रहेको  स्कूल बस नै  जलाउदै  हिडी  रहेछन 
अनि  ति  नै  नेताहरुले  रास्त्रवादको भाषण गर्दा खूब ताली पिट्ने जमात  पनि  ठुलै  देखिन्छ  
म छक्क पर्दै  थिए  ति  कुराहरु  सोचेर, कस्ता  बुद्दी  नभएका भेडाहरु  होला  नेपालमा  भनेर 
तर  नेपालमा  मात्र  हैन  रहेछ  ति  भेडाहरु  US तिर  पनि  पो  छिरी  सकेका  रहेछन 
कृपया  कोहि  बताउन  सक्नु  हुन्छ? के  हो  खोक्रो  राष्ट्रबाद  हो  भनेर?
माथिका  केहि  व्यक्तिहरुलाई  खाली  मिठो  शब्द  भए पुग्ने रहेछ, त्यसैले  होला  नेताको  भाषण  सुन्न  नेपाल  देखि  अमेरिकामा  भीड  लाग्ने  गरेको 
अब  जसले  नेपालमा गएर नेपालको  प्रतिनिधित्व गर्दैछ, उसैलाई  नेपाली  भनेर  चिनाउन लाज  लाग्छा  भन्ने  डम्फु  बजाउदै  हिड्ने 
जो कि आफु नै अमेरिका बस्न र नेपालको नागरिकता छोड्न मरि हत्ते गरि रहेछ 
ए  सच्चा  नेपाली  हुनत  नेपालीको  नागरिकता  त्यागेर  कृतिम  शरणार्थी नै  भएर  पनि  अर्काको  देशको  नागरिक  भएर  आफु  सच्चा  नेपाली  हु  भनेर अन्तरबार्ता   दिनु  पर्ने  रहेछ , अनि  मात्रै  सबैले  साचा  राष्ट्रबादी  हु  पनेर  पत्याउने  रहेछ  
हामी  मुर्ख  आफ्नो  नियतिले हैन, आफ्नो  choice ले  नै  भएका  रहेछौ 
हो, हो  यो miss nepal लाई  बहिस्कार  गर्नु  पर्छ 
यिनी  नेपाली  पक्कै  होइनन, सच्चा  राष्ट्रबादीहरु  त  हाम्रा  comrade र  अरु  नेता  हरु  हुन्  जसले  बिदेशी  संग  राम्रो  दलाली  गरेर  खल्ती  भजाई  रहेका छन् 
यस्तै  द्यांगका  मूलाहरु  नै  होला  sarbocha  को  फैसलाको  बिरुद्दमा  तनहुँमा  गोविन्द  राज  जोशी  को  जयजयकार  गर्दै  जुलुस  निकाल्ने 
जाम  जाम  हामी  पनि  विद्यार्थीको  हक अधिकारको  लागि  लड्न  त्यहि  विद्यार्थी  भित्र  भएको  बस  जलाउन 

Posted on 02-01-13 9:27 AM     [Snapshot: 6325]     Reply [Subscribe]
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yo shristi shrestha lai ta maile payeko bhaye jaaneko thiye baal deypo

Posted on 02-01-13 10:45 AM     [Snapshot: 6484]     Reply [Subscribe]
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एस्तो आज आउने भोली हरौने गुइएहरुलाई कोल्ले बाल दिन्छ र सोम !!

Posted on 02-01-13 11:44 AM     [Snapshot: 6592]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 what is there to be proud of bros? can you make a list please
Posted on 02-01-13 10:21 PM     [Snapshot: 6916]     Reply [Subscribe]
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She seems normal to me - I think slightly better speaking and presentation skills might of helped though. She obviously has some difficulty articulating her (mysterious?) family ancestry. And giggles has its limit. Also, I would not want her to be proud - definitely not a requirement to prove loyalty to her country of birth. Think of athletets who live and work in a different country while respresenting their country of birth during the Olympics and international main events - no different here.

To make it more approachable (to those who seem to misunderstand her statements) she could have said:

- If she has permanently moved to the UK: "My family heritage is nepali and I was born there - but now I live and work as a model in the UK." 

- If she is in the UK temporarily: "I work in the UK as a model but my home is nepal."

Beauty AND brains do cross path now and then - wonder how close she is.



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