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 MANU: Loser Loser 4 goals in home

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Posted on 03-14-09 9:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What a shame. Don't worry. U can have more in Champions League

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 03-14-09 3:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Liverpool deserved to win today; it was just not our day. We are still going to Win the EPL, Liverpool may chase us but we will be home. As for the penalty decision it can go either ways, there is nothing about ref favoring Manchester United at Old Trafford, if that's the case then the Ref should Favor Liverpool and Chelsea, Arsenal and all. We will see who will be laughing at the END. Liverpool may not WalkAlone but we will be saying GLORY GLORY !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 03-14-09 3:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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neples i dont know which match you are talking about 9 points. Liverpool have not won against Aston villa. And Chelsea ???? Can you tell me the incidence. Everton were gifted penalty against Liverpool. When Liverpool played at guddision park against Everton the torres goal was disallowed wrongfully. I wonder if you are watching the same game. You name 2 game and talk about 9 points??

And by the way , i am talking about Old trafford. This is the first penalty i have seen at old traffrod at ages. Can you believe that visiting team has not received only 3 penalty for last 10 years.

I know sometimes get lucky decisions, sometimes luck favors it is part and parcel of the game. I was only talking about Old trafford decision which has become routine . Thankfully today refreeing was great. Although according to paul ince the first penalty was wrong. But who cares. Soemthing we expect in old trafford.

Posted on 03-14-09 3:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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By the way liverpool are much more better team than Man U and chelsea. Liverpool have defeated both Man U and chealsea both their matches. To be best you have to beat the best and Liverpool have won all the four matches.

 How can a team which is so poor compared to rival liverpool deserves to be champion. It will be travesty. Liverpool are better team than Man U.

Posted on 03-14-09 3:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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NQ winning 4 games againgst ManU and Chealse do not make Liverpool the best....They just got lucky broda......If they are the better team , they would have been at the top of the table and they would not have been waiting for the first EP: trophy in 19 years.......They play crap againgst the other teams ......and I hope they'll not have to wait another 19 years to clinch the first EPL........and At the end the only thing matte is the championshio which ManU will win for sure ....ManU rules.......Go RedDevils Go.....
Posted on 03-14-09 4:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Vidic is out for 3 games. Now we can see the defensive frailties of Man U. vidic has not only been defending but also scoring goals. United  downfall has started.

Posted on 03-14-09 5:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Whatever u say!! Liverpool is better than MAN U..
No matter Man U will win the EPL.

Posted on 03-14-09 6:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It is by no doubt that ManU are going to win the EPL  but it is also for sure that Liverpool had the last laugh.

It is also obvious that no team in English league can match up against even the substitute lineup of ManU (that's why Fergie had luxury of throwing Giggs, Berbatov and Scholes at once) but at the end of the day - all that counts is the scoreline and that's what we had a pleasure of viewing 4-1 defeat and that too in mighty old trafford.

Guys, it is noteworthy to mention that EPL is by far the best league in the world - what could be more proof than 4 english teams in champions league for back to back 2 years.

God bless EPL and let's chill and enjoy.

Posted on 03-14-09 8:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you say its worthless to win the title after being beaten by the rivals...then why there is the existence of EPL, champions league, FA and Carling cup.... better you play the Computer game ans get satisfied rather watching any league game. Finally the table and points count....see MAN UTD are 4 points ahead.. goal difference and one game to go....Its a league....no team wins all their 37 games....So...don't be that much excited by beating the united in their home...You LIVERPOOL, CHELSEA have a lot to go...no only for this season...for coming years too
Don't forget..Man utd are still in race for 3 more trophies.They are European Champions.World Club champions and Carling Cup champions...Results and History says it all.....
Hope you guys agree with this...
Posted on 03-15-09 1:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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brother Vidic is out only for a game. and it doesnt matter coz we've got Evans.
Posted on 03-15-09 1:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hahaha.........biggest loss for MAN U in their home ground for long time. It is now proved Man U are fucche in compared to Liverpool. Loss at anfield and Humiliated at old trafford. Chelsea too have lost both home and away game. No matter whatever you say.........Man U are fucche. It has been proved.

Posted on 03-15-09 2:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"It is now proved Man U are fucche in compared to Liverpool." This is one idiotic comment i have heard in quite a while...fucche re how do you mean fucche??? winning home and away fixture in a league against manchester united doesnot mean you are sure to win premier league..Please remind me how long has it been that livepool last won the league..Manchester United are the European champions and the League champion period. Liverpool has to go a long way to be compared with Manchester United and dont give the shit about how many cups have liverpool won in the past. I am only considering past 5-6 years. Stop showing your idiocy and behaving like a child. If you want to be respected first learn to respect.

Posted on 03-15-09 2:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Fanatic, first tell your manager to show some respect while you lose. since your manager has no respect for Liverpool and fails to admit his side played poor compared to Liverpool, than why are you asking to me for any respect. Let us just laugh at this BUDHO.

Posted on 03-15-09 4:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"It is a hard one to take because I felt we were the better team," Ferguson said. Obviously this statement is exaxerated. the penalty was a severe blow to United. I knew that it would be difficult to win from then on. But my hopes grew when united were attacking liverpool after the break. the goal was just about to come. but alas, the wrong tactics of SAF to substitute 3 players at a same time caused us heavy defeat. SAF could not have known than Vidic would be sent off, but what i am saying is he should have substituted berbatov for tevez. a straight swap would have done the job but he choose to bring on the old guns. i just cant understand his facination with giggs and scholes, they are past already. this shenanigan of SAF cost us the match.
"That is not reflected on the scoreline and quite rightly, when you win 4-1 you get all the plaudits. I can't deny that. spot on I would say. Liverpool deserved the win. however liverpool shouldnot get cocky and think that manchester united are just going to roll over and hand over the premiership title to them or chelsea (I still see them as the main title rival sorry no_quiero).

Posted on 03-15-09 6:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cool Down Guys,

I am a true Manchester United Fan but I have to say Liverpool played good game and won against the champions. Here, I dont want to say Manu Lost because of refree or bad decisions because I am not one of them (I have seen many) who will bitch on refereing when they lost the game, I think thts pathetic, always better side wins if not who wins is always a better side because there is nothing you can do after match is over.

But I am laughing at some of the comments here and I see everywhere, Liverpool is the best, Chelsea is the best based on what?????? Because they win the last game LOL isnt tht funny? Its a league not a knock out game and the team who wins the Leage is Best thats what I know so do most of who have at least some knowledge about the league iif some people have different idea about that then I dont have to say anything whatever makes u happy dudes. you have right to think the way you want and be happy in your wrong ideas if that doesnt harm other people.

We already win 2 titles and its not like Liverpool and chelsea were not there so who won of course man u so we are the best. Who is in top of the table with 4 clear points having one game to spare, Manchester so we are the best... We are good in Champions League and FA cup but still lot more to go there so wait and see who is the best, you will know that time.

I know they already proved they are the best by getting 2 titles and being almost sure of getting one ( EPL) and have strong hold on rest 2 (champions League and FA cup ) so I dont need to say anything. Figures tell everything..

Manchester Rocks, Cheers!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 03-15-09 7:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not in a mood to talk any bullshits... Just in a mood to party.....


8 Goals in 2 games in 4 days
Liverpool 4 - 0 Real Madrid
Liverpool 4 - 1 Manchester United ( at Old Trafford)

You Will Never Walk Alone

Posted on 03-17-09 7:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 03-17-09 9:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its about only one game you are talking..We have 14 clean sheet on EPL...if you are best in the world then you can show us that you can win all the trophy...I never saw liverpool playing best and won the title...during 2005 they were lucky to win champion league...Didn't you see what Man Utd did in past year...We won 10 EPL but you never touch one for 19 years... Liverpool willl never win EPL that for sure....Reds will wake alone around England forever...and Red devils will win trophy forever...Go Devils..

Posted on 03-19-09 5:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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1 game doesn't make U Champions (Liverpoop), u gotta have consistency and dat's wat ManUtd have.. i hope we draw Liverpool tomm for the quat-final.. n let that decide who d better team is.. United for Title.. Champions Lge, and FA Cup.. !!!!!!

Posted on 03-20-09 12:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 03-20-09 12:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Feri arko liverpool fan haru lai


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