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 Why Americans reverse park?

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Posted on 05-06-24 9:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not fully understand why only americans like to reverse park ? Though i have already viseted 2 3 countries except nepal , and no where in the world i see people reverse park.
I understand its easier to pull out but its pain in but to reverse park first place . Its more than 3 manouver to reverse park for most and high chance to hit surroundings ?

Do u get tax benefit , or parking perk while reverse park that im not ware of ???
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-06-24 2:34 PM     [Snapshot: 140]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Halne bela bhanda nikalne bela gadi thokine chance huncha. Maile chai Tehi bhara halchu. Aru desh ma ni reverse halchan ta. USA ma pani sabai Jana le haldainan.
Posted on 05-06-24 3:04 PM     [Snapshot: 170]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 05-07-24 9:58 AM     [Snapshot: 456]     Reply [Subscribe]
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also, they like to call G for jed "Z" , why there are two G?
Posted on 05-07-24 12:12 PM     [Snapshot: 513]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ur husband ,, ewww , we thought you are a man, or you want to identify urself as a woman ?? its Ok though .

but this is not a typical nepali question ,,, actually this question was asked by a Dutch tourist to me . I have always wondered deep inside but never the issue have been big enough to discuss until that guy bring that thing on table . he was also concerned when i pronounced JI for Z . then i realized we were tought to pronounce ZED nog Ji for Z .

then i realized while rest of the world measures in KM we are mile , lbs to kilo n so on . its not a typical nepali thing but a global thing except the US . when we go outisde the US for seminar, meeting or vacation we face some funny challenges . last time i had a issue in Cancun .

I master both reverse and front but reverse park is unnecessary . for me parallel park in challenging for where i live we dont parallel park
Posted on 05-08-24 6:03 PM     [Snapshot: 764]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yo [Disallowed String for - use not allowed] randi lai k ko tension bhako? Agadi badi hos ya pachadi tero bauko jagga ma garya chaina.
Posted on 05-08-24 11:04 PM     [Snapshot: 877]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pandit ji duita Ji haina hai

G —> Ji (Pandit Ji bhaneko jasto)
Z—> yo chai ahile heavy ( Buzz bhaneko jasto)

Duita sound ho. Zed bhane pani bujchan manche le. J sajilo lagcha tehi bhane huncha. Aafno aafno preference ho hai. Tyo parking ko ni testai ho.
Posted on 05-09-24 3:55 PM     [Snapshot: 1070]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am sharing this article, may answer you as well "The Psychology Of Parking: How You Park Says A Lot About You"

I'm a very laidback person. In fact, I rarely get angry. But there is one thing that gets my dander up on a regular basis – people who take the time to back into parking spaces. Why do they do this? I've tried it myself and it just doesn't make sense to me. Why take all the extra time and concentration to back into a parking space? It takes less time to pull straight into a space and then back out when leaving than it does to back into the space to begin with.

Why do so many people do this? Some people claim they do it for safety, that it is easier to see if it’s clear before pulling out of the space. Others claim it allows for a quicker exit. Could it be for other reasons, such as vanity? Some people who are really good at something like to show off. Maybe that person sees a challenge in backing a massive four-door truck into the tightest space possible and getting some kind of self-gratification for pulling off the difficult maneuver.

This weird parking behavior may stem from how vehicles were made many years ago. I call it the “battery jump-start theory.” Many vehicles that were made prior to the mid 1950's used 6 volt batteries instead of the standard 12 volt battery used today. In cold weather those 6 volt batteries were notorious for failing to start an engine. Jumper cables were also much shorter back then and they only allowed enough room for a jump-start if the two vehicles were facing each other. Because of this, people began backing into parking spaces to allow for easy access to their engine and battery.
I call my other theory the “learned behavior theory.” In this theory, the behavior of backing into spaces may have been passed down from generation to generation. A young man or woman learning to drive in the early 1960's may remember seeing his or her father always backing into a parking space even though the 1960's standard 12 volt battery eliminated the need to continue doing this. This is the way this learned behavior is passed down. I wonder if there are support groups for these poor people.
And what about those people who sit in their vehicles and wait indefinitely for someone to pull out of a space that is two spaces closer than a space that is already available?

Is it really that important to park two spaces closer to the entrance of a building? Walking a few extra steps to the entrance of a store is usually good for most people. It's called “getting some exercise,” I can understand that some people need to park close to a store entrance if they have a medical problem that causes them to have trouble walking. But I've seen many people make a fool of themselves trying to park as close as possible to the store as if they may have a medical problem. And after they park and get out of their vehicles they walk just fine, sometimes briskly! Weird.

And then there is the situation when we come out of stores, get in our vehicles, and just sit there for a minute to make a phone call or something. Then we hear a horn blowing behind us telling us to leave. Are we really supposed to immediately leave the space we are currently occupying so this very important person may be allowed to park in our space? Where does this sense of self-importance come from? Is this behavior associated with some kind of entitlement? When someone honks his horn at me to get me to pull out of my space, I immediately get disturbed and feel that I should now sit there until they leave to locate another parking space, or until we are both dead.

This rule applies to most of the state " if you hit while backing out is your fault".

raadi laai  hoiiina Randolai  tension bhako hoki jasto chha natra raadi randi ko prayog kin suru garthyo ?

Last edited: 11-May-24 06:59 PM

Posted on 05-09-24 6:39 PM     [Snapshot: 1159]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think it's smart to revverse park becsuse its easy to look whats up front vs whats in the back. Eg, if you are taking you car out of your garage and u happen to live in a busy neighborhood where there might be kids or pets then it's peobably easy to see from ur front window rather than turning ur head and look for such things. However with back up cameras now a days i dont think it should matter a lot. Probably habit from old times.
Posted on 05-10-24 4:37 PM     [Snapshot: 1583]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sustay logan le ahile chai balla thik kuro garo hai
Posted on 05-10-24 9:47 PM     [Snapshot: 1685]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It can turn into a patience-test for the driver in the next vehicle who is forced to wait for the reverse snail to pull into his/her drive-way.

But there could be special situations in which reverse parking would actually make sense though, e.g., when:
1) you are expecting your pregnant wife to break water any minute of the day.
2) practicing for getaway-car parking after a hot bank-heist. 
3) loading/unloading groceries or cumbersome passengers. 
4) preparing for parking in an unfamiliar hood where one might get pursued by rogues. 
5) aligning one's EV socket with the charging unit.

All considered, if all 1.2 billion ICE vehicles were to reverse-park every time, we are looking at longer idling, more exhaust-fumes, and thus a warmer world-climate even faster.

Last edited: 10-May-24 09:47 PM

Posted on 05-11-24 10:16 AM     [Snapshot: 1838]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Niyogi puttar Tesle : birya daan naapaaeki bhae janmadaina thieenas. ahile sugaa jhai ekai kuraa raaTaan dine tai hoas महासुस्ते |

haal haal ko sodhaai ko "Do u get tax benefit" yo kuraa chain jhaa ra khatri swabhaab kaa le maatrai din sakchhan |
Last edited: 11-May-24 07:03 PM

Posted on 05-16-24 6:53 PM     [Snapshot: 2932]     Reply [Subscribe]
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OK, this is how American started reverse parking ,

Japanese auto makers first introduced reverse camera IN the US . American were so obsessed with the reverse camera that they eventually they adapted in it and passed through generations .
Posted on 05-16-24 7:56 PM     [Snapshot: 2946]     Reply [Subscribe]
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खै पण्डितज्यु यी खैरहरु उल्टा जन्मिएका हुन्छन कि के हो खाली उल्टा काम मात्र गर्छन .एउटा नेपाली भुक्तभोगी नेपाली बहिनिको कहानी सुनाउछु हजुरलाई .

धेरै पहिले रिजाल थरकी केटि संग देशी IT फर्ममा भेट भएको थियो .टेक्निकल नलेज सुन्य भए पनि ज्यान चै बुलेट थियो. म त प्राय उनको बुबु हेरेर बस्थे .जाँठी नेपालीलाइ त भाउ नै नदिने .नेपालीलाइ पाखे, अनाब-सनाब भन्थी, पछि खैरे केटा पट्याएर तेसै संग बिहे गरि .आफु पनि काम पाएर हिडियो तेस्पछि सम्पर्क भएन .

३ ४ वर्ष पछि एउटा देसीकाँ खाना निम्तो मान्न गएको बेला त जाँठीलाइ देसीको पार्टीमा भेटिरा'को मैले त ! अचम्म त मुजी के भयो भन्दा एउटा तोर्पे नेपाली संगको बिहे गरेर बसेकी रैछ . म त मूजि अक्क न बक्क भए, त्यो जाँठी पनि मलाई देख्न साथ् रुनु न हास्नु भई .

पछि मुजी २ ४ प्याक दिएर कुरो बुज्न गएँ, भएको के रैछ भन्दा खैरे संग बिहे त गरेर गई, मुजी खैरे परेछ "ब्यु बोका " खाली पछाडी बाट ठोक्ने रे .भगवानले तेत्रो अगाडी गर्ने राम्रो बाटो दिँदा दिँदै मोनोटोनोस भयो भन्दै खाली पछाडी बाट देको देइ गर्ने रे . बिचरा वहाँको कंड़ो दुखेर कति दिन सम्म त बाङ्गि बाङ्गि हिड्नु भयो रे .
खैरे लेर नेपाल घुम्न जाँदा धरी पछाडी बाट ठोक्न छोडेन रे , कंड़ो दुखेर भाईको मोटर-साइकल धरी च ड्न सक्नु भएन रे .
अति भएर वहाँ ग्रिन कार्ड नलिई नेपाल फर्किएर नेपाली संग बिहे गर्ने सोचाँ पुग्नु भएको रैछ. धन्न एउटा तालु खुइलिएको नेपाली IT केटा भेट्नु भएछ र ऐले वहाँ संग खुसि खुसि बस्नु भएको छ .

आक्कल झुक्कल खैरे संग बिहे गरेका नेपाली दिदि बहिनि देक्छु, रिजाल बैनीको कथा याद आउछ अनि एस्सो छड्के पाराले उनीहरुको चाक हेर्छु .

खैरेहरु केहि कुरा उल्टो तरिकाले गर्ने गर्छन , उल्टो पार्क, एनल यसको उदहारण हुन्, किन गर्छन त्यो चै ठ्याक्क थाहा भएन .
Last edited: 16-May-24 07:59 PM

Posted on 05-16-24 8:58 PM     [Snapshot: 2992]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Teski headlight dekheko .. ani 1-2 mahina haina 4 barsa pachi euta party ma bheteko .( such a small world hai ). 2-3 pyaak lagayera kura bujhna gaako, khaire le pachhadi danak diney hunale condo baango bhako ..anta ma chai taalu khhiuile nepali sanga bihey bhaako ..
k biswas garnee .. kaha biswas garni … ra katti samma biswas garni ..

Posted on 05-17-24 3:51 PM     [Snapshot: 3257]     Reply [Subscribe]
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pitamvar and tesla guys, i dont fully understand your writings , please be precise on what your are trying to convey ?
Posted on 05-19-24 2:45 PM     [Snapshot: 3612]     Reply [Subscribe]
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panditji: sajhaaka mahaa-suste ko kuraa yinle maatrai bujhchhan.
Pite wrote "एस्सो छड्के पाराले उनीहरुको चाक हेर्छु"
kahi oo pani testai khoji laagne maa ta paren ?
Posted on 05-20-24 12:21 PM     [Snapshot: 3859]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thats right! Support the country u live or live in the country u support!
Posted on 06-16-24 8:59 PM     [Snapshot: 5353]     Reply [Subscribe]
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कस्तो मुजी सुस्ते पाराको प्रस्न हो, हजुर मुजी देब्र हाताँ घडी नबानेर किन दाहिने हाताँ छाडी बान्नु हुन्छ, लु यसको जवाफ छ हजुरसंग ? एउटा मुजी सुस्ते गोबर गणेशले " फ्रान्स चै पुगेको छैन पेरिस चै एक हप्ता घुमेर आए" भन्थ्यो, हजुरको लेखाईले तेही सुस्तेको याद दिलायो .
Posted on 06-16-24 9:01 PM     [Snapshot: 5359]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 06-17-24 12:50 AM     [Snapshot: 5486]     Reply [Subscribe]
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the answer is simple.. backup camera.. when u reverse park its easy to see the space in the back so that you wont hit the curb.whereas in the front its a guessing game. Also back in the days when there was no back up cameras, the logic is same that the rear end has higher clearance compared to front.

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