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 Saturday--Feeling Horny :P

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Posted on 07-22-06 4:58 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Inspired by Tyra's "alchhi laagyo" thread " :P :P ======================= okay, i know most of us hate or feel shy/awkward to discuss sex in public. but i think if restrained to suggestion/advice/education, sex can be a great topic for discussion. Just like we, human beings, need food, air and water for living, we ALSO do need sex on a regular basis to lead a healthy life mentally and physically. there are no two ways on that. let's admit. hehe. so let's start our discussion on what you do when you really feel horny. let's be honest and different (unique). i mean making love and other things are quite obvious. if you really do something different when you feel horny then post it here :P. as for me, i go and take a hot shower when i really feel horny. :D. I just did that ....hehahahaha you? l (.) (.) te :P :D :D
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 07-22-06 8:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Lootu: When u feel horny, you shake your LUGA vigorously, if you're alone ni. If you with your gf/wife, lasti lukai khelne ni. Ke hot bath bhaneko!! AmriT
Posted on 07-22-06 9:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yow ! dem child Elixir. What dem you is say here? Him Child Loote is right. Him Child Loote is speak fact here. Him have dem expression in freedom. Why dem peopal critisize him? When him feel horny him takes hot bath. It him right to take hot bath. Him can wash dem as much as him likes with all dem soap. Him not doin no harm to no peopal. When him feel horny let him wash as much as him wants . Blessed dem be you Loote and dem wash as vigorously as you wants. No force be dem able to stop you.
Posted on 07-22-06 9:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Vigoursly has loote washed it. Tired is loote in deep sleep now.
Posted on 07-22-06 9:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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okay okay dem RastaBahadur! you is also have expression of freedom but you do dem no have freedom to mutilate dem Eulish laungage. You dem go to teach is California school so dem u teach dem good Eulish. AmriT PS: Loote le hot bath linda chhal khuilera kapal jhareko dog jasto dekhiyela bhanera hot bath naliu bhaneko ni. He can do dem what dem he wanted.
Posted on 07-22-06 9:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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loote bro...........i bet u'd do something else besides taking shower....lol.......... anyway...................i d ask ma gurl to b*** me..............isnt that an honest answer? peace
Posted on 07-22-06 9:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yow Child Elixir, Blessed dem be you. I is sorry, I is not no English Boarding School peopal like you. Dem in my time no Boarding School in Belbari. I is go to dem Bhanubhakta Prathamik Pathsala where him my English Guru say C A K E kaykeee, Kaykee bhaneko Raja ko topi, Dem Cake in da picchur looka like dem English King Shreepech Crown in da Picchur. Next time when him teacher come and ask who dem can answer what is means Caykee? Rasta stand up "malai thaha cha sir" Caykee bhaneko Raja ko Topi! I wants to go to dem learning English but dem who dem mop resturant and close? If you comes and helep I and I is go to school in Comminity colleje.
Posted on 07-22-06 9:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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rasta bro dem u funny.........................
Posted on 07-22-06 10:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... just came back from mall and here goes my thread hehehehe.. tyra dear, it does not have to be kartik, i can bring kartik anytime anywhere. :P. nepzz, i got you. ed, isn;t it good for a change? :) aaimai, :P i am kinda confused with your inconspicuous reply :S can u guess, that's gross hehe elixir, i was looking for unique answers. hehe. gf/wife are obvious, ain't them? ;) ss74k, thanks for a nice laugh :). rastafariya, you dem talks sexy sexy. i dem feels horny horny with your sexy sexy talks ;) sid, hahaha....i wish, i was tired hehe.. enigma_viz, you caught me bro..,hehe okay, the whole purpose behind this thread is to express something which people don't generally tend to talk about in public. i mean sex is just SO important in our lives, yet we shy away and put it behind the curtains made up of of what they call "decent" or "civlized" clothes. being a fanatic about human psychology, i have always tried to analyze how human think and behave. what really excites me really is to know how people perceive things and how they react to it. okay back to being horny. in my view, its so important to keep oneself UP for sex, as much and as far as possible. when i talk about sex, i tend to direct it to most of the young people out there. i know it may sound a bit naughty, but when i try to analyze what keeps a couple happy for long time, then one thing that pops up in my mind is "chemistry"--a passion to be together, a passion to see, a passion to talk and a passion to remain with together. of course the fire and passion won't remain as same even after 20 years, as it is when a relationship just begins to prosper and sprout out. sex is an integral component that helps to foster the chemistry which is much needed to keep it alive. as sid pointed out, romancing and making love is drastically different than having a wild sex. it is up to you, to make use of your sexual desire towards a healthy relationship OR for a wild, obscene and unwholesome sexual battle. being horny is a sign of a healthy mind and physique. its just the question of how and where you direct it. Thanks for all your responses. Rastafariya dem is quite a unik charactor hair. and i is totally in accord with you, my fwen!. chow! damn i am starting to feel horny again!! hehe Loote
Posted on 07-22-06 10:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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confused.. waz that cold shower ki hot shower (O: m sure hot shower .. is of sth else (O: .. malai bhujna dherai garo bhayo?
Posted on 07-22-06 10:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well nice topic.. atleast some one came infront and talk abou this thread.. well just to let you guys know.. if you guys to different websites you guys can chek forumz which are mostly about sex and stufzz.. ad world is after this then why us being nepali cant be forward in it. so go ahead and post your sexual desire but in limit lolz.. well today i did felt lil horny at work when one spanish lady who is regular customer in our radio shack and frenly to me came and gave a big hug and kiss near between my chicks and my neck.. i felt sensational.. in return i felt shy but hey i did spank her ass.. lolz hope da gurlz who knows me wont be reading this comment written by me..
Posted on 07-22-06 10:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ohh MR_X, nawty kid! you and loote, BOTH! take viagra pills btw, guys feel horny more than girls do, i mean their dicks get errected, thats so friggen weird and ppl say its embarassing. LOL! P.S dem rastafariya, i is like you so much! :)
Posted on 07-22-06 11:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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f**k u azn shawty.. dont ever fkin call my name...i end our frenship a months agoo.. now go to hell u fkin canadian
Posted on 07-22-06 11:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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but i thought you were talking to me like 2 weeks ago, you were like "ke ho hi ni bhanna nahune" that wasnt a month ago, whats your problem, i dont think i've done anything wrong?! well whatever, its not like I CARE .. remu :P tyasto narisau plzzzzz!
Posted on 07-22-06 11:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thapap, falam le falam katchha bhanya jastai, hot horny body ko laagi hot water chahiyo ni haina? :P. aba hajurlai ta cold shower nai chahina pani sakchha. hajur ko temperature ko kurai chhaina...hahahahhehehehahhaha j/k azu, viagra pill re? ke ho timile horny manchhe lai jhann viagra diyera heart attack garaaune bichaar gareu ki kya ho? "how you doing young lady, That feeling that you givin’ really driving me crazy?" :P Loote
Posted on 07-22-06 11:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ya so that you will just get outta there and sex like crazy instead of having to write your horny feelings on sajha when youre horny :P tara tara .. heheh lootu, heyy, aja date jane bhaneko ke bhayo :(
Posted on 07-23-06 12:08 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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jasko to ta naam nai thaapap...uslai bujhna garo...he he..very interesting
Posted on 07-23-06 12:12 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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azu, never mind. aja date huna sakena..someday someway hai? :P. i must tell you and i am happy in telling it that "you are one of the sweetest ladies and friends i have ever found!". trust me, i SWEAR! and i feel like crying now since i can't see you right now. if i happen to come to Canada in future, first thing i will do is take you to your fav. restuarant and see you eating :P. Loote
Posted on 07-23-06 12:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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why eating? heheheehehehe, ke ho, i dun like eating a lot:(
Posted on 07-23-06 12:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i think "sex is the most beautiful way to express sex"............"the dirtier u r,the more passionate u become to each other.........that the whole chemistry ........." anyways loote bro this is a nice thread...............why only we nepalese shud have sex after marriage u know......F*** that.......common leave ur orthodox mentality somewhere and accept the reality ..............." SEX. IS AWESOME......TRY IT ......U LL NEVER REPENT....." PEACE
Posted on 07-23-06 9:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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dyam..its sunday here..and monday loomin in a few mins :oS hehe.. but wats more dyamin is..arghhh!!i already took a hot shower before i came here!not that i remember if i was feeln horny before i went for the shower re kya..errr is it i dun remember or i dun wanna tell?;oP hehe..but yeah have to admit i was feeln dirty..really dirty :$ wahahaha ;oP..so duh!. anyways..loote..if im feeln horny..and remember to(if im around a pc)..i will let u know wat o feel like doin hai ;oP hehe..i mean depends on moment hoina?if not wat i did in the past is..err past?bholi ke tha?;oP hehe but yeah..me and one fren of mine used to discuss this..she was the one who told me..wat im gonna share(so pls act like u just heard it!even if u heard/read/knew it before!bhujio!:@ ;oP hehe)..she used to mention ..around 5-6am..the homones kinda gets active re?and thats the time we really are horny re :o| i dunno was it about just one gender ..or both..but yeah..after that discussion..i think few times i kinda got up in the morn..and u know checked to feel if i was feeln errr..horny!..but alas!!no horns were growin in me head!!:@ :oS...errr i didnt miss anything did i?;oP hehe ok time to snuggle in the bed..and get warm re kya ;o) hehe...bloody winter!:@..need some fats!:@ ..oh i just realised smthin..i think when i feel horny..i hunger for more fats ;oP hehe..know wat i mean?;oP hehe...is that horniness?or coldness?:o| ok im gettn it all confused again :oS..me warm bed!!dun wait any longer!!im comin!!;oP hehe.. goodnight!:oD ps..loote bro..when u taken Azn for dinner etc..share ur pics here about that day hai ;oP..

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