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 Baseball 04

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Posted on 07-01-04 10:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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eight and half lead. playing for 2nd place?
Posted on 09-24-04 10:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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forgot to upload pic :S

Posted on 09-24-04 11:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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unkown said "i still think twins can beat Yanks in the playoffs and come offseason they will get more help in pitchin dept and claim this time they won't falter......." >> You may wanna rephrase it saying "I dreamt of Twins winning Yankees........" I am really surprised you bought 78 RBI guy I really don't get it. Give me one reason to believe about you and your team. here's some comparision, please tell me what stats make Twins better than Yankees beside ERA Pitching Team ------- BAA ----- Walks/Strikeout ------ Walk per 9 innings -------- ERA Minnesota --- 2.66 ------------ 6.87 ---------------- .267 ----------------- 4.02 NY Yankees --2.47 ------------- 6.56 ---------------- .271 ---------------- 4.65 Batting Team------------ Runs --- RBI --- avg ----- On base % Minnesota------ 740 ----- 696 --- .265 -------.332 NY Yankees------861 --- 827 --- .271 ------- .356
Posted on 09-25-04 10:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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13th cons div champs, I got one word for El Bravos, 'WOW'
Posted on 09-26-04 9:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bunch of whiners have.... What happened to the Yankees this weekend?? Just the reverse of what happened last weekend?? NY blowout win in the series over the SOX..... wait a minute that was the thing of the last week. For this week......you gotta read the NEW YORK times FROntPAge headlines tomorrow. By the way, we all know what the Yanks have and the REd Sox have. If it was possible The Sox would like to play the yanks in the First ROund. Unless the Twins sweep the series.. Sox will be the Wild Card winner. If the RECORD was even at this point, we would have won the division. THanks to the COurtesy of the DAMN ORioles... Yanks are still in the top of the division. Santana made a good statement for himself in his last game for the AL Cy Young Award. Too bad for him Schilling had even more impressive start. Following his 8 inning shutout ball game with the lead against the ORioles 5 games ago which was blown by FOulke just like he did couple of times before, Schilling cAME to the MOUND this time with even more PRessure to Shut down the Yankees. Just like he did in 3 games in the 2001 world Series which the D'backs won by virtue of strong Pitching, he showed no MErcy today. Santana will probably have two more Starts whereas Schilling will have only one. If they both win their starts it will be really interesting to see who walks away with the Award. None can take anything away from Santana but Schilling had the better edge given the DIvision he pitches for, and the circumstances he has to deal with in Boston as oppsed to those in MInnesota. go SOX GO. jai Nepal
Posted on 09-26-04 9:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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BY the way DId I already say that: "Kurt Schilling is the curse of the NY Yankees." IT won't be too long before all of us start believing it. Hell the MEts. THey Beat the CUBS two nights in a ROw. NOMarrrr Nomarrrrrrrr Nomarrr. SOsa needs to wakeup. It's no time to start another slump. Thanks to the Dodgers, who beat the Giants in order to maintain the Distance in their own Division lead. GO SOX go. Jai Nepal
Posted on 09-30-04 7:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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All of a Sudden THE Baseball Folks had gone quiet.......... Just like the CUBBIESSSSSSSSSS.. Someone bring something GO SOX go. Jai Nepal
Posted on 09-30-04 10:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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what happened to our twins fan here??? I am sure Twins watned to save all their starting pitcher for the playoffs limiting them to 5 innings. and oh yeah twins doesn't care about home court coz theyknow they can beat Yankees easily than star studded Red Sox teams. Yankees got no pitcing and offense is average. special thanks to Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz homering during All Star game. Yankees have the home court advantage. NIce to see ANGELS and ASTROS (teams i picked to be in the playoffs) picking up at the right time :) Proud bro, another 2nd place. honestly saying aren't ya tired of rooting for the 2nd place team???
Posted on 10-01-04 10:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GOOD ONE AX I like the As better. But seems like the ANgels are building a really good momentum. Still: The SOx will enjoy playing against either of them. What a shame to the Twins ? But Santana and Radke pitched for 5 innings each only. Is that a strategic move for the possible playoff matchup against the Yanks. WHo knows. GOD SAVE CUBBBIES. THey are losing ugly. GO Sox go. Jai nepal
Posted on 10-02-04 12:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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he ax bro :O Yankeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssss gogogogogogogog :)
Posted on 10-05-04 9:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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October fall classic is here. 8 teams are vying for the ultimate prize. This year gave us the pleasure of mammoth 700 HR by Barry Bonds, startling hitting record of 262 hits by Ichiro Suzuki and impressive outings by older pitchers Clemens, Randy Johnson and Schilling. The Major Leagues set a season attendance record with more than 73 million fans going to games. Seven teams set home attendance records, including the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers. The American League champion New York Yankees hosts the Minnesota Twins, and the American League wild card team, the Boston Red Sox, visit the Anaheim Angels. The National League series has the St. Louis Cardinals hosting the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the streaky Astros will visit the NL East Champion Atlanta Braves. Strength and Weakness of the playoff teams: 1. Anaheim Angels: Strength: best middle order lineup in the AL. Plays great defense and have playing great at the end of the season. They won 12 out of 14 games in the final 2 weeks to clinch the AL West. Vald da man is the AL MVP. He hit six home runs and drove in 11 runs in his final six regular-season games. They donýt have to rely that much on the starting rotation because of their deep bullpen. Hard throwing FROD and the awesome closer troy Percival are another reason they are playing this month. Player to watch: Troy Glaus Flaws: Starting pitching is not that good as Twins and Red Sox. Team is not that cohesive since most of the players once landed to the DL. Gurrerro, Ertand and Garrett Anderson are not 100% healthy. The bottom of the batting order is weak and overworked starting pitchers. 2. Minnesota Twins: Strength: Left-hander Johan Santana is the hottest pitcher in the baseball. He is going to AL Cy Young award. They play good defense especially the gold glove center fielder Torii Hunter. Joe Nathan is the biggest surprise in their team. Flaws: no power hitters and rely more on defense and the ace Santana. This must be the worst team playing in the playoffs talent wise. 3. Boston Red Sox: Strength: great 1-2 punch with Schilling and Pedro. They are tough to beat in the playoffs. Have tons of postseason experience. It has the best 3-4 hitter in the AL with Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. Good leadoff hitter in Damon. Have better bull pen than last year. Flaws: coaching staffs which doesnýt have enough experience. The manager doesnýt know when to pull out their star pitcher Pedro and Schilling. Beside that they really donýt have any flaws; they are better defensively than previous years. Lacks WILLPOWER to WIN 4. New York Yankees Strength: They are the YANKEES. EXPERIENCE counts. Yankees player step up when the season is on the line. Derek Jeter is prime example. CLUTCH HITTERS. The complete team while in the ball park. Good batting lineup with Sheffield, AROD and Matsui. Joe Torre, the manager of the Yankees, gets the respect from every ballplayer. Best setup man in the league with Tom Flash Gordon and still the dominant close in Mariano Rivera. Flaws: Shaky starting rotation and donýt have starting lineup as before. Overworked bullpen. more to come on NL.....
Posted on 10-05-04 12:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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1. Los Angles Dodgers: Strength: good ball club with lots of players who were under achievers. They have best closer in the NL named Gagne. 53 comeback wins this season is impressive. Outfielders are good. Flaws: Doesnýt have HR hitters beside third basemen Beltre. Suspect Starting rotation. Overworked bullpen. 2. St Louis Cardinals: Strength: Best record in the baseball this year. Awesome lineup with Walker-Pujols ý Rolen - Edmonds. Bullpen is deep and balanced with right- and left-handed specialists. Good manager. Flaws: starting pitchers; they been overworked. scary postseason history. lots of players have over achieved at the same time. 3. Huston Astros: Strength: The hottest team in the baseball. Won 9 out of 10 games to end the regular season. best pitching duo (Clemens and Oswalt) in the NL playoff teams with killer Bs and Jeff Kent. They donýt have Cards lineup but with Killers Bs (Biggio, Bagwell, Berkman, Beltran) and Jeff Kent, they are hard hitting team. Clemens experience and leadership should help them immensely. Phil Garner, newly appointed manager is the energizer of the team. Flaws: doesnýt have good 3rd starter. Solely rely on offense. Defense is not that great either especially outfield. This franchise has never won playoff series in 7 post season chances. Can they sustain their awesome run in Sept to October? 4. Atlanta Braves: Strength: experienced players with coaching staffs. Won last 13 division titles to go with 1 championship. The most underrated team in the NL. Good middle lineup with Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones and J D Drew. John Smoltz, sole pitcher left from the Braves Pitching Golden history. Itýs surprising they are playing in October. Flaws: suspect starting pitchers, only been playing great 2nd half of the season. Arenýt long ball team and doesnýt score that much. Depends more on starting pitchers
Posted on 10-05-04 1:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Go Red Sox Go!!!
Posted on 10-05-04 1:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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my predictions: American League Angels over Red Sox 3-2 Yankees over Twins 3-1 National League Cardinals over Dodgers 3-0 Astors over Braves 3-1
Posted on 10-05-04 8:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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twins kick ass
Posted on 10-05-04 9:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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story of the night, twins' defense shut down yanks power lineup.........don't do too much analysis of teams and predictions. worry about ur yankees first........
Posted on 10-05-04 10:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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don't worry abt the yanks this year..they r done....great pitchin will always win over great hittin....yanks got the bat but no one to pitch after mussina in game 1. radke is gonna have a smooth startin in tomorrow's game. agree with unknown....stats n predictions don't mean a thing...game is won on the field. btw did u see hunter's catch in the 8th inning?? dat brotha is fearless
Posted on 10-06-04 7:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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My predictions: Twins over Yankees 3-1 Redsox over Angels 3-2
Posted on 10-06-04 6:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's too late to throw my predictions. I am infact suprised by the fact that AX bro picked Angels over the SOx. Well, that's like most of the Yankees fan. My guess is we will sweep the series. The yankees will win in game 5 in extra innings. Santana didn't look like Santana last nite. YEt, that historic perfomance of the Twins defense beat the Yankees. And that made Santana look impressive. Despite surrendering 9 hits with a walk and getting only 5 Ks, the 5 double play conversions lifted the TWINS over the Yankees. I thought RAdke had a very good numbers. Damn.. his numbers are like that of the 4th of 5th starting guy in the Yankees rotation. I don't think Santana can beat the Yankees twice. It's hard to shutdown the Yanks nite after nite. TO beat them you need both offensive and defensive production.... like the Angels or the Red Sox. The ANgels aren't good enough to beat the Yankees anyways. Just because TWins already won one game on road, and they are more likely to win one at home, I predicted their series to go to 5th game. I belive Schilling will not have to pitch 2 games in this series. GO SOX go. Jai Nepal
Posted on 10-08-04 9:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Welcome Twins fans (new???) I wish you could have joined this during the season. What could be the reason, is it coz you were not confident about your team? Or not sure your team was not going to make playoffs? Itýs never late to join the baseball talk here. I got to watch Yankees vs Twins and some part of LA Dodgers vs St Louis Cardinals. Two games at the great baseball cities but different stories. Yankees were buried by Twins with their great pitching and defense and Dodgers got trumped by Cardinals Killer offense. I have never seen that many double plays and home runs in one game. Twins had 5(?) double plays and Cardinals hit 5 Home runs. Santana, AL CY young award winner did a great job backed by great defense of Twins. Hats off to them. Most of the Yankees fans and anti knew Yankees is going to lose one game (most prolly to Santana) The most surprising was the way they lost the game. With such a great lineup they were not able to garn any run for Mike Mussina. Mussina pitched great game but Yankees just didnýt score. Santana didnýt have good stuffs, he was having hard time locating his pitches but he still came away with 0 over the board, which I think is really impressive for the pitcher who is pitching full time first time this year. Yankees could not materialize when they had 2 runners in bases with none out (3rd inning???) Posada got tagged at the home plate. AROD got robbed in the center field by Hunter. Twins played great defense as all expected. Game 2 is tonite. Radke will take the mound for Twins and his counterpart is John Leiber. Unknown said ýstory of the night, twins' defense shut down yanks power lineup.........don't do too much analysis of teams and predictions. worry about ur yankees first........ý This is what I This was I had to say about Twins and will stick with it: 2. Minnesota Twins: Strength: Left-hander Johan Santana is the hottest pitcher in the baseball. He is going to AL Cy Young award. They play good defense especially the gold glove center fielder Torii Hunter. Joe Nathan is the biggest surprise in their team. Flaws: no power hitters and rely more on defense and the ace Santana. This must be the worst team playing in the playoffs talent wise. They did what we all expected from them. Itýs good win for them. You wonýt be able to shut down Yankees always. Letýs see ýý and I sports is my passion and love to predict especially baseball. And happy by choice said ýyanks got the bat but no one to pitchý Not so my fren after watching last nite game. I knew they were going to have tough time scoring against Santana but I was surprised that they could not score against Rincon and Nathan. happy by choice also said ýstats n predictions don't mean a thing...game is won on the field.ý I heard the same line here last year after Twins won the first game against Yankees. Using diff nick??? I believe Yankees lost both during ALDS and ALCS last year but got to World Series so itýs all good. Yankees are not panicked yet and I am not either. Last nite was just a small bump en route to 05 World Seriesý.. 10/06
Posted on 10-08-04 9:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Game 2, it was a heart wrenching game between Yankees and Twins. Yankees won the game in the 12th with Hideko ýThe Godzillaý Matsui sacrifice fly. Leiber, Yankees pitcher seemed to be in trouble in first 2 innings and pitched wonderfully till the 7th. Twins pitcher Brad Radke was having tough time himself. Derek Jeter, the leadoff hitter homered in the first in the center field black, only third player to do so. Derek Jeter showed his power to the national audience. Yankees played catch up till the AROD hit the homer in the 7th to lead 4-3. The Yankees trouble started soon Tom ýFlashý Gordon, the best set up man in the league entered the game. Even after striking out the J. Jones, he reached sage on the first base on wild pitch. After another bat, Gordon was replaced by Mr. Automatic. He had only blown save twice (Indians and Diamondbacks) in his splendid postseason career. AROD: Yankees seems to have finally found new Mr. October in AROD. He was 4-6 with 3 RBI in the clutch. The ground rule double in the center field, he hit in the 12th might have been his defining moment in Yankees uniform. He is 6 for 10 in this series. Derek Jeter: The most clutch player of our generation. He is always there with his bat and gloves, relay throw, base running, hustle play, double play, you name it. He drew walk with 4 pitches in the 12th and tagged the game winning run on a sacrifice fly by Hideki Matsui. Joe Torre: Phenomenal coach. He knows when to pull out the pitchers and relievers. He is a winner and has a great respect from his players and the Yankees front office and the Yankees BOSS. He saw Mariano struggle in the game so pull him out after pitched 2 innings till the 9th. Mo seems to be little pissed at himself for not getting job done. I was screaming when Miguel Cairo came to hit in the 12th, I wanted someone to pinch hit for him. I guess Torre knew better thatýs why he gets paid $5 million a year, the highest paid coach. He is not like Grady Little, Terry Francona or Bobby Valentine. I have to tip my hat to Minnesota Twins players and coaching staffs. They are playing great. Their defense is terrific and knows how to hit ground ball. I can understand Gardenhire, Twins Coach, decision to leave the closer Nathan in 12th. Everybody would have done the same thing, but I would have replaced him after walking Jeter. He pitched straight 8 ball to walk Cairo and Jeter. I know itýs easy to do 2nd guess after the results. It was his 3rd innings which he had never done this year. I wonder Nathan, a NYer wanted to see the team he rooted while growing up to win. NY Yankees always plays great when the game is on the line. I have yet to see another team to perform like that. Yankees mystiqueý. 10/07

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