Posted by: urban khasi November 24, 2019
Asylum case got terminated because of TPS
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Hi Sugareeka,

I whole heartily support mathi sabai jana ko comment haru. Like Ehoo2 said, If there was a time machine, I would happily go back as well.
I have spent almost 18 yrs in the states, All I have is TPS but I run two successful businesses and employ more than 10 people. I do wish I had a green card though, that would facilitate a lot of things but Since I dont have it, I am not going to cry about it. I can sham marriahe but thats not my thing. My point is you got to strategize.....
Its all about having positive confidence and attitude, which we lack sometimes, but as long as you have the will power, It will come around.

Hanuman1 bro,
I have heard in 9th circuit jurisdiction, mostly CA, Its possible but I dont have anyone telling me they have got it. I am trying to find out. If anyone lives in west coast and knows someone on TPS , please feel free to share your experience.
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