Posted by: Bennedict April 4, 2022
Actually i decided to leave for good
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Here are a few things I oppose:

# You called me stupid money-oriented
But then who is not here in this world, we need money for one reason or the other. Look at Mr. Kattu Tiwari. Have you ever done some calculations? If Kattu Tiwari has a job that pays him $300,000 a year how much would that be every hour?
I have many aspirations in life and many responsibilities towards my family, and for that I need money, yes. No double standards there!

# Bharatiya boka
You cannot call me anti-national or bharatiya just because I do not mind speaking in Hindi. This is my personal preference while I hang out with my Indian friends. You have no say on what I or what I should not be doing. Period! If that is so then your Prachanda, Deuba all should be Bharatiya going by your standards.

# Greencard working a desi company via fake resume and experience
Dude, you seriously need to stop generalizing everyone in the same bracket. I have my stories and struggles but it was not via desi company, faking resume and experience. I hope that is clear. I got what I deserved everything on my merits and nothing else.

#sittaima deko TPS line ni
This is the most pathetic statement ever heard. That is why people like Bairagi keeps on making fun at your expense but you never seem to get it. Anyway, being a fellow Nepalese, I pray one day your TPS shall convert to green card.

#paisako takat
This is all in your head. I never boast I have so much money or never did I say I make $100 K or 300K like some people here are doing without any qualms. This place has been like the only place to brag about your salary really. I embrace life and what it is offering while visiting this place. I do not embrace any arrogance about my position or supposed monetary power that you think I am displaying.

The only good thing I can commend in the last post of yours is that you still go to school and that is something I feel good about you, the rest you have to change your attitude, brother.

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