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 Another Great Nepalese Singer in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

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Posted on 09-03-10 12:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here is another Nepalese singing in SA RE GA MA PA.......his voice is superb..... he says that he wanna keep Nepal and Nepalese proud in the world in the show after his performance....Sherpa, here, is doing great job. check it out guys.

click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmsLHJVW7Z4

Jay Nepal!

Last edited: 03-Sep-10 11:18 PM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 09-04-10 6:23 PM     [Snapshot: 1157]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here is the link of the new episode where Karma Sherpa is safe. He was in last 4 from the judges' poitns among 18 contestant, but is safe and will perform in next episode.

Jay Nepal.

Posted on 09-06-10 1:01 PM     [Snapshot: 1356]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No need to get euphoric guys! Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is highly technical musical reality show, unlike Indian Idol, which would been better choice for Karma.

2nd, do i need to take a trip to Darjeeling? to understand Nepali- let me tell you lot of Nepali in other part of the border are like -" Yes I am an Indian" in 15august or Holi or Diwali  and " Ho, hami Nepali ho" when there is a get together of Nepali/ANA or Nepali Dashin party. Well, they are in tough position I understand..I do not even want to argue either..they may have the feeling of being Nepali which I respect  that, but in reality Karma is an INDIAN CITIZEN period.

about my musical expertise, what I learned is the basic singing that you may learn from BHAJAN MANDALI of nepali temples (ex-Fatteman-Nepali veteran singer)-your voice should not go Nasel in high scale and flat in low scale-this they called singing from one end to other end of harmonium. Classical singing , ragas trains you for that, Singing melody inbetween intermittent keys  thus can be sang even by untrained singer like Karma but not all the "soors". " If you do not agree, imagine him singing song like Madhuvan main radhika of old days or today's dum dara dum ..tera bina besuwadi" in his range and soor.

I know folks here will not like my opinion, but I request you to put your words on this thread on the day Karma gets eliminated. till then see ya:-)

Aside this, I wish him all the best!

Posted on 09-06-10 7:35 PM     [Snapshot: 1518]     Reply [Subscribe]
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thanks nepal premi

Posted on 09-06-10 9:15 PM     [Snapshot: 1564]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 06-Sep-10 09:17 PM

Posted on 09-07-10 1:07 AM     [Snapshot: 1663]     Reply [Subscribe]
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my pleasure maalpaani.

Guys, I am just sharing this to u all as some ppl here may like it. I personally do support him. I am not that talented as well to judge that he sang it in soor or taal, but hearing the judges' comments, i can at least understand that they liked him.

I like the way he, in 1 episode, stated that he is proud to be a Nepali and he wants to make Nepal proud in the world through the program to the extent he can. Also, he sang couple of nepali songs in the program which shows that he is in close touch with nepali music. Some ppl here may say that he is an indian n they r right. Yes, ppl from darjeeling r geographically an indian, but they have a nepali heart. they speak nepali, listen nepali songs, watch nepali movies( many of us don't), and share nepali culture. And, I find them proud to say that they r nepali.

With considering all these facts, wat i feel is that we should at least support him until he remains in the program n this is simply, once again, my personal opinion.
Jay Nepal!

Posted on 09-07-10 12:25 PM     [Snapshot: 1824]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shantipriya bro/sis,

Though I haven't watched his show this time so far but for your info about his quality singing, Karma was "THIRD" in SA RE GA MA PA ZEE BANGLA (KOLKATA) in 2007 (there was a thread here in sajha too). If his singing was that bad then how come he stood third in that show? Were the judges deaf?

Regarding nationality, what appreciation of music has to do with his citizenship papers? Are we that narrow minded? We on the other side celebrate "Bhanu Jayanti" in a big way despite his citizenship. We celebrate Devkota jayanti, listen to Navin K Battarai, watch Madankrishna and Haribansa, watch folk songs and dance performed by Nepal's performers but never said they are different.

About 15th aug, shouldn't we be grateful and loyal to the country we live in? Holi? traditionally we don't celebrate here. Only marwaris and biharis celebrate that here.

I remember a dancer of a Nepali folk dance troupe from Nepal performing here in Darj saying "Hamilai simana le chhuttaye pani hamro dhuk dhuki eutai chha". It really touched my heart.

Just today Gautam Sapkota (Nepalese Man the Guiness World Record Holder in Mimicking Birds) was performing here. Everyone enjoyed and felt proud of his talent. Nobody even thought about his country of origin. People just said "oho hamro nepali haru pani kasto talented hai?"

Posted on 09-07-10 2:29 PM     [Snapshot: 1878]     Reply [Subscribe]
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We should be proud that a nepali is representing NEPAL and NEPALI on INDIAN channel. Just because Darjeeling is in India doesn't mean people living in Darjeeling are Indians even though they have Indian citizenship. I've been living in US more than half of my life, I'm a US citizen, does that make me American? I don't think so. When people ask me what nationality am I, I always say I'm NEPALI. No matter what part of the world you live in your nationality should not change. People should be more open minded.
Posted on 09-11-10 1:46 PM     [Snapshot: 2259]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok, guys today Karma Sherpa is eliminated! this is the reason why I said abouthis singing in this competition. While I appreciate him saying about " Nepali", but the truth is he is one of the weakest singer. Well tried Karma! hope you will learn Classical and be back!!

Last edited: 11-Sep-10 01:47 PM

Posted on 09-11-10 4:49 PM     [Snapshot: 2323]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shantipriya, we are proud of Karma. LISTEN to what the judges said about his voice quality. There were only good things. I do not think he was the weakest singer AT ALL but the singer with the weakest support, I dont think Indians want to see another Prashant Tamang or anyone with a Nepali origin winning this contest.
 darjdai well said, you know I studied in Darjeeling as a kid. Love it there, there is a magic in the air of Darjeeling that I will never forget and always hold dear. Hanging out in chaurasta is my favorite memory. We Nepali of all origins share this special bond that differentiates us from everyone else.
       Shanti priya you made an observation of a JUDGE or a very talented singer, musician etc. thats the reason people dont like about your comment, simply because everyone here feels that Karma has a great voice, and went through every obstacle of expert judges who has all the classical training you claim to have. AND they have high remarks about his voice except YOU. Please provide us with a song, music or anything that qualifies you to make such observations. Otherwise you will look like a smartypants who thinks in the terms of this song by Bernadette Peters

Anything you could do, I could do better
I can do anything better than you!
No you can't!
Yes I can!
No you can't!
Yes I can!
No you can't!
Yes I can!
Yes I can!

Anything you can be, I can be greater
Sooner or later I'm greater than you!
No you're not!
Yes I am!
No you're not!
Yes I am!
No you're not!
Yes I am!
Yes I am!

I can shoot a partridge
with a single cartridge
I can get a sparrow
With a bow and arrow
I can do most anything!
Can you bake a pie?
Neither Can I!

Any thing you can sing, I can sing Louder
I can sing anythin louder than you!
No you can't!
Yes I can!
No you can't!
Yes I can!
No you can't!
Yes I can!
No you can't!
Yes I can!
Yes I can!
Yes I can!
Yeess I Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaann!

Posted on 09-11-10 8:30 PM     [Snapshot: 2420]     Reply [Subscribe]
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terobaje: be consistent what you say.

above you said " Those judges will
tell it as they hear, & they liked it a lot. shantipriya looks like
you know a lot about music and melodies, even better than the
professional judges."

now the karma is eliminated you are saying "
I dont think Indians want to see another Prashant Tamang or anyone with a Nepali origin winning this contest". which one is you??

anyone who knows even a "A" of  classical music or Music, can tell he is amongst the weakest candidate. The judges in saregama are very soft and in totality, they provide constructive criticism, unlike Annu Mallik, that is why they praised him, even today. So do not get carried away by their praise or criticism.

I like music and I do not associate it with any NATIONALITY. 

Posted on 09-12-10 2:05 AM     [Snapshot: 2552]     Reply [Subscribe]
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consistent? what do you mean? I stand by what I wrote. he is good singer hands down and that was proven when the judges praised him and now he is eliminated doenst mean that he is not a good singer. There are a lot of good singers in the competition and he got out, simple as it sounds, I think he did have the potential to win it all but he didnt so may the best singer win. My suggestion was a mere maybe he didnt get enough support in India being of Nepali origin. dont bother wasting your time dissecting my comments. NOW here we are trying to support a good singer who has made it to a very talented stage on his own accord, where his voice is also praised by all judges and listeners alike AND here you come along pointing out his vocal flaws like an expert, and then you even bloat about your classical music affiliation and yet go ahead to criticize well known proven Indian judges that they dont do their jobs, why are you going to teach them now? they by nature have to give constructive criticism by pointing the good and bad parts too. Here is what I dont see eye to eye with you. You seem to be stuck that he is a bad singer and his vocal has flaws, (now that seems fair) but you go an ahead analyzing how and where he has flaws and NOW he is out ,you are acting like an amateur smarty pants saying "SEE I TOLD YOU HE IS A BAD SINGER" im the expert and i told you so. AND I AM RIGHT go take vocal lessons karma. Music in my blood just mine."
 Music is universal, I agree but I do love my Nepali music a bit more than other.

Posted on 09-12-10 10:43 AM     [Snapshot: 2651]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do not pass your immature comments about the field which you have ZERO idea. and when you lose accept that as a brave man not like a true coward, who always blames  others for their  defeat ( in this case you are blaming the judge). This is a competition which means you have to compete and need to be better than the rest, as simple as that.

Btw, your whining make sense to me!

Posted on 09-12-10 2:52 PM     [Snapshot: 2738]     Reply [Subscribe]
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shantipriya My credentials will shock your brains out. I dont brag around. Ya I have met people like you before. You have no answers to my comments and yet you counter with stupid remarks saying stuff that makes no sense to me.well this is what you want to hear. Yes you were right ok, you win, karma was terible singer, his nasel vocals and his lack of classical music knowledge led to his elimination. I cant believe that you saw it comming even before anyone. You must be very talenetd that you can hera better than anyone. Please teach me, do I qualify??

happy now shanti priya, here can you judge this?

Posted on 09-13-10 6:52 AM     [Snapshot: 2902]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Heard lot of " Kothe singers" like this they come n go!

Posted on 09-13-10 9:17 AM     [Snapshot: 2927]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Santipriya ko " kothi" ma yesta singer ta Kati aauchan Kati hoina muiyya... Yesta kothe singer hai
Posted on 09-13-10 9:38 AM     [Snapshot: 2942]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Now I REALLY have an Idea of the type of person you are shantipriya, You have no talent in the field of music, You are just NOBODY acting like somebody. You have NO music knowledge and thats what I had thought from the beginning of this tread , and this comment confirms my doubt.
                                     Heard lot of " Kothe singers" like this they come n go!

Posted on 09-13-10 10:13 AM     [Snapshot: 2948]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I do not think, sajha is a forum to prove your credential in a first place. It is a forum for your opinion. Based upon my knowledge I predicted " Karma Sherpa" will be eliminated soon, which turned out to be true, and this is the FACT. So I understand your frustration and feeling of defeat, again read my comments above about terobaje's contradictory logic..makes me laugh rather.. again you from the same mind set said "Yes you were right ok, you win, karma was terible
singer, his nasel vocals and his lack of classical music knowledge led
to his elimination. I cant believe that you saw it comming even before
  I am not here to win or loose, nor I will gain anything from that. The fact that I was not biased in any respect unlike you, I predicted Karma will be eliminated soon " which you find hard to believe". Judges were not harsh in Saregamapa, so you did not see their acrid criticism, but they did evaluate.

So you guys are free to presume and have your own conjecture about my knowledge of music. Does not matter to me.The fact is I do not see music as other than JUST MUSIC unlike you when a nepali face comes to sing you go euphoric. You must be among those who would have donated your dad's hard earned money for Prashant Tamang's Indian Idol's campaign, sorry I do not fall under that category, no offense, but this a personal choice. I do not even know what Prashant Tamang is doing for the sake of Nepal and nepali nor the story of Karma is any different, or would have been different even he had won the contest.

I do not need to comedown to your level to prove my point. Your knowledge of music and musical sense is already proven  by Karma. Again if you want to learn music, first learn to respect the music just as a " music" irrespective of its nationality.

Posted on 09-13-10 10:42 PM     [Snapshot: 3075]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Are you serious? just read your statement, you are saying that we cant accept defeat because of your correct prediction, and then you go on saying that you are here neither to win or loose. NOW SMARTA*SS  read this carefully, We are not competing here OK, you think Karma is a bad singer and we think he is a good one. simple as that NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CONTEST RESULTS. You dont like him? FINE move on. Im not interested in your analysis. There are thousands of great singers in this world without any classical training so beat it looser. WHY cant your dumb brains come to terms that all we are doing is supporting a good singer win or loose. No one asked for your opinion SO SHUT UP. Keep your high level to your self . If sajha is not good for your upper class attitude than Dont bother showing up here, By the way YOUR level is the lowest of the Lowest kind to insult peoples parents for the sake of proving a point. and you have the guts so say "NO OFFENSE" are you kidding me? Hey this conversation is over, You just showed your true color, a naive SOB who thinks the world goes only one way ,my way, the only way, and thats the right way. Im done here, Moral of this discussion, Dont play with sh*it, it will only stink more.

Posted on 09-14-10 12:35 AM     [Snapshot: 3129]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Baje and priya, enough yar, just end the debate. You both r wasting time on bs.
Posted on 09-14-10 8:33 AM     [Snapshot: 3213]     Reply [Subscribe]
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your choice of words shows your true mentality and your poor upbringing! and right it is stinking...


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