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 A chat with Salman Rushdie

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Posted on 12-08-06 10:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I posted this in the blog section at - http://www.sajha.com/guild/read.cfm?guildid=247 but thought more visibility on Kurakani would not be a bad idea:

- http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4104835048296643361&hl=en

(I cant post it directly here coz e-mbedding is not allowed on that video and Kurakani does not allow i-frames)

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 01-24-07 8:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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SL -

"Whoever said poligamy was out of fashion! "

LOL!! Yeah, its "gamy" that's out of fashion not "poli", no? :P

Sitara -

I am not sure what exactly you mean by "magical realism kinda-wanna-bes" but based on my reading so far of the book, it is anything but. But I suppose one man's khasi-ko-masu is another man's cardiological nightmare and two people can look at the same thing in very different ways, ya?

Posted on 01-24-07 8:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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" I just came to this thread as I met my fav folks here, sorry I have not gone to the link yet" - Amazing *lolz*

I found some of my all time favourite Sajha characters in here ..had to pop in!! The pull was too too strong. :P
Paji..always my fav writer. Cappy...been reading you and lmao at a recent thread where you seemed to have amassed a fan following, which I guess was inevitable all things considered. Flippy,the sweetest there ever was in Sajhaland. Amazing too...dun see you as much i used too..ocourse am not able to check out sajha as often either ..hee hee. But the bestest surprise ? sitara ofcourse..how you been doin girl? Gosh..you are doing the Houdini thingy far too well.Do grace this wretched place that we are so addicted to would you? Sachi ho. and if Danny boy made an appearance..well that would be Purrfect.:)

Salman rushdie...read him when I was much much younger.. it all went over my head.Trashy novels were the course of the day then..swashbuckling pirates with hearts of gold..gorgeous dukes and a not so financially fortunate gal (pore thang) but who always manage to look fab and has a brain to boot...except when the character in question comes withing close proximity!! Ha ha.. but all that aside...I recently picked up Midnight's children .A very lenghty harrowing tale. Ingenious in the way it is narrated and the way the story connects . The tale itself is very very "fantabulous" whereby at times you want to sit up and go "no way!" Alot like forrest gump..Everything happens to him. Salman too has managed to weave into his tale, the -then political situation. The one thing about the book that had me rasing my brows would be the way the poison pen letter was formed . So yea..Salman is a confirmed brainiac! amen.

gone with the wind!
Posted on 01-24-07 8:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Look who is here!! He he, Scarlett, good to se you around. As for the other thread, it was "a grand design involving foreign elements" :P If it can happen in Nepal, I figured it can on Sajha too! :D

Hope we get to see more of you around.

Posted on 01-24-07 8:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have the urge to say, dear dear Capn' Padlock, but I fear being labeled Bianca Castafiore, although, I have no problems crooning her "Ah my beauty, past compare...!!!" Ah, such vanity, I harbor. ;)

Actually, you are right, I did paint the whole book with a broad stroke because of sudden shifts in language-- there are certain places where the protagonists describe events in what would be considered magical-realist language-- sometimes the high drama inappropriate for the context. Hence, my "dream was burst"--in fiction, when the dream or fictional reality is disturbed with the reader raising his/her eyebrows at a certain sentence, prose, then the whole story sounds forced. Unless of course, author gives deliberate comments to keep the reader from delving into the fictional dream. And I can yada yada yada on and on and on!!! It's best if you ignore my blather, sir.

I thought a better book than "Shalimar The Clown" was "Kite Runner" where the descriptions were poignant and yet real enough to draw the reader in. But I do digress.

HI Scarlett Maicha, how have you been?! Talking about Houdini, speak for yourself Maiya, been following Lahure ji, I see! :)
Posted on 01-24-07 9:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sitara,I would second you with all my reading being !! I loved The Kiterunner , a heartbreakingly beautiful tale.Right from the beginning , I had a knot in my stomach..on the edge till the very end. It has alot of timeless attributes,freindship,pride honour,betrayal and at long last,redemption or at the least the hope of it. This one stays with you for a long long time afterward..and you find yourself discussing it with friends over dinner, on the train, anywhere. Read it! ( now i sound like I'm hawking it !) This Khaled guy is a gifted writer, he writes with such simplicity and in it lies great wosdom. Loved it.."For you ,a thousand times over."

Posted on 01-24-07 9:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sitara - It is very interesting to read your comments. This is the first time I have read Rushdie with any seriousness - as I mentioned earlier, I stayed away from him after a bruising experience with the Satanic Verses during my adolescence. But I must say I am quite suprised by his ability to express a certain depth of thought in a somewhat light-hearted manner at times. Call it beginers enthusiasm but I have begun to like him both in style and substance.

I still haven't wiped the dust off the Kite Runner - it's been lying on my bookshelf for a while now :P
Posted on 01-24-07 9:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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PS* Sitara..am following you too..not juss ole Paji ke.:P What can i say...you guys make interesting reads :)
Posted on 01-24-07 9:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Greetings Wonderful people! :-)

Persuasive you people are, tempted to put my feet in here! Lahureji, Captain, Sitara and Scarlett (glad to see both of you), you guys always bring something that are pleasure to read.

"The Kite Runner" indeed swept me off my feet with it's simplicity. Impatiently waiting for the video version of the book to be out in the market somewhere around the mid/end of the year, 07.

Captain - The shalimar's clown is an interesting read, but have not been able to pass beyond first few chapters. Been a sloth on this one! :-)

Scarlett - Feb is coming! ;-) Hope everything is well with you.

Have a good one folks!
Posted on 01-24-07 11:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear dear flippy..:) Feb arrives every year..whats there to it ,may i inquire? ;)

And cappy..get cracking on that book. Let it not be a dustcatcher..isn't meant to be one!

gone with the wind..
Posted on 01-25-07 12:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Scarlett, my dear friend, let the Feb tell itself hai. ;-) Btw, heard Danny boy had been hijacked by kangaroos. He prolly is refraining his fingers from dance around his keyboard! :-)
Posted on 01-25-07 5:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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.Ok!! Quite a celebrity mania going on here!!
Sorry for my ignorance hai; but most of the discussions went over my head, but gave me and inspiration to go for a work by Rushdie!! Will have to look for one by him!! Any good recommendation for first timer reading Rushdie!!
They say ignorance is a bliss ; I hope bliss comes in the form of enlightenment I will get from his book!!

And yeah, hi to everyone out there, and a request for Sitara di!! May we get blessed with ur work anytime soon?? We are more than hungry for that!! Believe me more than half over here will gulp down that without even taking dakaar!!
Anyone agreeing with me??..:D

Good day or night all!! Choose according to our time zone!!..:)l
Posted on 01-25-07 9:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hah not really a bookworm(tho some..errr most? might liken me to the creepy crawly kind :oS hehe)..so yeah no idea why im here?:oS like juggy said most prob cos we are like bees being attracted to the honey(s) ;oP..

ok will try to be short(but i guess no one expects me to be sweet?eeeeewww :o| )..kinda ended up readin(at least browsing ;oP) the discussions goin on here..and like i said not really a reader..unless the book falls from the heaven above and onto my lap(actually needs to fall on my thick skulled head :oS..yes def a hardcover is needed?;oP)..but after goin thru this thread..at least i got a title that i be lookin out for if any books does fall on my head from heavens above :oD

kinda loved those sayns loote bro mentioned..esp the 2nd one..guess one doesnt have to be a writer(or have a great mind to think alike?;oP im referring to me hai :oD ) to dream of being clearer..

that said..
hey sandhurst mate :oD

its always nice seeing ur words flowing around here when i do come in for a peek..and dun mind me..i really havent been sayn much ..esp some hi's which i did feel like sayn/typing..but typing does scare me..i just realised again yest why it scares me..always kinda turns out to be some mahabharat(incomprehensible one hehe) and an incomplete one..so yeah better not to start than just leave anything incomplete?well thats how i feel anyways ;oP

and i better not continue before it ends up like yest ;oP...yeah def a lot of things to say/share(if u consider that sharing..who wants another person to share his garbage hoina? ;oP) i guess u might have some opinions on the recent/current bad performance of the english in ashes and which seems not to be changing in the ODIs(theres a match today against the aussies..and cant believe im actually talkin about cricket :o| they really brainwashed me i tell u!)..

and to the football side..guess lots?;oP..saw u typing smthings about beckham ;oP..well just hope he does something for football in the country where football means carryn the ball on ur hands :oS..i got nothin against that game..i actually think its pretty entertainin ..but i guess i am kinda bias when i comes to football?;oP..i mean its one thing how ppl call it soccer(and sounding more like 'sucker' :oS ) but not knowin the game?not acknowledging it..urghh :oS...i mean that kinda reminds of the times when some ppl used to ask me if i was a gurkha(since they werent used to the term 'nepalese')..but the way they pronounced..urghh.."u goo kha?" :o| guess am too bias when i say blood used to boil hearing that and just felt like replyin back "no..u goo kha!" hah..

enuf of being lame..hope things are good there..esp the weather ;oP hehe..got over the cold?think read smwhere u had that few day(weeks?:o| hehe) ago..hah i seriously shudnt start typing shudnt i?:o|

sitara jyu....i do remember some nights this week..when from nowhere i just felt the urge to look up and gaze at the sky while longing to see the twinkling stars..and maybe even catch some shooting ones go past by..and yeah def got disappointed cos the sky was real cloudy and couldnt even see one twinkle of a star :oS..but well wat couldnt happen in the night..is actually happening during the day ;o)..nice to see u shooting past here..i mean it was luck when i 1st bummed into this site called sajha..but from that day onwards...guess what made me come back again and again?..need a hint?..yeah i got kinda starstruck seeing a star during daytime ;oP....

anyways always lookin foward to seeing u share some of ur works(tonnes of helpful ppl here who wants u to share ur work ;oP) ..


scarlett and flippu...wats the talk goin about feb thingy?girls talk eh?wanna share wanna share?im all ears( and yeah def a long pokey nose too..as can be seen here :oS cant see re?then can u feel it?im sure u do!tho im sure thats smthin not anyone in the right frame of mind would wanna feel ;oP.. )

and before some ppl go thankin the kangaroos...think!!!which kangaroo(s) with a right frame of mind would wanna do that?and of cos those whose mind aint goin right..1st thing they be doing is jumping in front of an approaching vehicle..seen it too much :oS..seriously who passes such infos around :o| guess its the attack of the flipper again! who else?;oP )

the truth is that someone had been warned by the SOK(Save Our Keyboards) group..yes that person now is repenting for the sins and crimes he did to all those keyboards :o(...busyness def hasnt got to do anythng with it..if someone knows himself like he thinks he does..if he was busy he be typing nonstop haha ;oP...yeah def sounds scary :o|
anyways just curious ...loote bro and capt met yet?hehe..i for one def believe it'll be fun listening to their convo while drinkin and shootn poo(believe me im more of listener..unless if i drink a bit too much ;oP)l..and of course sandhurst bro shud be there too.. as well as john galt bro(i know ur still peekin ..arent u?;oP hehe hope everything is goin great there :oD)..and of cos am missing some more names(def guys names hai ;oP not being sexist..ok maybe i am..guess if one cant be sexy..one still can be sexiest?:oS )

ok enuf yapping..think i went a tad bit over there hehe..yes just a tad bit over hai ;oP..its a nice sunny lazy friday (australia day too) here..guess might as well get out of the house for a while..and who knows some books might fall from the heavens above eh?yeah yeah shudnt daydream too much :oS...

have a good one all :oD
(ps this was def shorter than yest..so hah dun make too much noise hai and oh i def was gentle..with the keyboard :$ SOK did u hear that!take note!!:@ ;oP )
Posted on 01-25-07 9:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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LOL, Danny dear, did you learn to make chicken soup yet? It's handy ni pheri. :-)
Posted on 01-27-07 10:20 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good grief - this thread has seen an exponential growth in the one and a half day and a bit I have been away from Sajha. Blimey!

""I AM a MERMAID!!!!! Pisces if you please!""
As if I didn't know! :-) Blame it on my habit of doing things well in advance - well OCCASIONALLY! I am the worst procrastinator you've ever met, I can assure you! I owed you this from last year. See, the chronic procrastinator! :-)

"Highway man" hijacking people's heart ray? Grrr..
You Americans call it 'Highway' and we call it 'Motorway' here kay, so it's rather confusing! But the revised 'English' version thus:

"The Motorway Man making off with the lovely maiden's 'mans' (as in hearts)
And chucking 'em chillingly in the chilled-wintry English channel."

Oh, the cruel cruel man! :-) Now how's that for an Iambic pentameter eh? Or is that a tetra or even a hexa one? So your tender heart is so light that it can only keep hold of the iamb? Oh, sugar - this Motorway Man had better not throw at it the usual volleys of his heavy meters then. :-)

Point noted!

I have been okay, la belle lady, but been very busy with life's more pressing priorities. Kay garnay. And how have you been?
Ol chap,
""But I suppose one man's khasi-ko-masu is another man's cardiological nightmare"""
:-) What a funny git you are, mate, what a funny git. :-) This one brought Sandhurst's house down very massively. Blimey. :-)

Cardiological nightmare! I like it :-) Sorry about my usual whinging but the partying and the intake on the Merlot front have tipped the cholesterol scale massively. I am in for a big trouble mitey... A six months expedition to the North Pole (aptly named 'Following the Scott trail) must seem like a tempting option. :-)

My goodness, the scary Ohara girl too is back!
It's like old times, eh.. blimey.

Where have you been all this time? Exploring the floras and faunas of the Far East somewhere? I dare not ask where, because you wouldn't answer. You very secretive, scary one!

So good to see you again.
Jesus frigging christ - where have you been all this time, Dan? So refreshing to have you back in our midst. Hijacked by female kongaroos ray? Which ones - the ones from down the Bondi Beach.. :-) Good heavens!

Oh the Beckams - they've been trotting about in LA lately, aren't they?
The good ol David will now have a stab at the little game of 'saakar' (soccer)! :-)
All I will say is: Oh, sugar.

Now let me say that in my broken American English, since I seem to be the only Englishman in this room: Gaad Dyaamn it, Beck - hyaam. :-)

But good on him - the ugly ol Posh, I hear, is so intent on boring a few holes in her poor half's pockets before long by indulging herself in countless 'retail therapy' sessions in down town LA. Retail therapy as in shopping! Gaad bless hurrrr! :-)

Good to see you, mate. Do say hello if you happen to see my shodow flit past you whenever.

Salmyaan Rush-die - who is this git? :-)
I certainly know or have 'met' one Salman though from my half-watching of a Bollywood film... oh movie rather.. with my fam folks many moons ago! :-)

The one who can't stay in his clothes for long - the minute he jumps onto the stage and starts strutting his stuff with his marauding band of bottom-shaking Shakiras in some hip-pop Hindi songs, he's got to take off whatever he's wearing from his hip above.. Boy isn't this git's ego humongous!
This must well be one of the reasons why I barely,, well never watch Bollywood cinemas! No offence! :-)

But banters aside, I have yet to read the book. I have got two books busy collecting dust in my book case -- one is the one from the bearded Cantabrigian, the other a Coetzee.

I have got my teeth into the recent Richard Dawkins at the mo - The God Delusion! Through only chapter four so far - loving it every page of the book. No one can replace the poetic genius of Dawkins' lucid prose. I must admit to liking his prose than his arguments - for they're all highbrow and skips my scattered brain all too easily. :-)

It's been a very long one. So I have got to cut the crap and head toward the Nero. A hot cuppa beckons.

Take care all. Have a grand weekend.
Carpe diem.
Posted on 01-27-07 10:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh Hi Flipu... forgot to mention your name. Sorry.
Posted on 01-27-07 10:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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to read:


Fast being Americanised or what? :-)
Posted on 01-28-07 5:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I was careful what i wished for and got it too..Dannyboi..in the flesh..ermm perhaps not quite..but purrfect it is. The whole thread with the old timers and all. My good wishes to each and all..tis a merry sight . Keep visitng all ye!Dannyboi ,you were as missed as Sitara was.

gone with the wind.
Posted on 01-28-07 7:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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My wishes to you too, Ol scary one.

The Ish-cary, Ish-carlett Oh-hara.


Time for bed - it must be the time for your morning cuppa, hola! :-) Take care.
Posted on 01-28-07 7:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Critter of the night! How you been? :) I see your posts littered all over !

Be good!
Posted on 01-28-07 7:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
Login in to Rate this Post:     0       ?    

Yes, maam. :-)

Both morning and nighty nite.

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