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 One day we are dead so Why we are created , what is the reason behind creating human beings ? Is it true that We are made in God's image ?

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Posted on 04-25-10 10:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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One day we are dead so Why we are/were created , what is the reason behind creating human beings ? Is it true that We are made in God's image ?

It it true God Created  the earth, the sun, the stars and the universe?

Do you know why other species are created ?

DO you believe that there should be a reason based on human logic for every creation?

What you say people , personally?
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The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 04-25-10 7:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Darwin is the "father of Evolution" not someone like Richard Dawkins

Posted on 04-25-10 7:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well in case of evolution Darwin's view was plain which i can summarize as
- More offspring's are produced than can survive
- Individuals are variable (morphology, cold tolerance etc)
- Some variability is heritable
- Acquired characters like someone who lost his leg is not inherited by next generation
- of-course the most obvious one- Resources are limited (food,water,cover,breeding opportunities)
-and best adapted traits are more likely to survive- that is successful trait passed on to next generation

Posted on 04-25-10 7:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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....now combining Darwin's view with that of Mendel's genetic ideas you can define evolution as
"change in gene frequency in a population over time" and it defines adaptation too.
Adaptation is any genetically controlled character that increases an individuals fitness. By fitness we mean simply ability to reproduce and survive

Posted on 04-25-10 7:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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and this is an example of adaptation,
This is the neotrophical fishing bat. It feeds on fish, it uses radar to penetrate the water and locate it's prey.

Last edited: 25-Apr-10 07:14 PM

Posted on 04-25-10 7:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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raju161  Can you guide me to my post where I said Dawkins was father of

I think I know what is the contribution of Charles Darwin and Richard
Dawkins. Richard Dawkins is an Evolutionary biologist.

To make you clear when I posted my first post in this thread it had
nothing to do with evolution, I was posting a very nice almost poetic
quote from Richard Dawkins book which he wanted to read as an eulogy in
his funeral. It is jneutron who didn't know Darwin from Dawkins and you followed the suit with that creationist post so I was defending what is true and what is right.

Hope things are clear and Thanks for nice discussion.

Posted on 04-25-10 7:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't think what you are saying now is in anyway disproval of Evolution by Natural Selection.

Posted on 04-25-10 7:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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And Sorry That Creationist Post was from jneutron. Sorry about that raju161.
My Bad.

Posted on 04-25-10 7:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well i am sorry then, i am always for evolution with natural selection and Darwin as the father of Evolution.

Posted on 04-25-10 7:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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हिन्दू धर्म मा पुनर्जन्म भन्दछन 
which is recycle in other term. 

Posted on 04-25-10 8:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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, राईट स्याङ्जाली दिदी

Posted on 04-25-10 11:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is in reply to your post directly after my previous one.

Forgive me if I interpreted it wrong, but you are saying that there is indeed no purpose behind the grand scheme of things like the big bang or putting together your hands for a clapping sound?

That we just 'happened' to evolve from some insignificant amoebic life forms into what we are today, is, imo, proof enough to point to the existence of some external deity, or force, or plan.

Look at your hand.

Look at the perfection of your body. Look at how superior your internal organs are in the tasks delegated to them. The efficiency with which they complete their functions is mind-numbing to say the least. You are an epitome of the ultimate machine. Energy efficient, self repairing, conscious, two legged supreme fruit of life.

For centuries, in our recorded history, people have dedicated their lives to duplicate the work of nature. And they can't even come up with a machine that can use opposable thumbs. The fact that we have an organ so specialized in its existence, that without which we would be handicapped, suggests to me that humans didn't just 'grow' a thumb out of random chance. (On a side note, Shah Jahan chopped off the right hand thumbs off the architects who built the Taj Mahal so that they would never be able to build something like it ever, and they never did.)

There is design in the human body, and in everything that has the gift of life. We aren't just a mass of swirling, chaotic, random particle energies, created purely out of smashing of atoms together.

Everything can be classified into a system, on all levels. From superminiscule cells that carry the task of producing energy and fighting diseases, to the human eye which gives us the power of sight owing to a complex functioning of rods and cones and retinal nerves connected to our brain, to our opposable thumbs, without which we couldn't even be able to hold a coffee cup (or type), to our digestive system comprimized of various canals and organs for the consumption, ingestion, digestion, absoption and excretion of life petrol (nutrients), to an ecosystem composed of bacteria, birds, fish and animals which eat, get eaten, regulating population balance so that all species can coexist, to trees that are continuously regulating our oxygen levels and filtering out the harmful gases and precipitating, each little bit which has an impact on climate and eventually global weather, to planetary systems held in place by gravity following Keplers Laws, and Newtonian physics and in constant rotation and revolution, spinning off their satellites not too far, not too close, powered by the energy of the sun, owing to which,makes life possible on the third rock, not too close, not to far, to galactic systems like our very own Milky Way ridden with hydrogen, dust particles, solar systems, asteriods, empty vacuums, black holes and who knows what else.

To sum up life as a coincidence is a personal choice, but one which I find hard to swallow. grgDai, I apologize if at any point of my rant I sound condescending or demeaning, believe me its not my intention, but I do firmly believe that we are not offsprings of chance, and that our existence isnt just a useless sorry painful procedure.

Maybe the path of my thoughts does lead down to the foundation of religion, but you cannot just dispel with a single thought like "That is why religion got created. Because people need a reason for their existence, to find a  greater meaning of life", the collective history of humanity and how it has flowed down the annals of history.

And yes I love conspiracy theories about religion as well :) but always with a tbsp of salt ;). Cheers!

Posted on 04-25-10 11:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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टेरो दिदिको कुरा गर्या हो त्यो ? ठिकै छ, म पनि नागै छु , त FAGAT भए  दिदी त चाट् कुमारी हैन होला, तयार छु तेरी दिदी सँग रास्लीला गर्न .
एही खोज्या हो त पिउसाले ?  

Posted on 04-26-10 12:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ghanta jasto sabai jana...ek thari lai god chha bhanera prove garnu parne, arko lai evolution ko siraani banayera sutnu parne...jaatha haru, timiharule k bujheka chhainau bhane it is our mind that fabricates everything - from god and religion to science and theories. this whole physics, mathematics, language, psychology, theology and all other sciences out there could be nothing more than utter false..socha na मुजी ho, there hasn't been a golden standard to measure the correctness of theories and inventions humans discover. and there never will be. why? because just like those ants living under the ground, who think they have built a sophisticated form of colonization for their stronghold and development, we humans live above the ground, believing in similar principals. now, given that we have higher (?) form of intelligence compared to other creatures on earth, we are naturally inclined to ask the 'why' question more often, leading to the 'how' question. this connects us back to the same loop of creating theories and inventions, which again, could be very false from the ground zero.

my ideology? gather knowledge, live neutral, serve humanity, & of course, nail as many chics as i can before i die, as a part of my human experience :)

jai shambho!
Last edited: 26-Apr-10 12:06 AM

Posted on 04-26-10 7:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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जय शम्भो  जय शम्भो   जय शम्भो    जय शम्भो   जय शम्भो    
के गर्नु , अल्प बिद्या भयन्करी भनेको एही होला, मपाइ र मैले लेखेको कुरा सत प्रतिसत ठीक र अरुले तर्क पूर्ण टिका टिप्पणी गरे तल परेको ठानी आमा चाक्ली गरेर जित्न खोजने, न लाटा छोराले बाउलाई जिस्क्याए झै जिस्क्याए पछी २ ४ झापड दिनु परेन र ? कुरा एक दिशा बही रहेको बेला , ताल न बेताल र ब्यक्तिगत कुरा ले मोड बद्लिने बनाए पछी जस्तालाई तेस्ताइ नियम पालना न गरे यिनी हरु बुज्दैन र नबुझुन्जेल न बुझाए सम्म तेही लाटा छोराले बाउ लाई जिस्क्याए झै जिस्क्याइ रहने हुँदा आफु पनि तेही स्तरमा झर्नु पर्दा दु:ख लाग्छ।
एही दु:खाइ को एक अन्स हो .

सबैलाई बुद्धी आया हुन , जय शम्भो   

Posted on 04-26-10 7:26 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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bairagi serious discussion bhairaako bela can you go blow your own horn elsewhere? kati matra mapai. hagnelai bhanda dekhnelai laaj

Posted on 04-26-10 7:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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बैरागी के चै सोचस त आफु ले आफु लाई, त जस्तो कम्प्युटर मा कुकुर ले गु नै नखायी एका बिहानै झुनडेर बस्ने फुर्सद छैन मलाई तर पख तेरो जवाफ म पछी अबसै दिन्छु।

Posted on 04-26-10 8:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do not bark at your brother - in - law.  You started , did not you. Do not try to get revenge with Jaisi, no one either jha, khatri and pandit together can not get me.  
Posted on 04-26-10 8:59 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes, it is a serious topic and I put my input, if some one drags down, should we stay quiet, I could not. Now the topic is ruined as usual, it is like an bad apple in the basket ruining the whole stock. I feel bad to be going on that direction. People need to know where to stop.

Hope we got lessons and it stops here and the topics takes it usual direction. People are picky even in typo mistake, Why we need to be critical rather be logical and I hope it we all welcome it. Thank you for reading and understanding. 

Posted on 04-26-10 12:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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la hera ta haami nepali ko baani - aru threads/posts ma aafai 'nepali sab gule hun, nachaine kurama jhagada maatra garchhan' bhanne...ani yaha alikati sarcasm pani khapna nasakne! dhanya ho shivaji timro leela!

hera gaam party, kohi 100 banna khojchha bhane banos na, aafu 99 bhaidine...bakamfuse kura ma jhagada nagara k! waaiyaat thees kurako vyartha baad-bibaad ko nihuma kohi oklahoma baata ufrane, kohi texas baata paakhuro surkane, ani kohi virginia tira baata gulo sankaune ho bhane haamile milera agaadi badhna chahi kahile sakne bhanta ta theeta ho? tyai bhayera dhak dhakku, gali galauj, sabai banda gara! kuro bujhyau ta lanthu harule?

Posted on 05-08-10 4:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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