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Posted on 01-14-06 5:39 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Watched Exorcism of Emily Rose last night. Quite an interesting take, I would say. Does not have the gory scenes that horror movies usually depend on, but scary nonetheless. But more than that, it presents to you the questions such as: - is exorcism for real? - are so called possessions really just psychotic disorders? - does evil (demons) really exist? - if, let's say, demons do not exist, then can we use the same logic to say God does not exist? So on and so forth. If anybody else has seen this movie, I would like to hear his/her views.
Posted on 01-14-06 5:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Movie talk? why not :) I've seen it twice, that was more than enough. I think its scary and very disturbing. I think what makes the Exorcist scary is it's alleged to be based on a true exorcism.
Posted on 01-16-06 3:12 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chatmandude, Dont't know much about horror films but the last one I watched on DVD - let's say I was made to watch it - was double-bloodcurdling, the scariest of all the horror films I've seen. It was Japanese film - can't remember the name. Some spine-chilling gory scenes. My all-time favs include (not horror ones, mind you!): Amadeus (film adaptation of the Peter Shaffer play on Mozart) Stealing Beauty (Another Bertulucci classic. Jeremy Iron plays the disillusioned English poet. Live Tyler is delectable. Some breathtaking Tuscan scenery) Full Metal Jacket (Stanley Kubrick at his best) Casablanca (The Bogart/Bergman duo - captivating, my best love story/war time film ever) Out of Africa Gandhi (The Richard Attenborough masterpiece) Il Postino (in Italian, based on the Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, one of my fav 'magic realist' poets) Schindler's List (Nobody could do it except Spielberg) Saving Pvt Ryan (ditto) The Color Purple (ditto) Forrest Gump The Tin Drum and Death in Venice (Both film adaptation of novels by the German Nobel laureate Thomas Mann. The latter is said to be based on Gustav Mahler, the Austrian composer; Visconti has included plenty of his (Mahler's) music in the film, especially his fifth symphony - hauntingly beautiful. His fifth has got to be my all time fav. No doubt) Films by Felini and Polanski Films by Satyajit Ray (Aagantuk tops my Ray list. Satranj ki khilaadi is also cracking) The Monsoon Wedding (Another Meera Nair - I had better not say anything about Kama Sutra! :)) The list ends here for now - can't remember any more. Will post again if there're more that I've failed to include. Happy Monday and happy watching. Carpe diem
Posted on 01-16-06 3:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh Lahure bro, kata harayako yetika din samma!!!!!!!!!!! Sajha ma welcome back hai!!!!!
Posted on 01-16-06 3:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Amazing bro, I was just 'amazingly' caught up with my work and travelling regime. Good but not 'amazed' to see you cruising as ever! See you around hai ta. Cheers. another busy Monday
Posted on 01-16-06 3:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Typos: Live Tyler = Liv Tyler
Posted on 01-16-06 8:41 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey hey, Sandhurst Paji! :)) Good to see you haunting Kurakani once again; Kurakani for me was getting kinda weird without you and Dannyboy.. :D am writing in this thread only cos you have ...hehehe.;) ______________xxxx________ Movies of long ago...Westside story (Natalie wood!!Pristine beauty.), Gone with the Wind but thats kinda obvious. Audrey rules for me though...Roman holiday,Breakfast at Tiffany's,Funnyface,My Fair Lady,pity her son failed to inherit her abilities or her features. :( The fop even compared his mom with Ash ...wheres the sense in that? Ash might look amazing but she is hardly Hepburn!@# And ooh..Julie Andrews in..Sound of music.It is still such a pick me up kinda movie. Movies of not so long ago.. Lord of the Rings!! The trilogy..Granted The Two towers was dark but who's complaining? BBC's mini series version of Pride and Prejudice,um.. Shakespeare in Love, mushy as it was, Schindlers List (hats off) , The hours (kidman is queen of our ages!) , Lost in Translation, OHO...Japanese horror is much much for me to handle:( but we do what we do for friends do we not? And the nightmares and chills that ensue afterwards! Need to run.. gone with the wind...
Posted on 01-16-06 11:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good heavens feisty foxy one! I barely get to 'see' you these days - wonder what's keeping you logging onto Sajha. Thanks for the update. Yeah, Hepburn tops my list too. She's lovely in My Fair Lady - I'm sure, Bernard Shaw would've endorsed her performance fully. Also love those based on the Hemingway novels - A fairwell to Arms, To Have and Have Not, For Whom the Bell Tolls etc. Bogart, Grant, Bergman, Lauren Bacal et al are among my favs. About the new ones.. yes, the BBC production of the Austen classic has got to be one of my all time favs, not least because the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle combination brings out very the core of an outstanding acting/performance - one of the best that I have seen in British dramas, and most memorable too. Okay, then there's this pond scene with Firth that you lot love talking about - tell me if I'm wrong! Sexy, sexy eh! :) Another of the BBC ones is the adaptation of the Thackeray novel - Vanity Fair. Mira Nair has also made a film which I have yet to see. Oh, I like Kidman too. My fav would be 'The Portrait of a Lady', based the Henry James novel. Really moving. Haven't seen the Kubrik film - Eyes Wide Shut. Seen it? Any good? What else - oh, I remember she was in London a few years back, playing in a West End production of the David Hare play 'Blue Room'. She played naked in some of the scenes in the play. No wonder it was all fully booked out throughout the period they ran it. And I missed it.. grrrrr... Didn't miss Jerry Hall (Mick Jagger's ex-wife) do the same though in Graduate, another West End production of the Terry Johnson play. You must have seen the film with Dustin Hoffman - marvellous. Forgot to list Woody Allen films above: Annie Hall, Manhattan, Deconstructing Harry, Everybody says I love you etc... I can never get enough of Woody Allen films.. Okay too much woffling but more to follow in due course. I better shoot off. G'nite *************** PS: Where's the good ol Dannyboy these days? Sheess... dyaam.. :)
Posted on 01-16-06 12:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Typo: keeping you logging onto Sajha = keeping you from logging onto Sajha
Posted on 01-16-06 1:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'm going to watch HOSTEL tonite! I heard that it's scaryyyyyyyyyyyyy
Posted on 01-16-06 7:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A great morning to you Paji....:)) Am up and running about already.So much to achieve and only one me.The vast universe and blah blah..get the gist, do ;) Kidman's Moulin Rouge! How did i ever let it go unmentioned! Unforgiveable so it was.Ever saw Erich Seagal's Love story? An old one from the 60's most prolly..one of the few movies which actually manage to live up to the book.And yeshh,Colin Firth in the pond scene is most delectable.That man is candy!...Ooh..running late yet again/ gone with the wind..
Posted on 01-16-06 9:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Munich" is highly recommended to all u guys. Spielberg at his best.....
Posted on 01-16-06 10:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Some of my all time favs - Starting from older ones ( hehe John Wayne and Raj kapoor ko kura chhadau hai) The Bridge on the River Kwai (POW's life during WWII ) Tora Tora Tora ( WWII , about Historical Pearl Harbour attack) The great Escape (WWII) Apocalypse Now (Vietnam war WWII ) Foreign Correspondent yeah Lahure dai, of course Saving Pvt Ryan ( tom hanks ko arko ' lost in translation was one of my best movies) Lets move to some MOB movies.....yeah Al Pacino...i'm a big fan of him.:) God Father -all 3 parts :) Scarface (Toni Montana...heheheheh) Carlito's way Scent of Women (Blind yet Smart! ) Once uopn a time in New York ( Robert de Niro...he's the man) Blow bastav ( Sanjya Dutt is awesome) A beautiful Mind ( Russel crowe ko acting is lajabab!) The Pianist ( I wish i was in Germany at that time LOL) hey hey lets move to the hottest Angelina :P:P how can i forget 'The original Sin' :P:P (Angelina and Antonio Banderas , english movie ma pani yasto love story??? hehehe maan pareko thiyo malai) although i like angelina...movie chai tyo euta matra ho dami lageko :) Casablanca (yeah lahure dai..dami movie chha) Do u rem 'The Purple plain'? war time love story? that's a goodt movie too Dil wale Dulhaniya le Jayenge ( although i dun like Love Stories...i like this one) hmmmm ajahi baki cha...pachi lekhaula.... :)
Posted on 01-16-06 11:58 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A must see movie "SHUTTER", it is a thai movie and the most scary movie i have ever seen. see this movie with the english subtitle. it is much more scarier movie than the above mentioned. sandhurst lahure mentioned about the japanese movie that is the GRUDGE, but this 'SHUTTER' is 10 times or more scarier then the GRUDGE. so guys dont miss this one out. and dont forget to write your views. till then bye.
Posted on 01-17-06 4:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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STOP PRESS: The Tin Drum is the film adaptation of a novel by the German nobel laureate Gunter Grass, not Thomas Mann. Apologies. ************** Feisty ol one, No, haven't seen Moulin Rouge. E McGregor is her co-star, isn't he? And never heard of Erich Seagle.. Happy 'running about'. ***** MM (Mangsirey Maila), Seen the first and the third from your WWII film list - all very fantastic. Yeah, Saving Pvt Ryan must be, head and shoulders, the best war film that's ever been made. No other film has ever catptured the level of verisimilitude (big word eh!) of battle-realities more powerfully than this one has. So much to say about the D-Day landing and the carnage that ensued. Oh, forgot to mention 'The English Patient' - another cracking film. Truly captivating performance by the delectable Juliette Binoche who plays Hana, the young nurse. Equally impressive is Naveen Andrews of the Kama Sutra fame, who plays a Sikh soldier, the bomb disposal expert. One of the most moving war time films I have seen. Hey, I better not recite the Wilfred Owen/Rupert Brooks (both Sandhurst alumni) war poems. I'm getting carried away, aren't? :)) Yeah, Casablanca. An all-time classic, it's got to be. Definitely. Not much of a Pacino fan, but I did like his performance in Godfather and A Scent of a Woman.. A Beautiful Mind is lovely - another addition to my collection. The Pianist - got the DVD but haven't watched it. ******** sanamdhun, Yes, that's the one: Grudge. Spine-chilling. Cheers. ************* A few more from my list: A River Runs through it (quite a bit of Wordsworth's poety-reciting there) Remains of the day (adaptation of the Booker winning Ishiguro novel; Hopkins at his best) Surviving Picasso (Hopkins again!) Howards End (Hopkins again! And the delectable Helena Bonham Carter; adaptation of the EM Foster novel) A Room with a View (A superb adaptation of the EM Foster novel again. With Helena Bonham Carter again - no one could play the feisty Lucy Honeychurch better than she!) Total Eclipse (Based on the life of Arthur Rimbaud, the famous French poet. DiCaprio plays the poet, David Thewlis Paul Verlaine, also a French poet and Rimbaud's homosexual lover. Worth a try) The list goes on..
Posted on 01-17-06 4:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lets not forget Black Hawk Down, but I wish they would have done a better job with in the movie: 1) How bad Somali marksmen were. Even though they mentioned them being "messed up on khat", the book IIRC mentions more instances where the Somalis *could have* killed many more, but their shots kinda sucked. 2) The movie didn't mention more about how the Somalis used women and children as shields. IIRC, the book mentioned that they used women and children at the front of a line of Somalis, not just mixed in. I know the movie mentioned "women and children in the crowd" once, but it almost seems like the women and children were "accidentally" in the wrong place at the wrong time. The book makes it *very clear* that the Somalis used them on purpose as shields, thinking that the Americans wouldn't shoot at women. 3) Not enough about the "Little Bird" helicopters. They kept up their runs all night. By the time of the scene where the Little Birds cleared the rooftops, the Somalis would run from the helicopters, not stand there and get mowed down. After all, those guns can fire like, 8 gajillion rounds a minute All in all, a fine movie. But like Saving Private Ryan, it leaves you with a weird feeling...
Posted on 01-17-06 9:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ladyinred, Interesting info. Might try it next. A few more of those spine-chilling war films: Killing Fields Casualties of war The Red Thin Line PS: Black Hawk is a beast but not as massive as those slick Apaches.. Compared to the latter, it's a very 'little bird' indeed. I had better not go on bragging about the intricacies of war doctrine involved in what was clearly a complex operation.
Posted on 01-17-06 9:46 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The Thin Red Line yup yup... that movie was fantastic, poetic.....
Posted on 01-17-06 10:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Some of my all time fav. Deep throat Spanish Fly Pussy Galore Swallow my pride Anal Annihilation
Posted on 01-17-06 10:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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red eye 28 days later resident evil bourne spremacy ful throttle, charles angels and moree...

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