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 माओबादि नेता को आँशु

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Posted on 05-05-06 4:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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माओबादि का नेता हरु रोएको भिडियो । यो भिडियो मेरो सँसार (उमेश) को ब्लग बाट साभार गरिएको हो । यस भिडियो मा बाबुराम भट्टराइ , प्रचण्ड पनि रोएको देखिएको छ।
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-05-06 1:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is one of the drama of maoist. Who can murder a human being ruthlessly, he doesnt have such sentiment. Next interesting thing in the clip: video was shot to killer prachanda and his gang instead of the opera. It clearly indicates that as a part of drama, this video was published. This killer prachand and baburam want to rule the country with communism. This is more dangerous than absolute monarchy. They want absolute communism. If not then what are they doing with the guns? Maoist have some power because they have captured fear of the general public. यदी नेपाली जनता माओबादी संग नडराउने भने माओबादी पत्ता साफनै हुन्छ । ल हेरुम कति रहेछ तिनिहरुका जनता ? माओबादीको शक्ति जनता को होइन बन्दुकको हो । तेस्ता सस्त्र हत्यारालाइ बार्ता होइन अदालतमा उभ्याउनु पर्छ ।
Posted on 05-05-06 1:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Crocodile Tears..

Posted on 05-05-06 1:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GI thts not a dialogue. Thts a fact. Not only me , all the people have seen this. Everyone can advocate against maoist ( besides who support maoist and their barbaric act).
Posted on 05-05-06 1:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are Right Shiv What about 13000 Nepales tears? Who are killed when mao act starte. Runchhe BABU RAM and PRACHANDA.
Posted on 05-05-06 1:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Couple of puss*** Their whole so called armed revolution is a sign of weakness. What they could not achieve with their knowledge, intellegence and ability, they tried to achieve with terror. Fuc*in wuss. All nepalis should spit on them.
Posted on 05-05-06 1:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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We can filed murder case against prachanda and baburam. If they come to the public, their destination is a jail. - http://www.petitiononline.com/un1321/petition-sign.html
Posted on 05-05-06 1:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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you are right nepalean ! Good drama though!
Posted on 05-05-06 1:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Guys, yeah death of people (except some), brings tear to eyes , BUT the sad truth is that revolution sometimes asks for blood. Check this link, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolution Its really great if the revolution comes through bloodless revolt but our revolution has already taken many life. Besides, based on international law, prachanda and baburam cant be tried in international court and i dont think nepal can afford more bloods in the name of bringing maoist leaders to justice, which is simply impossible unless the things change dramatically. We may eliminate the leaders but they will simply ber replaced if you didn't address the real problem. The need of time is to forgive them as russians forgove lenin, chinese forgive mao, french forgive nepolian, and .....
Posted on 05-05-06 2:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Everyone is calling maoists barbarians and so do I. However, the time is now to seek for the solution, rather than trying to play with the wound. And I also don't think these as tears of crocodiles. I've no sympathy towards maoists. But we should try to find the solution rather than playing the same old 'blame game', and our favorite sports - 'leg pulling'.
Posted on 05-05-06 6:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GI I know the situation of remote as I am frm one of them. I have experience of no food. But I didnt steal from anyone. Some people took our land. We didnt kill them. This is my motto. I have killed chicken. And I dont regret. I dont cry if someone kills a chicken in a better way( clean cut). Maoist netas killed,yes simply killed and they cry. Thts just completely a drama. Even they have given a special name - Safaya. So these Safaya people have sentiment, it is difficult to believe. May be they have sentiment to their cadres but THEY HAVE NO SENTIMENT TO GENERAL PUBLIC ( Non-Maoist). र दन्डहिनताको स्थति हटाउन गल्ति गर्नेले सजाय पाउनु पर्छ नत्र जस्को शक्ति उसको भक्ति नेपालमा कायमनै रहन्छ ।
Posted on 05-05-06 6:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am starting to agree more and more with the Maoists. How do you solve the problems of 1. caste system 2. racism 3. suppression of women 4. those landlords who suppress people without forcefully shoving it down people's throats? Without tackling these issues first, Nepal will always remain behind the rest of the globe. First we need to level the playing field and only then can capitalism flourish. I say we let maoists forcefully assimilate everyone in Nepal( but they are contradictory in some ways) and then once that happens capitalism can at last flourish. Look, I am a capitalist who has money in the stock market, and I don't see how Nepal will solve these issues without using force. What I have realized is that the first step towards stability is homogeneity/assimilation. Or we can always split the country into tiny little pieces. Forced assimiliation seems more and more appealing to me. However, there are some issues that seem to suggest that Maoists are trying to divide the country even more like granting certain regions autonomy(do they still support this?). BTW, can anybody here tell me where I can buy a good Nepali dictionary? I'm not talking about english-nepali or nepali-english like those on amazon. I'm talking about a good nepali dictionary with definitions of the nepali words in nepali as well.
Posted on 05-05-06 6:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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That was a very touching video. Thank you. I'm gonna go on a hiatus for a few weeks-- I'll be doing some research on Maoist ko plans/agenda and see if they're appealing to me or not. Till then, sayonara.
Posted on 05-05-06 7:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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first point, bolstering capitalism in nepal is a far cry. lets take care of reality first. i think they should brought into mainstream politcs (i think, i am not a visionary, i am biased and oblivious), but we cannot allow nepal to be peru or cambodia. how can anyone force anything down someone lese's throat???? some realll deep rooted problems in our soceity ,tara we cannot force anyone to change thier minds. give birth to a counter revolution??? (this is if you sincerely believe maoists should come to power and tell 25 million people to believe in thier ideologies. hell i don't believe in waht maoists preach (u may have money in stock market, but i got land baby, i dont' want to redistribute that...hypothetically speaking), but then, who am i to say? they wnat to form their party, full right to do so. just becamse middle classs people dont' like wath they say does not make them wrong. secondly, you are contradicting yourself (spare me the "bashing" like you did a long time ago). you are advocating for capitalism, which implies free flow of money, investement, markets et. al. and then on the other hand, you are syaing we should "forcefully shov[e] down [ideologies] it down people's throats". how are they in concordance with one antoher? or are you advocating for those policies similar to china....free market, not people? anyways, all for capitalism though it may have its share of evils, but there are more grave concerns at hand. lets bring them to talbe first, lets ask them give up arms, form their party and lets see how much populartiy they really hve and if they do, they can work on thier agendas.
Posted on 05-05-06 7:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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First, look at what China has achieved. Second, you have the realities of America, then you have the realities of Nepal. It's quite plausible to be a capitalist in one country and a maoist in the other, no? What's good for one country may not be good for another. As I said, I need to do some research about this. I'll be on hiatus for a while. DND.
Posted on 05-05-06 7:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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china achieved, for sure. at the expense of human liberty. i don't know whehter i am willing to give up liberty or flourish economically.....that is a hard choice to make. plus, we will never ever be china or america or even come close, because we dont have land and we don't have resources adn therefore we will always fall short of investments. china is expanding b/c its demographics serves as a hugeee market for billion dollar coroprations......how long will it before google will invest in a country where GDP is less than $300 a year???? see we gotta take care of ohter things before we even think about capitalism. but america nd other western nationas are not prosperous only because of capitalism. and nepal is going through shit not just because it lacks capitalism. there are numerous visible and invisible factors involved in both cases. if you support maoists, then i don't think they wil be for capitalism. hm, that is a sticky situation. i still noted your point though.
Posted on 05-05-06 9:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A point to ponder. How is it to be a capitalist in one country and Maoist in other? It may be a new socio-political philosophy. I have an experiment to run. Let's assume a condition where nepal is under commmunist rule but people are allowed to do whatever they want to their wage and daily allowance. People will be waiting on a queue in far western village ranch for their daily quota of broth, peeeking on the stock market indicators in the Wall Street Journal. They will be herding yaks in mustang and the proceeding of the yak farm will be again invested in oil options and futures the following week. Nepal will be only country to gain from rising price of crude oil. Oh! I can see myself there. Riding horse in Manma while commuting.. Milking yaks ( jobs will be assigned as per ones proficiency) all day.. In the evening i will be online trading. Same day will repeate the next day.
Posted on 05-05-06 10:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Notice carefully in th video clip. The so called Leaders Prachande and Baburame were shown crying like babies with clothes.. haha... and how about other cadres seated behind them, how come those cadres were not crying h aha.. film ko dhoti phuskyo.. ha ha ha.. Do not trust the video.... afterall it was circulatd by Maoist's Prachaar Bhibag re.. haha.. Well these bastards should be trialed in the INternational Court... wait and see, Nepalese will thrwo them into Hell.. haha
Posted on 05-05-06 11:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This cryies by Prachand & Baburam is just like Gohiko Anshu. Girish Pokhrel of Nepalipost.com brought this video in America to buy sympathy from Nepali living in America. Now Nepali people are redy to take action against the Royal regime for killing 14 people during the pro-democracy Rally, then why we shouldn't take an action against these Maoist who killed 14,000 Nepali?
Posted on 05-06-06 12:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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maoists are a bunch of thugs, they don't have any principle or a plan for nepal. its a shame that the present government has invited them to join the government. we will have to accept murders and criminals as our leaders..when will then cycle end..? plz sign the petition to stop the maoists and bring them to justice www.petitiononline.com/maoists
Posted on 05-06-06 1:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Maoist are not political player. They are terrorist,. State department alredy labled them as a terrorist group. Like President Bush said; there is no negociation with terrorist.

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