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Posted on 08-10-09 2:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why (Company Name) sucks and my ex-boss NSB is an asshole !

Because of lots of threaten given to this employee, I need to make some changes in this posting. Sorry for the inconvenience to the readers of this thread.

The sad news is that his blog was closed. So for the persons who didn’t get chance to read the original posting, I have posted the edited version.

The only thing changed here is the name of his boss (short name is provided) and the name of that company.


By an Employee | March 24, 2009

I am making this post to explain why my ex-workplace, a local branch in Kathmandu Nepal of a Dutch software company based at Holland absolutely sucks and why the manager of my ex-workplace, NSB is an asshole. (N Asshole B is a better name for this guy.)

After I finished Computer Engineering back in 2007, I was desperately looking for a job. Desperate, because I didn’t want to stay at home all day doing nothing after my Bachelors were over when most of my friends were already engaged somewhere and I really wanted to experience spending my own money.

One fine day when I was browsing a few Nepali job sites, I saw this vacancy published at jobsnepal.com. It was for a post of an ASP.NET Software developer put up by this company, exactly what I was looking for being an ASP.NET programmer. The offer was quite lucrative because the employer had on offer an European Work Environment, competitive salary and excellent benefits. What more could you ask for in Nepal? Excited after reading the employer’s offer, I emailed him a copy of my CV without any delay.

I was called for an interview and then after spending a whole day at the interview, completing a small web project on ASP.NET, I was given the good news that I was waiting to hear – I was hired and I was told that my salary for the first 3 months would be Rs.6000 (75 dollars) and then it would be increased to Rs.8000 (100 dollars) and then it would be gradually increased. The salary was not at all a comforting match for the advertisement that the employer had put up earlier but still, I was really excited to get my first job. As soon as I got the news, I called my dad and my girlfriend to tell them that I got my first job. They were very happy for me.

Although the advertised "European Work Environment" was nowhere to be found at office, I thought I would still get the remaining – competitive salary and excellent benefits. A TV and a microwave oven at the office to warm your lunch is not going to create an European Environment when the office even lacked an air conditioner and a group of 5 guys needed to share a fan in the summer and a single room heater during the winter. Things started looking grim at office as time passed by. And I was not the only one; almost all the employees at office had complaints. Then it all started becoming clear slowly that the manager, NSB was actually hated by almost everyone at office. He was a bloody miser and everyone blamed him for embezzling the fund sent to him to be distributed among the staffs as salary by the parent organization at Holland. Some still seem loyal to the manager, but that was understandable, those were the ones who were fed well by the manager for serving him.
Back then, I started doing a bit of research personally about the issue. I found out that it was stated on the company’s website that they charge their customers to a maximum of 45 Euros per hour of work of an Asian Programmer. But most of us at the office were not even receiving 0.5 Euro per hour for our work. And after I saw that, it was pretty apparent for me that this lad, NSB was siphoning away the money. From that day on, the sight of this guy would warm my blood. Still I had to hang in there until I got some other job and I had to be nice to him so that I could collect my job experience letter at the end of my stay at that office. But I was not able to maintain a healthy relationship with that asshole for long. He had his own logic on things when the rest of the office had something else.

After the first 3 months were over, I was asked by that asshole manager to sign on a contract that read that I would be paid Rs. 6000 for 6 months from the start, that means 3 more months on the same pay, a clear deviation from what I was told earlier. I denounced the offer and told him that he had instead told me to increase my salary to Rs. 8000/month after the first 3 months when he hired me. He then pretended trying to prove that he forgot what he told me earlier.

Similarly, one day, I needed to take a leave for my personal affairs. And on that same day, he had scheduled a program for all the staffs to go go-carting. Don’t be amazed that a miser arranged a program for his staffs. Actually at that time, an official from the parent organization was visiting Nepal from Holland and it was that asshole’s way of showing to the official that he was doing some spending here at Nepal and also to please him. I went to him to talk about my leave, he told me that either I was coming with them to go-carting or that day would be counted as a non-paid office day for me when everyone else were receiving their salary for visiting the go-carting arena with him. I become furious for obvious reasons that day and had to tell him that "I am not gonna let you set preferences for me and if you want to count it as a non-paid day, fine, do it!” And since that day, the tussle had begun.

Next time, it was the month of February. On Valentine’s Day, I had plans with my girlfriend. So I wrote him an email on that day to tell him that I would not be able to make it to the office that day. I almost always mailed him when I had to take a leave earlier. But since he already had received some nice word-blows from me, he went on to call my mom that day when I was out with my girlfriend. When I returned back home that day, my mother told me that my boss had called me. I was surprised and furious too that this lad wanted to control me like he would do to a kindergarten kid. I carry a mobile phone and that asshole had both my home and mobile phone numbers but he opted to make a call to my home to reach me, what a freak? The next day, in the morning, I got a call from him again, this time on my mobile phone. I picked up and he was there at the other end shouting at me for sending him an email to ask for a leave. I had to shout back and tell him that it was fine when I did the same earlier, what’s was different that day? Then he put up the question that I was hoping he would. He asked me: "Chirayu, do you want to work with us or not?". I said, NO. Then this guy told me "You are fired as of right now". Poor lad didn’t even know that he had no right to fire me after I had already left his job – I answered "NO" for his earlier question which should have been understood as me leaving the job, but how would a dumb ass understand?

Asshole is a better middle-name for him than “edited”. N Asshole B. This guy is a MBA from University of New Hampshire – Whittemore School of Business and Economic. Amazing, ain’t it? A 10th grader would have managed the office better than him. This guy really deserves an asshole award. So here’s the ass-hole award for Mr. N Asshole B. Go get it dude!
And if anyone for any reason doubts your status as an asshole, I have an advice for you, JUST BE YOURSELF !

Probably this kind of exploitation happens in almost all IT offices in Nepal, but if you can expose guys like N Asshole B, it can be hoped that this trend of exploitation of labor by outsourcing companies in Nepal can be brought down.

Last edited: 14-Aug-09 08:09 AM

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 08-12-09 12:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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HAHAHA...A case of Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned!!  This is ridiculous.  Can't you fellas sort this out with your fists instead of sneaking around and telling the teacher that you were bullied around?  Settle this mano y mano, dude?  I can't believe that we have kids crying here in sajha and making a scene...Damn, I just had a hard time wiping Ghatozkat's tears off my screen. 

My words of advice to all the cry-babies out here who are prolly working their first job and have no clue about the corporate world (this ain't your dad's house anymore kids...Welcome to the REAL world!!):

In competition individual ambition serves the common good and here too we see a similar phenemenon to what Adam Smith said eons ago; the Manager was looking out for himself BUT at the same time providing jobs to an economy already in the depths of the unemployment nadirs.  If I was a manager, I would do the same as he did looking out to profit myself first.  Be glad that he kept you around even though you were a pain in his butt-hole...If I were him, instead of keeping you around longer, I'd have prolly fired your sorry azz the first time I saw any signs of trouble.  You want to make it big in the real world, then shut that orifice in your face and crank the hours and create something of value for the firm (new businesses, profits, new innovations, etc) and then in time you'll see yourself rise in the ranks surely.  Damn dude, aren't you friggin glad that this cat gave you a job when you had nada/zip/zero real world experience?  And what, you were paid???  Whoa!!  Here, kids go through unpaid internships to build up their resume and gain much needed experience and there is a never-ending supply of such kids who are willing to sacrifice their right to live for a whole summer/year for an opportunity like that.  And yeah, taking days off during an internship at major IBs here is a striaght shot to the center of the earth from where you're never ever gonna return.  And you wanted a day off for Valentine's?  LMAO  Are you in Mars or someone's Arse, dude??

And hurray and the others, I gives a rat's ass about "sweat-shops' and the pseudo free-trade speeches that you put forth without any base for an argument.  The case in point is that Jobs are being created that can lower the unemployment rate (albeit in a much lower wage rate than developed nations: Hell, why are we even comparing (Approx GDP's: Nepal's: $300 and US': $40,000), as it makes no damn sense!!  Though the holy economics trinity is not something I will preach and delve into here, for me and all the economists out there, a prevention in the rise of unemployment is the best thing that could ever happen to an already dying nation...Read Okun's Law that states, "For ever 1% rise in unemployment, GDP outpout goes down roughly 2%".  Isn't this what I and you need for Nepal?  I don;t care how we get there, but job creation is something of much needed value here, can't those orbs in your face called eyes see that??  Damn, I can't wait for all you wannabe theorists to just shut that jabber-mouth of yours!  This is friggin insane!!

Final words of advice: Quit burning bridges and would you stop trynna make yourself into a public figure here?  If and when you have a simialr problem at your next job (if you luckily happen to get one), meet up with the boss one to one and EXPLAIN the situation and lay out your views at the same time take in his (you never know where someone is coming from unless you talk and discuss a matter in a civil manner...basic etiquettes of dealing with people that even class 1 kids in St. Paul's School understand).  And listen, No one here in sajha or elsewhere is ever gonna hire a disgruntled employee who has a history of harassing the boss.  Take it like a man and move on!!


Posted on 08-12-09 10:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Samsara - 

Couldn't agree more.  Well said.

Posted on 08-13-09 3:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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dude whyd u have to shut down ure website?? dont be intimidated by sucha fkface.. if u want lemme know and ill give u space on myhosting and a subdomain..

Posted on 08-13-09 4:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i came to know that the boss has done a lot of exercise to close his blog. And the host  was in pressure so his blog was removed may be for few days.
Thanks for all the active participants.

Posted on 08-13-09 7:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well said! Couldn't agree more.
These are spoiled & pampered azhole kids who think they can bully their way out in the real world. It is useless to try to get some sense in them.

Posted on 08-13-09 8:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here's one for the underdog who's getting bashed left and right by our 'corporate-world visionaries'

Lets talk about the money.......6000 Rs for a month? Damn I knew people from BNKS who got A levels and were teaching tutoring classes and bagging almost 20K a month. That too without a bachelor's degree.I was offered to teach the TOEFL for Rs. 10K, with my high school education. That's 2hrs a day, 6 days a week.  Hell when I wrote freelance articles for a national paper, I got Rs. 600 per article. And no I didn't jump through any hoops. And no I am not trying to brag here. I am pointing out the disparity in salary.

Bottom line: you were getting shitty pay.

Now all you capitalist folks don't start out with your Econ 101 baloney and market value.
I think if you were getting 6K or even 8K as a programmer, you were really getting ripped off, especially if you are working in a project for a European company. I know this since I am a programmer.

To the guy who said programmers are not engineers. Dude, I have an engineering degree and programming is as much design and analysis oriented as whatever the fu(k you think engineers do!

For outsourced programming jobs, the general rule of thumb is you get at least 20% of what a programmer here (in US) makes....the Indians working at one company i know earn 50% of what they would be paid here. Lets take 20% as the minimum and now 60K a year for a programmers in US. That's 12K USD a year...so easily 50K NRs a month.
I have heard that programmers can easily get 1K USD a month in India...And no they aren't guys with years of experience. And don't tell me he should have moved to India.

Regarding the original poster's salary......It's corporate slavery at its worse (or best) Hey what else can you do? File a lawsuit for voiding your verbal contract?
We know how fast the judiciary is in lawsuits. Sometimes it's public humiliation and only public humiliation in Nepal that discourages people from exploiting others.
Some of you folks dissing this guy here you have the balls..those over heated balls that have turned you impotent since you worked your ass off and climbed the corporate ladder in the US of A. Kudos to you...kudos to you telling this guy to face the real world. And how dare you do that while you break the law, going to ocean city when you were a student and working off campus on an F1 visa, taking 6 years to graduate and finally getting a job through consultancies coz your sorry ass couldn't land a good job and after years of 'slave work' now you've got some room to breath with your Green Card and you have to prove yourself that the real world is mean and cruel and everyone's sorry ass deserves to go through hell just because yours did?
And since your balls didn't fully recover now you are trying to man up from that eunuch state of which you won't recover from? If so, then I feel sorry for you than I feel for Chirayu.

Alright, my rant is over...I will take the bullet one at a time.


Posted on 08-13-09 9:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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We got a classical war between Capitalism and Socialism

Capitalism praise the employer because the employer creates job

Socialism favors the employee because it always says one becomes richer exploiting the workers

Both sides are correct

I  am inspired with the former case

Posted on 08-14-09 12:06 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Whoever are supporting this guy for whatever he did to defame his employer, my simple question to you is

"Will you hire this guy after learning these facts ?"

Posted on 08-14-09 12:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good question Izaap... I would like to hear the answer from those people who are supporting that guy
But the question arise for those people also who supported the Boss of that guy. Would you like to work for the  Boss who love to exploit his employees, who pay as little as Peanut as salary?

Posted on 08-14-09 6:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Interesting argument, here is my take on it.


Salary: Instead of comparing the salary to an Indian or an US programmer level, why not compare the salary to a Nepali programmer. My current monthly Nepali salary is equal to my weekly salary in US, that too when I started as an engineer.


Boss claiming inflated salary from client: I don’t think we should be surprised by this practice because I have seen NGOs and INGOs do it, so why not IT companies? I remember a friend of mine, who worked for a consultancy, telling me that her boss charged his clients three times her salary for her work.


Salary demands: I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion on how much salary they should get. But it would definitely be wise to survey the market first. I remember interviewing candidates for the position of assistant manager and there were fresh MBA graduates expecting exorbitant salaries. In comparison, there were people with 10 years experience willing to work for half the MBA’s expected salary.


Since I am a boss myself, I guess this is a biased view. Nevertheless, here are some helpful tips for people working in Nepal.


1.      Always have it in paper, the terms and conditions that you and your boss have agreed to.

2.      Always read your contract carefully. What does it say about you taking holidays? Are you entitled to sick leave, personal leave (vacation), casual leave? If you are just starting then you are not. I guess if your employer’s parent company is visiting, I would say it’s definitely not a good time to take a day off. I would definitely react the same way. About the Valentine’s Day, if it’s in your contract then you are entitled to your day off, even if I kick and scream,

3.      The first six months that you work, you are considered an apprentice, therefore companies normally offer lower salaries and no perks. It’s only after six months that you become a permanent employee and get all the perks. Unless you are on contract, then things maybe different.

4.      But even if you are on contract, if you have worked more than six months in a company (unless the company is smart), you have legal rights in Nepal which includes, your boss just can’t fire you for any reason. So in your case, if you had crossed six months, your boss can only give you a warning. You can only get fired for extreme cases.

5.      In Nepal, most companies have some sort of salary allowances similar to the government. So for example, even if your salary is Rs. 4000 per month, the bonuses and allowances could bump it up to Rs. 8000 per month. So working on contract may not always be the best idea.

6.      If you sign a contract, it is binding to both you and your employer. So check out the contract and see if your boss did anything wrong.


I read people talking about Capitalist and Socialist sides. Here in Nepal, the government protects employees and labourers. If you happen to go to labour court, odds are the labourers will win 90% of the time. Also, even if your company is going on a loss, you cannot just fire employees, either you stop hiring replacements or your employees resign. Only way to lay off your employees is to close down the company itself but that too would require you to notify the government labour department in months advance.

Posted on 08-14-09 7:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Would I hire this guy?
Now lets say if I owned a company and I had a choice between everyone here dissing this guy and the guy himself?

1. Most of you folks ripping this guy apart probably can't write two lines of
decent code.  Even if you did, you would land yourself in an infinite while
loop and start scratching your over-heated balls!

2.Looking at his writing, this guy can probably write a better memo than some folks who've been educated here in the US.

3. And why not hire him? Because someday I will be referred to as 'the asshole' in another blog? You folks scared of that? Then suck it up and be a better employer rather than exploit your employees.
I won't hire a boss who is silents while others are being exploited, be it discrimination or something else.

So the answer is I won't hire some of the experience folks here who are telling this guy to live in the real world because your ethics made a new low when you failed to note that the guy was being exploited and he has rights. Looks like you folks also exploit others and you are scared of someone humiliating you!

Posted on 08-14-09 8:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Whistle Blowers are good for the society but this act will always hurt them in someway other in their future endeavours.
Last edited: 14-Aug-09 08:32 AM

Posted on 08-14-09 9:52 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What is with the argument that he should not have morally publicized how he was treated? And Boss no matter what they do/say are always right?

I would have been strongly concerned if it was not the blogger who wrote about the person. But this guy is the employee and he deserves his right to write for himself about his BOSS, in his BLOG.

Thank God, he didnt send it over to "THE BOSS" which would alert every of the so-called bosses in the country. Just because you can exploit, doesn't mean you have to exploit. If you deem the employee unproductive within few months' time, why did you hire them on the first place. If you deem the employee morally illiterate, again why did you hire him on the first place. Greed breeds hatred. Now face it Asshole and try to improve your US-learned top-notch MBA skills within a small organization in a small nation!

Posted on 08-14-09 10:26 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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dude..fk that shit! why u letting some prick headed a-hole shut ur blog down?? just open new one in wordpress, or blogspot or one of the thousands of other blogging sites.. lets see if he got the balls to shut you down then! Its a sad thing that the comments there got shut down as well! there was a good discussion going there but that a-hole forced you to close..kinda reminds me of that Dev guy going back to nepal to threaten that adopted girl not to return.. hepnu dinu hunna saathi...
thats the kind of mentality that lets child exploitation/slavery continue in our household..the kind of mentality that says "this is how it works in the REAL world b!tch, so shut ur face up". I dont believe that crap, and if you don't as well, dont surrender your voice.

Posted on 08-14-09 10:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A US educated MBA becoming so low to go after and shut down the blog, it tells you right there that he has something to hide. Seems like he has not heard about freedom of speech, maybe they did not teach him at the school back then. This so call disgruntle/whistle blower (whether true or a complete lie) has the right to express his opinion on his blog (that is what is for-it is not a newspaper fellas). It is up to us to analyze the fact from fiction and come to a decision. The Asshole Boss should have posted a response instead, telling his side of the story. Apparently he seems to be more interested to subdue the spread of the news.Who knows, this disgruntle employee might have a tape/video of the conversation, the asshole is scared, maybe?
Boss, these are modern times. Why not you post your side of the story?
Disgruntle employee-you need not be scared to post anything on your blog, it is your own opinion and if someone comes after you, as long as you have a legitimate proof to back your statement, law will be on your side.Now put your blog back and spell his full name.
Last edited: 14-Aug-09 10:30 AM

Posted on 08-14-09 12:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'd caution those taking sides that there are always two sides to any story. Chirayu has brought forward his side, convincingly so - and more power to him for speaking up and I wish him well -  but I can only wonder what the other side, namely NSB's side,  to this story  is.

Last edited: 14-Aug-09 12:02 PM

Posted on 08-14-09 12:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Guys, I am changing my host. That AHole contacted my domain registrar and my host. My host is complaining and I
don't want to put my other blogs hosted in the same hosting account at risk. Thank you all of you who supported me to
make that post a success.

All of my ex-colleagues from my previous workplace visited my blog and even helped me in making the post popular by posting it elsewhere and forwarding the post’s URL by emails. I am happy that all of my ex-colleagues now know what I went through and I am happy that they helped me spread the word. Other than my colleagues, 3000+ now know how skilled grads are exploited in Nepal by AHoles like my ex-boss. My case is just the tip of the ice-berg, there are probably hundreds of cases like mine in Nepal that should make it to blogs. I hope my case helped to raise the awareness among employees and AHole bosses as well. AHole bosses, STOP EXPLOITING LABOR!!!, otherwise you might be exposed by someone else on his/her blog!

I really feel sad for the AHole now. I wonder how he would raise his
head in front of his staffs who have read my post. What remains with him now is a bunch of
staffs who helped me spread his asshole-ness.


Last edited: 19-Aug-09 02:14 AM

Posted on 08-14-09 12:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The same thing as in my last comment ended up here again, so I am editing it!
Last edited: 14-Aug-09 12:02 PM

Posted on 08-14-09 7:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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There are several websites where you can unload your grudge against anyone, be that be your boss, your doctor, professor, or any business that swindled you!  No need to have your own blog site.  Some are here:





Here are some tips to deal with bad bosses:




Here is an interesting poll:


According to this poll, 87% of people in the US quit his/her job because of bad boss (I was one of the quitters!).. 51% quit at least once due to bad boss.  So Chirayu has lots of frinds in the US.

Last edited: 15-Aug-09 03:36 PM

Posted on 08-16-09 5:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Exploitation of Innocent fresh graduates 


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