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 हाहा हाहा हाहा हाहा हाहा हाहा हाहा हाहा हाहा हाहा

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Posted on 08-19-11 6:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 के तपाईंलाई यो वीकेन्ड हास्न मन् छ ? ल तेसो भये यो भिडियो हेर्नुस् । 
कस्ले कता बाट उठाएर ल्यायो यिनिहरुलाई पोल्दा पोल्दै मसानघाटबाट  ?
थुक्क, फेरी नेपाली को बेइज्जत गर्ने भये । 
यिनिहरुको मुख्मा मेरो गेडा अड्केको छ कि क्याहो ? बोल्नै सक्दैनन त । 

Last edited: 19-Aug-11 06:17 PM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 08-20-11 1:41 AM     [Snapshot: 825]     Reply [Subscribe]
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अनि के गेडाहरुलाई अब नेपाली बोल्न नै नआएको हो त ?  
Posted on 08-20-11 1:45 AM     [Snapshot: 796]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For me, they are following their dreams and have come forward to live it.They will experience their endeavors and learn from it. Keep your head high girls so that you do not lose the sight of the horizon of your dreams. All the best!

Posted on 08-20-11 1:45 AM     [Snapshot: 825]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ramrai nai bolchan ta hau sathiharu.
Haina sathi harule tesai biejat garna khojeko jasto lagyo malai.

Posted on 08-20-11 1:46 AM     [Snapshot: 835]     Reply [Subscribe]
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थुक्क मुजी आज कुन भाग्यले मेरो ल्यापटप फुट्नबाट बच्यो  
Posted on 08-20-11 1:47 AM     [Snapshot: 835]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 wayhiyat... why can't these organizations do something actually worthwhile and that will actually promote Nepal. And they act as if they are going to put Nepal's name in front page in US news. Nobody's gonna give a faq and if they participate in "Casting Couch" they have better chances of promoting Nepal. 
Posted on 08-20-11 1:56 AM     [Snapshot: 866]     Reply [Subscribe]
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bhayo prabhu, pugyo!! 3-4 oti ko atar-fatar sunepachhi kaan pakne darr le banda garnuparyo! yesta miss nepal usa hunchhan bhane, hamro gothma baadheko kaali bhuisi ni kehi kamm chhaina, la jaa ta!

Posted on 08-20-11 2:25 AM     [Snapshot: 911]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hatterrika mero gulooooo nai sano vayo yo video herera aaba sue garinchu ma .......... Yo guli haru lai dekho vaneta mut pani banda hola vanne dar vo
Posted on 08-20-11 10:06 AM     [Snapshot: 1221]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jubi Gauchan- Miss Nepal USA 2011 --------- I fu_cking guarantee it. 
Last edited: 20-Aug-11 10:07 AM

Posted on 08-20-11 11:02 AM     [Snapshot: 1327]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 palai palo uttano parera thokna maan lagyo...................miss nepal re...............tighre contest bhane hunthyo ni baru.....................Thigh chhai mast raichan hai........bicharo bhai jurukka biujhiyo........:P
Posted on 08-20-11 12:07 PM     [Snapshot: 1413]     Reply [Subscribe]
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त्यो १७ नम्बर को केटी त थ्याक ठमेल मा बस्ने गे जस्तो देखिन्छ नी , आयोजक ले मुइया को भुत्तो त हेरे होला ने नत्र जिते पछी केटो पर्ला
अनी सब को मुख मा नेपाली कल्चर चाइ केटा को गेडा जुन्द्या जसरी जुन्डेको छ , तर कुन  angle बाट तिनी हरु ले नेपाली कल्चर represent गर्दै छन् ह?
हाम्रो कल्चर मा मिनिस्किर्त लाएर हिड भनेर कत भनेको छ ?
त्यो टेक्सस भन्ने ठाउँ मा त केटी को खडेरी नै छ के हो ?? राम्री ते एउटा छैनन् त !
Posted on 08-20-11 12:43 PM     [Snapshot: 1460]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's amazing how time changes perspectives. I want to give Kudos to all these young ladies for having the courage to stand up for themselves and speak on their own behalf.

I really liked the very first one, Ms. Bista from LA ..she tried her best to be who she is and she is pretty also..Additionally, I think most candidates representating California were pretty decent.

I also like Ms. Jubi from NYC- daughter of the Gorkha is something already special to me and she spoke very eloquently.

I like Ms. Basnet attending GWU in DC..And Fary KC  from Texas was note worthy--the rest of TEXAS was disasturous..no wonder it's the Bush state ;)!

I only wish that these young ladies were introduced in more traditional outfits than these though..my outlook on the whole contest would have been different if they didnt make them pose in such ways in such clothing!! wat were they trying to do...mimicking some kind of "soft porn" or what?? That just was not impressive..!!

These are young adults we need to teach them that beauty is not just whats on the outside, but within, it is in your personality, and brain and respecting our cultures..

It bothered me to see the very first young contestant posing like that!! May be I see my daughters/sisters in them and would like them to be portaryed in a completely different light..nevertheless..GOOD JOB TO YOU ALL AND MAY THE BEST LADY WIN.

Last edited: 20-Aug-11 12:45 PM

Posted on 08-20-11 1:38 PM     [Snapshot: 1607]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 This is too much...Although they seem confident in themselves and their english is quite good, but this is a beauty competition and where the hell is that word "beauty" on them? I had been to NY, LA and TX and had seen far more beautiful girls than these..OMG, how in this world are these girls beautiful? At least one or two must be beautiful, but these girls are so so so so UGLY. How can they represent Nepal? What would other people think when they see this UGLY Miss Nepal USA. They will have very very bad impression about Nepal. But, reality is quite different. Nepal has very very beautiful girls. These girls should not represent theselves as Nepali. Organizers must think about it that they should not represent Nepal. We are proud of Nepal and Nepali gals but not these kind of UGLY gals
Posted on 08-20-11 3:57 PM     [Snapshot: 1797]     Reply [Subscribe]
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MISS NEPAL USA-----------------WHY ARE THEY NOT SPEAKING IN NEPALI...........L*** JASTO CONTEST.   None of them speak in Nepali. Whom are they targeting. At least few of the contestent could speak nepali . At least that would have made them look good.

Posted on 08-20-11 4:08 PM     [Snapshot: 1814]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Look at this news. This is why i hate r**** contest.     This woman got disqualifed because she gained 3 kg weight. What message are we giving to the people?   .... If you have slightly more weight you are ugly?   In the world where several girls are already dying and suffering from eating disorder and aneroxia because of miss world/universe contest...... what kind of message are you giving to those girls.

Miss Mexico loses crown over baby fat

Mexican beauty queen, Cynthia de la Vega has been stripped of her crown after gaining 3kg.

The 19-year-old earned the right to compete in the Miss World pageant in November when she emerged as the first runner-up of Nuestra Belleza Mundo México in the national beauty contest.

For the uninitiated, the queen of Nuestra Belleza México (this year it's Karin Ontiveros Meza) will represent Mexico at Miss Universe, while her no.2 will go for Miss World.

Sadly, organisers of Nuestra Belleza México have disqualified de la vega after she gained 3kg!

"I was very sad and very deceived. I cried and cried and cried," the dethroned beauty queen said at a press conference.

"[They] demanded that I lose a few kilos, but they never provided a nutritionist or any other assistance to ensure the weight loss."

Lupita Jones, one of the organisers of the pageant, claimed that de la Vega lacked "dedication and discipline" and that she "did not comply with the recommendations and goals agreed upon for her preparation".

De la Vega will be replaced at Miss World by Gabriela Palacio Díaz.

Source: www.digitalspy.co.uk
Published Aug 12 2011

Posted on 08-20-11 5:50 PM     [Snapshot: 1950]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 च्या मलई त कस्तो रुना मन लगेर आयो यो देखेर ! आज रति न्यु योर्क मा यो भैसी  छाने कन्टेस्ट भै रा छ मा चै घास लिएर जान्छु 
Posted on 08-20-11 7:03 PM     [Snapshot: 2037]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I'm amazed to see all these negative comments.Many of the Fo**kin  A**ssholes nepalese came here from the background where women is considered mere property,marry where there parents fix them to go,Wed someone not because they need wife/love  but because of their avarice nature for dowery and so on.These people will sacrifice their 10 daughter for a hope of a son.They  aren't able to change their old mentality even after living here for years and gaining american education---what a F**ing shame!!.Especially the men from hindu religious background,they still  thinks that womens are  possession.In their view women can't involve in any kinda beauty peagent(e.g protest in KTM ), stay  home, have babies,listen to the so called 'siba ko roop' asinine swaat husband.Com'on Gu+lezzzz out there grow up!! Don't show your true nature sitting behind the computaaa.

Posted on 08-20-11 9:11 PM     [Snapshot: 2222]     Reply [Subscribe]
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haha.. Am from admin panel,
Jubi Gauchan is the winner. hai?? 

no worries.

Posted on 08-21-11 7:33 AM     [Snapshot: 2606]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i never feel ashamed of being a nepali nor i would ever, but everytime i check sajha, there are always almost more than 70% of comments that are fully ignorant from my fellow nepalese, i would understand it if these comments were coming from people who haven't got the outerlook of the global world  but since these people use sajha i assume they should have knowledge of it, if these guys want to criticize, have creative criticism please, don't make deragatory comments as saying the participants are ugly or fat, i would think people making these comments are not perfect as well, have some respect or nobody will respect u guys ever.

Posted on 08-21-11 10:41 AM     [Snapshot: 2720]     Reply [Subscribe]
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1. People have problems and they just can't cope with it. They are frustated and alway tries to thorw that on somewhere to somebody. They will try to think about it but they just can't help themselves at all  and   that'sok.,noone is perfect in this world and its not their fault.. but instead of improving themselves or relazing that fact that there is no more achievement they can get in future,,, they crticize people;criticism is ok as long as it makes sense, but making a vulgar remark just shows arrogrant  these people are.

2, You see ignorant people because this is a forum mostly browsed by our fellow nepalese. And its not just nepalese its all over in this world unfortunetly. people criticize other people based on their nationality, religion, culture etc just because they are jealous of others success and couldn't help it out dreaming about it.

3.All these people are like our politicians in Nepal who doesn't do any good neither let others do it too. They just complain, complain and nonsese complaints because that's the only thing they can do.

4.  Making remarks about other's apperance, have you ever thought about how do you look ? you might consider yourself better than tom cruise, but you guys are one of those who love to count how many "likes"  you get in your facebook profile picture..But apperance just doesn't mean look only, it comprises of intelligence, thinking, vision, ambition, and a desire to help others.

5. These people are those "जसको चाक बाट रगत निस्कन्छ"" when they have to make a simple presentation in front of 20 classmates. and later these people complaint about their "Grades".Here they are talking about someone who have enough guts to stand in front of a mass audiences and try to acheive something(even it is for themselves). 

6. I bet there might have been some people who might said "lllaaadoo jaaastoooo formula" ,when Einstein's published e=mc2. 
But it was him who has been remembered so long not those arrogants. 

7. Yse i mihgt hvae mdae smoe miksteas in garmmer adn dnot tell me i konw alerady..

At last a warm congrats for  the winner and huge claps for all of the partcipants.

Be gentle to the earth, Be gentle to the others and Be gentle to yourself. 

Posted on 08-21-11 8:10 PM     [Snapshot: 3147]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Agree with Rachas bro.
Atleast they are trying to do something. Hard to believe that most comments are negative.
Sometimes I feel suffocated from this negativity and leg-pulling attitude we have.
When will we learn? When will we start respecting others? 
Can we do anything better than name calling, bashing politicians, fighting in ANA etc etc. then get drooped in alcohol every weekend and post threads like this?


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