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 Can there be meaning without GOD?

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Posted on 11-20-13 1:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If there is no GOD, then man and the universe are doomed. Like prisoners condemned to death, we await our unavoidable execution. There is no GOD, and there is no immortality! And what is the consequence of this? It means that life itself is absurd. It means that the life we have is without ultimate significance, value, or purpose.
Posted on 11-22-13 5:00 PM     [Snapshot: 565]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Apply your own common sense whether 'unified field of total natural law' is pure science or pseudo-science. Even in physical level of existence you will get nothing but unity of everything. Here is an example: Consider your body. What is your body made up of? Various organs. What are various organs made up of? Tissue. What are tissue made up of? Cell. Cell is the fundamental structure of every living entity here on this planet. Do you want to go more deeper than cell? You can go. You will get nothing but "UNITY." Even in mental level, the mind stuff of every living entity is made up of same thing. You can further go deep by analyzing Einstein Theory of Energy, E = MC^2. From this equation you can calculate Mass, M = E/C^2. Whatever the mass is, it is nothing but energy. Cell, in fact, if you go deeper then you will find it is merely a vibration. Einstein Theory of Relativity also explains that this world is merely a phenomenon. Motion exist by virtue of other objects which are at rest! Therefore, unified field of total natural law is that field from which all diversity appears.
Posted on 11-22-13 6:28 PM     [Snapshot: 601]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Paulsmith, you a muslim or terrorist clarify first????
Posted on 11-22-13 7:53 PM     [Snapshot: 609]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Creation of Universe by god was also reveled to Jews and too Christians. Muslims agree that Christ was also prophet why god had to reveal different version to Christians and Jews ?

Why god needed to reveal different version of creation to different group of ppl? This also proves that there is no god
and once again according to you Koran and Ved agree on one god but they envisage  different way of creation of the universe.

Problem with Koran is Mohammad tried to compiled  what he thought was best of every religion and tried to present in very simplified way that is why Muslims are very confused. It is not your problem my friend, It is the problem of Koran

Koran has bit from Hinduism, bit from Judaism  and bit from Bible that is why Islam is very easily manipulated.
Hindu way of manipulating religion applies to Koran because it contains bit of Hinduism, Jews way of manipulation also works for Koran because it contains bit of Judaism. Christian way of manipulating religion also works for Koran because it contains bit from Bible.

That is why in each and every Islamic society Islam has been misused by cunning ppl. 
Muslims said Mohammad is the last teacher that means god have revealed his godly action to prior prophets too. One god would not reveal different version of one action.
By accepting the existence of prophets before him Mohammad was trying to avoid direct confrontation with  existing practice of that time. at the meantime he was cleaver too. 

Even present day if you want to defame someone clever ppl start with saying " He is good, actually I like him but because of this and this a bit problematic"

Mohammad was saying same thing there were prophets before me too but they have changed a lot that why you should follow my version.

He was a "Pakka Byapari". If you want to buy a TV, if you go to Toshiba Brand they will say "yeah there re different brand but Toshiba TV has such and such advantage that's why  its good TV.

By saying there were Prophets before me but because of so and so My brand of religion is the best. The guy was just trying to sale his product.
Once you sell product you will make profit. Look at Khomeini of Iran. There is no such provision of Supreme leader Khomeini in Islam But the Khomeini was a clever guy , he was able to sell his brand, He enjoyed his life in Iran and his follower are enjoying life in Iran. If you question  this profitable business they will attack you, that's all in the name of God.
In the name of God because he does not exists, he is not coming to refute your claim. 
Have you seen ppl using scarecrow to keep birds away from the field?
Yes  my friend, Cunning ppl have used scarecrow(god) to keep away innocent ppl out of their money making business.
Poor birds really think that there is a human in the field and do not approach. And we know the reality.

exactly the same way clever ppl have created god to be used as a scarecrow  against innocent ppl.

Different between you and me is you believe scarecrow is real I don't.

Posted on 11-22-13 9:01 PM     [Snapshot: 659]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Our God is Krishna.. not allah.. sorry bro we dont like you and your religion.

You should move to Iraq or Afghanistan if you do not like it here in the USA. I am sure you are find muslims all over there so that you dont have to preach everyone.
Posted on 11-22-13 9:57 PM     [Snapshot: 674]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 In my personal opinion as a student of science, I would say that saying god exist and he created and all that crap only underestimates the power of mother nature-the only one whose existence is unarguable.
 I am not an atheist though. I dont like to be narrow minded in things I am not sure of. I think Im more interesting that those commusnist punks and libertarian(bill maher) who pride themselves in being atheist.
Can there be a meaning without god? thats your qs.Now, feynmann's view on god:
"I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing. I think its more interesting to live with doubt and not knowing than to have answers which are wrong. I have aproximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of certainty about different things but Iam not absolutely sure of anything and in many things I dont know anything about such as if it means anything to ask why we are here and what the question might mean. I dont have to know an answer. I dont feel frightened by not knowing anything by being lost in this mysterious universe without having any purpose- which is the way it really is."

Posted on 11-23-13 3:14 PM     [Snapshot: 798]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well there are born Muslims in Nepal. What do you say about that? Also, i assume you were not born here, may not a US citizen yet too, how to you refute that?
Mind you, this whole earth belongs to God and i can live whereever i want. Also, refuting your argument, US is not a Hindu country to begin with. Actually, US was supporting Pakistan on cold war and also, Afghanistan to fight with Russians.

If you do not know the history, Muslims came to this country on the first ship. Well please read US history and you will understand.

I would not debate with you regarding who is God as you will know better if you read Vedas. I can give you website if you would like to read it.
Read 11:43 of Bhagavad Gita and you will know better. Anyways brother, may peace be with you. 
Posted on 11-23-13 3:42 PM     [Snapshot: 805]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Alto: May i ask you, you are agnostic than?
I would also like to ask you, what if you find out there is God after you dead? What would you do than? I think on the safeside, it would be better to believe in God and die. Btw i am not asking any donations for making you believe in God. As a selfless advice, i think it would be better for you to believe in One God and die.
For a believer, it's a win-win situation, if he dies and let's say for the sake of argument, he did not meet God. Than it's okay, he did what he could correct? He lived his life righteously, he did not cheat anyone, or stayed away from adultery. He helped what he could to others.

If there is God, he dies. He meets God. He succeeded. Correct? No more work, no more ill-talks. He will be served best of the wines, best of the steaks. He does not have to work. It will be a vacation for eternity.  Also, In Islam, we believe, the best thing would be to see the face of our Creator. The biggest deprivation for the people of hellfire is they will not be able to see their Creator.  

Anyways, happy searching.

"And you search for the truth, and the truth shall make you free." [The Bible, John 8:32]

Posted on 11-23-13 9:12 PM     [Snapshot: 849]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you believe in God keep it to yourself...there are atheist too that doesn't believe in God. You can't force them to believe in God. Respect their freedom too so stop preaching here. Bible, Quran or Gita they are all written by humans and not god. For me, I believe more in KARMA than DHARMA. 

Can you give me one example that GOD exist? 

Posted on 11-23-13 11:43 PM     [Snapshot: 882]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The distinction between the world and its Lord is verbal and false. In the indivisible, infinite consciousness, no such distinction is meaningful. On account of the illusory notions of time and space, somewhere at some time gold appears to have become a bracelet; even so does the notion of a creation arise in consciousness. When thus even duality is non-existent, investigation into the causal relationship between the creator and this creation becomes meaningless. An imaginary city is imagination, not a city. This world-appearance is appearance, not the world. (SOURCE: Yoga Vasistha)
Last edited: 24-Nov-13 07:48 PM

Posted on 11-24-13 7:00 PM     [Snapshot: 975]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Glordano: Disbelief in God does not result in a belief in nothing; disbelief in God usually
results in a belief in anything. If I ask most of the atheists why they are an atheist they will proceed
to explain their religion of non belief.

Uji: I would appreciate if you can tell me what you are saying.

 Let's not throw words without any meaning. Red herring is not the way to go. Let me make myself clear: Atheism means there is no God. Religion means believe in God. Some may call Bhagwan, some may call God and some may say Allah. Religious people have a diety.

Atheism is not an implausible worldview and that therefore the poverty of atheist argumentation cannot be written off to the bankruptcy of atheism itself. In my experience it seems rather to be due to simple ignorance of the literature.

Rather than being angry with those who ridicule me, I need to consider the source and feel compassion for lost souls. I'm reminded of a saying I once heard:  "I could no more be angry with him than if a blind man had stepped on my foot."

"It is true, that a little philosophy inclineth man's mind to atheism, but depth in
philosophy bringeth men's minds about to religion." [
Francis Bacon]

Posted on 11-24-13 7:23 PM     [Snapshot: 987]     Reply [Subscribe]
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LOL...drink some more kool aid brdr...ur saying doesn't make any sense.... 
"Religion means believe in god" ....now u must also know thousands of people are being killed in the name of religion and that mostly by muslims....u kill urself in the name of allah and allah will give u how many virgins re...

and in your religion god favors men than women....women have no freedom....one example is a little girl Malala Yousafzai...so stop this BS and get the hell out of ur trailer trash.....


Last edited: 24-Nov-13 07:29 PM

Posted on 11-24-13 7:33 PM     [Snapshot: 993]     Reply [Subscribe]
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and if u want to debate write sth on ur own instead of copying and pasting from other sources...SMFH
Posted on 11-24-13 7:44 PM     [Snapshot: 999]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Paulsmith, can you explain more about your "GOD." I have a hard time understanding what you are trying to prove here! Can you explain what do you really mean by GOD? Is it a particular GOD you are referring to or is it something else? What is it you are talking about as GOD? Please clarify.
Posted on 11-24-13 8:01 PM     [Snapshot: 1009]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Paulsmith is a hindu turned muslim with his name look like christian...he himself is very confused, how can he clarify us... all he need is more kool aid and he'll be fine...

Posted on 11-24-13 8:19 PM     [Snapshot: 1022]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i know his real name. I will not disclose that in sajha.
I have the same name, he hated his first name.. and i also know his muslim name...but again i will not disclose his identity.
May lord Shiva provide him some enlightenment!!!
Posted on 11-24-13 8:27 PM     [Snapshot: 1024]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think i know him...i forgot his name but is he the one from chitwan?  ko ko nai hola vaneko ta bharabhuri po parecha.....

Posted on 11-24-13 8:46 PM     [Snapshot: 1026]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Paulsmith, I just read one of your above posting and I am laughing out loud. Believe in God because I should be scared of God? I will be in safe side if I believe in GOD? Best wine and steaks are served for me If I believe in GOD (But I am a vegetarian and I don't drink alcohol. Sorry, I have to reject God's offer). Here is what you said which made me laugh: For a believer, it's a win-win situation, if he dies and let's say for the sake of argument, he did not meet God. Than it's okay, he did what he could correct? He lived his life righteously, he did not cheat anyone, or stayed away from adultery. He helped what he could to others. If there is God, he dies. He meets God. He succeeded. Correct? No more work, no more ill-talks. He will be served best of the wines, best of the steaks. He does not have to work. It will be a vacation for eternity. Also, In Islam, we believe, the best thing would be to see the face of our Creator. The biggest deprivation for the people of hellfire is they will not be able to see their Creator.
Posted on 11-25-13 12:09 AM     [Snapshot: 1064]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Uji: I am glad you put the source. I could not understand what you were trying to say that is why i had to google it up so i had to post the link above. Anyways, having said that, i am not trying to prove anything. I am just trying to humbly request my brothers and sisters to keep mind open. A human mind works best when it's open same like a parachute.

Let me tell you what i believe:

I believe there is only one God. He does not have son, daughter or wife. He was not born from anyone and did not give brth to anyone. He is eternal and unique. He is none like His creation. There was nothing before Him. He created everything. Islam teaches that people should completely submit only to God as He is the only One worthy of their worship. He is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and everything in it belongs to Him. The Quran points out the faulty thinking of those who worship other than God: “‘How can you worship things you carve with your own hands, when it is God who has created you and all your handiwork?’” [Al-Qur'an 37:95-96]

Why did i choose Islam not the other way of life?
In Islam, we believe God does not take birth to become human being. Rather we believe, he sends his message through human messengers. In Eastern concept, we say Rishis, Munis. In Western concept we say: Prophets, Messengers. In Islam, we believe God sent His message to all the communities. So some scholars say: Ram, Krishna might have been prophets too. We can not pin point for sure as only 29 prophet's name are mentioned in the Qur'an. Islam is not a new way of life; rather, it is the final message, which upholds the same essential beliefs that God sent to humanity through all of His messengers. Through this message, God calls on each individual to lead a conscientious life by drawing close to Him and to remain cognizant of their final accountability in front of the one and only God. Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of God and what has come down of the truth?” [Al-Qur'an 57:16]

Correction to other friends, i am not trying to confuse anyone. Sorry if i confused anyone. Yes, i am a convert to Islam from Hinduism. I have had 8 years of spiritual journey towards my Creator. During this journey, i read Bhagavad Gita cover to cover, some Upanishads cover to cover, the Bible cover to cover: many times and the Qur'an: cover to cover many times. I have has opportunity to visit temples many times, Monastry one time, different denomination churchs, Synagogue, Bahai center and different Mosques. I know almost 8 Nepalese that are converts to Islam living in the U.S. All of our journey were different.

I still remember telling my conversion story to a Nepali brother who was struggling in his university and was searching for the truth and was open to different ideas. He accepted Islam on the spot. I even asked him, are you sure you want to live your life as a Muslim? He replied to me: "Yes brother, i do not care what others say; i like what you said."

It took me years to convert because i come from kind of religious background. Thanks to God, I was in America.

What would have happened to civilization, if all the discoveries were kept within themselves? We would not have progressed what we have. Humanity has progressed so much in last 100 years. That's good but in terms of religion we have not progressed much. Majority of people are still worshipping what their ancestors are following. Satan is telling us, progress in this life. If you have i-phone 4 than get an i-phone5, no problem. But interms of religion, keep on following what your ancestors were following. It's very sad but it's true that we are not using our intellect to search the truth but rather we are just concerned in this life.
Let's use our logic: "Can the stone carved from our hands be divine?" Can the cross made out of factory or probably labelled with sticker: "made in China"; really divine?

Please ponder upon what i am saying. If i bored you or offended you please forgive me.

Posted on 11-25-13 11:40 AM     [Snapshot: 1148]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Paulsmith, a wise person will have no intention to come here in Sajha and blab about God. Peace be upon you. (FYI: You are still in mental level!)
Posted on 11-25-13 12:23 PM     [Snapshot: 1173]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey guys, my TV remote has been missing for a while. Do you know where can I find it? 

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