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 Thank you Dad
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Posted on 09-08-10 11:33 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Sajhaities, though we don't need any specific day to worhip our dad but in the name of Father's day, small note for him.

p.s. I found this note long time ago in sajha, i don't know who wrote this but whoever did, kudos to him.

Though we don't need any specific day to worship and remember our dad but in the name of Father's here's the small note for all the dads out there. 

Dear Dad,

Thank you!


Ø Thank you for paying 1/4th of your income for my elementary school fee when you had a wife and 3 more kids to feed, educate and shelter. I don't know how you did it? I guess I was too young to know.


Ø Thank you for buying us new clothes for Dashain and wearing that same polo shirt you had been wearing for a couple of years. I still remember how you looked that Dashain. I guess I was too busy to show the new dress to my friends and relatives that I never asked you if you liked to wear that faded shirt.


Ø Thank you for bringing that used HERO bicycle that I had wished for my 11th birthday. I guess I was in such a hurry to ride on it, that I didn't even bother to ask you how many hours of overtime you had to work to pay for it.


Ø Thank you for not leaving me alone for a single moment for a whole week when I was admitted to the hospital to cure my typhoid. Did anyone ask you if you were ever tired/sleepless? I didn't.


Ø Thank you for not traveling to see your sick dad so that you could save up the expenses for that first TV we wanted in our living room. Did you get to see your dad in his final days? I guess not, you were too broke to even call him.


Ø Thank you for smiling and hugging me when I said, "I hate you" for not buying me an 80 cc bajaj scooter when all of my friends were riding on Hero Honda Splendor. Were you really smiling? I guess not. Then tell me why did you go to your room and sob? I saw you dad.


Ø Thank you for sending me off to Kathmandu University for my intermediate studies, when I could've joined Tribhuvan University with fewer expenses. Do you have enough funds on your pension account now? I guess I wouldn't know unless you tell me dad.


Ø Thank you for not letting us know about your everlasting back pain so that you didn't have to go to the doctor. Does it still hurt? I guess so, because the only time I know you went to the hospital was when I was admitted for typhoid.


Ø Thank you for those tears you shed when you found out I passed my intermediate exam in first division. Are you still proud of me? I guess all parents are proud of their kids.


Ø Thank you for sending me abroad for my higher education even though I knew you couldn't afford it. Did you pay off your debt yet? I guess not. You are retired and you don't have any pension fund left for your so called golden (?) days.


Ø Finally, thank you for thanking me for my achievement. Let me ask you dad, do you think it's worth devoting your past, present and future for your kids? I guess I won't know unless I have my own kid(s).

Thank you again dad. 


Last edited: 08-Sep-10 11:35 AM

Posted on 09-08-10 12:05 PM     [Snapshot: 47]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So touching man.

Posted on 09-08-10 12:47 PM     [Snapshot: 70]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bought tears into my eyes.

Posted on 09-08-10 1:44 PM     [Snapshot: 96]     Reply [Subscribe]
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very touching note... kudos to the writer....

A few lines I wrote days ago....

giggles and whispers, tickles and hugs
those strong hands when the road was rough
strolling along my memory lane
I see a warm album of frozen moments
my road is still rough and I am walking in rain
I wish I could hold the hand again
dear dad, I might not have ever said this to you
but I miss you ......

Posted on 09-08-10 1:59 PM     [Snapshot: 125]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nakalli keti, nice poem. Your words made me miss my dad tremendously.

Posted on 09-08-10 2:06 PM     [Snapshot: 151]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you boulevard dreams!
Posted on 09-08-10 7:21 PM     [Snapshot: 225]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Happy Father's day this year as well.. and the same note goes out to my DAD.. 

Posted on 09-08-10 11:33 PM     [Snapshot: 292]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nice note and poem! Happy  Father's day!!
Posted on 09-09-10 6:00 AM     [Snapshot: 363]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks for those children who wished their dad and thank you also to those who could not or did not wish for the various reasons.

Thank you boulevard dreams for the touching words.

No matter what, all dad love their children and wish all the best every day and always. So even if we could wish our dad for one days I think that will make him very happy for the whole year.

Posted on 09-09-10 6:55 AM     [Snapshot: 371]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 09-09-10 9:38 AM     [Snapshot: 400]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear garibbakochora, i liked your post, i think i have read something like this which was on english though but thanks for sharing it anyways. If you don't mind let me tell you one thing, i don't know why i didn't like your name garibbaukochora. How can you tell you dad garib when you have so respect for him? How can he be garib when he has such a loving son like him. Well may be financially he is but having a son like you, he must be a most richest person in this world. So if i were you i would change my name on sajha. Take it as a consideration if you want. Thanks. 
Posted on 09-09-10 12:46 PM     [Snapshot: 432]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Boule ji.. 

hajur ko katipaya post haru ma sadai kina naam ko problem huncha? kahile kasko naam change garnus kahile kasko.. naam bhanne chiz naam ta ho.. hajur lai kasto problem.. aba dekhi sajha ma naam rakda ni hajur ko clearance hunu parne rule banaunu parla jasto cha...hamro SAN dai sanga prastab rakhnu parla jasto cha.. 

Posted on 09-09-10 6:38 PM     [Snapshot: 479]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Walka jee, maile naam chnage garnu bhane prashtab rakheko haina ni ta sir, maile ta auta sano sojhab matra deko hu. naam ta malai tapaiko naam dekhi ni problem cha ni, tara k garnu kei bhanne kura bhaena. naam herdau walkahead re. that means what Tauko le hidnu bhaneko ho?? ;-) Tei pani maile naam sodhera tapailai chai ke problem bhayo huh?? bolo bolo, tell tell. 
Posted on 09-10-10 5:57 AM     [Snapshot: 529]     Reply [Subscribe]
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boule Ji , sujhab ko lagi dhanybad gyapan garna chahanchhu, parantu naam chahi naferne nirnaya gare maile. I disagree with you on one thing , garib kahile dekhi negative word huna pugyo????? I am forever thankful toward my dad for the man he is. Despite being  a government official back home , I saw my dad struggle really hard to provide for us , sometime even for basic needs  , he was an honest man if not we know how government official make money back home.

I dont ever want to forget the struggle my dad went through to raise me , that is what makes me a stronger and better man.. Things have changed , I have a great job, I have achieved more than what I thought was possible , my dad is proud of what I have become and I am proud to be garibbakochhora.
Last edited: 10-Sep-10 06:00 AM


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