Posted by: harkhe7 June 13, 2022
Balen Shah and the hype
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Almost all leadership research say that "tall people are more likely to be in leadership positions be in it politics, business or any other field". We see tall leaders in the US all the time - Washington, Lincoln, Obama, Biden, Trump, Sundar Pichai, Apple ceo Cook etc.

After Balen win, I see tall people being in the leadership positions in Nepal also - Koirala brothers, Balen Shah, Deuba relatively taller than his counter parts Oli, Prachanda and company, Golchha, Paras khadka etc. Balen certainly looks more mature for his young age of 31. My cousins of that age behave and look like kids .. no kidding 😁.

Have you noticed any tall leaders at your work? FYI my manager is also a tall man.
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