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 Former Crown Prince Paras Shah opens fire at Sujata Koirala's son-in-law

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Posted on 12-12-10 8:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Former Crown Prince Paras Shah opened fire at son-in-law of foreign
minister Sujata Koirala, Rubel Chaudhary, at Tiger Tops Resort in
Chitwan National Park over a personal dispute Saturday night, reports

Quoting high level police sources Kantipur daily reported, Chaudhary escaped unhurt as the bullet fired by Shah missed him.

personal security guards took Chaudhary and hid him in a room in the
resort after the incident. They transferred him to another resort in
Nawalparasi the next morning before Shah got up.

Chief District Officer (CDO) of Chitwan, Basanta Raj Gautam, said the dispute was totally personal. 

knowing about the incident foreign minister Koirala, who is on a
foreign trip, called home minister Bhim Rawal and Inspector General of
Police (IGP) Ramesh Chand Thakuri and requested them to arrest Shah and
take action against him.

A statement reputed to be issued by
Shah has been circulated in the media in which he has conceded he fired
in the air as he was provoked by a Bangladeshi and an Indian national
who came and started talking to him when he was having dinner at the
resort that night.

After they started humiliating my family, the
erstwhile institution of monarchy and my country I tried controlling
the situation, I opened fire in the air as I could not take the
situation in control peacefully, it is mentioned in the statement.

District Police Office, Chitwan has said, it is investigating the incident. nepalnews.com

The postings in this thread span 5 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 12-15-10 2:19 PM     [Snapshot: 4512]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Your pseudonym contradicts your intent. You are up for a battle and if you really want to do it your way,  send me your phone number, so we can have this discourse offline. Got balls? Seriously, got balls?

1. Your strong words were uncalled for. For one, I never called myself master of wisdom, and for other, I am not an intellect, let alone pseudo (did you get that humor?). I do consider myself a moron, but if I am one, where would you be? In an asylum? But I am definitely not a hypocrite, I do not call myself patriot chugging martini at a Manhattan bar and writing at sajha just for the heck of it.

2. I do not support Sujata, she may rot in hell for all I care, and I am not drawing any conjecture (by the way you repeated that word quite a few times, ran out of synonyms?). I am writing what I believe is true, exactly like the way you believe your gibberish.

3.I do not support current state of democracy, not at all. But the case at hand is not democracy at all, and I am not impeaching Paras based on insubstantial ground. it is about someone firing at another which could have been a simple atlercation where a use of firearm was not necessary. If killing Rubel solves the problem of leaders 'raping' our country, you are out of your freaking stale mind.

I have a meeting in few minutes (with my Paki boss as you said) and I know I'd lose few IQ if I spend more time replying to your asinine remarks. Oh and I like the way I played with your emotions, I have defeated you if my post made you angry over something you should'nt have. You just showed your class, and your poor upbringing (ouch, did that hurt? Hehe)

Again, mind giving me your number? Now that you have called me numerous names, I want to retaliate in a better fashion. Again, got balls you pinhead?

Posted on 12-15-10 2:22 PM     [Snapshot: 4570]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shantipriya that is what this moron convicted my dear friend SNA of. Telling you, you have an awesome judgmental skill.
Posted on 12-15-10 2:27 PM     [Snapshot: 4577]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you have the balls, give your real name and address-let the world know about your INTELLECT MINDSET. Got balls? No?? -if no why do you want my phone number where fair playing ground is given to you in this forum. ...that is to do with your upbringing lol..

I see who is hurt here and who is whining-:)

Posted on 12-15-10 2:30 PM     [Snapshot: 4591]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I just sent my number in your sajha email account. Call me.
Posted on 12-15-10 2:31 PM     [Snapshot: 4586]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why do one need phone number if you really want to have one fine awesome debate no one need to show their balls unless you are desperate to see it .

Just Open a new thread have clean debate and let the people be judge it . Asking for Phone number/trying to take discussion somewhere else might make people to rethink about " Don't know if that person really have balls "

Posted on 12-15-10 2:34 PM     [Snapshot: 4597]     Reply [Subscribe]
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All was fine and well until Shantipriya started calling names, that was simply uncalled for. So I just wanted to speak to him about his resentment towards me, and what triggered the name calling. Since I have limited bandwidth, and that I'd soon get tired of this cyber cross-fires, I just sent him my number to see if we can find a resolution together. I admit I was a little harsh, but so was he.


Posted on 12-15-10 2:39 PM     [Snapshot: 4577]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Uranus dont act like one of the stupid leaders of our country. "You got balls?" really.

I would stand by my countrymen than by a stupid who supports a betrayal.

Posted on 12-15-10 2:43 PM     [Snapshot: 4620]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do you seriously think I am supporting the democratic leaders? I am just evaluating the case at hand in my point of view. I might be incorrect, but that is how I believe.

I was not on a emotional highride when I posted in sajha, it was just an analysis, I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings. But few people triggered a bitter altercation. And believe me, I am just retaliating in the language they know best.

Most understand words of wisdom (having said that I am not wise at all), other understand combat. I am not a buddha or Gandhi, hence I challenged shantipriya if he had enough valor to call me and speak to me in person. It was simple as that, nothing else.

Posted on 12-15-10 2:44 PM     [Snapshot: 4541]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here, i encourage all the supporters of Paras and repeatedly urge all the opponents to give up their consistent failure of staying up to the issue. Here, Nepalese, especially who are westernized  have lost their moral steadiness in condemning the person who broke the rule. I have a great deal of work behind this computer screen. However, the deliberate increase in the length of this blog has demanded the input of my two cents too.
Anyone, who is supporting Paras is not trying to paint the opponents to the corner however are trying to weigh the predicament created by the outer influence in the territory of us. I acknowledge dullness of mind that Paras has brought often time every now and then. However, the truth is he belongs to one of us. There are situation often time even in our family, someone turns out to be the mega factor of troubles, there might be someone who gives a rats-ass to his own being not until he realizes who he really belongs to. So is Paras, he gave rats ass to his own being when he had power now he realized we the people are the building blocks of his strength and support. And i am proud that his mind didn't diverted him to the opposite direction at the time of his devastation.
 I hardly believe anyone here who comes up with the idea that he will support the "Neighbor First" morality if there is a altercation between the neighbor and his own being. No one knew that Bangladeshi national before this news broke out. And no one knew he was sucking up the blood of ignorant Nepalese behind the shade of goofy political barometer prevailed in the country right now. There was a dire need of jingoist to initiate this great work. Paras has led the foundation stone and every patriot Nepalese has to walk this path and attenuate this political drama in our country.

Posted on 12-15-10 2:50 PM     [Snapshot: 4625]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The analysis I performed was unbiased. I equally resent Sujata and all the leaders of our country as much as I resent Paras. But during an argument, Paras used a firearm when he could have used his fists. And considering his turbulent past, it leads not only me, but every person to believe that he must have done something he usually did in his past life? What is wrong with an analysis. I never mentioned I supported Sujata or any of her evil-doings. I am strictly speaking of case at hand and what could have happened. Is it a crime to pitch in your thoughts in sajha without calling names?


Posted on 12-15-10 2:57 PM     [Snapshot: 4652]     Reply [Subscribe]
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raju! you are damn right! and uranus I think you were little petulant.

Posted on 12-15-10 3:00 PM     [Snapshot: 4657]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My sincere apologies if I were, but read my first thread, and read Shantipriya's, while I laud his effort to prove me wrong, his demeanor wasn't right, he accused me of something clearly out of context, and he repeatedly called me names. I believe in retaliation and in an escalated fashion. I did nothing wrong, I simply wanted to speak to him in person.

But looks like he chickened out :(.

Posted on 12-15-10 3:12 PM     [Snapshot: 4670]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ha ha ha ha hijo samma tyai jatho le banduk padkayo...manchey maryo...manchey katyo... kutyo pityo gundagardi garyo bhanera yahi sajha ma birodh garney tori laure haru aja feri uhi katha doharauda tyaskai jaya jaya kaar ma lagya chaan.... tyasto jatho le desh ko sashan garyo bhane bholi feri uhi rana kaal ra panchayat kaal ko katha doharincha bhanne kosaile pani lageko chaina ki kya ho? buddhi jibi paltera kosko gedo cha chaina bhanera jhagadai garna tayar pareka buddhi jibi haru lai k bhannu! girija ra sujata le desh ko soshan garey na garey tyo afno thau ma cha...tyo kuro ko khandaan pani ma tyatikai garchu jati ko nasha ma dhuut paras le goli hanne, manchey marney lai garchu ....k yasto manchey lai timi haru le desh ko baag dor dina tayar bhayeka hau ta?  

Posted on 12-15-10 3:15 PM     [Snapshot: 4687]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Honestly, to me, it seems like you are the one without any balls. You couldn't battle with words and now you are trying to resort to a private fight with shantipriya. You are no different than makune or ramchandre or all other shitheads!!Brother, when you post in a public forum, be prepared to defend  your logic no matter what gets thrown at  you. If not, tug your tails between your legs and disappear!!

Posted on 12-15-10 3:24 PM     [Snapshot: 4702]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are right, but I would defend myself only when there is a fair interpretation of what I have posted. I do not believe in profanity and vilifying one another. I do not understand what did I do wrong when Shantipriya started the altercation. I, by no means meant to hurt his feelings. Instead, he called me names few times and i just played with his emotions. Now look where he is, I sent him my number, and I cannot wait to hear from him. I just want to see how people react without anonimity.

Posted on 12-15-10 5:25 PM     [Snapshot: 4816]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Paras is soon to be set free

Last edited: 15-Dec-10 05:48 PM

Posted on 12-15-10 5:35 PM     [Snapshot: 4836]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Raju, I liked your comment. Yah, we need some Jingoists to get over current situation of Nepal.
Posted on 12-15-10 5:51 PM     [Snapshot: 4866]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-15-10 6:41 PM     [Snapshot: 4935]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Read this news. its about corrupt sujata and her family. 
Source: Kantipur Daily

रुबेल पनि विवादास्पद क्रियाकलापमा

    'गैरकानुनी' क्रियाकलापमा संलग्न देखिए पनि शक्ति प्रभावका कारण कारबाही अगाडि बढाउन सकिएन: प्रहरी स्रोत

    काठमाडौ, पुस १ - विवादास्पद पूर्वयुवराज पारस शाहले पेस्तोल ताकेपछि चर्चामा आएका बंगलादेशी नागरिक रुबेल चौधरी पनि विभिन्न गैरकानुनी र भ्रष्टाचारजन्य गतिविधिमा संलग्न रहेको भेटिएको छ ।

    उपप्रधानमन्त्री सुजाता कोइरालाकी छोरी मेलानी जोस्टसँग बिहे गरी पारिवारिक भिसा लिएर करिब चार वर्षदेखि नेपालमा बस्दै आएका उनी गैरकानुनी क्रियाकलापमा संलग्न रहे पनि शक्तिको प्रभावका कारण कारबाही अगाडि बढाउन नसकिएको उच्च प्रहरी स्रोतले जनाएको छ । चौधरी मन्डिखाटारस्थित कोइराला निवासमै बस्ने गरेका छन् ।

    संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघको सुडानस्थित शान्ति मिसनमा खटिएको नेपाल प्रहरीका लागि कल्याण कोषबाट करिब ५० करोड रुपैयाँ बराबरको आर्मर्ड प्रोटेक्टेड भेहिकल -एपीसी) लगायतका सामग्री खरिद गर्दा भएको घोटालाका मुख्य कर्ता चौधरी भएको उच्चप्रहरी स्रोतको दाबी छ ।

    स्रोतका अनुसार सुजाताका पिता गिरिजाप्रसाद कोइराला प्रधानमन्त्री र कांग्रेस नेता कृष्णप्रसाद सिटौला गृहमन्त्री भएका बेला चौधरीले नेपाली नागरिक शम्भु भारतीलाई ठेकेदारका रूपमा अगाडि सारेर उक्त खरिदको जिम्मा लिएका थिए ।

    सुडानस्थित प्रहरी मिसनका लागि किनिएको सामग्रीमा करिब ३५ करोड रुपैयाँ अनियमितता भएको संसद्को राज्य व्यवस्था समितिको करिब चार महिना लामो अनुसन्धानबाट पुष्टि भइसकेको छ । उक्त भ्रष्टाचारका कारण प्रहरी कल्याण कोषको करिब ५० करोड रुपैयाँ डुबेको थियो । राज्य व्यवस्था समितिले अनियमितता ठहर गरी दोषीमाथि कारबाहीका लागि निर्देशनसहित अख्तियार दुरुपयोग अनुसन्धान आयोगलाई पठाएको थियो । तर, चौधरीकी सासू एवं उपप्रधानमन्त्री कोइरालाको दबाबमा प्रधानमन्त्री माधवकुमार नेपालले उक्त प्रकरणमा कारबाही अघि नबढाउन अख्तियारका कार्यवाहक प्रमुखको जिम्मेवारी सम्हालेका सचिव भगवती काफ्लेलाई निर्देशन दिएको उच्च स्रोतले जनायो ।

    सुडान प्रकरणसँगै जोडिएको र राजस्व अनुसन्धान विभागको अनुसन्धानमा रहेको १० लाख अमेरिकी डलर रकम छुटाउनसमेत चौधरी लागिपरेको विभाग स्रोतको दाबी छ । उक्त मुद्दा हाल अदालतमा विचाराधीन छ । नेपालमा आउने अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय फोन बाइपास (भीओआईपी) गर्ने कार्यमा पनि चौधरीको संलग्नता रहेको प्रहरीको दाबी छ । यसबाट नेपाल टेलिकमलाई मासिक करोडौं रुपैयाँ घाटा हुने गरेको छ । प्रहरी प्रधान कार्यालय स्रोतका अनुसार भीओआईपीसम्बन्धी अनुसन्धान गर्दै जाँदा मन्डिखाटारस्थित कोइराला निवासनजिकैको स्थान 'ट्रेस' भएपछि प्रहरीले त्यहाँ छापा मार्ने तयारी गरेको थियो ।

    'अन्तिम अनुसन्धानले मन्त्रीज्यूकै घरबाट त्यस्तो कार्य हुने गरेको देखियो । मन्त्रीको घर भएकाले उच्च नेतृत्वलाई जानकारी नगराई त्यसै दिन छापा मार्न गाह्रो भयो,' एक अधिकृतले भने, 'भोलिपल्ट छापा मार्ने कुरा भएको थियो, तर त्यो सूचना पहिले नै चुहिएकाले रातारात कल छल्ने उपकरण त्यहाँबाट हटाइएछ । त्यसको जानकारी पाएपछि योजना त्यत्तिकै तुहियो ।'

    प्रहरीका अनुसार राजधानीबाट हुने अधिकांश भीओआईपी कल छलीमा बंगलादेशी प्राविधिकहरू जोडिएका छन् । यस्तो अभियोगमा प्रहरीले चार जना बंगलादेशी नागरिकलाई पक्राउ गरी कारबाही अगाडि बढाइसकेको छ ।

    यसैगरी आफ्नी सासू परराष्ट्रमन्त्री भएको फाइदा उठाई बंगलादेशी नागरिकलाई नेपाली राहदानी उपलब्ध गराएर तेस्रो मुलुक पठाउने कार्यमा समेत चौधरीको संलग्नता भेटिएको परराष्ट्र स्रोतको दाबी छ । उक्त प्रकरणमा जोडिएका सामान्य कर्मचारीलाई कारबाही भए पनि मन्त्रीको ज्वाइँ भएकाले चौधरीमाथि अनुसन्धान नगरिएको एक परराष्ट्र अधिकारीले जनाए ।

    चौधरी स्वयंको भिसाका लागि परराष्ट्रमन्त्री कोइराला स्वयंले अध्यागमन विभागमा आवेदन दिएको विभागका एक अधिकृतले बताए । प्रत्येकपटक एक वर्षका लागि भिसा पाइरहेका चौधरीले त्यस्तो भिसाअन्तर्गत नेपालमा कुनै काम गर्न नपाउने कानुनी व्यवस्था छ । तर, चौधरी आय आर्जनका थुप्रै क्रियाकलापमा सधैं व्यस्त रहने स्रोतले बतायो । सरकारी ठेक्कापट्टा मिलाइदिने कार्यमा समेत उनी सक्रिय रहेको जानकारहरूको भनाइ छ ।

    उल्लिखित विषयमा प्रतिक्रिया लिन कान्तिपुरले बारम्बार प्रयास गर्दा पनि चौधरी सम्पर्कमा आउन चाहेनन् । 'उहाँ तनावमा रहनुभएको र युरिक एसिडसमेत बढेकाले अहिले बोल्न चाहनु हुन्न,' उनका एक सहयोगीले जनाए ।

    चौधरीसँग लिखित बयान

    प्रहरीले चितवन गोलीकाण्डमा बुधबार चौधरीसँग लिखित बयान लिएको छ । उनलाई ताकेर पारस शाहले गोली चलाएको घटनाबारे जानकारी लिने क्रममा प्रहरीले उनीसँग बयान लिएको हो । चितवन जिल्ला प्रशासन कार्यालयले काठमाडौं प्रहरीलाई 'घटनाबारे बुझ्न' पत्राचार गरेपछि काठमाडौं प्रहरी परिसरको निर्देशनमा महाराजगन्ज वृत्तले मन्डिखाटारस्थित कोइराला निवासमै पुगेर चौधरीसँग बयान लिएको थियो । बयानको विवरण प्रहरीले बुधबारै चितवन पठाएको थियो ।

    प्रहरीका अनुसार चौधरीले दिएको बयानकै आधारमा चितवन प्रहरीले शाहविरुद्ध जिल्ला प्रशासन कार्यालयमा सार्वजनिक मुद्दा पेस गरेको हो । 'चौधरीलाई चितवनमै बोलाए पनि उनले जान नमानेपछि कानुनी प्रक्रिया पुर्‍याएर यहीं बयान लिइएको हो,' अनुसन्धानमा संलग्न एक अधिकृतले बताए ।

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    Posted on 12-15-10 6:44 PM     [Snapshot: 4931]     Reply [Subscribe]
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    whatever u guys r debatin i dun care but guys there is no need to punish or arrest Paras there r more than PARAS to punish in our country these days, who r just cutting ribbon n visiting foreign country with the tax payer money, there is no law in fact in our country so he had just fired, there is nthg wrong, though i m not a real follower of a king but current situation n scenario made me think MONARCHY can do at least sthg better than all those cheap ass, for the welfare of our country n upcoming generation if i m not we have to support constitutional monarchy 

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