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 Nepali Fire Victim, houston, texas

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Posted on 11-17-09 1:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepali Fire Victim

Last Friday night on Nov 13th 2009, an apartment block caught fire at
University Green Apartment in Clear Lake, Texas. A total of 12 units were
totally destroyed in this fire. Among these, two units were those of our Nepali
families with kids. Fortunately, everybody was safe. However, they lost all
their belongings and hence they need help to meet basic needs.

We are hoping and requesting for your help and support for these two
displaced family. They need the help right now. Please let us all come together
to give a starting point to re-build their lives all over again and help
spiritually and financially.

Please visit http://www.help4crisis.com/houston/nepali-fire-victim/
Last edited: 17-Nov-09 02:01 PM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-19-09 8:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with Blingbling.
Posted on 11-19-09 10:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Asking for a help hiding identity is not helpful..........
Posted on 11-19-09 10:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i agree with blingbling.
Guys US is a land of opportunities.
instead of helping the rich get back to his standards dont u think helping poor to survive would be better option. help those ppl who are starving to death and have no opportunities at all.
atleast these ppl are in us. fire, i am sure did not take their jobs.

just my thought . well if we could help those ppl out there live just another day with a smile back in nepal would be wonderful. if u search u will see hundreds of ppl . i have even seen ppl outside bir hospital who wish to live just another day but  are ignored because they cant afford health care, medi etc.
 i am sure these fire victims will be taken care by the apartment ppl.

i am not trying to discourage ur sympathy towards them but just putting in my thought about other more needy ppl then these fire vistims.

good bless all.

Posted on 11-19-09 10:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I work in a gas station.
Posted on 11-19-09 1:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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really sad to hear that !!!
Posted on 11-19-09 3:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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that was nice sexy in sari......
Posted on 11-19-09 6:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Looks like several people are saying that victims can use renter's insurance. I can tell you that these individuals did not have insurance. Otherwise they would not have asked for help!

I agree with one discussion participant - fire is fire whether it is in USA or in Nepal. These individuals lost majority of their belonging that was accumulated with hard earned money. Those who came to USA and had to start life from the scratch would agree that it is indeed a struggle to survive in USA. I agree there are plenty of opportunities. Still it takes many years of hard work, patience etc.

Long story short - if you feel like, send few dollors you can afford. If not, you do not have to contribute. Just do not go on comparing tragedy. If you feel like helping unfortunate kids in Nepal, you should do it right away. This is a great cause.

I think it is absurd to say that house fire in Nepal is worse and apartment fire in USA in not as worse. Not only these people lost their stuffs, they also had to go through some kind of trauma. 

Above two comments were meant for blingbling guy and all others who has similar opinion. Just curious to know if this blingbling guy has sent any books to unfortunate kids in Nepal? If he/she has not, I suggest he/she should do it immediately. Trust me - you will feel great no matter how small your contribution is.

Please do not post comments that will make victims feel worse than they already have ... that's all!

Posted on 11-19-09 8:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just wanted to point out something to doctorbee and others who thinks paypal site does not look credible. I just went to below website:

 On the right had box, I see three contribution options. First and second looks to be paypal sites. Second one seems to belong to Nepalese Association of Houston paypal account. The 3rd option is to mail check to Nepalese association of Houston.

Hence, looks like you can use option that you find credible.

So, rather than arguing and pointing fingers send some contribution if you feel like it. If you don't feel like it, read a book or watch a movie and go to bed!

Posted on 11-19-09 9:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks for the information, Nepalisajha! This is very helpful. I can't believe I didn't see the link.
Posted on 11-19-09 11:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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O hoo!!!! without no formal news or evidence about the nepali in a fire ppl are tryin' to spread it all over and tryin' to collect the fund in this way. Nepali ho kam ta garchhan hola ni ani why paisa? Anyway nobody keeps money in house rather than keeping in a bank. If the news could be true and nepali were really caught in fire then there are so many nepali people around the world who have more critical condition.. What about them? First post the evidences and if it is really critical then this poor guy will ready to dig the money for victim. And of course many other ppl will help'em. 

There is our land where there are so many sufferings and so many lives in a darkness. The cruel ppl are taking over the power every now and then. The warm bloods  who are supposed to do some good for their place are being jumping over other places. Most of their effort is for themselves and for places where they are living. Their country is sinking in the ocean of darkness. Today it is known as the POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Is it still not the time to think for our motherland????? 

If you know HELP, help for the right matter. Help for the body that is struggling for life and death. Our place is really lookin' for our help. Lets think about it. Lets think about some effective social program that we can launch in our country. If we don't see non then we still can help. What about the single lady who is providing shelter and all kind of help to nearly 30 old and weak ppl. Can't we encourage her. Our country needs heroes and pioneers like her, the Indra Lohani, and so many martyrs who have fought for our Nation. I don't wanna say some more because it is not the time to say but it is really the time to think and it is the time to do. Please don't take it as WHATEVER??     
Last edited: 19-Nov-09 11:29 PM
Last edited: 19-Nov-09 11:32 PM
Last edited: 19-Nov-09 11:34 PM

Posted on 11-20-09 8:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is one thing that sucks in the US. The apartments and houses are so lightweight here. I liked the houses in Nepal which are built with a solid foundation and with bricks.

Posted on 11-20-09 8:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Few things should be clear here.

What r the things that were destroyed. And how much money are we planning to raise ?

Posted on 11-20-09 8:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Doctorbee.... if you are asking for help be clear about it.....
What was destroyed by fire ?  Can we know please .... 
ani yo nepali ko k para ho yaar .... mauka paayo ki haat failaune......  I don't even know who you are ... how you are related to the victims..... and why this sympathy ??  
Dude America is the land of opportunity and if you work hard you can do a lot in this place.... and if your relatives lost some furniture in fire and they can't afford to get those things back .... don't they have some savings in the bank ? 
Life is very hard in USA but c'mon you seriously think those families can't get out of this.... 
Students from different part of the country come to this place with nothing... They bring utensils and food from Nepal before they come to this place....and everyone starts from zero..... 
And if you can't get your shit together in this country with all the opportunities you have ;you don't belong here.... you don't deserve to be here.........
if you are asking for help please be more transparent.......  

PS  I love my country and I have done my part when it was necessary .. I don't need to tell you that....

Go to Macy's apply for a credit card and rack up another $2000 in debt for furnishing your new apartment and you will be out of this.....
work hard and work extra hours for a month and you will be able to pay that in a month..... 

see how easy that is ? piece of cake !!!
Peace out...

Last edited: 20-Nov-09 09:00 AM

Posted on 11-20-09 9:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Look at the sick mentality being shown by some nepalese here. 

I hope this thread inspire you to donate to the more unfortunate ones than these fire victims. 

Really frustrated to see the mentality of you. Why do you need to make everything controversial?

Nobody is saying they're the most unfortunate ones. When I donate, I don't try to compare. Somebody wrote we should donate to the flood victims, and some to some other cause. I can give you thousand other more unfortunate ones than the ones you cited. If you just want to argue and carry on with this leg pulling game, I've nothing to say. Otherwise, stop this humiliating leg-pulling game.

I hope all of you who're barking are donating money to other more unfortunate ones.

This is what is exactly happening in our Nepal. Fighting for every single issue.

If you want to do good, start locally. If you can't help the community you're living in, I doubt you're going to help the world. When somebody is in pain here and asking for help, I've the right not to help, but I don't have to argue showing how smart I'm by saying that there're other people who're in need for more help and that's why I won't help you and I won't help the others in need also because there're always someone more in need.

When are we going to grow up?

And look at some jealous people here. I hope you'd never be in pain.

Posted on 11-20-09 9:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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see here is your problem..... you are pulling leg because you are trying to spit your frustration from other thread... which is now quiet obvious......  
sick mentality ??? really ??? we were just trying to have a decent debate and you step in with a global relief package like mother teresa did ?  how are we even making this controversial.......... and look at your mentality ??? you think others are barking just because they tend to disagree with you ?? wow that's a world winning mentality .... bravo......
and what's up with this start locally bullshit ??  now you are local in USA........damn what a day ... I just realized that arahat is helping the nepali community in the USA and he is gonna help the world tomorrow ... he is gonna leave USA and go to rwanda to feed the hungry... he is going to help the world build darfur... wow .... what a noble man.... 
good luck on your crusade....

Posted on 11-20-09 9:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Very well said arahat!

Completely agree with what you were saying.

I have already made few comments previously. Hence to summarize:

  • If somebody does not feel like helping these individuals, they do not have to. Nobody is forcing them to

  • Comparison between unfortunate events is not appropriate, despite of geographic location

  • Yes, there are infinite number of causes in the world which may be more heart-touching than this one

  • If you agree with above point, I recommend you find those causes and help whole-heartedly as much as you can

  • Even if nobody helps, these individuals will be able to carry-on. This is not the end of the world for them

  • Just like arahat said, please do not display sick mentality by pointing fingers at each other and by comparing

I am getting sick of some of the rude comments written in this thread. Looks like these people are writing just because they are proud of their opinion, and they may be arguing only to make the point to demonstrate that they are smart and right! I doubt if these individuals have any sympathy whatsoever for anybody except for themselves. 

Well, everybody has a right to say or think just the way they want to ... so be it. Hence I am going to keep quiet. Tired of this!

Posted on 11-20-09 10:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have not seen such a rude way to ask for help. It does not make any sense to help without knowing who they are? There is not a single news on that fire incident!!!! How do we know that the incident was/is real.  Why those people want help and are hiding identity? Are they really rich or upper class family in Nepal???? Why do not ask Nepalese Association of Houston for help? They will circulate the news and information about these victims all over other nepalese association in USA. Everyone would be ready to help if other people think that they deserve for help. It is not an appropriate way to ask for help. Instead you are jeopardizing the possibility of getting help. Rest is up to you and the victims. 
Posted on 11-20-09 12:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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blingbling, do you want to carry on with janajatis discussion? That's never ending, that's why I left What made you think I got frustrated? The irony is that you're trying to show your frustration and getting enjoyment by laughing on others pain.

Don't start preaching about a decent debate you hate monger!

Well, my mentality may not good be enough. But I can clearly see that the mentality of yours and the bandwagon following yours are even worse.

Wherever I stay is local, I don't have to be citizen. If I don't feel any attachment to the place I'm living and don't care for the place I'm living, I think I don't care for anything.

Blingbling, FYI I've donated only once and I've not donated anything for the cause in this thread. But I don't show my frustration on others like you do. I hope you'd never get in the position to ask for the help, and if you ever do and in need for the help and please imagine what if everyone have the thoughts like yours.

Well, thanks a lot for wishing me. I may not go to Rwanda to save the world. But I'll try to help whatever I can for the people around me first and won't try to compare that others are suffering more than them, and then make an excuse for not helping. If I decide not to help, I'd simply won't help, and I don't need to go to the person asking for the help and say that others are suffering more than you and go on preaching others should get more help while I don't spend a penny for any cause.

Here comes another ignorant sachokura. Little knowledge is really dangerous. Did you even try clicking this link? Lots of hatred among us these days. Though you made valid argument about the identity, all your diarrhoea mouth could have stopped if you ever clicked that link.

I'm sorry for making this  thread too controversial to the poster and I won't respond anymore in this thread. 

Posted on 11-20-09 12:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Blingbling--I dont' know the victims of the fire. I am just showing solidarity to a fellow Nepalese in their time of hardship. Isn't that what Nepalis are supposed to do? There are a few of us, and we can help our folks out, even though they may be perfectly capable of getting out of the rut. All they need is our support right now. We are a community and we need to help all sorts of people in our community.

I agree with you in terms of showing support for the folks that are suffering worse. I believe that we must show solidarity with them as well. Just because we focus our effort on one family does not mean we don't need a world view.

I just have a problem with the fact that people on this thread don't think these folks are having a hard time just because they are in America and they have the "opportunities". 

@arahat-- Thanks for your agreement in this topic.

Any status update on how these families are doing in Houston?

Posted on 11-20-09 2:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think that was quite a big destruction there in Texas. I think we should do whater we can to help them. I was hasitatant at first just to donate to any institution, but i think Neplease Association of Texas would be a fair place for making donation haina?? I hope no one got physically jurt in that incident.

On the x-tra note: Guys don't waste your time responding to this blingbling or dingdong, he's a "nut job". some "rebel without a clue" thing is going on with this kid with less understanding bout things and more of frustrations. Just ignore this moron, and eventually he'll dissapear. Do not respond to him, that's what i would do.


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