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 sardar ji n TV
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Posted on 10-02-05 5:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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nice sardar ji jokes...here's the one i know. sardar ji was watching and suddenly starts looking for something all around the room. his wife asks: honey what are you looking for? sardar ji: a hidden camera wife: there is no hidden camera anywhere sardar ji: so why does the guy in the tv keeps saying "you are watching ESPN"...if there is no hidden camera how does he know?? :-)
Posted on 10-11-05 3:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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someone come up with another sardar joke:) Those Sardar jokes are always funny. I have bunch of them saved in one of my emails... those forwarded hotmails. I will bring them here when I find that email. Oh... this one I know on top of my head (and other.. are more common so most people already know). One day this Sardar was In Californai. On a beach he was having his drink and chilling. One gentleman passing by asked, Are you relax ing? Sardar Ji replies, "NO, I am BAnta Singh." sardar jis are funny. BTW I have seen bunch OF Sardar Jis.. with their traditional customes hauling those HUGE trucks (16+ wheelers) on my SUmmer trip to Texas. I wonder how can they survive the deadly Heat with all those Long beards and those heavy TOpis (is it called chaddi or something? I forgot what they call it) Oh well, that's what they did in India and Pakistan. Jai Nepal ProudNepali
Posted on 10-11-05 7:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yo proud your sardar ji joke wasn't complete up there so let me do it for ya bud. One day this Sardar was In Californai. On a beach he was having his drink and chilling. One gentleman passing by asked, Are you relax ing? Sardar Ji replies, "NO, I am BAnta Singh." again a blonde comes and asks Banta, hey man are you relaxing? Banta says...no i am Banta singh...how many times i have to tell you people. so, Banta gets really pissed off and decides to go home. but as he was leaving the beach, he sees another sardar ji, who was just sitting and chilling with his family. so Banta goes and asks this sardar ji, hey are you relax ing? the sardar says yes i am relaxing....and then Banta slaps the sardar ji's cheek and says....you stupid, there are so many people looking for you over there and you are sitting here!!
Posted on 10-12-05 6:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey great.. let me add one more Sardarji's joke You know what to do when a Sardar throws a greade at you? don't worry, pull the pin and throw it back to him.
Posted on 10-12-05 6:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well sorry that mus hav been grenade
Posted on 10-13-05 2:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sardar Ji's interview with a CIA for a JOB.. CIA didn't really wanted to hire Sardaji as a private detective..but formality is formality so..... CIA: Whats 1 and 1? Sardaji: 11 CIA agents were surprised on the answer but they continued.. CIA: What are the day that starts with "T"? Sardarji: Today and Tomorrow. CIA agents surprised again but they like the way how Sardaji thinks out of the box. CIA: Who killed Rajiv Gandhi? Sardaji: I don't know. Now CIA agents were sure that they got rid of the Sardaji so.. CIA: Why don't you go home and get yourself prepare for that answer. Sardaji left saying thank you. At home Sardaji said to his wife; Well the interview went fine, First day at work and I'm already working on a murder case.
Posted on 10-13-05 2:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Once A Blind man went in a Bar, and told bartender "Do you wanna hear some jokes on Sardarji?" Bartender: No! See the guy behind you is Sardar and he weigh about 200lbs, The guy next to you is Sardar and he weigh 165lbs and above all I'm Sardar. Do you still wanna say the jokes? Blind Man: No way! if I have to explain three times.
Posted on 10-13-05 3:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Once Sardaji went to buy a TV, and asked the sales person, is that TV for sale? Sales person said, no Sardaji. Later on he disguissed himself and went to the same shop and asked Is that TV for sale? Again the same sales person said Look Sardaji I told you its not for sale. Sardarji was surprised on how did he reconized him. Sardaji still didn't gave up and kept trying. Everytime he entered the shop, he disguissed himself as someone else and evertime the sales person says " No Sardaji, its not for sale". Finally Saraji gave up and asked the sales person, how did you reconized me? I've been disguissing my self. Sales Person said: Well you've been saying TV to that microwave.

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