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 Chronicles - Moving!!!

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Posted on 03-22-06 2:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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As I packed my bags, Suitcases filled with cloths And my modest belongings My precious plants, framed pictures, and old souvenirs All neatly boxed, wrapped and ready to be shipped Tired, I sit on my couch Thirstily I raise a bottle of water and gulp My eyes flutter - could it be a sign? I laid on my bed, closed my eyes, And then slowly raised my eyelids On the corner, next to the closet I saw a white plastic bag Neglected, wearied, dusty and torn I stared at it for a moment Heartbeat loud, paced faster As if it is you in front of me Stupid me! Slowly to the corner, I picked - opened You smile from the top of the piles You have not changed How can you? This was a mere picture It does not change Unlike you... And me... Then there was this other one, between friends How that camera caught us stealing those glance And remember the one in which you cried? I kept on teasing you until you dried. Those letters with few words Inks faded, hardly readable But amazingly, it's engraved, In my soul How is it possible? I do not even love you anymore.
The postings in this thread span 7 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-11-06 2:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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aahha shhh.. Finally found it. I was waiting for the Chronicles - Moving to move..but my patience gave up on me.. Well Indi, I was wondering if you could write a piece on emotional baggage May be :P .. what do you think? I was planning to watch God father this weekend but I don't think it is going to happen. But i will one day I will.. ..
Posted on 05-11-06 2:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sunnydev bro, she told me she liked it re. Although she's come up to my nose, she seems to fancy me. This time, if you could, make sure she becomes your kleenex. ;) I do not feel too good after typing this, but since it's already written, am too lazy to erase. Hope you are doingt good! ------ Emotional Baggage? tyasto kura ta jaad kha bela mukh ma ta niklinna, tara keyboard ma chai nakkali emotional baggage tana niskincha :p Ahile kaam ma alik garo hola... mood nahunda. But, let me go back to my pained memories, perhaps then, words will trickle down like a rain drops, on this barren pages, arranging themselves, in to verses to compose the final pieces of my "emotional baggage." Re kya;) Few moments hai ta. But You have a month to watch that classic. Do yourself a favor, common! IndisGuise:)
Posted on 05-11-06 2:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I was thinking may be after summer.. but let me see I might just squeez God Father to my to do list... I am looking forward to your piece on emotional baggage... Maile ta jhan jaad khayako bela ma matra testo kura niskincha vane socheko thiya.. Jaad vane bitikai... Chayang ko yaad aayo...
Posted on 05-11-06 3:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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10 - Chronicles Moving!!! ----> Episode - [No] Emotional (Excess) Baggage!!! The last call was made I checked-in my suitcases Few ending moments To say goodbye I could not say much There was no time I just had a pouch on me Some documents and cash I travel light No excess baggage for me. Emotions struggling to erupt like a volcano Which could've cause much discomfiture To you, and then to me I turned around and left A feeble smile that looked bright How happy I am to say bye-bye And as I took the stairs for the airplane I felt enormous weight holding me down Almost making me turn back And tell you one last time To scream, to screech, and make you see. . . What I would be without thee. It does not come much heavier, But you can not see I know you saw me smiling I even managed to sell you a lie When you refused to buy my another truth Maybe the moment failed me Or I failed myself. (It could not have been you.) This baggage that I carry Of our dreams and my emotions Dead emotions... That you made alive Which I shall "drown" in misery And "float" foreve... And as always, I travel light No excess baggage for me! IndisGuise:) P.S: Alik abstract bhaye bujera padam hai. ;)
Posted on 05-11-06 3:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Indi, Abstrkt lai feri afai bujhera padhda arthko anarth lagyo bhane ni???? Meri basai barbad bhayena ani?
Posted on 05-11-06 3:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hahahaha hyper bro. The way my mind worked with "excess" "baggage" after your comment was hilarious. I kind-of like *that* execess baggage, if it is not largely supersized ;) Catch my drift? IndisGuise:)
Posted on 05-11-06 3:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"When you refused to buy my another truth Maybe the moment failed me Or I failed myself. " Ouchh went straight through my heart leaving me motion less.. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.. my thirst has been quenched. I will not be wrong to say that you are "AASU KABI" Just like that you created a piece on a given topic.. throughly impressed.. waaa waaa..
Posted on 05-11-06 3:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ma_Chameli, here - a dettol and some cotton - just in case it made yet another hole in your heart :p. Or did it pass thru the old one? He he! Afno ta hajarau pwal jha chati ma, aba ta jale hane ni aar paar huncha - open highway bata ahahahahah ;) Kosish chai garya ho alik sochya jasto bhena, milayera paskamla yehi weekend tira arko. Yo hapta ta behoss nai hune gari thado ghati laincha ani diencha, la ja ta. IndisGuise:)
Posted on 05-11-06 3:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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another STRRRUUUIKKKE. always good to read your work. I dont mean to be picky, but at the end, is it forever? r missing! :P and mutu ma puwal, tyo ta mero pani cha bro, tannai! :( tyo cha ni auta, underwater tunnel, buwang pareko, ocean ko muni, tesai cha, twang twangti puwal cha mero pani! you're not alone! i feel your pain! :) or :( pick one. lol. bhok layo, popeyes kanchu aba!
Posted on 05-11-06 4:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Teso vaya ta Dettol ra cotton ta timro laagi po pathai dinu parne jasto chha.... another thought may be aafai le ani Dettol ra patti lagai diu jasto laagyo.. Highway nai Really??? Well aba 9 bullets laagera pani 50 Cent is still rocking.. mero euta dui wata Ghau ta ke ho ra.... mero ta weekend aaja bata suru huna thali sakyo even though i have to come to work tomorrow.. thado ghati lagau na ta ma sakdina tara pani ali ali
Posted on 05-11-06 4:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I got the Kleenex this time. Even your "excess Baggage" didn't sway my thoughts too far. I am a changed man now. uhum uhum... Welcome back. It has been a long time. Forgive me, I didn't mean to be rude but you gave me nostalgia. You remind me of the day when I started travelling light. I used to call it 'living low profile'; Running away far from binding emotions; flying up above the holding chians of relationships, love and hatred. I left my belongings a long ago. But the baggage I unknowingly keep carrying was heavy with pain of seperation; guilt of betrayal. I could never fly again. You said: I even managed to sell you a lie When you refused to buy my another truth And again you are trying to sell another lie. How can you drown those emotions and float forever? This pain is killing me. I am drowned never to float again. I left my saviour when I travelled light...
Posted on 05-11-06 4:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Damn.. SunnyD, Now, i am thinking out aloud.. Did i leave something or was i left behind.. or may be just may be.. " Mero kuch saman tumhare paas pada hai"
Posted on 05-11-06 5:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Raate, yep, "R" is missing. Hahaha You know what I read? "UNDERWEAR tunnel, bhwang pareko." I was like LMAO. Okay, I pick :). :( bhayera basera ni jindagi chalcha? Aye aap gaye jhataro. Ki kaso? But at times, what's on retrospective is not what actually is. Re kya! Yesdai guff hakda hakda jindagi nai guff huna lagi sakyo mero. Okay I change my mind. I'll take this -> :( ----------------- Ma_Chameli, 6 lane highway ni tyo pani. La ja ta. Timro haat le dettol ra cotton lagaidine? Yeh kash dile nadaa, yeh kash dile nadaa, tune yesa nakaha hotaa, bass kardiya hotaa, wada nakiya hotaa, bhandai bhautarinu parla ma pachi :( if you would not follow up on your words.) Yedi lagainai dine bhaye, kash mere dil ke aur tukde hote, siiyee pani dinthiyou ki?:p 50 cents ko 9 bullets ani timro yeuta duita matra? Umm... let’s say 1.5 wota. Bhanepachi timi, 16.67 cents. Kyarne ajkal number ra analysis le alik pelya cha kaam ma. If 9 bullets = 50 cents, 1.5 bullets = ? 6-7 class ma sikya kaam lagecha :p Timi thado ghati nalagau, bichara tyo madhira lai pani ta timro woth ko santi le majja linu deu. Afule ta "Keta" daru khaincha. Ani jhyam jhyam bajaincha:) Jenny bhaidya bhe chai thodi thami thami si ruki ruki janthyo hola... aaach ;) ------------------------------------------ Sunneydev birader, A changed man? The only time a woman change a man is when he was a baby RE. And I added, - ... and that is the ONLY time a man can change. He he! Baak sabai life is a stage, and we are.... hahaha! "...the pain of separation; guilt of betrayal." -> Afai boksi afaia jhakri bro? LOL. Betray ni garni ajai pain of separation re. LMAO. HAHAHAHA. Did we go to same school? LOL. No no... I was in different class. Mine was, .. the joy of separation; ecstasy of betryal. Yeuta kura ni. ;) re garding that drowning and floating stuff in the verses... When we are drowned (dead) our body floats in the water. Thus, my emotions, I plan to drown in my misery i.e., kill it, make it cease to come alive and let it float as a reminder, reminiscence or akin to/simply as the most beautiful/wonderful soccer trophy - in my cabinet back home - that I've won. [in the process I broke my leg.] But no excess baggage for me, I insist! ;) So you left your saviour while you travelled light? Lucky you. I was the saviour in my case, although she thinks otherwise. You see, even in separation they have to win. hehehe ;) SunnyD, ek ad wota afno ni haldine ki. I bet you are more than capable of throwing few of your own. Thanks for dropping by folks... Thuk rawo ki muje pyaar karooo mein nashe mein hu...AJAIIIIIIIIII hahaha IndisGuise ;)
Posted on 05-12-06 8:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lat night I listened to all the songs cited on these posts. It was a great night. With warm SAAKE, memoir of my chuteka kuch saamaan and those ghazals, it was a sweet pain. Aaiya.. *cry* Aaha.. *smile* ... I listened to that Nusret Fateh 's Sweet Pain too. Indi, thanks for the encouragement. Something like your beautifully crafted words are needed to stimulate my grey cells toward creative mode. Otherwise, these useless cells are busy throwing stupid comments on political and social discussion. Most of the time, they are ignored. Chameli, What are you thinking aloud? Someone thought I was wise for my age but you left me bewildered and confused. I am not that good as Stewie though. You know him. don't you? yeah.... yeah... the Griffin.
Posted on 05-12-06 12:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Indi, Wada kiya hai to puri vi kardaing gey waqt ke saath.. dekhna to yeh hai ki..sala waqt saath deta hai ki nahi.. kati saaro analysis gareko ho.. la aba ma 16.67 cents vayo ta.. that means i should be rocking 3.33 times more than 50 cent...aahaa.. madira paan garnu gare pachi.. chuski lidai garnai paryo ni.. i shall feel it going through my throat.. and all the intestine to its final destination.. SunnyD.. "I left my saviour when I travelled light... " this particular line made me think aloud; did not expect my thoughts to confuse you. Well Stewie Griffin that naughty kid from family guy.. i don't watch the show that often.. But if ppl say your are wise for your age then you might be.. or may be just may be they are telling you lies..aha..
Posted on 05-12-06 12:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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My Ohh MY.....didn't realize that I was missing all this.....Indi,I see tht your popularity is getting to the peak huh??? 8840m pugyo aba i guess u need 8 m more... la la badhai chaa....jun thread heryo tyehi hajur ko naam ko gungaan.... aaachhhh.. :-) Call me emotionless or someone who prefers Excess Baggage...ur last Chronicles didn't get into my head hauu.....
Posted on 05-12-06 1:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chameli, Right, people lie. I am one of'em. High probability that either they lied or I did. So the truth is..., you know.... I am stil perplexed because you gave a hint that you knew me. Nah, that might just be a coincidence. Anyway, please don't call Stewie a naughty boy. He is my idol, not a doll. And stewie goes: " I smell death on you, you fat lady." " That's not nice Stewie. Don't you think chameli is such an adorable lady? Be nice to her baby." He wouldn't agree and people lied.
Posted on 05-12-06 4:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sunnydev, warm SAAKE eh? It's Friday today, and that effectively calls for my version of SAAKE. As always, I plan to outdo myself and go bonkers yet again. :) A little mix and match politics and prose; with a twist of JPT twakka tukka. That's what Sajha is. Ignored or not, you keep on writing - regardless- as long as it makes you happy. Mari lanu ke cha ra? He he! Anything and everything goes. Am waiting. ---------------------------------- Sapanasunnapanch :) Tyasto ta tha bhayena, but "emotionless or someone who prefers Excess Baggage" bhanya chai alik went over my head too. You can not have your cake and eat it too. Or maaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beeeeeeeee you can eh' ;). Deemag ma nachire dil ma chirau, ani baat bancha.:p Ani Ms. former Lati (aba ta chantu lagcha hehehe), when I can be in an audience for another round of "nagina nritya." Aaaach ;) ---------------------------------------------------- Ma_Chameli, Sala waqt ki baat chodo, tum agar saath dene ka waada karoo, mein uinhi ..... re kya;) If you are 16.67 cents, how can you be rocking 3.33 times more that 50 cents? But we can always bend/twist or totally misinterpret the facts for in special cases like this, ki kaso? :) Final destination.........? Oops... hold it right there! Just keep narrating the begining. That's more like what I would fancy listening ;) Happy Weekend to all and sundry... IndisGuise:)
Posted on 05-12-06 5:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hareyyy.. be staright forward.... bango tingoo kura haru bujhdina kya ma...not only cake but i bake cookies too and eat bymyself...tired to read again... this time "dil" le ajai bujhina hauu....
Posted on 05-12-06 5:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dreamz, will tell you in leisure later. Got to head out and do my weekend rituals. Happy weekend. Later, IndisGuise:)

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