Posted by: wonton January 8, 2013
An Open Letter to Namrata Shrestha
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People cheat all the time but they only get the public backlash if they are caught. If they aren't caught, everything goes about like nothing's wrong. In poor Namrata's case, god bless her heart she's so cute, her action was caught. If she was any other woman like your sister or mother, things would have died down for who cares about common people like your sister or mom. The way it works is if you are a public figure and you get caught doing such things then people talk about it for the rest of your life.

Poor Namrata will never be able to stop people from talking about it but she can learn from Kim Kardeshian and  Sunny leon who catapulted into success from their adult videos. They are worth hundred of millions thesedays.

The funny thing is Namrata is fine with it, she has moved on and if you bring it up, she doesn't really give a shit anymore! So all you folks trying to protect her, you need to get rid of your sex is a taboo mentality and update your taliban mentality to the 21st century.
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