Posted by: snurp May 24, 2012
30 years of Panchayat vs 24 years of Bahudal (Democracy)
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I understand the emotional sentiment of the people. Yes, our politicians are rotten; we're on a verge of a full-fledged ethinic conflict, but what we forget looking through our myopic lenses is the politicians that are supposed to lead us also came from the same society we grew up in. Don't we think we, as a society, bear some responsibility to this? In any long-term sustaining society, such rotten politicans will eventually be phased out. I say this with cautious optimism because looking at sajha discussions, it gives me hope that there are more people with compassion, sanity and reason than those that are not. Like I mentioned before, maybe this will take this generation or the next, but even if we don't in our lifetime, our offspring will eventually get to see and live safer and economically sound Nepal.

What I absolutely don't get this is the absolutely obsolete idea of magic potion known as the King. I think we all have this nostalgia of growing up peacefully. In an authoritian system, ruled by the elite few, we quickly forget anyone writing, demonstrating, and voicing concern against the state were quickly sidelined, punished or even killed. No wonder, it was so peaceful. One of the most telling points of my childhood is meeting a courageous journalist who had then written against the Panchayat system --I think most of you know him cause he survived a bullet in his head, scarring and derfomring his head forever. Yet he reminded me of the solemn system that is supposedly peaceful and progressing. The notion of King somehow will solve all our economical, ethnic and social problems is ludicrous! Even more so with our Ex King and our Ex prince.

I reiterate "Hitler was better than Stalin because he killed a million or so less?"
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