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 Paras Dai ko arko **EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW**
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Posted on 08-31-10 9:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 08-31-10 9:32 PM     [Snapshot: 44]     Reply [Subscribe]
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yo moola le kapal kate ta ali herna laek hunthyo. 
Posted on 08-31-10 11:14 PM     [Snapshot: 192]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Some TV serial producer should offer him a role like "Kaji Ba" of Tada ko Basti or Deepk Thapa of Chakrabyoo. Seriously look at the way he talk, and his tone; these things clearly signifies his level of thinking and reach. Does he really think people would buy into that ? BUT then, i just saw some pix where people offered him graland and what not, so i'll leave at that...


Posted on 09-01-10 6:18 AM     [Snapshot: 415]     Reply [Subscribe]
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At least he apologized

he is far better than terrorist prachande/prakash and favored than maoists (killers of 15000 lives)

Posted on 09-01-10 8:24 AM     [Snapshot: 505]     Reply [Subscribe]
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When asked who they would choose among Maoist, Nepal Congress and King, I have heard a lot of people say they don't want any of them. If you think like that then you are an ignorant fool. That is because politics is about choosing the better of the available options.

Granted that the King did not perform as well as he should have and he could have. But when faced with a choice of incompetent politicians and the king, I think the king deserves more trust than these cheap politicans.

Posted on 09-01-10 8:40 AM     [Snapshot: 515]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Reporter seems smarter than him...i dont think he is saying things that he means...he is saying things what he thinks ppl want to hear,......OF course he is the Victim of this alll...he was the one who was deprived...everyone else is the culprit.....I dont like him..he is neither funny or smart or charismatic....sorry ...cant give you my vote of approval....

Posted on 09-01-10 12:51 PM     [Snapshot: 711]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 01-Sep-10 03:28 PM

Posted on 09-01-10 1:19 PM     [Snapshot: 758]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ek@l: I really would not know who I would choose among Charles Manson, Dennis Raider and Jeffrey Dahmer...

Posted on 09-01-10 1:24 PM     [Snapshot: 694]     Reply [Subscribe]
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paras le kehi garla jasto cha...wee need kingship back...
Posted on 09-01-10 3:01 PM     [Snapshot: 850]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its funny how seasoned politicians can easily brain wash people and convince them to elect and re elect them again and again AND AGAIN and people are expecting  the same sweet talk from Paras, sugar coated with loads false hope. Politicians have been breaking promises to all Nepali people and then come election, they play the Blame game that the opposition party didnt allow them to do anything. It always amazing how these politicians have been able to destroy Nepal again and again and still get elected and still have deep roots of trust in many people. reading this post shows me how there are people hopeful of the followers of the Indian chamcha Netas and terrorist maobaadi who for the last two decades dropped Nepal from a developing Asian Kingdom, ranked along with Singapore, Malaysia etc, to the poorest Asian country. YES we definitely need the King back, our identity back and our pride back. Maobaadi and Netas go to hell

Posted on 09-01-10 3:31 PM     [Snapshot: 894]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Investigation into the fake currency racket has led to some very startling revelations linking Nepal's former prince Paras to underworld kingpin Dawood Ibrahim.

The revelations came during the interrogation of two Nepali nationals caught by the Madhya Pradesh ATS, while trying to smuggle in the fake currency notes

Posted on 09-01-10 3:38 PM     [Snapshot: 916]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gyanendra is the main suspected mastermind behind the royal palace massacre on 1 June 2001


What really happened the night of June 1, 2001 at the Palace? Was the coup engineered by the Bush administration? In the days before the massacre a team of Muscular Americans were observed at the Hyatt Hotel in Boudha. They told everyone that they were their building a hospital in Patan but in the days after the massacre they left Nepal never to be seen again.
It was reported that the Black Prince was in Pokhara taking care of his conservation projects. The reality is he was at the Kathmandu airport awaiting the news of his coup. The Crown Prince was all ready arrested and taken to Balaju Army barracks. Prince Paras and Military Officers carried out the assassinations at the Palace. There was a tremendous shoot out at the Palace between King Birendra's staff and Paras and his assassins. Helicopters were observed all night taking bodies of Birendra's staff and dumping them in rivers along the border. This I know as well: anyone having any first hand knowledge of this is either dead or out of Nepal.
Those who did make it out live in fear.
Gyanendra waited at the airport while Paras did the dirty work and in case the coup did not succeed he planned on escaping from there. The Crown Prince was kept alive until after his father was killed. Then he was executed by the military. He was kept as a bargaining chip by the Military Officers involved in the coup in the case it did not succeed they would bargain the Crown Prince's life for exile.
Were the Americans just observers, or did they take part in this obviously well engineered plot?
The British and the Indian governments must have been in on it as well, but made sure they distanced themselves from the actual event. After all India is a Hindu country and Birendra a Hindu king, and there is a long relationship between Nepal and England and both royal families.
King Birendra never unleashed the Royal Nepalese Army on the Maoists and the gains they made led to the Coup. Gyanendra had the support of the military and the blessings of the Bush and Blair administrations as well as the Indian Government. Again they are now building a road from the Indian border to Lo Mothang. Lo Mothang on the Tibetan plateau bordering China was the jump off point for American-trained Tibetan guerillas fighting the Chinese. The CIA maintained a base there throughout the 1960s and 1970s--the Tibetan plateau being perfect for a forward airbase against China in the future.
Gyanendra is the Saddam Hussein of Nepal who killed his own brothers and family so he could be King. It's time for the awful truth to be known and our Governments part in it must be exposed. This is another chapter in our bloody history and again we have supported a heroin-dealing murderous despot/king/dictator.
I will all ways love Nepal and have many fond memories of my youth there and I am ashamed of what is obviously my own country's hand in this murderous affair in the land of Lord Buddha. American foreign policy has ruined Nepal. The thought of B 52s based in the land of temples makes me shudder.
This is how we create Osamas; this is how we create terrorism; this is how we create hatred for America. Say what you must against Birendra, the Nepali people loved their King and Queen and when they come to know the truth they will hate us for our part in this tragedy.

The Black King's Desperate Attempt
By Joesph Pietri, 20 December 2006
The movie being produced from India, Zero Hour- a Royal Massacre, is nothing but a desperate attempt by, Gyanendra, the Black King of Nepal somehow to convince the world that he and his son did not take part in the Royal Massacre. It is not world opinion he has to convince, it’s the Nepali people on the street who brought his Dynasty to an end that he has to answer to! Nepal has no capital punishment, which is another thing, but the two hundred 8 years of iron fist Shahi Rule, absolute slavery for 90 percent of the Nepalese people, is enough to hang the royal criminals once and for all at the Ratna Park, a park named after the Black King's mother Ratna! It’s high time to put an end to Shahi control of Nepal’s destiny.

The Black King, who allegedly smuggled heroine and antique sculptures, killed his own family, and became king in 2001. Now the 25 million Nepalis want republican setup.
As long as Gyanendra is in Nepal he will cause mischief behind the scenes, and the continued use of Nepal as a way station for South Asian heroin coming from Pakistan. Paras has control of a huge Nepalese heroin ring operating in the lucrative East Coast USA heroin market, and is a major player in the International heroin trade. The Royals of Nepal have a long history in this heroin trade going back to the 1960’s. King Birendra was no sweet heart, we cannot forget the Nepalese police throwing students from buildings and disappearing some as well in the popular people's revolution for democracy in 1990. Or how Birendra betrayed his people by making Hashish and Ganja illegal and there by creating the black market and introducing heroin to his own people!
The problem we the people have is that most media is controlled by the governments, so we only hear what they want us to hear; this film is going to be a prime example. They have portrayed Dipendra as Lee Harvey Oswald the lone gunmen. As we all know it’s been proven that it was a conspiracy and that more than one gunman shot at JFK, but yet the government continues to feed us the same lies that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. The Nepalese people can not allow this lie to be made part of their history; Gyanendra and Paras should be put on trial for crimes against the Nepalese people, the enslaving of true Nepalese and killing of his own family!
This international heroin trade run by the Royals must be put to an end. The Royal Massacre must be investigated by independent investigators. Witnesses must come out of hiding, this can only happen when Gyanendra and Paras are arrested. It’s time to end the influence that the Royals have had from the US Government, let them and everyone in the world know that we will not be your slaves any longer. All of the Royal Family's wealth abroad should be confiscated and returned to its rightful owners the people of Nepal. The Palace where the massacre took place should be turned into
Last edited: 01-Sep-10 03:39 PM

Posted on 09-01-10 5:19 PM     [Snapshot: 1006]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Damn!!! did he really go to Budhanilkandha school? or he got degree from 'Jogbani University'. What a shame.......

He looks like a pimp, talks like a pimp he must be a pimp.

Posted on 09-01-10 5:22 PM     [Snapshot: 975]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bimal_thapa_usa, you really opened my eyes, So this is the real story of the royal massacre? Wow such a huge plot with so many countries involved USA India, Britain, China and who else? well what the heck lets include, Pakistan, Japan, N korea S  Korea and even AFRICA for that, and then those Americans were actually Navy seals and Marine recons top US armed forces. They came to Nepal to stage this massacre. Nepal commando then Kidnaps crown prince RECON style. then the huge fire fights by Paras and commandos start shooting everyone at dinner table and they grab bodies airlift them and dump them in the rivers in by the hundreds, the river became blood red and dead bodies everywhere. Then world leaders from around the world poped champagne and threw lavish patries to celebrate victory, now the world leaders can get gold, diamond oil and many natural resources of Nepal. NOW the world was free to enjoy the riches of Nepal. Now America can build a military base in Nepal. King Birendra would never unleash the Army against the Terrorist because the worst had to come, and it did when he was already dead. actually WAIT no one is dead it was fake. those Americans were actually Hollywood directors brought to stage this event. Movie style, King Birendra was so FED up with Nepal and Nepali that he staged his own death including most of his family, BUT NEW reports of Nepal's royal family sighting has been reported in USA, England and Timbucktu by moon famous detective not world famous(big difference), reporter and analyst none other than Biaml_thapa_usa  AKA jaasus karamchand the Gandu.

Comon dude, are you serious? who put that bull crap into your brains? or do you even have one? I couldn't stop laughing reading your comments.

"This is how
we create Osamas; this is how we create terrorism; this is how we
create hatred for America. Say what you must against Birendra, the
Nepali people loved their King and Queen and when they come to know the
truth they will hate us for our part in this tragedy."

LOL please explain this one.

Grow up dude.


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