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i-821 form no more bar code
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online gayera I-821 form kholeko, kunai pani browser ma barcode audina ta..pahile ta IE ma aunthyo, aile ta tyasma ni audina , edge ma ni audina. Kasile try garnu bhako cah
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Download Adobe reader.
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I have it . Still does not show up. I dont know how to attach screen shot to sajha reply.
Last edited: 16-Apr-18 12:51 PM
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Just checked, looks like they updated the forms on 10/19/17 new form doesn't have barcode.
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Thanks for the update. My appeal is pending in BIA, so what do i fill in the secions for I-821

My current choices

Current Immigration Status: BIA APPEAL PENDING
Are you now ore were you even in immigration proceedings? Yes
33 a checked
33 b checked
33c unchecked
34 Locatio where your DOJ /DHS Porceedings where held : NewYORK
35. Location where your federa court proceeding sregarding immigration issues were held or are currently held: Virginia

36a. 04/20/2013
36b blank
36c checked for Present

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