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 Why Nepali people stuck in TPS?
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Posted on 05-29-24 9:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Green card to nepali peps is straight forward . You come to the US as a student , finish degree , get a job n you have GC within 5 years,almost guranteed .

Yet i see so many people crying about TPS here all the time . I came to the US 1 year after they granted tps to nepali which means i never had tps, yet i have green card through student -employer route n it was not struggle at all.

Those who are in tps , they are here for more than a decade and it takes not more than 5 years to get green card through student route .

Where did you mess-up in life , you TPS people?
Posted on 05-29-24 3:42 PM     [Snapshot: 147]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There are multiple easier routes to get Green Card compare to student eg sarnathi, bihe, dhoti company sponsor, u visa, etc. Why waste your time and money getting degree if your goal is to get Permanent Residence only.
Posted on 05-30-24 12:42 PM     [Snapshot: 379]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well, there are various kinds of problem we face so we stuck in tps. In my case , i worked in cash while i was student , got audited and was not able to sure GC deapite being 10 years in is . Otherwise i would have american pasport not only gc till now , its a luck.
Posted on 06-07-24 11:23 AM     [Snapshot: 943]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@haal haal pandit Would you shade some lights on Audit. In which step did u get stuck? I meant to ask after filling I-485 Adjustment of Status, Also wondering how did USCIS have your bank information details as it is your personal and Federal employee don't have access to any of your bank transaction or details unless u consent. How can USCIS ask bank to provide my bank details ?
Posted on 06-07-24 12:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1001]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It is typical for USCIS to ask for bank statements from people who are or were in student status before (at least if recently ) and who are tying to adjust status. They want to know if you are/were working illegally off campus which makes you ineligible for adjustment. A Nigerian grad student I know whose EB2 I-485 is still pending told me that his bank statements were requested by USCIS.
Posted on 06-07-24 1:29 PM     [Snapshot: 1046]     Reply [Subscribe]
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the great trump admin make it kinda ritual to ask for bank statement b4 that havent heard of such thing . and if they ask for consent what can we do except saying OK ? after all this is not our country and i feel they have different set of rules for their citizens and we immigrants in practical life . that time ( 2014) i was very young and didnt know about much rules , i didnt have even car to drive so i used to work in nearby stores and collect money to pay my tutions and all . i was foolish to put money in bank because i was too young and afraid if someone looted me if i have cash so i put money in bank . while others who work in cash that time were clever and hide the proof but they they never share the trick to me and i and other one was only victim of system . thats why i dont trust nepali peoples and always want to live alone and work on my own . this 2018 insident put me trauma and i was scared to buy house becasue once you get deported who will pay the house ? your all hard earn money gone . so i put all money on bank . people call me foolish because if i have bought a house in 2018 for say 300000 now it will be sure 800000 . but who know what future holds for you ? who knows then that tps will go forever? every body case and problem is different and everyone is going through their unique circumstances so you cannot judged nobody with your circumstances . thanks that TPS is infinity but what if trump wins ?? the reason i put my earning LIQUID is that if they give me 30 day notice (say) i can take my all liquidated money and return back . but the question is what will you do with 80, 000 nepali salary in nepal without your strong ansesterial property support ???? well this is just imagination and evern if this happens we will think then , why headache now ?
Posted on 06-07-24 2:09 PM     [Snapshot: 1099]     Reply [Subscribe]
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working in f1 is dishonesty , abase of visa and misrepresentation . i dont feel for them
Posted on 06-08-24 11:24 AM     [Snapshot: 1304]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its against the visa policy i know but what to do in do or die situation? No everyone is entitled with family wealth .
Posted on 06-08-24 11:54 AM     [Snapshot: 1307]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Without full scholarship or working very nominal students can afford to go to US colleges. Our lies/dishonesty start before applying for visa. Why Nepali people stuck in TPS, a good topic to be in Sajha. Someone posted about maintaining US visa by joining college on after another being a "professional student". Whatever advises you had provided everyone can't apply them. I knew a person who married to a US citizen at the same time he married in Nepal too. By the time he got green card and divorced her , he brought his wife and a toddler. They all are adults and had made their choice. All decisions we made and make will not be always favorable.
Posted on 06-08-24 2:26 PM     [Snapshot: 1421]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Haal Haal Pandit, Not only you but I am guessing almost everyone puts money in the bank whether u worked in cash or SSN. And I guess USCIS knows the fact that all students who come from under privileged countries like us do work and pay for their tuition. I think this is a known fact and I am 100 % sure processing almost 20,000 to 30,000 cases a month, they have came across this. Still they are granting GC to lot of people bcoz they require well educated labor force. Also lets say I gave a consent for them to run background check for my financial what would be the proof that the money I deposit in the bank is coming from Workplace, I could have borrowed money on interval basis with one of my friend. The only thing they care about is if I am harming or doing illegal things, which I am not. So I still need to process your statement of being denial. May be read the reason for your denial in greater detail. Hope you share ur story so that everyone can learn from it. One of my friend even worked in SSN and have direct deposit while he was student. Last time I talk a month ago his GC is being delivered. So hard to put your case and his at the same hat.
Posted on 06-08-24 2:45 PM     [Snapshot: 1437]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@salikram jamakattel It is important to consider that not everyone has had the same opportunities as you. Some individuals may have had to take different paths, such as using a consultancy or presenting a fake resume where the individual has recently completed a 2-month training program with a consultancy, despite having over 10 years of Fake work experience noted inn their resume. Many individuals in the F1 have pursued this option in order to secure a job- H1B-green card. It is not our place to pass judgment, as everyone faces their own unique challenges and circumstances. It is worth acknowledging that TPS provides vital support for Nepali individuals, enabling them to earn a living, send money back home to assist their families with various financial obligations, such as paying off loans, funding sibling weddings, and purchasing their dream home. We people who have TPS have not messed up in our life. It's individuals like yourself who may have taken advantage of the system to obtain a Green Card and are now unfairly judging those with working visas or TPS status. So maybe try to change your mentality and learn how we can show understanding and compassion towards everyone's unique situations.
Last edited: 08-Jun-24 02:46 PM

Posted on 06-08-24 2:47 PM     [Snapshot: 1451]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ur partially true , even though USCIS guys know most if not all students work more than their designated hour but they show no mercy and sharply stick on the rule . they dont hand pick all applicants but system triggers them and make their life easy . IT system has made things so easy in their favor they they dont have to do anything . when you are depositing money or withdrawing cash form ATM your are leaving so much footprints and trailhead that they can come to your door . when they see trailhead they send RFE and followed by hundreds of pages of documentation . you send 10 of thousands of dollar for the attorney . its a never ending headache for a innocent people . and at the end its only the poor , honest and goofy guy who gets in their trap . for i have seen a guy who stole millions of $$ from nepal and residing in texas and no system ever could touch it . my bottom line is be 100% in rule untile you have citizenship or anyday is your last day in the US no matter

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