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 kt haru bidesh gaye pachi sarai uttaulo hunchan re ho??
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Posted on 05-28-10 10:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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recent research le kt haru bidesh gaye pachi (especially us uk n australia..) sarai uattaulo ra chada hunchan re ...what do u think guys..
Posted on 05-28-10 11:28 AM     [Snapshot: 80]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think you need an enema.

Posted on 05-28-10 11:55 AM     [Snapshot: 157]     Reply [Subscribe]
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what is enema??
Posted on 05-28-10 12:07 PM     [Snapshot: 114]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It depends on which culture you have been born and raised.

In MiddleEast/Muslim culture, girls are considered chada/uttaulo if they don't cover their head and skin. If a girl is found to have a bf, she will be stoned to death. Read this news article about a muslim dad killing his 2 daughters in Irving, US for having boyfriends http://cbs11tv.com/local/Irving.Double.Homicide.2.621540.html 

In our Nepali/hindu culture people are cool with girls showing their head and a little bit of skin. Sex before marriage is still a taboo, and girls will be considered chada/uttaulo if they do such things.

In western culture people are cool with all of the above.



Posted on 05-28-10 2:03 PM     [Snapshot: 407]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Chhada" is not the right word. I would be more inclined to say they become independent, confident and make their own decisions... Too bad if that leaves you a bit high and dry...

Posted on 05-28-10 2:59 PM     [Snapshot: 531]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i was takin abt nepali culture..nepali kt haru bidesh gaye pachi ko kura garya..as far as we talk about growing up their confidence, independence...they are actually misusing their freedom..once i heard from a girl she had never smoked before back home in nepal and now in US she is like smokin 10 fags a day..
Posted on 05-28-10 3:30 PM     [Snapshot: 595]     Reply [Subscribe]
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peacecountry bro: What makes a girl "chhaada" for doing the same things as a guy that makes him "cool"?
Posted on 05-28-10 3:37 PM     [Snapshot: 615]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dude get a life... stop nagging about others. 

Posted on 05-28-10 3:50 PM     [Snapshot: 641]     Reply [Subscribe]
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why do girls have to smoke after they go to a foreign western country???tesari herau na bro..kta haru ta nepal mai pani khanchan ani bidesh gaye pachi ni khanchan..tara kt haru ta nepal ma nakhane haru pani they start..thats the only point i was sayin bro ..
Posted on 05-28-10 3:51 PM     [Snapshot: 626]     Reply [Subscribe]
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People who wants to get laid with nepali girls but couldnot get even HI from that girl thinks girls are CHADAA. Ever heard of a story of a Greedy Fox And Sour Grapes?.

Posted on 05-28-10 3:58 PM     [Snapshot: 677]     Reply [Subscribe]
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bekar ko tauko dhukhai
Posted on 05-28-10 3:59 PM     [Snapshot: 641]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Get a life peacecountry!! I think you are still in stone age. grow up. let everyone make their own decisions. Nepal ma churot khane k-t haru dekhya chaina ki kya ho? what about k-ta haru? It depends on where  and how you were raised in Nepal. Let me guess, you must have enjoyed your liberty when you became "budo", after you have come to US UK or AUS and most probably on DV. You must never have had any female companions or never saw a girl wear a pant and you still do not know how to treat or approach girls the right way. 


Posted on 05-28-10 4:54 PM     [Snapshot: 726]     Reply [Subscribe]
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peacecountry bro....chhada hunu paunu ta harek manis ko adhikar ho ni...i think we need to respect this right of others...rima fakih chhada nabhaidya bhaye miss usa hunthena...ani hamilai usko beauty appreciate garney mauka ni mildaina thyo..so take it easy mate...long live chhadaness...jay nepal
Posted on 05-28-10 5:18 PM     [Snapshot: 772]     Reply [Subscribe]
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j hos nas bro le maile bhanna khojeko kura bujhecha...i appreciate it ..when did i say i dont like chada girls or girls shd not be chada..i d like girls being chada..the only thing i wanted to say was tyo chada ness chahi foriegn country gayera sikchan or suru garchan ...i am not worried ki nepali girls are being chada bhanera..
ani bbippinn bro..tyo miss usa ko kura ta pachi bistarai tha huncha herdai jau na..teslai target hanne muslim haru tannai hunchan aba..but i am particularly talkin about nepali girls..

Posted on 05-29-10 10:17 AM     [Snapshot: 1254]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How about all the guys,, we do the same thing , Looking for chance all the time, so what is the problem girls doin the same thing,, just get a life guys,, ""afno tauko ko bhaisi nadekhe ne,, arkako tauko ko jumra khosne"""" looser's community
Posted on 05-29-10 8:16 PM     [Snapshot: 1577]     Reply [Subscribe]
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PEACE BHAI..ekdum durgam gaun bata jhareko jasto cha ... nepal ma churot khane, timro standard ma chada.... testo kt haru dekhay chaina jasto chha.. ma yo summer nepal jadaichu..jane bhaye hida kyare..chada bhanda chada kt dekhaidinchu..euta duita sanga bolne mauka pani milaidiula,,,hahahha
Posted on 05-30-10 6:37 AM     [Snapshot: 1832]     Reply [Subscribe]
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kta haru le bujh pachako ho ki nabujhya ho ki maile bujhauna nasakya ho..u guys are completely takin it in a wrong way..sabailai "chada" word chai chitta nabujhya jasto cha..tara "uttaulo" hunchan bhanne kura ma chai atleast halka agree garya jasto cha..
Posted on 05-30-10 5:54 PM     [Snapshot: 2174]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yoni rankiyeko bela k garum ta kt haru le. 
Posted on 05-30-10 7:22 PM     [Snapshot: 2216]     Reply [Subscribe]
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kancha le bhaneko yo kura pani one of the factor nai ho..nice thinkin dude..
Posted on 01-08-21 1:20 PM     [Snapshot: 20023]     Reply [Subscribe]
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दिस इज वान हन्ड्रेड पर्सेन्ट त्रु दात बत इत इज ओन्लि न्याचुरल \ इन नेपाल दे आर हेभिली प्रोतेक्तेद एण्ड च्यास्तिज्द फोर बिंग बोल्ड एण्ड फ्री \ आइ से मोर पवोर तु दि लेडिज बेकोज़ दे अर और सोर्स अफ मोटिभेसन \

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