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 Geology Tiger , नेपालको सिडियो जती सबै किन बाहुनै मात्र भए किन राइलिम्बु भएनन् भनेर सोध्नु अघि किन ति राइ लिम्बुहरु अलिकती पढाई सक्ने बित्तिकै बालुवाको बोरा बोकेर बिहानै बिहानै स्वयमभुको उकालो चढ्न गए र किन त्यो पश्चिम नेपालका बाहुनहरु आधा पेट्मै रात
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नेपालको सिडियो जती सबै किन बाहुनै मात्र भए किन राइलिम्बु भएनन् भनेर सोध्नु अघि किन ति राइ लिम्बुहरु अलिकती पढाई सक्ने बित्तिकै बालुवाको बोरा बोकेर बिहानै बिहानै स्वयमभुको उकालो चढ्न गए र किन त्यो पश्चिम नेपालका बाहुनहरु आधा पेट्मै रात रात भर घोटिएर पढे भन्ने प्रश्न आँफैलाई गरौ अनि उत्तर आउँला कि ? "

THis is a intertesting fact.
But I believe , they should be given opportunities and must be able to convey the better message.
A friend of mine  have one exp, a roomate's friend family came to visit to his place and he made all dal, bhat, tarkari to them , his roomate got really jeolous and simply told them he is hater of them and to his surprise they believed and bought everything they ate and left without meeting.This is just example to convey of to you geology tiger and how it misspreads and serve to own purpose.

Even european think tank knows how are society are structured and what can be done to raise the economic standards of country. Target the poor, underpreviledge, who are discriminated fromcentury , all men n women  are born equal.They dont have to carry sand ,they dont have to clean toilets, become mercenary coz they haven been doing that for century.

Duncan stands behind aid for ethnic groups

A visiting UK minister has defended his government’s support for marginalised communities in Nepal, arguing that the initiatives of the UK’s international aid agency, DFID, were aimed at helping the Nepal government implement its commitment to inclusion.

There have been accusations that we have been stirring ethnic conflict through our support. I have seen for myself the work that the UK has funded through DFID and I am proud of our work, which is helping to implement the Government of Nepal’s own commitment to inclusion,” he said. “I think it is untenable and unacceptable that any society can have a second class of citizen and I have no doubt that lasting peace will only be achieved when Nepal has a truly inclusive society.

he statement comes after increasing allegations against Western donors and diplomats, including those from the UK, of stirring inter-ethnic tension through covert support for ethnic groups.

Last month, protesters from the dominant groups shouted slogans against the DFID, United Nations and other donors, accusing them of instigating marginalised groups to stand in favour of ethnicity-based federalism.

At the press meet, Duncan said that the allegations were “inaccurate.” He said the programmes that the UK are funding through the DFID are based on principles of “fairness and equality.” DFID is the largest bilateral donor to Nepal and has made a pledge of 331 million pounds (Rs 47.31 billion) from April 2011 to March 2015, gender and social inclusion being one of the key areas of its support. Last year, it discontinued funding to the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), an umbrella organisation of Janajati organisations, for its involvement in general strikes. Since September 2004, DFID has provided over 2 million pounds (Rs 285.9 million) to NEFIN for its projects, including those aimed to empower Janajati women and children.

Responding to a question on the present status of DIFID’s collaboration with NEFIN, DFID Nepal Chief Dominic O’Neil said they had not resumed funding. “Since they were involved in general strikes, we were unable to fund NEFIN,” O’Neil said.

Meanwhile, the visiting minister expressed concern over the current political stalemate and urged major parties to seek a solution “sooner rather than later.” Duncan also voiced concern about the impact of political uncertainty on Nepal’s economy and urged the government to ensure accountability and oversight even in the absence of a parliament.

Duncan, who is on his third visit to Nepal, met President Ram Baran Yadav, PM Baburam Bhattarai, top leaders of major parties and Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun, among others. Wrapping up his three-day stay, he also urged party leaders to reach a compromise on bringing out a full-fledged budget.

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Last edited: 15-Jul-12 09:40 AM

Posted on 07-15-12 10:07 AM     [Snapshot: 177]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For Sure there is not Equal distribution of anything you name it. You are talking about Duncan or any western “they are the most hypocrites in the world”, they do more dirty politics than our politicians. How about the Russian? Russian is still backing up Syrian regime.

After 200 year of independence black and minority are still suffering in America like us. We do not know when we will have another BLACK president after Barack. It is true that all over the world the elite people had enjoyed the most resources and takes time longer than we thougt  as well  let our politicians do the right thing first.

Democracy does not give us  magic wand and it will take care of everything within fort-night.  We forgot that it takes a time, it is like a apple or orange tree you have just planted, but we are looking for fruits in no time. Again black and minority are still suffering all over the world, even in America , where  they rally for equality.

You talking about Brahmin - over thousands of years they were groomed to be scholar and it turn as a part of their gene , Newar were groomed as a business person( it is the truth) but now we have oppertunity to overcome these myths.  

We have set of system which must be followed. Are you talking about Reservations? I have no clue how it works but you see all those Corporations where the employees are hired from back-door, who never worked hard, corrupted and made the corporation run in loss.  

We are looking for changes, we got it and given by Maoist.  व्यर्थै मा आलोचना गरि समय खेर फलेछौ ! यी बन्धु को काम कहा कहाँ के छ टिपन टापन र समाचार काटेर टास्ने काम मात्रै गर्दा रहेछन !

Last edited: 17-Jul-12 09:52 AM

Posted on 07-15-12 10:10 AM     [Snapshot: 201]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I understood that you joined sajha to kill your time.

After reading some of your posts, I felt that your level of understanding is way higher than mine.

I don't have the guts to argue with you bandhu and won't be replying to any of your posting in future.

So please don't call my nick in your threads


Posted on 07-16-12 8:52 AM     [Snapshot: 690]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nevinbandu,  and your point is ? 
Well somebody has to carry that sand and clean the toilets right ?  lol !!
Or are you saying that ppl that clean toilets and carry sands are not humans beings ? 
And where is that room-mate calculation fit into this equation ?  
And the 2nd class citizenship era is over, we have had Doooukwashi for 20 yrs.  Learn to leave the past behind and move onto the future.  If people like you keep living in the past how the fug is the country supposed to move forward ?  YES THERE WERE INEQUALITIES --FACT,  ACCEPT IT AND MOVE FORWARD.  Its like black population asking for retribution for slavery in 2012 when Barak Obama(black) is the president.
Posted on 07-16-12 10:07 AM     [Snapshot: 758]     Reply [Subscribe]
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roomate roomate? what what you say say yaar? i lost you at your roomate istory. 

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