Posted by: logan November 11, 2019
Immigrants hate immigrants or Whites hate immigrants?
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That may be true. Long time ago I have read this story.
A dog follows his master to pilgrims. On returns all the local dogs assemble and start asking questions. The question was noting else but his master, did he take care of him or not.
The answer of the dog was very different. My master took good care of me all the time but the problem was my brotherhood who did not wanted to complete my journey , would not let let me pass their village without confrontation. My master saved me otherwise I would not be here today.
The same rules applies to us, we can not compete to local and we compete with immigrant and they are the rival and greatest enemy.
Yes, it is true. I have seen couple fellow who were illegal and later became citizen, now they are the greatest advocate of Border Wall. You are full and you want to forget starvation but keep coming back in different forms.
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