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 India's Nepal Oven ? WTF

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Posted on 08-03-11 5:22 PM     [Snapshot: 100]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I totally understand business. But business can be done without lowering oneself, community or nation. This is a case of compromised national value and very much the reason why rest of the world profiles Nepal and Nepali as low esteem nation. I am not against the name 'India', but I very much loathe how the name says 'India's Nepal'. India does not own Nepal. Why we Nepalis ourselves telling the whole world that we belong to India ? Very pathetic sensibility of some of my countrymen.
Posted on 09-08-11 12:12 PM     [Snapshot: 3040]     Reply [Subscribe]
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YoTaBhayanaNiSom bro, The complete Name Change process - Getting a new Glow sign, New marketting and offcourse new name licensing cost which you pointed does not cost 10K itself.. All the costs mentioned above come close to $7000 to be very close to real expense. Completely need less as you correctly said, this is a free country. Everyone has the right to be free. Thanks for bringing that up.
Posted on 09-08-11 12:13 PM     [Snapshot: 3033]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First of all if you really are an Indian as you claim, then welcome to the forum; you are welcome even if you are not :)

Let's have some civil discussion here since so far you have tried to reason.

The owner has full rights to the name he chose, as much as we have the right to criticize.

You claim that by bringing this thing up we are hurting our own countryman. I agree with you there, his business might suffer slightly; or you could make a case that he is getting a free publicity. Whatever the case is, the bigger point is what's right and what's wrong.

Did the owner commit a crime by chosing that name? I don't think so. It is not blatantly offensive or foul. Does it have some negative connotation? Slightly. Could he have chosen a better name; heck yes.

I understand that he wanted to preserve the "India's oven" franchise tag along with the restaurant. But understand that words could have different meanings.
Since Nepal immediately follows "India's", naturally one would believe that the implication is that Nepal belongs to India.I am not as senstive to be offended by this; but I can see why others are, slightly.

Now about harming our own countryman, that's a weak point.Would that mean just to support a country man, we should be ok with every name he puts there? "Indian Buddha Bar", "India's Everest grocery?"

This is not an issue that bigets further argument and fight; but I also want to point to you where the others are coming from and they are not good-for-nothing war mongers.
Posted on 09-08-11 12:22 PM     [Snapshot: 3065]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"I am an Indian and a regular customer to this restaurant."

Do you have any stake in this restaurant in question, otherwise why does it bother you as a regular customer, unless you are lying from the get-go.

Even facebook hasn't removed the group I don't think sajha is going to remove this. I have nothing against Indians or regular customers of this restaurant.
Posted on 09-08-11 12:23 PM     [Snapshot: 3065]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ok 'bad boy' I wont say someone is moron, but I see him as a very simple guy who did not even think about all this. He is a proud Nepalese and trust me, these things do not affect a country's international image - On International political stage - you would agree absolutely not.
Why does it matter what a common American or common Indian or any other common man thinks or does not think.

Most of the people do not care about any country, because there Geography is poor.
Some that care, do not learn about nations from books not by restaurant names.
Even those who know and hear International news a lot - they like some nations or they dislike some.
For most of the countries people have absolutely neutral or NO OPINION AT ALL ON ANY COUNTRY.
I dont even know how many countries are there because I do not need to care in my day today life.
And all people here who know India, as you say its so famous! how many of you love it? I guess mostly are talking about all the probelms it has. Here many people make fun of Indian accent.
And people talk about other countries they see problems in that or make fun of it.
What would any of us get by showing off to the world, look at us, we are so good and proud?
Good people will continue to look at Good things.
Complaining people will continue to Complain and make fun of others and stay unhappy.

Posted on 09-08-11 12:26 PM     [Snapshot: 3115]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Loved your post stiffler, Agreed to everything you said. And thanks for the welcome
Posted on 09-08-11 12:34 PM     [Snapshot: 3129]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr. Bad boy

Do you have any stake in this restaurant in question, otherwise why does it bother you as a regular customer, unless you are lying from the get-go.
-- As I said, that person there is a nice guy. I came for that. I dont care I eat at several places coz I dont cook myself.
ya sometimes the owner doesnt charge me and my friend for some appetizer or extra naan because we are regular, so we like his attitude.

Even facebook hasn't removed the group I don't think sajha is going to remove this. I have nothing against Indians or regular customers of this restaurant.
-- I dont want to remove any page, whats the use, another new one would come up easily, I am trying to stop hatred and unsatisfaction best way I could so that you and everyone lives little happier.

Chalo guys I am out... spent lot of time here.. it was good.. some of you have very compartmentalized thoughts and you are good readers.

Bless you.

Posted on 09-08-11 1:13 PM     [Snapshot: 3174]     Reply [Subscribe]
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A few people on this thread should understand that this thread is not here for hatred and this probably is not right place to express your three pages of intellectual mumbo-jumbos..I appreciate you guys are smart..but please don't exercise your reasoning skills just to fulfill your craving to write something and you don't know what exactly. Lets come down to simple facts. There are people who don't care about the restaurants name. They probably shouldn't have any say on this thread coz they pretend to be not be affected. (Why the hell do you have longest blah-blah's then? ) There are people who are offended by this name. The self-proclaimed reason guru's should understand that there are people who are seriously offended by this name. You might not know why coz you don't seem to have much care (although you try to impose your thoughts). It's the thread for them who are offended and dissatisfied, to express what they feel about name of the restaurant. This is a message. As some of you mentioned about freedom of expression...you know what ...this is one of a kind. Those who feel offended by the name have right to express their dissatisfaction and we are doing that on this thread. So please, bring your other intellectual blah-blah somewhere else. It's a fact based statement. The restaurant's name is offensive to some people and they do shout about it.
Posted on 09-08-11 1:42 PM     [Snapshot: 3227]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Calm down dude. Just like you have issues with the name, people might have issues with what you posted. I am not siding this way or that way; all I am saying is there should be freedom of speech. You can't kick anybody out because they have "reasoning skills" and what not.
Freedom of speech goes both ways. I take offense when anybody tries to curb it. Adaptiverajat has as much right to defend in his "three page writings" as we have to criticize the name of the restaurant.
Posted on 09-08-11 1:58 PM     [Snapshot: 3233]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 the name suggests that Nepal belongs to india , as it says India's Nepal Oven. it is wrong to give out misleading meanings of a country. he can put any name but not something that  could be offensive to other fellow country people.obviously there are people who do not like the name and feel like it is misrepresenting individulity of Nepal. and no, you can't justify offensive  meanings in the name of freedom of speech. if that would be the case then it wold be okay to start a business with names such as " all sajha guys are gays restaurant"," all Nepali b..itches are Wh..es" restaurant,  "indian food is doo doo" restaurant etc etc... and again we're not burning down the place or anything  rather we're just expressing our distaste on the name peacefully. Di on't ask me what i have done for the counry lately? cuz i would say i wrote a post in sajha defending it's good Name. that guy must be a moron, next thing he'll probably try would be " China's tibet oven "restaurant.. haha ... he must be either really dumb or a real jerk who loves to piss others off..
Posted on 09-08-11 2:01 PM     [Snapshot: 3248]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I would say main mistake from owner of that restaurant was ignoring calls from people who were simply suggesting the meaning of that name .

Hey it's always good thing to suggest people about their mistakes but ignoring them will give different message  so it's better if owner can represent himself .

Posted on 09-08-11 2:06 PM     [Snapshot: 3266]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Let me propose a solution to this. Let's go burn the establishment down just like how we reacted to Hritik Roshan's alleged interview about Nepal...  Let's grow up...
Posted on 09-08-11 2:14 PM     [Snapshot: 3285]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Obviously the sub-owner did not have any foul intention.
Nice simple guy.
I did not come here on my own.
I was told about this page by owner who runs restaurant 7 days a week no off days.
He cooks all stuff himself.
Obviously he is not a tech savvy, and his waiters tell him what review he gets on internet.
He wants to be good to everyone so he told me what's going on.
I said I ll talk to you guys, so points expressed by me here are totally my own (- just a well wisher and regular customer of this place)
But let me tell you, I would not have come here or get into any issue. It was this owner the gentleman because of whom I came,
I personally do not have any stake, offense, defense, reason to lie or anything related to this matter.

Again, why I am here? Because the owner told me about this and I told him I ll talk to you guys and try to bring things back to peace.

Posted on 09-08-11 2:56 PM     [Snapshot: 3383]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you for your concern for the owner Rajat, I don't think anybody hates owner, it's just name of the restaurant that we hate, coz that offends us. We know what it takes to set up a business and keep it running. The guy has no doubt worked very hard to take it to this level. Everybody does mistakes, and you know what I do when I realize that I make a mistake ? I correct that !! The owner, no doubt a good person himself, isn't taking that step. He now pretty much knows that restaurant's name has made so many of his countrymen feel ashamed and still he is not willing to change it such that the name doesn't sound like a compromising statement to anybody. Being a Nepali is different than being an Indian. We have very small representation compared to Indians anywhere in the world. Any small number of visible representation that we have, including restaurants, or any other form of organization or tags bring our identity with them. You may find many US born people who don't know about Nepal but has been to a Nepali restaurant. Today's Nepal is poor and behind hundred of years than rest of the world. You know why ? We had to maintain our existence between two giant countries, India and China. Just for the sake of existence, we missed out on times when formal education systems spread across the world, 19th & 20th centuries, we missed out on Industrial revolution, and now we are missing out on IT and other forms of economic revolutions that rest of the world is embarking on for their economic growth. In my family, my parent's generation was first to get formal education and that makes existing youth of Nepal second generation to get formal education. While, Nepal missed out on everything else, and gained only one thing, it's sovereignty. The point is, Nepal's identity is all Nepali people have earned so far and is a biggest asset. We can't accept anybody mess with it, in any form. If restaurant owner is good person, he shouldn't offend his countrymen. Hope this makes sense to you and understand why Nepali people are sensitive about country's name. We'll get to the point where we won't have to represent Nepal with a restaurant Name, but we are not quite there yet.
Last edited: 08-Sep-11 03:07 PM

Posted on 09-08-11 3:06 PM     [Snapshot: 3403]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Next thing you know, mysansar will do a piece on it, followed by kantipuronline and hijo aaja ko khabar. Then there will be danga fasaad in the streets of Nepal. Chana chatpate sellers will be beaten up coz they look Indian. Sari pasal's well be set on fire coz the owner looks indian. But wait, lot of our new ministers are Indian.

Go figure!

Posted on 09-08-11 3:16 PM     [Snapshot: 3415]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Okay Jhigati,
I understood your point and I respect your sentiment too. I will talk to the owner today evening.
People do no make that much money in hotel industry bro.. that he could spend $7000-$8000 so he could correct his 'misplaced apostrophe' mistake right away. But I wil let him see things from your perspecitve and see what best can be done if not immediately then in future.
Secondly let us look lightly from his point of view too, I am sure he could never extrapolate things so much beyond into future.
Let the business grow I am sure one day he'll be easily able to afford changes needed to correct his mistake and satisfy the offended ones too.

I always thought India-Nepal are at utmost peace with each other, never knew people have so much negativity towards Indian or that its big - somehow.

I am so impressed with buddha monsteries and there peaceful establishments that I am actually planning to goto one this Sunday.

And an dream that I would get to visit some of the peaceful buddha temples in Nepal and somewhere in that region .. I dont even know have just seen in the movies.. :-)

Posted on 09-08-11 3:38 PM     [Snapshot: 3460]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rajat, let me correct one thing that you mentioned. Nepalis don't have negativity to Indian people. I have many Indian friends and so do many other Nepalis. Issues happen when some people forget boundary of friendship. They start taking friendship for granted and assume it to be submissiveness of Nepali people. It then expands to the level that ignites dignified peoples. What we hate is the attitude that ends up in such situations, not people. You should know that people who get very close are also very likely to get more offended when one disrespects others sentiments.
Posted on 09-08-11 3:55 PM     [Snapshot: 3484]     Reply [Subscribe]
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RajatBro: I have many Indian friends and I get along with them well. You are bound to have a few people with extreme views in any country/society. What we generally hate is the misplaced foreign policy of India towards its smaller and weaker neighbours and those ignorant few who regard the whole Nepalese national identity as being their guards/domestic help. But we should never let these selfish politicians and the ignorant few hijack the centuries old relationship between the peoples of the two countries... I considered myself an Indian on the day of terrorist attack on Mumbai and grieved for their tremendous loss... During such times, the national boundaries give way to the human one. I am sure good Indians will be out there for us in the time of our need...
Posted on 09-08-11 4:03 PM     [Snapshot: 3502]     Reply [Subscribe]
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agreed those who are more close are likely to get more offended.

Also, look at this global scenario...

I believe Himalayas to be one of the most peaceful place on earth for spiritual seeking. Talking about the world...
Russia is down with its own mafia nuisance.
European countries face a near cultural extinction in next 50 years due to demographic decline.
Countrymen of Asian sub continent make some business in foreign countries in the name of either India or China (Yes most of the jokes are made about Indian curries and sushies! To count on what we have achieved)
- seems like India or China have recognized names?
Well, Indian Stock market is heavily based on USA market, and Indian IT industry literally draws 30-50% of its revenue from USA IT market,
Basically Indian IT is running after USA, its no where on the top just a developing country pathetically dependant on other economies.

USA is heavily dependant on fuel to survive.. so its running after Middle Eastern countries. Again, so pathetically that they had to go for wars and all.
Middle Eastern countries are either very poor or fighting among themselves..
China is turning into a super power, with a population explosion, many people live in paces as small as cages. Quality of life? - Pathetic

There are problems all across the world, in all the countries...

Still we all, all the countries we are doing good in several areas too.
As I said Himalayas are peaceful bliss
USA is still No.1
Europe's market is stronger than USA
Russia have most natural resources, they dont have any fuel problem or anything
China is a strongest asian super power
India and all asian countries are growing in several directions
Getting better...
Middle East's currency still holds to be the strongest around the world...

My point is - when we look at the big picture, we would always know what to do next and not worry about smaller things.

I was shocked to read about how much violence occured at rumoured Hrithik Roshan's interview comment.

Posted on 09-08-11 5:08 PM     [Snapshot: 3591]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its absoliuely faulty to call the owner (or the one whoever select this name) a simple an innocent man coz this person who have finally started a business must posses pertty calculative brain which is reflected in the name of the restaurant. Damn! if he is an educated Nepali then he should have understood its completely incorrect and offensive to say "India's Nepal Oven". Aba paisa bhako buddhi na bhako gobar ho bhane chai theekai chha. Reading out the name of this restaurant, I guess this man is pretty smart and greedy business man who will happily sell his country's name for the shake of money. If he doesn't possess a word called patriotism in him then at least he could have thought of other Nepali how hard are they striving to defend black intention of Indians who are soughting Nepal as a part of India.
As far as I understand "jhigatighare"and his words, he might not have problem or lets say he knows what the freedom is and there is freedom to select whatever name the owner wants to. However, the point is that being a Nepali and seems like he is familar with Indians attempting to publicize Nepal as a province of India specially in an international arena. This stupid restaurant owner may not know his fault and the cost entire Nepal and Nepalese community have to pay. He has been blinded with dollars, he forgot that he will be selling Nepal's image as if it lies in India. And guess what comments he might be getting from his guests or customers -- "I love indian foods, I have not been to Nepal but colcutta. How far is Nepal from colcutta? I'm planning to go to India for next Kumbha Mela."
seems like most of the Sajha users have also gone blind after they put their foot on Amrica, sathi haru eka-ek "freedom" ko gana gaune po bhaye chhan baa.... These silly user may aslo say that it is ok if India wants to built a fake "Lumbini" and "Kapilvastu", that is their freedom.
Chhyaa.. k sarho bigrado raichhan Amrika aauna sath. Chhada sabda bolna and so called "FREEDOM" ko nara launa paye pugne raichha ini haru lai. Tei bhayera hola F1 status expire hunu pahile nai political assylum approve hoss bhanera bhajan gauda raichhan.

Posted on 09-08-11 5:10 PM     [Snapshot: 3625]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ehh sachai arko kura ta bhannai birse chhu
this thread has reminded me of a story published in London anout "Buddha" go through it, if some of you understand the point besides of parroting the lines of "freedom"

Last edited: 08-Sep-11 05:13 PM


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