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Posted on 10-13-04 2:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Game 1: NYY
Game 2: BOS (If Pedro plays upto 7th innings)
Game 3: BOS
Game 4: BOS (If Curt Schilling's pitching) else NYY
Game 5: NYY
Game 6: BOS
If Curt Shilling's knee doesnt get better then NYY will win game 4
Game 7: BOS (cause Curt Schilling will definitely play this one)

BOS: 4 NYY: 2
BOS: 4 NYY: 3 (If Curt Schilling does not play game 4)
Mussina pitches again at game 5 so they will win. NYY ain't got no pitching line up. Great defence is always better than great Offence. And Boston has both end pretty lined up. Anyways, let's see all ya predictions too.
The postings in this thread span 7 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-02-04 1:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nirvana said "AX- Just keep quite for a while Man- You say so much bullshites that does not make sense and we don't even care.. ".
>>> You want me to mum??? What for??? Baseball is bigger than Red Sox Nation, broaden your baseball horizon :=) check out the link http://www.usasportsbettinglines.com/baseball/index.html you be surprised to see which team is favor to win next year ;) I am here for good as long as Web Admin doesn't ban me :=)

which part didn't make sense to you, I will be happy to go over again. if it is just me, you can always ignore me ;)

You also said "Just accept the fact the RED SOX is World Champ now.. Can you? again say who is the World Champ 2004???" .
>>> You are rite, Red Sox won this year and when did I deny that??? I think I congratulate your team somewhere in this thread. BUT do you also know NY Yankees won it all 26th time. Can you say that about Red Sox??? If you didn't know, this was Boston?s 7th win as a Boston Americans/Braves/Red Sox :=) 20 more wins... 20X86 years??? you do the math....

You also said "I am tired of hearing your bullshilt.All I want to say as Red Sox fan is "In your face man" we are the world cham now, at least for now, and not your beloved Yanks..... we will see what happen next year as time comes.. Got It !! "
>>> read above. You can always ignore my postings. Be glad they finally won this year... it's time for ya to celebrate coz it make take another 86 years for Boston baseball team to win the championship. You can change the facts and history.

Shirish, thank you. How is free agency frenzy going on there??? I hope Red Sox will be able to sign Jason Veritek. I think Scott Boras is his agent and will demand a lot more then 24 Mils for 3 years that Red Sox offered earlier this year. I think he commands $ 9 mil/year for 5-6 years :=) lotsa dough tho?...
Posted on 11-02-04 6:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chill Out AX bro..

Let's not keep on digging the history.
Our presence has nothing to do with our history.
REd SOx nation's not winning champioship for 86 years has nothing to do with what they are gonna do in the coming years.

SOme stupid people are expecting us to win another championship in next 86 years or so or was it 2080?? Are you crazy dude.
If that's the case: RED SOX will win 5 more championship in next 10-15 years.
If history is to repeat then the red sox will dominate this decade and the coming one.
Well, the later can be really true.

Yankees are favored to win the WS every year?? Even if they didn't have any players in the rooster they wil be favored?? Coz the media are the preachers of the RICHER teams. Mr. Streinber can buy the best available players in the market. And there always are plenty of free agents. Just by gettting the top free agents can builta very strong rooster. But how many times had the Media's prediction held true?? Since we play real baseball the prediction are called prediction and not the facts. If it were a fantasy baseball then maybe Yankees will win it all.

Let's not look back in the last century.
In the 21st century Yankees had gone to playoffs everysingle season> not just that they had been to the ALCS four times and WS three times. But how many times did they win the WS in this century... 21st century. So, let's be realistic. First let's the Yankees win the WS and then do the Talking. I do agree they are a great time, maybe RICH is a better word. However, winning counts. Yeah. REd Sox won after a long time. At least we won. Do you think we are gonna take decades to win another??? Someone tell me. I don't think anyone can make that prediction.

As of RED SOX losing players in the off-season... AX bro You must be wise enough to understand the financial situation of the baseball clubs. Not all the clubs can get all the players they want. Maybe it's the Yankees only, who gets what they wanted, in terms of players. Aside from Trading Bambino back in....... 1920, the REd SO had actually benefited from the trades they had made. We surely had lost really good players but didn't we acquire a lot of good players as well. I will be ready to get Manny or Pedro or Schilling in exchange of any other player. As of THE ROCKET, we all love him. He does love the REd SOX nation also. But how many times did we go to the WS in his tenant at FEnway Park? Oh well, I am not trying to put the blame on him. Don't get me wrong here. But we have to understand that, every single baseball club goes to the pre-season training with a goal of winning the CHampionship. There's no single club that plays just to go the playoffs. Oh yeah, at some point of the season teams will be doing their best to playoffs. But for what?? To win championship. It's as simple as that.
Whatever changes the REd SOX organization made in last few years had really payed offf. Yeah, Nomar is my favorite player. But see what we got in exchange of him. If he was 100% healthy, then sure we would have like to have him. Our team was fighting to get to the playoffs, Nomar surely couldn't play day after day. We needed someone who could contribute every single game. ANd that's what we got. And see the results.
So, baseball trades are things that need to happen. Baseball clubs try to benefit from the trades, not everyone gets lucky. RED SOX did. SO why should anyone cry about it??

As of Free agent market...
O. cabrera is a free agent so is Nomar. DO we like to have Nomar back. Absolutely. But is it possible?? possible but not likely.

By the way AX bro, we all know the worth of Nomar Garciapara. Oh yeah he barely made in the ESPN's top 10 free agents rankig.... but dude are you blinded.
Compare the season Beltre or Beltran had with that of Nomar??? Nomar's ###s are very average this season. we all know why? coz he is injured. He missed almost half of the season. But seee ... he is still in the TOP 10.
Does that tell you anything about his baseball skills? Yeah I do acknowledge the fact that you like Nomar as a player.............. but the way you said........

barely..... top10.. that's quite an insult....

Posted on 11-02-04 6:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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As of D. Ortiz..

You do agree he can make within top 5 in the free agents ranking. Don't you??
WHy and how?? you know it well.

But come on what were you talking about.. when you were refering to the contract he signed with the REd SOX last year???

When he signed the contract he hadn't proved himself. Now he had proved it. Just because he is playing as an ALl-star (and he is an All-star) now, the RED SOX organization won't go back and change the contract. Same with Varitek, when he was brought to FEnWay along with D. Lowe, he didn't have such good figures. Now he does. SO you will be a fool to tell me.. if Varitek was so good... why did he sign such a mediocre contract withthe RED SOX? I know you won't raise that question because he is a free agent. If his contract was little longer, I will not doubt you would bring this question.
Well, check out for D. Lowe's worth..... He was paid.. a very very average salary. Now he should make at least $9 million/year.
ANyways, I were just trying to clarify D. ORtiz's strengths and worth, despite an average contract.

As of Manny...
We all love him. He did realize his mistakes of last season. He is a bit different person this year. He is a great player. As of his staying in Boston, I believe he will reamin here at least until his contract is over. I would like to have him As a RED SOX player for life. I would like to say the same thing about Pedro. I hope he stays here. Not just these future Hall of famers, but also all those guys who contributed in winning the WS, I wish they could all stay here. Our budget won't permit to keep them all. And again if they can make tons of dollars more in other cities then it's worth at least from their standpoint tht we should let them go.

As of ThEO Epstein..
Comon Bro.. don't be kidding with me. Yeah....... Brian Cashman did all those things in NY, I surely do acknowledge him when considering the type of players he brought in. But in last four seasons, did he win any WS?? With so much cash spent in acquiring those players, shouldn't they have won some Championships???

And Ax bro tell me this,
If you were watching the ALCS game 7, who did the commentator first showed and talked about besides from the RED SOX players, when RED SOX just won the game/series??? Now you get it!! WHy do you think those baseball gurus(commentators) were mentioning Mr. Cashman's name atop the lists of the people who might lose their jobs??
Now please don't tell me they were DUMB or they werejust RED SOX fans???

As of who's going to be the real favorite of next year........... let's wait until all the off-season trades are done and the teams head to the PRe-season practice. It's way too early to make any predictions.
By the way PAtriots weren't favored to win any of the Superbowls going to the off-season or the pre-season?? Guess what happene?.

Alrite bro...
Hope you are enlightened a bit.

Jai Nepal
Posted on 11-02-04 6:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh yeah SHIRISH BRo..

Please tell AX bro that NOT All his POINTS are VALID.

Thank you.

Jai Nepal
Posted on 11-03-04 9:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shiris says- "Not all the points AX made are invalid. You should accept the facts also.
I know you are a very biased and avid RedSox fan and its wrong to call his arguments Bullshits.
Go AX go! "
What the heck are you talking about Shiris and who are you to tell me that I am biased? Where did I say all of AX points are invalid? Yes, most of his points are bullshits including that it might take our SOX another 86 years to win another championship. Yes, I am a avid Sox fan and I don't want to hear about all the bullshits about SOX's up coming years etc... I, at least want to enjoy the WIN, a big win kicking Yanks on their behind, for now. Are you really a sox fan or what? Not that I care, though..

Thanks proudnepali, a true SOX Fan, you know my feeling...

Posted on 11-03-04 12:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Proud bro, again telling you didn't bother to google before writing. Bro who are we to change the baseball history. History are made in the ballparks not here in Sajha ;) I will leave up to Red Sox to prove me wrong. Let?s see what Red Sox have to offer :=)

BOSS is not the richest person or the sports owner in the world. He is a baseball fan first and the owner. He tries to put the best players and the team in the field. He gives every effort to win every year. Baseball fans adore him.

Yankees is run by a true baseball fan. Business aspect comes 2nd to the BOSS. But I suspect on the John Henry intention, I don?t know how much of a Red Sox fan would he been, if he was not to own the Red Sox. Wasn?t he they guy who banked few millions selling Florida Marlins to buy Red Sox???

Proud said ?There's no single club that plays just to go the playoffs.?
>>> Oh really, there are baseball teams which are running as a business. There are few greedy team owners who are in the baseball business just to bank some money.

Proud said ?Yeah, Nomar is my favorite player. But see what we got in exchange of him. If he was 100% healthy, then sure we would have like to have him. Our team was fighting to get to the playoffs, Nomar surely couldn't play day after day. We needed someone who could contribute every single game. ANd that's what we got. And see the results.?
>>> That is wrong brother. You do not ship your franchise and the most beloved player when is coming back from injury. He gave 110% when he was in the field. I guess Red Sox were desperate to win ONE championship so the best player got shipped. I am sure we will be talking about this trade for long time to come.

Regarding Nomar and making no 10 list in ESPN?s top free agents: There is no doubt there are few short stop that are different league than others. AROD, DJ2, Tejada and Nomar are different breed of Short Stop. Most of the guys hit for average, good runners, good arm strength and are good fielder. I still think Nomar should command more money than DJ2 and Tejada. It?s not me who disrespected Nomar, its Red Sox. I would love to have him in Yankees uniform if he can play 2nd base. I got that kinda respect for Nomar. The reason I mentioned him barely making #10 was that your Ortiz would not have ranked above Nomar. That?s all. I hope you got it this time :=)

Here's the Ortiz's contract extension info:

he signed contract extension in May 21, 2004. It was 2 year contract extension for 12.5 Mils. Do you know why he didn't ask for 15-20 mils/year contract extension, coz he knows he is a DH and DH doesn't command big contract.

I hope now you understand what difference what 1st baseman and DH is. and make sure to check out the disparity in their contract value.

About Veritek, He has been red Sox for 8/9 years (???). Veritek was offered the contract extension - $6 mil/year for 4 years which he rejected earlier this year. He made decent money this year. I believe somewhere around $6-7 mil a year which seems to be good. But he is going to command more than Posada and IROD.

What you ranting about the Manny and future hall of famers??? There is only ONE future one hall of famer in Red Sox roster and he is PEDRO. I believe Schilling still need to have 2 more years of similar performance he did this year. I trust Peter Gammons on it. Let?s not get it wrong, Schilling is a great pitcher and I like the dude. He loves the Baseball and is a great fan of the game. I respect him. But I don?t think he will be shrined in Cooperstown if he is to retire today.

Theo has done a good job this year. Let?s not forget Red Sox are the #2 spenders past few years and this is the first time they have won. As I said I will judge him by end of the 2005 season but he has done a fabulous job in short time.

About the Cashman losing the job ? Proud bro, you are talking about YANKEES. Not some other franchise in baseball. If you don?t win in Yankees land, you will be in hot seat, it does not matter if you are Torre or Cashman or the great Yogi Berra or Don Mattingly.

I know you guys are proud of your Pats and the championships. But why you need to bring Pats in baseball forum for no reason. You are comparing apples with oranges. Bro, did you know why Yankees are favor to win??? Coz they are YANKEES :=)

Red Sox fans, I will be happy to over any of my postings regarding baseball, if you were to find any non valid point ;)

Yes, Red Sox may not win another championship again in our lifetime. I will leave that to Red Sox, let them prove me wrong :=)

I am disappointed none of you could do the math for m, here it is: 20 X 86 = 1720 LOL

Here?s the fact:
- Derek Jeter won his first gold glove award.
- Top 6 hitters of NY Yankees are coming back next season ? DJ2, AROD, Sheffield, Giambi, Matsui, Bernie.
- Pedro declined the 2 year offer by Red Sox - 1/02/04
- Veritek agent is Scott Boras and Yankees are interested on him.
- Yankees are front runner for Carlos Beltran, the most coveted player in this free agency and interested getting Randy Johnson and Carl Pavano/Eric Milton/David Wells.
- Yankees are going to decline John Leiber?s 8 million options for next season.
- Kevin brown, Vazquez and Kenny Lofton are on the trading block.
Posted on 11-03-04 12:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here?s interesting news about your beloved Shortstop Nomar Garciaparra :

All-star shortstop Nomar Garciaparra has told friends he would be open to a position change to either second base or third, which could open the way for the Yankees to pursue the free agent as a second baseman.
-- New York Daily News


what does that tell you???
Posted on 11-03-04 2:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok, its been a long time I havent had any replies on this thread, i had to run some errands. Anyways, looks like AX goes through the books ... that means he really looks at the stats and the past can be good but it doesnt say nothing about the futue... while people make predictions, it keeps changing even people like it or not. And in sports, particularly baseball, it changes like weather. Anyways, AX, i know u have been lookin at the stats for a long time and you even said Yankees losing 4 games in a row is "impossible" and u even said... "you mean yankees will lose 2 home games in a row? are you outta ya mind?"... tell me u didnt say that... u saw the stats.. u saw the past.. and made that comment but just to let you know that nothing is predictable in sports. Anything can happen at any time. You are saying we should not have traded Garciaparra, but that trade has brought us Championship, and u said it wasn't a good deal... so u mean winning a championship is not great thing then why is ya team always hunting for the best player every year... so that they can have a good team but not to win the championship .. kaso? anyways, u like Garciaparra then its good for you.. but it was good for the team to trade him. In sports its not a disrespect, its a strategy... people keep on swinging from teams to teams.. that doesnt mean .. those teams are disrespecting the player.. its for the betterment of whole team. You said "Let?s not forget Red Sox are the #2 spenders past few years and this is the first time they have won." It doesnt matter the first or the last win... we WON, thats a great thing.. and u lost. and being the #2 spenders .. we were in the ALCS last year too.. and almost clinched the victory till it was Boone who hit the home run. So that means... we have been fighting hard.. its not like NY Rangers, who has the all the money and good players but never even go to the playoffs. i know i'm switching the topic but just as an example to give you that we are not spending that money for nothing... we didnt win the championship but we were always there and fighting every year.
And you said Schilling has to show more to be in the hall of fame then you are absolutely wrong cause he has done more in the situation he was, than the players when they are pretty healthy. Anyways, lets not discuss about who is the better team and who is doing what wrong .. cause this year we were the better team and each player and media has accepted that fact and so do I. And, showing those stats how good are your players doesnt mean nothing when they couldn't do anything when needed the most.. i am talking about this year.. and so please don't show me those stats and saying that I am talkin without searching anything. And, if u are so confident about your team.. let 'em show next year .. till then ..we ain't buying your stats and standing.
Posted on 11-03-04 4:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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AX lives in the History..
Fortunatly we don't.

Dude seems like everytime I post something you don't read them completely. If you had been reading them, we wouldn't have been writing on the same issues over and over.

THis is what you wrote a posting earlier:
"Bro, you are delusion, Ortiz would have barely cut top 5, forget about being the #1"

And this is what you wrote later:
"The reason I mentioned him barely making #10 was that your Ortiz would not have ranked above Nomar"

Why would you contradict yourself like that?? You are talking about ORtiz making about #5, and Nomar #10... and then you say Ortiz can't finish above Nomar.... you do the interpretation.

As of D.Ortiz's contract, please read my latest posting again. Not everybody does really good in his very first seasons, that's why they don't have huge contracts. As they do good/better their worth grows bigger and bigger. But to get what they are worth, they have to wait until thier contract is over. It's that simple.

Pedro is going to the Hall of Fame for sure. He has to. As of Schilling, he should go to the Hall of Fame as well. Yeah, he doesn't have enough CY yOUng awards. But dude Schilling has one more WS ring than Pedro. He is also a WS MVP. He is not gonna retire today so he still has plenty to offer.

As OF Cashman,
dude why should he lose his job when he has given the Yankees such wonderful years..... well what did Yankees accomplished in his tenure... you had well documented. But is he on a hot seat?? yeah.
It's similar thing here in Boston. TO wins some championships we brought THEO.. to do the same you guys might have to lose Cashman. THat's how the baseball business or any other business works. Now you shouldn't be questioning about why Cashman should lose his jobs, do you??

Then please do not raise the same question here in red sox?? Despite a lot of criticisms RED SOX traded Nomar. WHy?? To built a winning team. DID we win? yeah. SO what's the Fuzzz?? Nomar was going to be a free-agent anyways, on top of that he wasn't healthy either. Well, now if Nomar wants to play for the SOX, he is more than welcomed.

name some franchises who are operating just in order to bag some money. Ask their fans if that's true??? You make me laugh.
Of course the OWners buy the clubs in order to cash$$$$ but that doesn't mean they do not put in effort to win games and ultimately the Championships?? Name one such club and I will try to figure out what you meant??

I guess you have difficulties in making comparisons when people introduce clubs from other major sports to make their point. Yeah they surely look like apples and oranges, but aren't they both fruits?? People weren't talking about the taste.. if you understand.

MR. Stienbreiner is a baseball fan, so is Mr. Henry and the rest of the MLB club owners. Maybe some are more business motivated than others but they surely like baseball and support their teams. That's not the point.
We are talking about ABLE Owners who can buy the best players available. Of course each of the clubs would like to have all those top free agents?? but how many of them can afford to have them all?? None but the Yankees. HOw?? BOss has the CA$H to buy them. Mr. Henry don't. Does that sound complicated to you?? Or you think all the clubs besides Yankees are GREEDY??

As of RED SOX and WS... again...
DUDE how many times do I have to tell you that RED SOX dominated first 2 decades of the 20th century. THEY won 6 WS in span of some 18 years. NOW YOU DO THE MATH how many years in an average to win 1 WS?? If you were expecting for the History to repeat itself, then BROTHER you also have to Accept the fact that RED SOX are going to dominate BAseball for the next 2 decades. After that you can expect another 86 years. You just cannot take one part of the equation and make it your vocal point. You gotta take the whole equation into account. Well that's your expectations. I don't think the History will repeat again. As I said, I live in the present not in the past.
TO better assist you with the ALgebra 18/6 = 3.

Yankees always bid for the best players available, they usually get them as well. That's nothing new. SO, there's no need to name all the players in your rooster or the ones that might leave/join.

How about we focus on Baseball in 21st century??
We have already won 1?? WHen are the Yankees gonna win?
OR should they just keep on looking at the history and satisfy themselves by counting the number of TITLES earned in the last century??

Pease do not bring 26... again. I am interested in the 21st century.

This much for the time being..

Jai Nepal
Posted on 11-03-04 5:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh yeah. UBiw... Brother,

You made some good points.
AX has the history of contradicting himself.

Jai Nepal
Posted on 11-03-04 10:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i totally agree with proudnepali's comments about baseball in 21st century and forgetting the past, its obvious the current yankees are not providing joy to the yankee land and hence AX bro is relieving the past and the 26 championships yankees won in the past............
Posted on 11-04-04 8:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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welcome back ubiquitous. What?s wrong talking about baseball past? Is it my problem that you can?t relate baseball past in your baseball world?

Anyway, about schilling, I could not stop throwing more stats :=)

Do you know he has not even won 60% of the games?............ Do you also know he won 20+ games only won three times?.......... What makes him a Hall of Fame pitcher??? Pitching while he has ankle problem or having a great year with Red Sox??? I have a great respect for the guy and he has baseball values in him. I hope he will end up in National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown some day. May be another two seasons of 20+ win games :=) I know you guys never answer when I ask QUESTIONS. here's another question - Name me a hall of fame pitcher who has worse stat than Schilling??? I doubt it. ooooooh wait you don?t care about Cooperstown coz you live for the baseball present and future. Unlike you, I salute to all those past players. they are the reason where baseball is now. I am getting enjoying the game now because of them. And I won't miss the opportunity to talk about those GREAT BASEBALL PLAYERS - Babe Ruth and his power, Gehrig and his emotional farewell speech at Yankees Stadium, Joe DiMaggio and his 56 game hitting streak, Micky Mantle and his heroics in late inning games, Nolan Ryan and his fast balls, Ripken and his amazing streak 2,632 games.

I feel pride on being a Yankees fan and I cherished those championships and I know I will get to see many more in my lifetime. I doubt you can say the same about your team.

Here's the new developing in Red Sox Nation (what does it tell you???):

- Jason Veritek declined 3 years 24 millions contract extension beginning of the year :=)
- Pedro just declined (2 days ago???) to take pay cut- was offered 2 years contract extension and he graciously declined :=)
- Free agent outfielder Gabe Kapler is curious to discover the extent of other teams' interest in him :=)
Posted on 11-04-04 10:38 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I know why you Red sox fans never want to talk about the past coz they never won a championship before. Oh yeas let?s not talk about the history, let?s forget what Cy Young, Ted Williams, Doerr, YAZ, Wade Boggs, Clemens, Vaughn and Nomar duty for you Red Sox fan, NO??? I know Pedro, Schilling, Manny and Ortiz should be shrine as the greatest Red Sox players coz they brought you the championship this year :=)

Comparing between Ortiz and Nomar ? Nomar is still a better player than Ortiz and demand more money than Ortiz. Let?s not forget Nomar declined $15 mil per year contract from Red Sox earlier this year. He is still a valuable team and will help a team (whichever) next year tremendously. I don?t think you can judge any players with one or two year performance. Nomar is a complete player who plays Short Stop who can switch to DH in his late 30s ;)

Proud said ?TO wins some championships we brought THEO?
>>> let?s not go too far ahead. I would rather talk about the baseball past then your dream for the future. Dude, Only three (offense and defense) great players are coming back from your championship roster (many, Ortiz and schilling) I would have said you had better chances if they were to bring back all players. It?s like counting chicken before they are hatched ;)

you also said ?HEY AX, name some franchises who are operating just in order to bag some money. Ask their fans if that's true??? You make me laugh.
Of course the OWners buy the clubs in order to cash$$$$ but that doesn't mean they do not put in effort to win games and ultimately the Championships?? Name one such club and I will try to figure out what you meant???
>>> Montreal Expos, Milwaukee Brewers, Kansas City Royals, Seattle Mariners - None of the above team ever keeps the star players. Brewers always tops the Baseball greedy owner list. Milaukee is smallest baseball market and make profit and gets more money from baseball revenue sharing, which I think is absurd. No wonder Commisnor Bud Selig pushed so much for revenue sharing.

Your another point being BOSS, the richest owner in the baseball. You are WRONG brother.

Here?s the few Baseball team owner names

Atlanta Braves ? AOL time Warner (need to tell more about them?)
Hiroshi Yamauchi ? Seattle Mariners. He is worth 1.4 billion dollars.
Celveland Indians - Dolan family. They are worth more than 2 billion dollars.
Huston Astros ? Robert McLane. He is worth of $1.2 billion.

About Red Sox and the championship ? The first they won as a Boston American and the 2nd one as a Boston Red Sox. Are you implying Boston Red Sox is changing their club name as well??? Hmmm first win was in 1903 (???) and 2nd one was in 1912, NO???

You said ?Yankees always bid for the best players available, they usually get them as well. That's nothing new. SO, there's no need to name all the players in your rooster or the ones that might leave/join.?
>>> too bad you can?t say about your Red Sox. That?s why I pride myself being a Yankees fans. It?s not Yankees wanting them the star players, its other way around. It?s the star players who wants to play for Yankees and its tradition, else ask Clemens, Boggs and Nomar ;)


Congratualtion Willie Randolph. He is hired as the next METS manager. He truly deserves it. He did a great job with Yankees as a player, third base coach and bench coach. Thanks for the rings and the leadership. Yankees fans is going to miss his presence..... Wish you the best.......
Posted on 11-04-04 11:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You guys have pretty good research potential...wanna write a thesis on Red Sox?
Posted on 11-04-04 4:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's the samething you bring over and over.

If you have no problem talking about the yankees over and over, why should OURs talking about REDSOX bother you??

Oh yeah, when you say YAnkees are the next year, and the year after next year's favorite.. blah blah....none of us bothered to tell you that you were hallucinating or counting the chickens before they were hatched. Not every clouds bring in rain, some just clears away. That's how your Yankees been in last 4 seasons. They bring in players.. are favored to win WS??? and results what???? another embarrassing season.

Bro.. you are bit mistaken about the BOSS;

AOL TIME Warner has interest in other areas and not just baseball. I don't think they Let go Sheffield (or rather come to Yankees) because they WERE Too greedy to spend money on baseball. Besides Braves have been making frequent trips to the Playoffs and have been winning the division for how many consecutive years.... (gotta check my stat.). They are also a good example of how JUST BUYING THE MOST expensive players don't buy you CHampionships. It's the team chemistry and THE WILL TO WIn that brings in you success. So you cannot accuse them of being greeedy when it comes to paying money for the athletes. That sounds really stupid.

As oF the Japanese Businessman,
Mariners had seen some playoffs in recent years (not very recently though), and they had produced really good players. Of course they had let go some really good players too. However, you cannot judge any ballclub based on why they didn't COLLECT all the EXpensive players. In that case, Ichiro had demanded a trade earlier this season but Mr. Yamaguchi had been really hesitant about it. If he was in MLB just to bag in lot of ca$$h he could have done that already by trading ICHIRO. So, MY friend Maybe you cannot accuse Mariners organization as a club, surviving to bag in CA$H and not Championships.

People who knows baseball do know about DOlan Family. That's a rich family with investments in various industries. Plese let's not get confused and misunderstand that DOlan's family makes money from BASEBALL only. By the way Indians had had their chances in the postseasons. One was against US REd SOX too. They had chances this season as well, until they rode a big lossing streak in September. Hey Didn't the INDIANS BEat THE YANKEES 21-0, which happened to be the most blowout loss for the Yankees in their history, just few months back???? Now, you tell me if Indians area greedy organization.

As of Astros: BRo they almost made it to the WS?? THey did accumulate really good players. Ptiching.... batting... fielding... alll. I know they have few good players (Beltran, Kent.... )in the Free agents list and they might lose them also, but the effort they made in order to win the WS is second to none. SO, that simply indicates that they are not JUST a Business CLub. You might wanna correct yourself about the AStros.
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REgardless of whether we win WS or not.... players who had entertained during the baseball seasons and given all they can to bring glory to our city our heroes.
TEd williams is the most popular player in the history of RED SOX organization. To me it's Nomar. During neither of their tenure in Boston did we win WS?? yet we love them from our hearts. Players who bring in Championships are special as well. That includes the players we have right now and those who once played for us. As of personal favorites, each of us can have different ones.

None denied the fact that Yankees have a very good baseball team and have a really good history. None can take that away from them. THe reason I am interested in modern Baseball or say in the 21st century is because WHAT We did today is what counts the most. RED SOX's winning WS In 1918 has nothing to do with RED SOX's winning again in 2004. Most of the fans are different, all the players, owners, ground crew... etc. are all different. So, there's no point making comparions in every single posting. Just because you wanna talk about DI MAggion or Berra or CLemens ... don't mean they are gonna comeback and help you win baseball games. They are a part of history. When we talk about the real baseball (the present seasoN) the history becomes irrevelant. If history had anything to do with the real baseball.... SOX wouldn'd have been winning WS (not because we were playing against the Yanks in ALCS or we are in WLCS.. but because forcing game 7 after being down 0-3, and winning 4-o in the WS.. were never in History books/diaries. Now they are). IF you seek shelter in relying so heavily in the PAst then SIR I have nothing to write to you. If we were discussing the baseball issues in the year 1998-2000, then you probably would have had edge against RED SOX or any other ball clubs. At the moment.. that's not the case. So, there are occassions we infer the history and there are other occassions where we have to limit ourselves to present also.

Schilling has won two WS, that's what I meant. And he have 3 seasons with 20+games win also. TEll me how many pitchers have had that kind of stats. and didn't make the playoffs?? By the way he is a WS MVP and I don't know how many time ALL-STAR... If we are just counting total wins then you are right, Schilling as of now can't be a hall of famer. But if you are also taking into account the other stats.... you should have hard time putting him out of COOpers town.

Yeah, it's disaapointing to see that we might be losing our franchise players in the free agent market. But we gotta understand that this is how the baseball business works.

By the way if you are such a critic of RED'SOX's management.. why didn't you say anything when the Yankees let go Andy Petite. Isn't he the winningest pitcher in the Yankees recen postseason history. WITH that much money to spend, why couldn't your BOSS pay him little more. OR he wasn't worth it. Same about D. Wells? THe guy who pitched so well in last year's playoffs... oh.. I think I heard you mentioned his Name amongst the players Yankees might acquire this off-season. "Yankees are front runner for Carlos Beltran, the most coveted player in this free agency and interested getting Randy Johnson and Carl Pavano/Eric Milton/David Wells" oh how pathetic!!!
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and about some Baseball CLubs..
BRO There are bunch of SMALL baseball clubs with very limited budgets. Teams like Expos, Brewers and ROyals can hardly afford to pay for guys like A-ROD or Manny.
When they trade players it appears as though they were being really pathetic. But that's not the case. What they do is bring in more players in exchange for one. Some of the teams hope to built up a team in order to make themselves more competitive in the coming years. So, some teams s^*k really bad in one season and then come as a good team in the next season or two.

THere are clubs with a TOTAL salary room of less than $40 million/year, so they have to trade the players who are gonna cost them lots of money. It's sad for those small ballclubs but at the meantime we have to understand that they aren't greedy.

Please let us not talk about REVENUE sharing again. We had talked about it enough in our previous postings. IF you repeat I Will have to COPY and past some of my previous postings here. That will be bit annoying to all of us.

.... Keeping with the small clubs;;
Bro please tell me the CLUBS who beat the Yankees in thier recent WS adventures????
Those clubs surely did operate with a low budget yet Accomplished the Ultimate PRize they thrived for. Not because they had the most expensive players in the game but because they played together as a team and tried to the best they could in the opporunities they get.

IN a bigger Mirror, RICher teams have real advantage over the smaller ball clubs, but if the history teaches us any lessons then we have to realize that even with no real big name players and big Budget, baseball clubs can win championships, if they have the WILL TO WIN..

BY THE WAY the expos are owned by the MLB.... so let's not put them in the GREEDY category.

Jai NEpal
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Bro, what you want me to do??? Talk about red sox, tampa bays or brewers??? I am sorry I don?t know much about them.

Yankees is the best organization in the baseball. BOSS wants to give the best players he can assemble for the Yankees fans. He will try to get the best players in the market. Since I have started to watch baseball, he has never disappointed me. Free Agency frenzy is going and we all know which team is the most people are talking about :=) every players want to play for the Yankees even your beloved Nomar, mind you in different position, may be PAY CUT too??? That would be nice.

Just read the news about the ex Yankees Soriano. NY Yankees are trying to get him back to play the 2nd base and to anchor the batting. That?s sweet. I would love to see him back. He looks better in Yankees uniform.

proud said ?Not every clouds bring in rain, some just clears away. That's how your Yankees been in last 4 seasons. They bring in players.. are favored to win WS??? and results what???? another embarrassing season.?
>>> what do you call your 2003 Red Sox team??? An embarrassment team as well??? I am proud to say Yankees had made to playoffs past 11 years and winning four times, reaching world series 6 times and won the AL East division 9 times :=)

proud bro, I don?t all those ganthans about the other baseball owners. I know I can find more about those owners coz I was the one who gave you those names. I think this is the place we differ so much about baseball. You want to run baseball by some businessmen like John Henry, Dolan and others where as I want it to run by true baseball fans like BOSS who can afford to buy teams. I know there are plenty of people like that. I HOPE YOU FOUND OUT NOW THAT THE BOSS IS NOT THE RICHEST GUY IN BASEBALL AS YOU THINK. ** Let?s make clear that, in no way or shape I have accused owners of Atlanta, Houston, or Cleveland being greedy.**

Bro why you asking me about Astros???? The reason I threw his name was coz dude is more wealthy than BOSS. How about little more googling bro. search for Billy Wagner??.Don?t forget to come back with the surprising story :=) coz you never tend to answer my questions (what happened to last q I asked about the farm players??? No worries bro I will have it for you) Bro you are talking a lot about baseball past, I thought you just want to talk about 21st century baseball team. Is Teddie Williams in a current Red Sox roster???

Proud bro, it?s soooo unlike of you today you are praising Yankees. I am glad you got to learn more about Yankees with the discussion going on here now ;) Thanks for giving Yankees complement :=)

Red Sox finally won over Yankees after long time. Does that means you are better team next year as well??? NO. check out the players who filed for free agency from Red Sox roster, you be surprised to see. And I don?t think Red Sox is trying to bring Pedro, Veritek or Lowe (their premier free agents). SO what does that tell you about the Red Sox??? I am sure the team value went up few millions with the championship. I bet Mr. Henry is trying to find the buyer now coz HISTORY tells you about the person ;)

Thanks for correcting yourself about the Schilling. He is NOT hall of fame bound if he were to retire today from baseball :=)
Yankees does business differently than other ball clubs :=) It is run by the great baseball fan. He is not scared to write a check for star players (coach as well ;)) btw did you see his VISA ad. Dude still looks good ;) do you know any other owners have appeared in the statewide tv commercial??? I doubt it.

About Andy Petite, Yankees had offered him a contract; instead he took lesser offer from the Astros. He wanted to pitch for his home team Houston in front of his folks. He is a class guy and I have a tremendous respect for the guy. He is the reason I wanted Astros to win the NL pennant. Same with David Wells, he wanted to pitch for his home team in San Diego. It?s not that Yankees didn?t offer contract to Petite, Clemens or Wells. Unlike Red Sox, Yankees take care of their players. We got generous owner who believes on sharing the income ;) Wells is willing to play for another year and San Diego can not give the salary he is asking for so he wants to be back with Yankees. Once you play for the Yankees, you always want to be back with them. Let?s not forget how we snatch the BOOMER from Arizona Diamondbacks. Classic BOSS :p you using pathetic word too many times bro. Pathetic about what???

I agree bigger market teams have advantage over lesser market teams. Can?t other teams be creative like Florida, Minnesota and Oakland???

Bro how about update sometime as well from Red Sox Nation??? So we can have more talk rather than talking about the same topic :=) I hear 3rd Baseman Bill Mueller have resigned (intent) with Red Sox.

Here?s the news/rumors regarding Yankees/Mets :
- Yankees are interested bringing back their star 2nd baseman Alfonso Soriano for Vazquez
- Yankees bench coach Willie Randolph have signed to mange the METS
- Nomar to 2nd has made a big news
- Mets catcher/2st baseman Mike Piazza could be dealt to L A Dodgers for Shawn Green
- Yankees pitcher Kevin Brown could land in Atlanta, his hometown if he were to void his no-trade clause
- Sosa may be traded to METS for Cliff Floyd
- Yankees pitching coach still pondering a return for another year
- METS are interested in Angels troubled outfielder Jose Guillen
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Well, Bro.. seems like you wanna hear nothing but Praises about your Yankees. People would have been doing that only if they were accomplishing any WS titles in recent years. All the shits like ## ALCS, ### WS, ##DIVISION..... that's not what people wants to hear. So you can keep those informations for yourself.

dude, googling around the web doesn't realy make you a smart person. Coz people do that, especially a guy (sports person) like me. all the time. If you want me to PASTE all the stats... and all the latest baseball transactions.. I surely can do that for you as well. But.. what's the point. You can tune on to your ESPNs, sports websites, or just read newspapers... DUde mature... no need for those things. We can all find it by ourselves.

I will request you, if you can.. please stop repeating yourself. It's getting bit annoying.. to see the same stuffs over and over when I am expecting something else.

Alrite what do you wanna hear from me... ask?? I will try to assist you with that.

Anyway, RED SOX is not jsut better team than YAnkees.. but they are the best in Baseball. If you cannot buy the fact, that's fine as well.
But the whole world knows that.

See you soon.
jai nepal

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