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 India's Nepal Oven ? WTF

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Posted on 08-03-11 5:22 PM     [Snapshot: 100]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I totally understand business. But business can be done without lowering oneself, community or nation. This is a case of compromised national value and very much the reason why rest of the world profiles Nepal and Nepali as low esteem nation. I am not against the name 'India', but I very much loathe how the name says 'India's Nepal'. India does not own Nepal. Why we Nepalis ourselves telling the whole world that we belong to India ? Very pathetic sensibility of some of my countrymen.
Posted on 08-04-11 5:51 PM     [Snapshot: 1890]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 The owner is not going to increase his business by appealing to Indians at the expense of Nepalese or by appealing to Nepalese at the expense of Indians. Why don't you explain to the restuarant owner that it is in his best interest for his business to create a sign board that appeals to both Nepalese and Indians (and even Pakistantis for that matter).

@ Paulinadidi:
Loved your comments!
Last edited: 04-Aug-11 05:51 PM

Posted on 08-04-11 6:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1921]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks guys for positive feedback and advise. I will forward the overall message and sentiments to the restaurant and bring the matter into attention of local groups appealing them to request the owner for the change. I met a lot of Nepalese here in Denver who are offended by this. But nobody really willing to take initiative to do anything about this !!
Posted on 08-04-11 7:10 PM     [Snapshot: 1984]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If each Nepali took up just one issue and stayed focussed, persistent, positive, dedicated the way you have been through this issue, despite opposition and resistance...Nepal would slowly irradicate it's problems one by one. I wish we had more people like you in Nepal who lead by their practical example.

Thank you for being a different kind of Nepali than the ones I am used to seeing!
Posted on 08-04-11 10:30 PM     [Snapshot: 2084]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you Jhingatighare and Babalkhate!! Patriotic Nepalis are far and few between, but there are some, and sometimes some people can change a lot. Never stop doing your inividual part--and never compare yourself to others. Others may not see future for themselves nor Nepal, I dont feel that way, I see a future for my country. Someday, it will happen, and its upto the some of us to make that happen.We can start that by doing whatever little that we can...........

Posted on 08-04-11 10:34 PM     [Snapshot: 2085]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good job Tun3R!!!

Posted on 08-05-11 7:30 PM     [Snapshot: 2219]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I agree with you. I have been wondering about similar issues for a while. A lot of so called Nepali restaurants that I have been to feel the need to include some sort of connection to India.While it might be a positive move from the business point of view, it also speaks volumes of the owners/investors' lack of confidence in a venture that fully represents Nepal. I read NO DIGNITY and SELF RESPECT in such instances.

Americans know their food and they hugely rely on word of mouth culture to choose between places to eat. If you believe in your venture and have something authentic and delicious to offer, people will storm into your restaurant. Cafe Momo is one of those success stories. It is often voted as the best restaurant in the town and rightly so speaking from personal experience. They didn't have to find a shelter under India's name to put forward some of the most amazing and unique cuisines of Nepal that we all love and grew up eating!

Long story short, Nepalese restaurant owners need to grow some balls and feel proud of presenting Nepali food without doubting its potentials. In my book, a well made Nepali food >>>>> any other food in the world! 

Posted on 08-05-11 7:38 PM     [Snapshot: 2223]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For crying out loud, how many of you know the lyrics and the tune of our NEPALI NATIONAL ANTHEM? Maybe , just maybe we can talk about our misplaced and impulsive nationalism.

Posted on 08-05-11 11:28 PM     [Snapshot: 2315]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Everybody talks about their pride for their country in this thread, but what have you don't for Nepal lately. Nothing I guess. Most probably this owner is hiring atleast a few illegal nepalese, who can work and send money to nepal. And that is a positve thing. Secondly, is nobody's business as to what he name's his restaurant. its just a name. Stop putting your own meaning into it. Thirdly, if you don't like the name then open your own restaurant and name it "Nepal Pride" or whatever floats your boat. And lastly, if you are proud to be a Nepali then help a Nepali or anybody in need. Thread like these don't reflect an awesome nepali with pride, but a shallow, insecure and petty person.
Did anybody really try to understand what name means. What I understood from the name is that Nepal's oven is India, because India is hot as an oven. That's my 2 cents.  

Last edited: 05-Aug-11 11:31 PM
Last edited: 05-Aug-11 11:43 PM

Posted on 09-08-11 2:25 AM     [Snapshot: 2580]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Hello Everyone,

I would like to answer all the points in this thread.
I am an Indian and a regular customer to this restaurant.

1st point
To start withi, I joined Sajha .com and see this is a Nepalese community.
Sajha.com sends a very pretty and simple mail for registration which has very simple guidelines.
First 3 guidelines are:
- Do not use sajha forum to indulge in propaganda of hate - be it personal or political
- Do not incite hatred

Clearly this topic is violating 1st and 3rd guidelines of your community.

2nd point
Topic starter has not done any research on this point, which makes me believe you must be a student, who has lot of time but no direction and clarity of thoughts and more importantly - no idea about business (hospitality industry).
Quesiton: Why?
Missing Factual Research:
'India Clay Oven'
is the original chain of restuarants running in Denver for past 12-15 years now.
Dinesh Bhattarai as correctly pointed is a chain owner (NOT India's Nepal Oven Owner, but the chain owner).
(I do not care to do exact research; this is very basic info that I know, still its more researched than baseless arguing here)

Now, when this branch has been franchized by a Nepali person he decided to add his own country's name as a variation to rest of the 4 India's Clay Ovens in Denver area by renaming this one, pridefully to India's Nepal Oven.
Original business of restuarants chain is registered under India Oven. (Again concept remains the same, exact legal name may differ)
(Its not joke to go everyday to US govt and change name because bunch of ambition less people want restaurant to change a name, That's how you want your country to rise up? by getting restaurant's names changed!)

Now, More than its legal terms and conditions, Colorado residents have developed a brand value for this name - India Clay Oven,
for any new franchize willing to get into hospitality industry, a brand name helps churn the business,
Thats why new biz starters usually start with a franchize of existing brand name, like open a famous 'Pizza hut' franchize rather than, 'John's Hot Pizza'. Why? So that people come! (Good, you kids are getting free MBA coaching here)

-No one has slave mentality or thinks that India is their life saver.
-You have also created a wrong image of the current owner here.
-He has a family, a kid and is a gentleman and much of that is a reason I came here to waste my time and answer your unreasonable and irresponsible remarks.

If you really have even a little national pride, let me tell you, any harm and any negative publicity you do, if it harms this guy's little bread earning business- you are the one who is letting your own men down! Its your Nepali brother who will face loss in business. And who'll be responsible for that loss?
USA? - No!
India? - No!
YOU! Yes YOU! - because you are fowl mouthing against your own men.

And I think to most of your concerns - there is just one same answer,
OWNER DID NOT HAVE A CHOICE TO PUT NAME! India's Clay Oven has been modified for a distinguished identity.

I hope you kids will understand it right here and no further arguement and disputed talks and low level poor talks would be needed.

If you want to do something for your naiton, do something which will make your country proud and something wonderful which, when people see, they say 'Wow! thats a wonderful thing and look its a Nepalese'.. and grow as a community. No one in the world outside cares about restuarant's name! come on! open your eyes! and be positive. When you want to win, reach the top, You wont reach by pulling someone else leg and pull them down.. but rising your own level of thinking higher and performing better! :-) Chalo Good Luck!
Last edited: 08-Sep-11 02:42 AM

Posted on 09-08-11 3:30 AM     [Snapshot: 2625]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lol rajat uncle,
Free MBA coaching? u sound like a high school student. U sound too sarcastic, that there is no difference between the above haters and you.

Posted on 09-08-11 9:42 AM     [Snapshot: 2729]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No No we still want the  name changed to EVEREST BUDDHA YAK YETI HIMALAYA GORKHA KHUKURI NEPALI RESTAURENT...then only you will be considered to be a true Nepali....
Last edited: 08-Sep-11 02:00 PM

Posted on 09-08-11 9:52 AM     [Snapshot: 2729]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Rajat, your long essay is totally unsolicited here. You go and fix your community's problems. Nepali community is able to take care of our concerns and discuss our problems among ourselves. We love each other, we hate each other, we advise each other and we scold each other. All that is among us and within our community. We learn from each other. It's just a matter of time. We will reach there to stand up shoulder to shoulder with any other community in the world. We don't need outsider's intervention on our issues. Whatever we discuss in Sajha is our community's concerns and none of your business. You don't need to poke around here with your stupid philosophy about hatred or whatever.
Posted on 09-08-11 10:01 AM     [Snapshot: 2776]     Reply [Subscribe]
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WE DEMAND THE NAME BE CHANGED TO: "EVEREST BUDDHA YAK YETI HIMALAYA GORKHA KHUKURI NEPALI RESTAURENT"...i will chow down your indian cuisine off of your menu only after my national pride is full.....thank you very much!
Last edited: 08-Sep-11 01:59 PM

Posted on 09-08-11 10:09 AM     [Snapshot: 2795]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Haha Rajat i have question for you  since you are talking about self respect and pride .

Would you have accepted if owner requested this name : Nepal's India Oven . (Again concept remains the same, exact legal name may differ)

Hey  i will tell ya this it's not hard to change name of business simple process will be good enough to get it changed .

Posted on 09-08-11 10:50 AM     [Snapshot: 2852]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear Everyone,
- Free MBA coaching
No businessman is obliged to answer everyone, they concentrate on their job and its well being.
If I come here and teach you even one concept of marketting, which I agree I don't need to, its actually you who are getting new lessons learnt. Nothing to gain or lose for me.
- U sound too sarcastic
I disagree I dont need to be sarcastic, I am clearly and directly saying you are unreasonable wherever I felt like. I wished people luck to be good and ambitious, thats not sarcastic either.
- long essay is totally unsolicited here. You go and fix your community's problems. Nepali community is able to take care of our concerns and discuss our problems among ourselves. We love each other
I am sorry, I was told about this community and your hate message by the worried Nepali guy, who questions why the educated Nepalese creating problems for him, told to me so many times, that I decided to come and talk to you. I seriously do not have time for any quarrels on net. Students do it.
I am here bacause a nice person I know is worried because of you guys.
-All that is among us and within our community. We learn from each other. It's just a matter of time. We will reach there to stand up shoulder to shoulder with any other community in the world.
This is very good attitude keep it up!
And be positively strong and receptive to feedbacks from outsiders, you'll be stronger than the outsider itself then.

- Would you have accepted if owner requested this name : Nepal's India Oven
LOL! I don't even care if there is no name, Nepal India, India Nepal, Indo Nepal (yes, there can be exceptions to this), by the way, there is a 'Great Chinese buffet' which serves- Thai, Indonesian and Japanese cuisine close to this restaurant I dont even know if those people have any issues with a common chinese name(None of these cuisine is Chinese). and all chinese restaurants- they are not chinese necessarily you know?
I never bothered about name. We dont need to, It doesnot affect a nation. A nation is not so small which would get affected by a restaurant's name.

Posted on 09-08-11 10:57 AM     [Snapshot: 2879]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Is the owner of this restaurant an uneducated moron? What the hell is he trying to say with that name? I can give him one hundred other names that is similar to India Clay Oven

Nepali Clay oven
Indian and Nepalese clay oven
Nepalese Indian Oven

Doesn't he know that an apostrophe denotes posession? These stupid idiots with money should not be running a business.

Posted on 09-08-11 11:09 AM     [Snapshot: 2911]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok am I missing the point 'bad boy'?
Why are you so bothered about a restaurant's name?
It gives a simple message that Indian and Nepalese cuisine can be found at this place.

And it's not a computer file renaming to go and change restaurant's name. That also, why should someone rename their business for you?

1st. It costs close to $10,000 for name registration and licensing.
2nd. Businessman needs to rebuild his rapport in the market.

Why to do all this?
Because a bunch of students who have nothing more ambitious in their lives do not like it?
I do not think so.
Posted on 09-08-11 11:56 AM     [Snapshot: 3012]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Reporting this page to admin for spreading/inciting hatred.
Last edited: 08-Sep-11 12:00 PM

Posted on 09-08-11 12:06 PM     [Snapshot: 3014]     Reply [Subscribe]
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RajatBro: I am not for or against the argument here. But I suggest you get the fact straight. Name change does not cost nowhere close to 10,000. But it's a free country. They can choose the name as they see fit... Who give an F?
Posted on 09-08-11 12:11 PM     [Snapshot: 2999]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'm not saying the owner should change the name so don't give me the cost or any marketing stuff.

Rajat it's not me but you're the one bothered by it. I am simply expressing my opinion on why I don't like that name, and what I think of people who put that name.

As soon as you say India's it denotes posession. India does not posess the so called Nepal Open.

All I said and am saying is that whoever named that restaurant must be a stupid moron to choose that name out of hundreds of other alternatives.


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