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 Job Market and grad study..... Blues

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Posted on 01-02-08 4:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Frens,

I know some senior brothers and sisters who did MBA couldnt find any job.. and are piling up the classes to maintain F1 status.

1. Why is one not being able to land on job after MBA ?

2. Does the subject in which you graduate is very important in context of finding job ?

3. What do you think is the subject wiht most scope in US ? (Plain MBA, Accounting concentration and or CPA,comuter related...)

4. From what time is it best for job hunting like which sem or after grad ?

5.What is the safest way to ensure job after graduation ?

I hope answers to these question will be very helpful for someone like me.. who is unknown about job market. Also may be  experience from Grad folks out there who had passed  through similar blues situation and finally got job is also equally appreciated !!

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 01-02-08 11:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I just read the topic => Grad Study Vs Job. Doesnt matter what subject you take, US job marked is enormous. Its kind an ocean. Ocean has a lot of fish doesnt mean you can catch one when you jump into it. If you have a good net, offcourse you can get one. Shoot the market with skill, anyone can get a job. Here skill means job scoring skill.
Posted on 01-02-08 11:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What should one do who graduated with a horrible undergrad gpa, managed to go to a grad school ( not top tier) of MBA and graduates with a good gpa... ?

Posted on 01-02-08 11:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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He/she has been redeemed.  However, I wouldn't hire him/her into my group if I were a hiring manager.  As an adult or anyone over 20, Messing up once is a big enough risk that really cannot be justified especially when a lot is at stake and one small mistake can lead to an unprecendented catastrophe (depends on which dept./firm/industry).
Posted on 01-03-08 12:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with Samsara

It's  few of us that can get the MBA from the elite school, rest is nothing of a value. It's better to get job experience after undergrad than to go for MBA from a crappy school. I've had friends who approched the MBA program in those Ivys, they were just turn down saying "Get a Job and some xperience and then come back". Yea, you can tweak your resume from the Dhoti Consultant, but not everybody is a crook.

Posted on 01-03-08 10:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks so much for everyone for the wonderful suggestion. Each and everyone of yours suggestion counts a lot to frens like me.

I did my undergraduate from Nepal ( 4 yrs) and Got into good school for MBA in US( I think )( I had a yrs working experience in Bank, pretty good GPA also GMAT & IBT score).

 I dont know from when I should start seeking for job..! Do you think its better to be in contact with dhotis from the very beginning or from when shall I start seeking for job ?? I am an accounting Major and have pretty good Computer background too !

Posted on 01-03-08 10:52 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think developing a good skill set (Learning some computer programs, getting certifications) and developing your communication skills is vital. Having these two things is better getting than a kickass GPA (but nothing to show for it). One way to navigate around the Desi Consultancy business is to try and get an internship. I know its an ominous and frustrating process, but if you can land one, your chances of obtaining a direct job sky rocket considerably.
In the end if nothing turns up, I have heard there are some Dalals in NY and Texas who'll get you married to a black/Hispanic girl  and you then can get your PR. It costs about $9000 dollars re.

Posted on 01-03-08 11:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Since you are doing MBA (Accounting) from good school and also have good computer background, try intership in BIG 4 ( KPMG, Earnest & Young, Deloitte, Pricewaterhouse Coopers). But think twice before applying in these.

Be in touch with your Professors. Visit your professors frequently during their office hours. They can be the best reference, if you have no job experience in USA. Also, talk to your professors, if they know about any job openings in your field. Most of them have a good contact with companies.

Me and my friend did our undergrad from average university with appx. 3.3 GPA. Got job offers in one of the best places through professor's references.

Good Luck


Posted on 01-03-08 11:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Congrats.. and Thanks Too .


Posted on 01-03-08 11:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What a cheap idea!

It's better to get GC from dhotis than a fraud marriage.U never know,u might get caught if ur sun and moon are off the orbit.

Heard that a Phillipino Dr. with 2000 patients in US is being deported after 20 yrs since he did something fraud while applying for his visa .

But before going to dhotis,why not try in a decent american company?Looks like most of the guys  & girls here in sajha are too young to divert their mind elsewhere .Just focus yourself,have patience,open your eyes wide and act smart.Work hard and party less :-)

Just my two cents!!

Posted on 01-03-08 11:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I dont want to be legal here through some illegal means, yet I just want to make sure that I'll have the job afret my grad !

Nothing is certain in US... except TAX and DEATH 


 what you can you can do...is hard work and believe in god !! RAMA RAMA PRAVU PRAVU


Posted on 01-03-08 12:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ho ho testai garnu parcha! In the end there is no substitute for achieving your goals through prudent means!!

I was just throwing it out there, if some people were looking to circumvent around the idea of going through the trauma of looking for a job. You know Sampu, not everybody has it the way they plan it out to be. Some people in unfortunate scenarios might have juggernaut debts/criminal convictions to be content with, which exacerbates the possibilities going back home or getting a job. Everybody is faced with thier own constraints and we as fellow brethren should try to help people out.

My 2 grands!!

Posted on 01-03-08 12:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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My two cents...

Avoid dhoti consulantcies as much as possible. Not only is it not the right thing to do....they have you by the balls ( and they know it!)....and that is a double whammy. Nepalese ppl tend to have very low tolerance when it comes to being pushed around....especially by a dhoti. So, it is a very unpleasant experience. If you have don't have a choice and you have to resort to joining one of them consultancies, ask around ....there are so many of them out there. Some are more established than the others and there are variations in their ways of handling things.

How to avoid the above mentioned.....

Make smart choices while still in school. Try for internships and volunteer whenever you can. These things will make a difference in your resume. Don't wait till you graduate to start looking for a job. Send out feelers and make connections before you graduate. Its all about networking and connections guys. Also, someone mentioned professors.....yes they should be included in your list of connections. And last but not the least, make a kick ass resume. Big companies get resumes by the thousands each day, so guess where a boring resume with very few key words goes? ....in the trash. Most often than not resumes with the right key words are automatically selected. So, ask for help to put together a great resume.

Hang on...before you get too excited...resume alone is not going to land you a job. Communication skills is a big plus. If you have the gift of the gab...ummm....try not to over impress. No one wants to hire someone who might take his/her place in the next few years.  For others, work on your communication skills.



Posted on 01-03-08 4:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 What are the risks of trying to get job wiht dhotis consultancies ?


 what are the things that we should avoid in case if we have to go wiht them ?


Posted on 01-03-08 4:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sampada in response to your questions...


1. You might end up NOT getting H-1 visa due to limited slots allocated each year.

2. You might not get placed in a job for a looooong time. That means no income. I know people who were on the bench for more than 6 months.

3. If you do not have a computer background ....you will have to study more than you bargained for. This is not necessarily a risk but something to keep in mind.

4. You have to develop excellent lying skills.

If you have to absolutely resort to these consultancies....

like i mentioned earlier do some research and make sure you go to one that has been around for a while ....has a good marketing strategy and has a good client base. If you are not open to relocation, make sure you let the consultancy firm know this in advance. Don't worry about signing their bs documents....they can't sue you. And, if you are not computer savvy....start preparing.

Posted on 01-03-08 4:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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CA is right,
those things are true.
I was on bench for 3-4 months before I had a job. Its really frustrating. However, I know a consultancy that trains online and sends you the study materials (books and CD's) by post. All you need is a good internet connection. You can continue with your current job till you get placed.

As far as H1 is concerned no matter who hires you, all they can do is apply for h1 by Apr 1st. Rest is INS (USCIS, BCIS whatever) business.

points 3 4 and the rest is completely valid. You have to learn the art of lying. You would end up with more computer things then bargained for.
One more thing, as long as you are getting what you wanted (h1 and good pay) who cares??

Posted on 01-05-08 3:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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MN Nepali, I live in CO..where there are hardly any consultancies. Can you please email that consultant's name and  number to me who teaches online. that would be a great help to me ...


email : cortaidus@yahoo.com


Posted on 01-05-08 11:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It may not be all too relevant to those who graduated but those of you who are just graduating or will soon be, it is important that you know when and how good firms hire.

First of all, because of H1B complications, smaller firms are unwilling to sponsor for your H1B. They are not willing to invest on you for a year with the risk of losing you after one year. So, its mainly big firms which still hire internationals (there are some exceptions).

Second, start job search early-probably in September/October. Many companies hire most of their people by the end of November. Some of those who join them had already interned there and others are from good schools. If you do not go to a good school, you are in a deep sh*t. But don't give up. Try the alumni network at school. It helps to get an interview. Polish your resume. Add some stuff from back home if you can. You should have plenty to talk about and many a times the interviewers give you the option to highlight your talents.

Internships are important. Do them if you can. Use your CPT if its possible to use it, else go on and use your OPT to do one summer internship at a good firm which hires internationals. This may be a better way to secure a job.

Third, prepare well for your interview. If a firm gives you an interview, they believe you can be a good fit. So, the next process is all up to you. Go to vault guide for interview preparation.

Fourth, those of you planning for pursue a degree in accountancy, there are a bunch of programs offered by the big 4. They have specialized degrees which virtually guarantee a job. You get to intern in one of those big 4s. They also sponsor for your degree including living costs. Most of them have deadlines in November/December for interviews. So, apply early.

Posted on 01-07-08 11:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It was really great to hear from you...I am just starting my grad study in Accounting .I still have few questions for you.

1. When can I start to apply from.. ( like in 4 big companies)?? since I'll have little knowledge in the begnning.. before I start my grad....

2. I couldnt find where they have specialized degree.....link. for the grad.. can you paste the link here ??

3.If you have been in my shoes...how good are chance for an average Nepali Students to get into their intern program ??

Thats all for now,

Hoping to get more insights from you


Posted on 01-07-08 3:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 01-07-08 7:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It seems you have already started grad study. These programs are mainly for those who have not done grad study and many of them are geared towards non-accounting majors. Nevertheless, you wont be at a disadvantage by knowing more....Here are two programs I know of:

Ernst & Young

Many firms including the big four send students to this program at Northeastern. I know Pricewatercoopers was interviewing students early in November regarding this. You might still have time to apply, so check on that.


PS: I am not sure if these schools are really good but one thing is for sure, you will get a job (99%). Good luck in whatever you do.


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