Seeking advice about the strong-nepal blog
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Surendra Shakya
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Many of you have read my blog about my opinion on issues relating to Nepal, and my take on how we can make things better in Nepal. I would like to ask those who have read my articles, if they advise me to write every day or maybe fewer articles, like 3 every week? I would be happy to get your suggestions.
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Everyone knows issues and there are millions of solutions suggesting by millions of people in the Nepal and abroad.
Unless you take action I've zero interest on what you have to say. Enough of this complaining/suggesting bull$hit.
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@sajhamjtra I am also starting to wonder why Nepali people, from Nepal and abroad, complain a lot about Nepal affairs and also provide big solutions to solve problems, but they don't want to do anything personally. However, when these same people go to foreign countries, they talk less and work more.

I also think there is no voice for working and poor people in Nepal. The media is overtaken by 20% middle class. The working people either do menial jobs in Nepal or go to India or the Middle East. These people have the most experience in life, and unfortunately nobody is listening to them. It is very sad situation. People talk about big things like meditation, but they can't even hear a real life experience and show empathy. 
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@harkhe7, Exactly, My suggestion to them is, if you can't solve the problem or help to solve the problem, stop wasting your time complaining about it like a little girl. Their complain/Suggestion on blog/facebook have 0 percent effect.
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