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Posted on 09-20-09 3:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are ruinning her private life.
Shame on you man.
What would you do if she commits suicide ?

Posted on 09-20-09 3:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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garne lai laaj vayena.... hami herni lai k ko bal???
it is not ruining her private life....
anyways... nice philosophy...

Posted on 09-20-09 3:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Everyone does so. Even you do it in your private life.
Think Man.And shame on all the people who support such scandals involving others' private lives.

If you are a nice human being, remove all the download links.
God bless you.

Posted on 09-20-09 4:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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WTF- chusey!!! what's your problem???

If it is someone's private life then don't just f**ng pull your private shit in the media- try to keep it or stop doing shit like that, if you're actor or actress...at the end of day credit comes along with what's you did.  

Posted on 09-20-09 4:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not saying you to refrain yourself from seeing such videos. Watch yourself.
But why are you publicly publicizing ?
She lives in Nepal, not in US. And she is Namrata, not Paris Hilton.

This incident reminds me of an old Nepali Actress who committed suicide in a similar scandal.
Its a disgrace man. Big disgrace.

God bless you !

Posted on 09-20-09 4:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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God bless her!

All I gotta say think before u do..

If u think you're gonna suicide then stop doing s**t in the media... this website is just a little part of that but things are already running every streets of Nepal.. so if u really wanna change then go back and stop it....WELL SAID BTW...

Posted on 09-20-09 4:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's a beautiful thing... sex is considered always a taboo throughout the history.. hence all these nonsense.... I don't care if the girl in it is Namrata or Samrata.... that's a sexual act.. enjoy it... publicising this mms might ruin her is only because of the mentality of the people, their pysche and their conditioning of minds/brains !!...

Kartik is coming.. the scenes of male and female dogs becoming ONE in the streets of Nepal will be rampant... what's wrong about that... the other dog doesn't care what the two dog did... it's natural.

It's only humans who always tried to live far from Natural way since they came out of the caves.

Let's not make taboo.... beautiful people can have sex... can have punlic sex.. I don't care.. let them enjoy the hormone mediated acts...

Buddha didn't become buddha... before that he slept with thousands of beautiful girls... he had all luxuries... everything.. but ultimately he renounced all and got awakened... all you did in the past is past... it never was.... the future is not yet... so enjoy the present... that's why it is called GIFT.... Live in Present.... because that Present is Infinity.
Last edited: 20-Sep-09 04:38 PM

Posted on 09-20-09 4:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Whoever posted this link didn't make any mistake. Neither is it invasion of privacy.

She took those videos willingly, her copulation with a married man is an immoral act to start with. Even in the west, home breaking is not considered moral. So, let's stop this 'sex is beautiful thing' crap too. It is beautiful act if you do it beautifully. Nothing is beautiful unless you make it beautiful, not even colors.

She made two mistakes. One is by sleeping with a married man. Another recording it with gusto. If someone walks out in the street naked, there is no point in blaming the witness who invites his friends to see the naked parade.

Every person has to live with the consequence of their action. She ruined a woman's home (this guy's wife), and boy, there is nothing more violent than a spurned woman (this guy's wife). It is clear that she wants to tear away the facade of respectability Namrata had in public.

Someone asked what if she commits suicide. I hope she doesn't commit. Why should she? She is beautiful and can find someone open minded guy easily. Perhaps the guy will divorce his wife and marry her anyway. But if she does commit suicide, it is hardly anyone's fault.

FINALLY,DO IT IF YOU HAVE TO BUT DON'T FILM IT, GIRLS/BOYS. Even thieves know how to hide evidence. The best thing is still do it with the person you trust, you trust for your life, otherwise , if you don't have emotional strength to cope with the consequence of it being public, you will be a slave of this man for the rest of your life.

Last edited: 20-Sep-09 04:49 PM

Posted on 09-20-09 4:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Celebrity and offcourse everybody should learn the consequences of video leaking out. It is definitely her private video. And definitely her boobs are her boobs, but if she walks it uncovered everybody has a right to look at it. She should have better taken care of her private videos. It is out and is no more private.

Posted on 09-20-09 4:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nice philosophy there brother Ved555.

But as far as this topic is concerned, I think it is not about the philosophy of sex, its about a private and personal life. Think with a crystal mind- Buddha may have committed sex with thousands of girls. But that does not mean that he became 'Buddha' by preaching about his sex life. Attaching Buddha with this topic is absolutely absurd and makes no sense at all.

I don't know about others who would love to have sex openly in the public like you said but I would not and many would not do that as far as sexual activity is concerned. Because we are not an animal who would indulge openly in fellatio and cunnilingus in the open streets of Ratnapark or Thamel.

Peace brother !

Posted on 09-20-09 5:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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chusey brother -i believe u do understand the meaning of private and personal life??? I told you about this long time ago but you're still stock with the same words????

Thanks to those guys out there (ved555, pire, pokhari ) who are broad and open minded....

and even thanks to namrata shrestha's attorny CHUSEY....

Posted on 09-21-09 12:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am frustated with people like you -loll.
Ok I lose, you win.

Now sleep with that grin in your face thinking that you did a great job. What would you do if your own peoples' vdo comes in the internet?  I pray god for that day not to come but what would you do if it comes.Would you post the links of the vdos with that grin in your face?

Shame on you man. Shame on you. 

Posted on 09-21-09 8:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i don't think that is the infringement of the private life. she chose
to take a video while having a sex with a married man. it is ok to have
a sex with anybody you like and feel comfortable with. but once you
take video and become public there is no one to blame for. you are
responsible for everything.Namrata did a stupid thing, why didn't she
realize, if not now,then this video will eventually will come and hunt
her later in her life.this wild fire will make her life terrible. she
got to face this,and make this thing right. I think she should go with
the same guy she had sex with. it would be very wise of us if we not
talk about this anymore, and spreading the videos and making this topic
hot everyday.

God bless her.
Posted on 09-21-09 8:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If she is really a namrata.. then she should be prepared to sleep with every director she wants to act.. this is what the director will be demanding from now onwards.... and if she can go for it.. she might be getting more movies.. and increase her diginity.. but deep down.. inside her, i don't know how she will feel... basically everyone will want to have sex with her ... But is the girl in the vdo really her????

Posted on 09-21-09 9:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I was just curious who she is, googled and got this result. Not even opening any u-tube.


system scan progress

97 trojans 

Shared Documents

334 trojans

My Documents

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353 trojans

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78 trojans

PIRE; It is only you can trust yourself, No second person. In her case she did not trust herself.
Last edited: 21-Sep-09 09:23 PM


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