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 maoist ले गर्न खोज्या के ? अत्ति हुँदैछ होशियार ।

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Posted on 04-26-10 4:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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आज भर्खर नेपालबाट आएको खबरले दिमाग चाटीरा'छ । माओबादीले उसको आगामि आन्दोलनको लागि भनेर देशैभरीबाट वाइसियलका ठेटना र लठैतहरु काठमाण्डौ हुल्दै र'छ। अब हरेक घरले २ - २ जना लठैतहरुलाइ खान बस्न दिनु पर्ने अरे । जसले दिदैन त्यसले कुनैदिन कार्वाहि भोग्छ अरे । ए रातै, हैन कस्तो जोरजबरजस्ति ??

फेरी, यसरी कति दिन पाल्नु पर्ने हो त्यो पनि ठेगान छैन । अनिश्चितकालीन आन्दोलन भन्या छ । यस्तो महँगीमा अझ अनिश्चितकालीन आर्थिक भार, हरे शिव शिव ।

फेरी, तिनले वाइसियल भन्दै ल्या'का मान्छेहरु साँच्चै तिनको पार्टी नियन्त्रणभित्रै रहेन खाँटी वाइसियल नै हुन भन्ने के ग्यारेण्टी छ ? त्यो लाखौको भीडमा कति लुच्चा लफंगा र बदमासहरु होलान । घर घर पसेर त्यहाँको नालिबेलि बुझेर निस्केपछि तेहि डाँकाहरुले फेरी चोरी डकैति गर्न थाले के होला ? त्यसको जिम्मेवारी कसले लिन्छ ?

पार्टीहरुले आन्दोलन भन्दै गाँउगाँउबाट जबर्जस्ति बस चढाएर काठमाडौ ल्याउने, अनि त्यत्तिकै छोडेर हिड्ने गरेर काठमाडौमा सुकुम्बासी जनसंख्या कति बढ्यो? लेखाजोखा छ ? खाते भनिने सडकबालबालिका कति बढ्यो? लेखाजोखा छ? डान्स रेस्टुरेन्टमा नांङ्गै नाच्ने र बेश्यावृत्तिमा लाग्नेहरु कत्ति बढ्यो? लेखाजोखा छ ? त्यसमाथि यो थप भार? हरे हरे । ६०० वर्ग किमी भन्दा सानो खाल्डोमा अहिले नै ६० लाख जनसंख्या भइसक्यो, अझै थप्दै छन भातेहरु ।

कसैको राजनीति सित पटक्कै सरोकार नराख्ने मान्छेहरुलाइ समेत धमाधम दु:ख दिदै बेहोर्नै नसकिने पिडा थोपर्ने यो कस्तो देश हो यो ? न पार्टी, न सरकार, न नागरीक अगुवा, कसैले पनि यस्तो बिषयमा बोल्दैनन ।  हैन कता जाँदैछ हाम्रो समाज ?

छुद्र राजनीतिमा देशलाइ भष्म बनाउनेतिर मात्रै देशका नेता र पार्टीहरु
लागेको देख्दा वाक्क दिक्क भइसके ।

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-27-10 9:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kill'em all these mentioned morons first Prachande, Vaidya, baburame, badale, Agni, barkhe.......to halt this andolan,...Maoists will be wiped out!!!!!!!!!!!!!................. then few from the other parties....will be Next round like Makune, Gautame, Gacchedare, many more...will tell ya later.

Good Luck

Posted on 04-27-10 11:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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My support to seven party alliance was for demolishing the autocratic

unitary regime of Shah-Rana elite. The way Gyanendra ruled the country

was a hopeless exercise. We did not know the truth behind SPA, the

original hindi version of their 12-pt agenda, etc. etc. which is
totally exposed. I did not support SPA since the day Bijukche
the fact behind Delhi-summit to the public, and no one
dared to reject
it. It is unfortunate to get cheated so wildly by
the SPA but I still do
not support Gyanendra and co. either. All
of them are wolves of
different color.

Now you admit that you were one of sheeple chanting ganatantra loktantra without doing proper homework plus you are most likely educated than average nepalese. So why rant just take the pill swallow it, you knew you can't go back yet you put your motherland in roulette anyway.

Posted on 04-28-10 12:13 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don’t belong to any political party nor am I inclined
towards any.

I am not here to complain.

But fellow Nepalese please be brave enough to post your real
identity. Anyone can say anything with a pseudo name. Even I have one.

But if you put your full identity then we can have a healthy
discussion.  And you never know we might
come up with a solution.  

And for those “Concerned” Nepalese who are away from Nepal,
your points are absolutely useless until and unless you come here and feel the

It is pointless to comment on Afghanistan just by reading
newspapers. We can’t feel the pain.

You have fled from your country and I think you should not
have any right to comment on country’s current situation.

We, the Nepali people living in Nepal will solve the issue.
You can curse politician, drink beer, go to sleep and wake up next morning to
clean window panes of shops or clean dishes.  

But this is a free world and no one can stop anyone.

All of you are so scared that you don’t have guts to reveal


Posted on 04-28-10 12:46 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jaya Nepal 
Last edited: 28-Apr-10 02:10 AM

Posted on 04-28-10 1:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I knew such a reply would come. That is the reason why I clearly mentioned that I don't belong to any Political party.

"You can curse politician, drink beer, go to sleep
and wake up next morning to
clean window panes of shops or clean

Sorry you got offended and I take my words back. But I also have a job out here and I am no thug. I am just concerned.

Furthermore I also know that most of the blogger are from abroad and they might not agree with me.

again I am well aware that during the civil war the only factor that saved Nepalese economy was remittance and I know the meaning of it.

But they all are poor Nepalese. They work for 3 years and come back. If their age permits, they again will go  back to Malaysia or some other Gu
lf countries. The most important thing here is they send their hard earned money back to their family in Nepal.

And now slowly tourism sector has also started contributing. I am not against anyone. Your family had the money to send you abroad. Good for you. But I don't spend my father's earning. I make good money and have a happy family. I pay taxes as well.

Could you please tell me how much money you have sent back home. Then only talk about remittance.

You are spending Nepali money
over there and I don't think that is remittance. However I have not googled yet.

But I sincerely don't think
remittance is living abroad.


Posted on 04-28-10 2:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 28-Apr-10 02:11 AM

Posted on 04-28-10 2:39 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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wise move, hth

Posted on 04-28-10 8:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bihen Garein : oh ho wa wa are those words new you learnt today? google and remittance? since when did nepal have internet? oh wait must be the foreign aid....not you dad's savings that brought you anything...oh wait maybe you pay the electricity bill with that...damn it...there is no electricity.... so what are you going to do with your father's savings now? you might as well feed the hungy maoist cadres who have resisted to go abroad and are going to build a NEW NEPAL for you. YAY!!
Last edited: 28-Apr-10 08:09 AM

Posted on 04-29-10 5:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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CyLegend: Hi

I am sure you must have missed what hit.the.hot had to say. My reply was for him and not for you.
It is not your fault either.
hit.the.hot was suggesting me to google the meaning of remittance. That was for him.

"since when did nepal have internet?" I really don't know the answer to that. Well I can goolge that if you really want the info so badly.

"oh wait must be the foreign aid" ... maybe you want me to google that too??

"not you dad's savings that brought you anything" Well he gave me a fantastic opportunity in life. He helped me get one of the most sort after degree.

"oh wait maybe you pay the electricity bill with that" ... Yes actually my parents take care of our electricity bills.

"you might as well feed the hungy maoist cadres who have resisted to go
abroad and are going to build a NEW NEPAL for you" New Nepal is for everyone of us. But a person who makes fun of his own country like you will be barred from coming here.

Thank You.

"so what are you going to do with your father's savings now?" Well again that is up to my Father. What he wants to do.

"damn it...there is no electricity" It is not there is no electricity. It is there is shortage of electricity. And that is true. Very Brilliant. BRAVO!!!

Posted on 04-29-10 8:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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and who is going to bar me from entering nepal? are you going to hire people spending your dad's money to stop me ?? son you must be high on your dad's savings! you are either toothless kid or a jobless freak to come out here, proudly displaying a shameful fact that you are  surviving on your father's money. although i don't believe everything i read on the internet, you living off of your parent's money sounds legit.
Last edited: 29-Apr-10 08:24 AM

Posted on 04-29-10 9:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The situation of our country is worsening day by day. Political turmoil, uncertainty of the new constitution and the latest call for the so called general strike. I don't know where our country is heading to. Its always been said we unite we conquer, we segregate we lose. But the shadowy figures are looming in among the innocent people, poisoning them, making them to believe that they can have a better life not with pens and books in their hands but carrying guns, bombs and weapons which they must use against their own kind, threatening them and killing them.

What can we do? The answer varies with individuals. But at least we all can do is to speak out loud without any fear, our words not affected by any of the shadowy figures speech or their ideologies, we must speak from our heart, the truth where in there lays the power to fight against the evil and bring down the wrong doers to their knees. This is what we all can do, rise the voice, don't give up, we all have a potential to bring a change, to punish those culprits spreading poison among us. If they throw brick on us we will reply them with the nasty blow of stone which they ought to remember and never ever try to spread chaos among Nepali people trying to fulfill their filthy intentions in the name of largely propagandized 'Janabad'.

So, in this crucial moment we all should speak up, yell upon them so loud that they beg for mercy and spend rest of their life regretting and crying the tears of remorse for the hideous crime they have been committing for more than a decade.

Jai Nepal.    
Last edited: 29-Apr-10 09:20 AM

Posted on 04-29-10 9:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Some pics from nagariknews.com

तस्बिर : भाश्वर ओझा and केशव थोकर

Posted on 04-29-10 10:01 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A typical example of latest email exchange between nepalese family members living in Nepal and abroad.

condition is very bad nowadays. thank god...  you are out in time
(thorai samayeko lagi vayepani). Lots of MAOIST's are in Kathmandu
valley now. situation is being worse, and their aamhadtal
is starting from 1st may, for anischitkaal. mero office sanga
jodiyeko party palace ma pani dherai maoist karyakarta rakheko chha,
bato hidda jatatatai herdai pakhe type ko , naya anuharko manchhe haru
chharprasta vetinchhan. hamro ghar najiko party palace ko naam ta news mai diyechha, teha pani tanna maobadi
karyakarta haru rakheko rahechha, ghar ghar ma pani 5-10 jana uniharu ko
karyakarta palnu parchha bhanera aaunchhan, oho....khatam chha
nepalko haal ta.

Posted on 04-29-10 10:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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यि पाखेहरु दुई चार दिन अल्कापुरी कान्तिपुर नगरी घुम्छन, अनी लाग्छन गाउ फर्क राष्ट्रिय अभियान तिर। चिन्ता गर्नु पर्दैन यस्ता पखेहरुले सिन्को पनि भाँच्न सक्दैन। जनयुद्धका दिन्हरु गए। अब यिनिहरु साधारण गुण्डा मात्र हुन। जुन दिन जनताको रिस ले चरम सिमा नघ्छ, यिनिहरुको छाला काढ्छन|
Posted on 04-29-10 10:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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People who hated monarchy so much they would gamble away Nepal's future are responsible for this. I hope they burn in hell for doing this to nepal and nepalis.

They were blinded by their hatred to not foresee the imminent disaster. Now disaster is at every door and nothing can be done about it.

Posted on 04-29-10 10:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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newlynew jun din janta ko ris charam sima naaghcha bhanera kati basne. aakhir nepali janta nai haami nai ho. aba kun sthiti ma chai hamro ris charam sima naaghne ho.

Yesto kura prachanda ley bhanne bittikkai saara desh premi janta haru sadak ma utrera yesko birodh garnu parne ho. pahile pani ta prachanda ley yehi garna khojda katro birodh bhayeko thiye. Tyesle same kura repeat garna lageko chha tara yespali janta ko birodh chaina.

Slowly he has demoralized the concerned nepali people by making fun of normalcy. Now people are beginning to not care about anything. They need to get back into the streets like last time when prachanda made similar statement about having his cadre's live in common peoples house.

If he gets his way this time then I foresee a very bad consequence for the nepalese democracy.
Last edited: 29-Apr-10 10:22 AM

Posted on 04-29-10 10:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is the prime time that they've another election. But wait, Makune doesn't care whether he wins or lose. Congressi are still fighting for Kursi. I had thought Mr. Ram Baran was good; but sadly he was not untouched from nepotism as well; he's trying to install his unqualified son-in-law in CIAA ( http://www.ekantipur.com/kantipur/news/news-detail.php?news_id=216049). Well, Mr. Katuwal is still there; but sadly he seems to more concerned about reviving hindu state and monarchy than addressing any other imminent problems of Nepal.

But we can still fight with each other later. First of all, maoists need to be eradicated from Nepal. I don't understand why India still wants to play the card of 'mao' in Nepal. Aren't they already infected with the virus they created and spread in Nepal? Don't they know that the strains of mao-virus within their country will mutate and adapt with a huge moral boost if the mao-virus in Nepal wins?

Posted on 04-30-10 1:59 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Fellow Nepalese lai Pakhe Type bhanney sangya sadioon. Bato biraeko bhanna milchha. Tara Nepali bhaera Nepalikai beijjat chahin pls nagaraun. Mer Binti.

Posted on 04-30-10 3:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sorry fine_tune

I have to delete your posting for extensive use of G word

I paste your content removing the G word below ...

Prachanda le nanglo thokera hatti tarsauna khojeko ho. Kathmandu ko
janta po ho prachande ko hawatal ma koi lagne wala chainan. Kathmandu ko
ani sahar haru ko kasaile sath nadiye pachi gaun ko sojha sajha janta
lai bali ko bakra banayera raj garna khojdaichaa.
Tyo Babu ram ke
bhayeko ko tyasto jabo anpad prachande ko molera baseko chha
tyo ta ali pade lekheko bhanne sunya thiye..
Jaba batti nibne
bela hunchha tyo jhan baleko jasto hunchha kya. Ho tyastai ho aba sakine
sakine bela ma  Prachande lai janta ko laatai laat le marne maan lageko
hola ni. Baru tyo sara sojha gaule janta lai kasai le samjhayera des ko
lagi ra nepal nepali ko lagi marna agadi badauna hami sabai lagnu
jai Nepal jai Nepali, Hami sabailai Pashupati Nath le
Rakchya Garun.

Posted on 05-07-10 1:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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आन्दोलन फिर्ता लिएछन के रे, तर सर्वसाधारणलाइ दिएको दु:ख फिर्ता गर्न सक्छन ती जंगलीहरुले ?

यसपालाको आन्दोलनको निचोड:

नाङ्लो ठटाउँदा ठटाउँदा नाङलो नै प्वाल परेछ, हात्ति तर्सिएन छ ।

अब जंगलीहरुले के नाटक गर्ने होलान फेरी ?

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