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 Nepali Ley Kina Jaat Falcha when they get mad!
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Posted on 12-22-09 8:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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KURA GARCHA, Phd ko, Master degree ko, .Jab Chita Bujh Daina....Sadak ko kukoor Jasto Bani Nikal Cha. If someone is doing PhD or Masters...the person's age must be early thirties ....right? Then have you seen how this people talk ..you can see right here on Sajha.....Damm! They act like slum kids from bombay.  oops I meant to say kathmandu.
Posted on 12-22-09 8:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 24-Dec-09 10:30 AM

Posted on 12-22-09 9:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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And who said PhD students have to be in the thirtees only? There are young PhD students as much as 23/24. Just FYI.




Posted on 12-22-09 9:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i totally agree wid sojhoboy....
Posted on 12-22-09 9:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hoina bhaneeyaa.. gaaltee garnee 1 ek 2 dueee jana Nepali... ani aarooop sara nepali lai.. this is not fair.. i think these people has contct with cheap and sick nepali people here in us.. i think SIS need to have some life.. i thought that she might be a smart ass but..she is not up to what i thought....

Posted on 12-22-09 9:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Puk U ...तेरो अनुहार जस्तो छ यो Thread ... काम पाईनस् , जा गएर आफ्नै बाउ आमा लाई गएर सोध ..Yo Question . This is not your any place to ask that kind of your crap question.  and no one in sajha gives Damn to your Thread except your damn chakka GayGoat !
Last edited: 22-Dec-09 09:24 PM

Posted on 12-22-09 11:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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When nobody would [Disallowed String for - Bad word 'fuk']c her even if she get completely naked with open ****,,,, what "sexy in Sari" could do than writing idiotic stuff here in sajha???

Posted on 12-23-09 8:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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जात फाल्ने कुरो कहाँ बाट आयो नि फेरी?
अनी यहाँ को जात के पर्‍यो नि दिदी / बहिनी / मौसी / भाउजु / अन्टि अथबा ...? 
Posted on 12-23-09 8:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Because they have a brain the size of a pea.
Posted on 12-23-09 9:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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People doing their PhD are still people. Its not how old you are, but how you were brought up that makes you who you are :)


Posted on 12-23-09 10:20 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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seriously, SIS need to get a serious life. get married or something. geez

Jab Chita Bujh Daina....:= chita bujh daina on what

Sadak ko kukoor Jasto Bani Nikal Cha.:= literally or how is this analogy work , explain.

If someone is doing PhD or Masters...the person's age must be early thirties ....right? := no

Then have you seen how this people talk ..you can see right here on Sajha.....Damm! = no, i haven't seen how these people talk in sajha because "phd" is not trailed after their nickname. DAMM !

They act like slum kids from bombay.  oops I meant to say kathmandu = i don't know how slum kinds act

Posted on 12-23-09 10:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey SIS wats ur problem

"They act like slum kids from bombay.  oops I meant to say kathmandu". if they r acting like slum kids of bombay.. opps kathmandu..  u  r acting like sex worker from mumbai. .. opps Ratnapark...

Posted on 12-23-09 3:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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referring to subject - When Sarala in Sari starts calling herself Sexy in Sari, tesaile ni.. laati tetti pani thaha chaina??? aruko k kura garches beimaaani napungsak aimai...thoknu pareko ho tanlai? ka thokun talai bhan? tehin dinchu macchhaera, junibhari pal pal samjhinches ani- rofl

Posted on 12-23-09 9:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well, SIS, Most of the Nepalese people in US they don't have actual life experiences. They come here and they spend most of the time studying and later they get  a job and they settle down. Well, this is already a big thing for them, like Black people, they came from poor life background and their parents never seen or been to school.  I know and I have seen some Nepalese guys they are in 40s, and chasing those high school girls. If you want to see you can go to Crystal city in VA. Bunch of retarded Nepalese old students acting like teenagers. Its not about PhD or Masters. Its about social value they have to learn from their parents. Its their parents fault. Happy Xmas. 
Posted on 12-24-09 1:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey gay goat ..

who know u too from same  poor family from nepal.. dont act like as if u r from a rich family.. everybody knows how your  dad or your mom  got paper here in US and brought u here.. and about those  nepalese guys u were talking..your dad is one of them too. so shut your mouth and stop pretending.

Happy Xmas to you too



Posted on 12-24-09 3:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The following analysis is based on the information provided by a pseudonym through her postings on Sajha.

All or some characters
appearing in this work are fictitious.
Any resemblance to real persons,
living or dead, is purely coincidental

She lives around Starbucks 19724 Germantown Rd., Germantown, MD

where she frequently visits. She shares an apartment living on left
over and watching TV though she loves Newari food specifically momo
with wine. She hates politics but loves music especially guitar.

She spent the summer at Ocean City like most of us struggling students. Although patriotic by nature
as she shouts out if it hurts her nationalism, she hated attending ANA
just because she could not leave her Ocean City job. As a student she
feels the pain of being a Nepali student, like a
donkey trying to pull an overloaded cart. But she still considers the
Nepalese she has met as Paakhe, without enough guts to propose her,
meet her or confront her. She hates the way Nepalese are segregated
rather than beign united.  She hated the way Nepalese are connected by
caste in Facebook. She is sckeptical about the notion that Buddha was born in nepal as 
all Vishnu avatar are Indians whereas Buddha is a Nepalese. She
supports the theory that although Buddha was born in Nepal in present
geography, he was born in India at that time as Kapil vastu was one of
the country in the greater Indian continent, untouched by Nepal or
India, which were not united at that time.

she came back to MD, she joined  a Gas Station, but disliked it. The
owner wanted a replacement before she quits. A month later she found a
replacement finally and took up a nanny job which opened her to the
world of toddlers and humanitarian towards children of developing
world. Her belief helped Nepalese Children’s Education Fund(
Nepalchildren.org) raise some funds through her networking as well. she
is concerned that while food is wasted during thanksgiving, children in
Nepal go hungry.

A feminist by nature she is like another Nepali
girl, hardworking and smartly outspoken. A little religious, she is
trying to please god through prayers, only when she is in trouble.Her
busy schedule as a nanny, school, late night browsing and watching
online movies leaves her with no time with hygiene. After meeting her
aunt at the Yomari party she realized that she was inflicted with
nepali lice.

She was single until recently when she found a
Newar boyfriend, an inter-caste affair. She thinks race does not matter
when there's love, so true. She was learning Newari for the sake of her
boyfriend. Unfortunately the affair did not last for more than a week.
She had to think about having a paid escort date if she needs one.

about country's degrading political limbo, she supports monarchy in
lieu of corrupt politicians. She keeps on updated with the politics
through her family, whenever she calls home, buying calling card
online. Last time she tried Pingo on Sajha, it did not work! She felt,
Sajha has gone worse from bad with all these dhoti programming scene.
She also spends her time browsing a lot discovering 'Nepalese more
likely to be Muslims, not Hindu', Terrorism, British Gurkha, Madoff and
Pankaj Joshi.

everyone else, she is also praying for the passage of the Immigration
Bill so that she can get back on track with her status and pursue for
green card in future but believes the Bill will benefit the Latinos
only. Nevertheless, she is trying to see if she can get green card
through marriage. She has recently resorted to Matrimonial Posting and is receiving numerous possible leads. One of her friends suggested her to pursue green card through Asylum, which she disregarded, thinking it is based on false statements. 

hates impersonators and condemns such acts. She is currently offended
by one of her PHD pursuing friend who seems to have a low life.

SIS बहिनी, कत्ती को मिल्यो? नरिसाउनुहोश है / तपाईको रिश डरलाग्दो छ /

My other fictional research analysis based on information on the internet and Sajha was about 'Sita' available at http://sajha.com/sajha/html/OpenThread.cfm?ThreadID=77729#742720.

रामेको अमेरिका अनुभव www.rameko.wordpress.com मा उपलब्ध छ /
त्यों ब्लगको पासवर्ड हराएर अपडेट गर्ने पाइया छैन

Posted on 12-24-09 5:36 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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oh ho Ram ji, mero bichar ma dherai kura milcha hola jasto cha. some more guesses on that fictional character of yours. she came as a dependent of dv winner.her parents still who work in a gas station and laundry mart. she lives in a apartment complex full of Nepalis and Indians. She's on a trip of being a legal Nepali and thinks students are doomed in the USA and she likes feeding her ego with the misery of Nepali students. she hates it when some file asylum and get granted cuz now they are also legal like her. she rather wishes they always live a life of misery. She had a Nepali boyfriend, a F1 student while she worked at the gas station but he dumped her cuz she's so negative and always freaking out about anything. 
Posted on 12-24-09 5:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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..more hehe.. she's dumb on maths, but thanks to the US college grants and her parent for filling that dv, she is graduating/graduated with a major that requires very less to none of maths. She tells people that she's going to be a lawyer. thanks to the same grants she only works few hours a week and manages to go clubbing with her other other lazy friends. she likes to go to ocean city and cuz it's nothing satisfying for an arrogant legal Nepali to see suffering students working like donkey. and she gets mad cuz people don't worship her like a goddess, after all she has a green card so the Nepali students should bow down on her. now she has a desi boyfriend who's been living her for a while. his parents hate her for being Nepali and she hates her being a Nepali herself and wishes she was rather a curry Indian. she can't stand other Nepalis and the only safe place to bash on them is this website. 
Posted on 12-24-09 6:33 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I generally see where you are heading with your statements and assumptions, I just hope it is not just to garner some attention. If worded properly, and if not generalized as much, your posts have the power to evoke some serious debates, which would be fun to keep an eye on, and to drop a coupla bombs too.. :p

I would love to see a picture of you in Sari, regardless of the gender! lolzz


Posted on 12-24-09 10:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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haaaaa SIS can provoke so many ppl amazing to see that....why do ppl have to defend themselves if they know whatever SIS says is Bull SHit anyway?..half the postings i read hear are only solidifies SIS's claims. 


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